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August 31, 2010

Happy Merdeka from Melbourne City

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helllo there all!!
that’s where i am now.
it’s winter here but there’s no snow (unless u go to the mountain)
but it’s gonna be the first day of spring tomorrow.
just wanna wish everyone a Happy Merdeka Day.
btw, it was Melbourne Day yesterday.
hmmm…. i dunno what else i wanna type.
tomorrow will be my last day here before i fly back midnight 😦
the yarra valley is on the list tomorrow and bad news is the weatherman said that it’s gonna rain tomorrow 😦
but i hope the wine tasting will keep us warm despite the rain.
thank God that the weather was on our side since the first day we reached till today.
but although it was sunny the wind was super chilly especially today when we saw the penguins…. grrrr…
nevertheless i like the weather 🙂
u see ppl training / jog around the park at odd hours of 10am-2pm.
wth, with weather so cool like this i would probably do that too. anytime.
and whoever jog at that hours in malaysia will surely die of dehydration.
anyhoo, it’s about celebrating the bday of our country today so i shall talk about good things about it.
like, errmmm… we have abundant supply of chillies!!!! LOL!!
i hardly find chilli here T___T even sauce for the chips they only have tomato sauce.
k lah that’s all that i can think of right now.
ppl here are polite and kind and friendly which i so wish malaysian would be too. pls…

my time is limited.
so here’s a toast for our Independent Day!!

p/s: i so wanted to post some pics but like i said i have so limited time so stay tune….

with love,


August 26, 2010

i thought STAGE is a platform where superstar rocks my world?!

last month on a very fine day when me and my cousin fiona were actually looking for thermal clothing for me my eyes suddenly attracted to the RM18 sale in front of the stage cosmetic outlet in Bintang Plaza, Miri. haha!! so being a kiam and one who always go for sale / discounted item we went in and u bet we didnt come out empty-handed. teehee…. there you go a shopper that never stick to her actual shopping list. and since i use my UOB card to purchase and hit the amount of the promo, i was also granted a free makeup makeover which valid for a month which i’ve utilised during The BF’s bday on 8th this month *blush* ceh! not that we are going for some romantic candle light dinner or what lah but why not?! iskh!! why am i even bother to tell this?! digress! digress! digress!! ohya, they gave us both a brush stand too which is actually very useful.

i actually returned to the outlet another two times after the first and bought some more items!! crazy i tell u i dunno why i was so into purchasing makeups mood these 2 months and it’s not only stage cosmetics. sheeeshh!!!

ok now let’s see my hauls. pls note that all blushers and eye shadows were without casing during the sale but wth i never bother of having casing anyway.

overall these are the items from my three visits to the outlet.

standing items from left: eye makeup remover, lipgloss, liquid concealer, three lipsticks, cream concealer. layed down items from left: eye primer, two blushers and one eyeshadow.

i bought three lipsticks. just because. and what’s wrong to have more choices of lips colour, right?! (oh i sounded more and more like those makeups bloggers now)

below photo from left: pastel rosy, berry boudoir, candid coral.

how they look like when swiped them on my skin.

i love pastel rosy the most that i use it almost on daily basis. kns! and it looks perfect when topped with this lip gloss…. 😀


just look at the applicator's brush and ignore the messy-ness pls.

i love the applicator because the brush is made of soft ‘plastic’ (correct me if i’m wrong) bristles instead of the normal spongy ones like some other lip glosses and thus easy to clean. and the shine is just nice suffice to apply only little swipe. the shine does not stay long though and it will definitely stick to my mug :p

i bought two types of concealers. not that i always apply concealer but well since it is cheap so why not?! and this is the liquid type. stage picture perfect liquid camouflage! tsk!! why the name so long wan?! T___T

this shade matched my skin tone, in Diva Doll!! wow!! after apply can turn into a diva or a doll! i like!! :p

when the beautician/ salesgirl applied this on my face to conceal my breakouts for testing purpose. with just one gentle swipe the redness immediately gone. me and my cousin looked at it with amazement and said ‘wah!! magic!!’ almost at the same time. we immediately fell in love with it. it feels very light and gives a very delicate coverage.

