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February 7, 2011

Monday Musings

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it’s monday and i am working half day. i’ve came to the office yesterday to sort some things out. ya. show rajin. gonna be away again for another country. this time with the family. but before that i die die wanna update because i feel like so. woke up to my fb alert. whoa!! all status about The Match! the blue vs the reds. owh if you are still leaving under the rock. it was chelsea vs liverpool. amazing that i didnt even have to watch the game i knew all info just simply be browsing through my fb. my fav status so far is ‘i suspect torres is a jinx’ by xeng tjun and ‘YNWA. he who betrayed walks alone’ by lydia. hahaha!!! these two made my day!! whatever it is, torres or no torres, liverpool won!!! i pity the players sometimes. once they move to another club, they’ll forever hated by the fans. they forgot that the players used to be great for their team. well, i’m not a die hard fan. just a fan, fan. kipas biasa :p call me bimbo but i measure my love of the game by the level of the players look. but at least i’m loyal to one team. hmmm…. what else to update?! oh, i had a bad fringe. a disaster. all because of The Brother who accidentally cut them out too short. i tell you i screamed and almost cried like a baby when he cut it up above my eye brows. and it has to happen right before i went for my event. eeeeee…..!!!! i wanted to strangle him right then if i didnt think of our blood relation. so again for the second time i’ll have ugly fresh cut fringe for vacation T_____T it’s time. i gotta go. i’ll try to update if i can find internet there.

happy monday, and be blessed peeps!



  1. im agreed with u about players who done great but treated like shit when they left to rival team
    dat footballl n to some is a religion

    torres asked for transfer request 3 days before the deadline, the team pun pening kapala where to find replacement as they only plan 2 buy 1 strikers

    but he played on the wrong team bcos he did not get d support from his team mate. manager n liverpool
    when u have a player like dat, u build a team around him

    nyway, those who r buta huruf/ bola, just njoy the ramblings

    Comment by haro — February 9, 2011 @ 12:13 am | Reply

    • hehehe…. me buta bola but celik pemain hensem :p

      Comment by lv — February 16, 2011 @ 5:44 pm | Reply

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