this is the cream concealer. photo pro creme camouflage. i bought this for other reason :p to act as base on my lips before i apply my lipsticks to make them last longer. u know my face is what like my gf used to say ‘eats makeup’ type. my makeups hardly last long cos my face ‘eats’ them up!! kns!! T____T

my shade is in buff. the nearest shade to the liquid one above.

now this is my main reason or is in my makeups must-buy-list. blushers!!! i am in dire need of blushers!!! my lancolm is in its dangerous state to be reduced into nothing and i really cannot stand seeing it turn empty T__T. and among many2 of makeups i actually cannot go without blushers. really. who doesnt like rosy cheeks?! no u dont have to lift up ur hands. tq.

mimosa and ixora

i got myself two shades. mimosa is just like the usual shades i used to have and almost the same as my lancolm. while ixora is a little darker. at first i was skeptical to get this but when applied on my cheek it actually looks very natural just the way i want it. and owh their blushers are actually very pigmented too. so u just need to swipe a bit to have that pinky cheeks 🙂 definitely a good buy, these two!!

i have been looking for a black eyeshadow since like forever but never get my hand (and money) to one. aihhh….. even my cousin said that it’s time to buy it. ok lah….. buy lah…

i hope i wont turn into a zombie when i apply this eyeshadow. what a name!!

i havent use this yet so hmmm…. cant give any review on it. but i did had their eyeshadow on me during the free makeups makeover. but then again i choosed a very light colour for my makeover. all i can say that their eyeshadows are a bit powdery and didnt stay long (on me) my face eats makeups remember?! but at least they are easy to remove 😀 and of course dont forget to alway apply eye primer before applying the eyeshadows so that the colours really pop!!

last but not least. one very important item. the makeup remover!!!!! one of the thing i learned when i started to use makeups is to ALWAYS remove before u go to bed. but in my case, right after i reach home from work or any events :p

there are two types of the makeup remover. i choosed this one. after party waterproof eye makeup remover. waseh the name!! after party!! not that i am a party kind of person (yeah, go ahead and say i am boring T__T) it’s because all my mascaras are waterproof.

notice the shiny bits inside the liquid? i also dunno what are those thing....

the makeup remover is a bit too oily for me though but at least it’s not smelly so it’s ok.

that’s all for now girlfriends!!

time for jogging.

be blessed always!!

♥ cilipadi

August 25, 2010


if u remember in this post, i’ve mentioned that i didnt dare to apply my new arrival foundations due to sudden brekouts. and i really really seldom have breakouts. i must be thankful for this. until last month…. my supply of facial cleanser ran out!! not to mention the toner and moisterizer lah. those has long finished too. and since i was saving for my travelling (in just few days. YAY!) and this facial cleanser cost a bomb (for such little volume T__T) i thought i might just use other product for the time being (until i return from travelling lah konon) which is far cheaper. so as i browse through all the cleansing product i went for this….

100ml for only RM9.90 from Boulevard Shopping Mall.


little did i know what it would do my skin!!! D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i started seeing 1-2 breakouts on my nose. then 4. then 5. then 9 and then 11!!!! ELEVEN FREAKING BREAKOUTS on my face!!! oh yeah. i counted. because it was so amazing and never in life that i had such many brekouts at one time!! T___T thankfully they were not the big types. but to see so many of little bumps on ur face is just unacceptable. even The Boyfriend freaked out when he saw me on Skype T___T he said…. “eee… why so many jerawat now?!” waaaa!!!

after realising what’s the culprit after like a week plus i still use the facial foam. no choice. until towards the third week i finally called my cousin to buy me the products that i desparately needed. Herbaline!! from Kimmy Beauty Salon in Boulevard Shopping Mall. and to pass it to Estella my new housemate who will be coming then. i waited in agony for her to arrive with my skin care products to save my face…. screw my travelling expenses la….. T___T

and few days after that they arrived!!! these are the new supplies. might as well!!

pimple treatment foundation, nano amino facial wash, aloe vera moisterizer and strelizing toner

the whole range that i use are these…

nano amino facial wash, sterilizing toner, aloe vera moisterizer, deep moisterizing cream, sunscreen lightening cream, anti-wrinkle cream, basic treatment cream, freckles cream and the pimple treatment foundation.

i know u looks too many. if you are as dense as The Boyfriend you might wonder how can i apply so many things on one face?! and how can a face absorb so many things applied to it?!!

so i’m gonna show u now.

i wash my face with this.

Nano Amino Facial Wash RM40 for a tiny 50g

spray the sterilizing toner aound my face and let it dry. then i apply the aloe vera moisterizer.

the sterilizing toner comes in spray bottle so as the aloe vera moisterizer

i love love love the aloe vera moisterizer. even better if stored in the fridge. and when u apply it on ur face i can feel the cooling effect just like the real deal. i like applying it on my breakouts. it heals the acne scars on my face too.

i use aloe vera moisterizer and the sunscreen lightening cream during day time. and i substitute them with deep moisterizing cream for night time. that’s how i maintain their volume and that explain i dont use them all at once. guys!

the deep moisterizing cream is a bit oily tough but it is quick to be absorbed into ur skin so you wont feel the stickiness that long. and ur skin will feel really smooth after that.

as for the sunscreen lightening cream i actually dont really use it that much (lazy). i just bought it because that’s the thing they recommended me to buy together with the freckles cream when i complained that i have freckles now T__T i treated it as normal sunblock.

then come the creams. i have two. the basic treatment cream which i’ve been using all along and the new addition, freckles cream.

the contain look almost the same but different texture

i love the basic treatment cream. the texture is smooth. on the other hand the freckels cream is a abit dry. that makes me not a really good fan to it. but for the sake of my visible freckels *shrug*

if i dun use the above creams (unlikely) i’ll substitute with this…

yeah... i should start using anti wrinkles cream already T___T

this one i bought just for the sake of buying. talking about compulsive shopper T___T

lastly i’ll apply this pimple treatment foundation. it is made of pearl powder.

it can be a two-way-cake too.

it might not be the perfect match for my skintone (well, there isnt any other choice) but it gives the translucent feel to my skin. and furthermore treat /prevent my skin from pimples. best of all unlike other foundation that i’ve tried it doesnt clog my pores.

and if u must ask me which are my must-haves among all the above. here they are. the five that i will pack whenever i travel even to offshore :p


the cream is the basic treatment cream

i was first introduced to this product by my ex-col Ms. Lim when i first started working. i had almost similar breakouts problem as above just after few months working and i was worried bad cos i need to attend my convocation soon. i didnt want to look ugly in my robes!! T___T so i followed her to do facial. and i was in awe at the super smooth skin of my facial therapist. wah lao!!!! i didnt want to blink my eyes just looking at her face and i imagine even an ant would slip to the ground if it tries to climb up her face. i want!! i want!!! and after just a month using the products i could already see the difference. my brekouts gone and my complexion smooth. happy!!!!! my convocation face was saved!! :p my aunt, cousin and friends started asking what i was using. and of course i happily recommended it to them too. but course not all skintypes suits the same products la.

this brand never pay me for this post. just my mere opinion as a user of five years. wah!! has it been that long?!!! i feel so old!! T___T you are free to try and you are free to critics. as i said no different ppl different skintype and has different toleration towards different products. afterall it’s a free country!! (out of topic)

k lah, typed so long it has passed my supposed jogging time.

should i go or not now?! iskh!!!! T___T go lah. so fat now!!

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

August 24, 2010

Cilipadi Famous MayoMee

cooking has been one of my fav hobby. just so that i have an excuse to eat. even though the recipe failed or tasteless or burned i’ll still eat it all because i cooked it!! i’ll learn recipes from The Mother, aunts, grandma, friends, tv, newspapers or even the Ekonomi Rumah Tangga (ERT) text book and then try to improvise them to suit my own liking. because like photography, cooking too needs creativity.

as much as i like cooking something simple and easy, i am not a fan of instant noodles or instant soup. for me they are so unhealthy. so today i’m going to show you my feh-mes MayoMee. and guess what? out of instant noodles!! T__T i know this will be a good news to the bachelors, no? let’s get creative instead of the old 1-2-3 steps of cooking instant mee.

when i first told my cousins and friends that i’m gonna serve us mayonnaise mee they went…. “eeew…. mayonnaise with mee? can eat meh?” with a disgusted look on their faces T___T but i convinced them to at least try first and guess what?! they loved it!!! my aunt said that their mayonnaise wont last long as before after my young cousin tried it. LOL~~

so ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you The Cilipadi Famous MayoMee!!

serving: 1
duration: 20 minutes (including eating)

1. one packet of Mee Mamee (any instant mee will do but i prefer chicken flav.)

i prefer Mamee cos the texture is more elastic

2. mix vege
3. luncheon meat cube / minced beef/ miced chicken / tuna
4. 1 half-boiled egg
5. green vege *optional* (you’ll know why later)

6. a big spoonful of mayonnaise!

what's a MayoMee without the main ingredient?! mayonnaise!!

now let’s get to the preparation.

1. cook the instant mee the usual way and add in the mix vege and let it cook for 3 minutes.

2. once done, tossed it and keep aside.

3. next fry the cubed luncheon meat / minced beef / minched chicken / tuna in a frying pan.

fry with 1 tbl spoon of oil or butter. up to u.

*optional* once done u can take the meat out and keep aside to sprinkle on top of the mee later. or if u are lazy like me, u can do as the following.

4. add in the tossed mee in the frying pan and fry together.

by this time u can also add in some mayo already.... and fry together. it smells devine!!

5. take the mee out on a serving plate and add in the spoonful of mayo and mix well.

add in mayo as much as u like :p it's up to individual really.

6. add in HALF of the seasonings from the packet of ur instant noodles.

add in half of the seasonings

7. mix everything well until you see every strand of mee is coated with white creamy mayo and fragrant after the seasonings.


8. now poke a hole at the centre of the mee. this is the 2nd signature style of this recipe after the mayo :p

owh... u must do this. this is the signature style of this dish :p

9. then pop your half-boiled egg at the center.

i can never get a perfect half-boiled egg T__T tried many times..... teach me!!

10. springkle the fried luncheon meat cube (from step 3 if u dont fry it together with the mee) on top of your mee (for mee on top of my egg to cover the imperfection) add tomatoe slices as deco and garnishing *optional* and ready to be served!! YAY!!

for those who are hungry max can stop and enjoy your meal now!!


if you are like me who cannot swallow dry fried mee without the help of soup to drench down everything smoothly into the stomach (ei, even when you go to kopitiam you will be served with at least a ‘sup kosong’, right) and if you are wondering what happend to the green vege and HALF of the seasonings, you can proceed with the following….

quick instant soup :p

1. cook another fresh hot boiling water in a pot, add in the green vege and some of the meat. cook for 2-3 minutes and take out into a serving bowl.

it can be any green vege. this is sweet potato leaves 🙂

2. add in the other HALF of the seasonings 🙂

the keyword here is instant and improvise :p

and knowing me the dish wont be complete with my homemade chillie 🙂

my own homemade chillie.... spicy max!!

Bon Appetit!!

jemputlah makan 🙂

Extra: below is another version of my MayoMee. the meat was actually BBQ pork leftover from CNY and the soup is sawi and sausage slices.

to tell you the truth i have been wanting to post this recipe a long time ago but i always fail to get a perfect half-boiled egg for a nicer look in a photo. alas!! until today it will still not perfect. i guess i just dont have the talent to cook half-boiled egg lah!! T______T

happy trying and i hope you enjoy it!!

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

August 20, 2010

My First Formal Learning Experience

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would definitely be my 1st primary school. unlike most other kids who attended kindies during their early years, i on the other hand was probably climbing up a guava tree somewhere or was swimming in the mud or played cooking with tapioca leaves in a luncheon meat tin. or probably TheParents forgot that they have a child that needed early education. or they were just plain clueless about the whole early edu things. or perhaps they love me too much that they want to see me grow and learn things right in front of their eyes. afterall i was their only child then. whatever the reasons. i too had no idea that there was a place called kindergarten then. so kesian.

so when the time finally came that i was going to enter school. i was NERVOUS beyond a 6 y.o kid could imagine. (ok, i was the youngest in my class cos i was borned almost at the end of the year so i was still 6 the whole year of my primary 1) i remember The Parents were clumsy too. they bought a 120 pages lines exercise books for me. what can a primary one kid fill in a 120 pages exercise books anyway? T___T and then there was another major problem. The Parents were sending me to a chinese school!!! CHINESE FREAKING SCHOOL!! WHY OH WHY??!! T___T and chinese school doesnt need the lines exercise books!! they use square-chinese-character-writing-exersice book!! and a triple-lines-exercise book for alphabets. and i later knew the reason was that the school was the nearest school to our house. KNS!! and the plan was that i would walk to school T___T

so the 1st week was a challenge. not to me. but to my dad!! LOL!! cos i wouldnt stop crying….. hehehe…. and he couldnt go to work because of me. i was never being introduced to such a system, remember?! so i was petrified. my dad would send me to school with his motorbike and made sure i entered the classroom. my dad literally sat together with me in my class for the first 2 days *shy* and on consequence days he sat outside the classroom with my eyes never left sight of him for fear he would leave. i remember the funny part was every time my dad stood up wanted to sneak away for work i would stood up too. in the classroom. and he just had to sit back again. haha!! until one day the headmaster walked by and saw my dad (the only parent left) and just asked my dad to leave….. u bet! u cried!!!! and the headmaster, Mr. Wong had to come and assured me that my dad just need a leak and will come back soon. and that would be after school T___T

there are so many things i wanna tell about my experience in my 1st school. the fact that i’ve been asked for money from my classmates every recess. so kesian mangsa bully T___T of me being among the stupid groups. Group E. i remember i got no. 29 in class!! haha!! of course i never knew what that means. i probably even thought that the bigger the number the better / the smarter! and gradually moved to Group B because i got few As in my exam. and i still never bother what that means. and my dad’s attempt in teaching me read mandarin with the ‘pin ying’ just to find out that they sounded totally different from what the teachers taught the next day. that went on until primary two. by that time i spoke fluent mandarin *proud* and i slowly showed potential intelligence *shameless*

but i left the school for a year during my primary three to another school in lawas but i returned again for primary four. and since then opportunities flew to me. i wasnt a sporty type but i gradually excelled in academics, in class and other activities that involved being in front of ppl (be it story telling, public speaking or dancing for sport day) thanks to my relentless teachers who believed in me i had my chance to represent the school till the national level. from this school i had my 1st time to board the 737 Boeing to west malaysia. sakai. Mdm. Katrina (thanks for the continual support and gifts i will always remember you, i wish u well T__T), Mdm. Tie (thanks for believing in me and for giving me chance to tutor ur kids although they are already very smart), Mdm. Molly (for your support), Mr. Lei (for your confidence in me and all the props.. hehe), Mr. Su (for being a strict and no joke class teacher) THANK YOU!!

i had my many sweet and victorious memories in this school. i have friends for life from this school (we still flock together whenever we have a chance) i scored better grades than the actual cina. only me and TheFisrtBrother went to this school. the other two siblings went to another chinese school. and we soon fast to be grateful for The Parents for sending us to such schools that have somehow molded us to be what we are today.

few months ago like after a million years later i revisit my very 1st school. SRJK Sg. Jaong. together with labo i reminisced all the memories that i had there. lots of things have changed. for the better. many have had facelift but there are also things that remained the same.


san shan xue xiao


of course 1st thing 1st, my classroom.... hehe... too bad i couldnt go upstairs due to the grills even the staircases now has grills.


the teachers office. there wasnt any door grill during my years....


notice board and display... hey... we didnt have glass notice board last time!!


this one used to be my classroom too... 4B


ahhh... lessons

as i wandered around i saw this old man (i think the care taker of the school) drawing some murals on the walls.


my chinese calendar year animal character 🙂

with labo in hand (big ass dslr) he thought that i was from some newspapers or magazines reporter doing some local coverage. LOL!!~~ i said no but i guess he just didnt believe me. he still thought i was a reporter. T__T


see.... he even pose for me... LOL!! and asked me whether he look ok with the pose... haha!!


the same old toilets.... i used to be so scared to go to the toilet. i guess it's just a girl thing... must go toilet together...


this is nostalgic!! place where we brush our teeth at the end of recces... but last time we didnt have all these water tapes... we filled the pails and share with the whole class T___T



classrooms... and look at the narrow field. it used to be a wide field but now half of it has turned into a building T__T


wah!! nowadays they even use LCD projector!!! but then again we didnt even have a telephone then.... :p




oowwwhhh.... pantun!! lama tak berpantun 🙂

and finally as we drove away due to it started to rain, we passed by this….. our canteen!!!! hehehe….. still the same old one. even the colour never change….


there are two canteens. one the blue. and the other one is the the white building but that one i hear no longer operating.... and it was drizzeling when i took this pic from inside the car.

last but not least. again.

proud to be a small part of you....

so that’s my 1st ever formal learning centre that in big and small ways has prepared me for what i am today. so as many successful others now. my school may be small but it has give quite an impact to me. i will forever be grateful and proud of it. what about you and your school?! tell. i’d love to hear ur story too 🙂

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

August 18, 2010


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Camouflage is a game we all like to play, but our secrets are as surely revealed by what we want to seem to be as by what we want to conceal. ~~ Russell Lynes

there are times i wish i could blend into the things/ objects/ evironment around me and be invinsible so that no one can see me but only feel my presence.

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi

August 16, 2010

Monday Musings

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i miss my blog……..!!!!!


went back home 6-10 August. (hence the silence of my blog.) quite a long one. at first it was just a personal trip back because it was The Boyfriend’s birthday on that Sunday. and then The Boss needed a trainer for a training for Shell. so Thank God that it was then a leaisure + business trip at the later’s expenses. hehehe….!!! so five days of blissfull homey food and great companies. screw my two weeks straight of jogging la!! all went down the drain after 4 dinners back home….. T___T i wanna blame those kind hearted ppl who sponsored all my three consecutive yummy dinners but then i chose to be gratefull for being so blessed to have these beautiful ppl around me. who love me just the way i am, and who love to feed me fat!! T___T


Salt. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. have you ever watch 2 movies in a row in one night?! me and my cousin Fiona just made our personal history on that when i was back home. the ticketing girl threw a weird look at the both of us when we purchased our 2nd movie. she must thought that we have no life T____T aihh watever. and we almost continue our marathon for the 3rd movie but save by the time that screamed — IT IS 1130HR NOW FOR GOODNESS SAKE YOU TWO LADIES SHOULD BE HOME ALREADY NOW!! TOMORROW NO NEED TO WORK KAH??! dah la satu stay senadin, satu stay riam…. we each drove ourselves alone tgh2 malam.


owh!! the Air Asia RM1 sale!!! i love it and i hate it >_< i’ve purchased 5 holiday trips already @_@ The Boyfriend said: you dont have to work wan izzit?! T___T


the time is drawing nearer. i cannot wait for end of this month!!! 😀


i know a post is so dull without a photo so here goes nothing!! T___T

(i wanted to post some recent photos but all of them are still with Labo at home >.<)

time for jogging.

be blessed, ppl!!

and i leave you with my motto (havent use them for quite some time)

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

♥ cilipadi

August 5, 2010

Irene ♥ Jeff : Wedding [12.06.2010] part 2

since i came late that morning and missed their prep session so i made it up by coming early for their reception prep session. ok. i was a tad bit excited cos i reached earlier than the couple at the bridal shop :p and mannn!! what was it with the date?!! there were so many weddings that day. at the bridal studio itself, there were 4 couples lining up for make ups. jeff and irene were the 2nd couple.

let’s see some photos.

make up tools every girls love 🙂

random shot. so many falsies.... :p

all set and ready...

once we left the bridal studio we still have ample time before the event begin. so we camped in their suite while i took the opportunity to shoot some more photos of the two of them. but at that time they were still bugged by table arrangement for last minute confirmed attendance. poor couple! *sigh*

still working on table arrangement..... screw those last minute confirmed guests lah!!

i asked them to relax. it’s their big day. they were not suppose to be so tense about the arrangement especially NOW!!! and they obliged. and they had fun 🙂 or did they?! or was it only me?! anyhoo here are some of the takes….

still have time for some light moment 🙂

bring it on Irene.

oh she really pulled it off, didnt she?!

all tied up!

jeff, thanks for being such a sport!! irene is one lucky girl 🙂

meanwhile, downstair most of the guests have arrived. my mom was among the late coming guests *rolls eyes* and as guests keep coming in the gifts were piling up too.


Irene's Parents. Mr. & Mdm. Igat. hi uncle! hi aunty!

cake cutting

cake feeding :p


surely the elderly were proud of this moment....

bows of love :p

mother daugther small talk *love*

then it’s time for the 2nd outfit.

this is what girl friends are for.... *love*

mag’s hands were not only helpful but also NAUGHTY!!! she cupped irene’s breasts in her palms!!! HAHA!!!

then they walked in for the 2nd time for toasting time.

not bad, jeff!! look at irene... she was hiding her face. LOL~~

let the blessing never cease to flow...

as the wine gets better each passing year, may your adoration to each other gets deeper each passing days....

linked and cheers!!

some of the guests

school friends....

and then it came to the gift exchange ceremony. it was simple yet interesting. jeff is a bisaya while irene herself is a mixed of lun bawang and iban. the following is from her lun bawang side of gifts. and these gifts are only given / seen during wedding. sets of rong (a type of conned-shape hat) and tayen (a kind of basket where some more gifts are placed inside). both are made of some kind of rattan. this set of gift is for each groom’s family member. long time ago, according to my grandparents the more set of these given from the bride means the higher the status of the family. means even uncles, aunties and cousins will get one set. but now less and less ppl do that laa…

traditional lun bawang gifts... rong and tayen....

gifts from her iban side.

some performances. the children didnt want to miss it out too....


i may be biased here cos this is the only group photo that i put because ther's me in it!!! dont hate :p

and that’s a wrap of the night but… i wanna leave you with these.

and now it is legal to make baby… hehe….

happy making babies you two!!! :p

to le’ and jeff, thanks so much from the bottom of my soul for entrusting me to document your special day. it was an absolute honour!! you two were just gorgeous and a breeze to work with. thanks for being such a trooper towards my craziness and shamelessness from beginning until the production of the album. i wish nothing but everlasting love and overflowing blessings for the two of you. and as you look back to these photos in many2 years to come you will still remember the essence of the moment as what it was on that day. God bless always and again, congratulations you two!!!!

fun facts:-

location| Miri, Swk
together| Nov, 2000
engaged| 6 Feb 2010
married| 12 Jun 2010
solemnisation| SIB Canada Hill
reception| Palace Ballroom, Grand Palace Hotel
irene| admin, Miri
jeff| teacher, Lg Luteng, Baram

be blessed always, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

August 4, 2010

Wednesday Reflection

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the stormy rain will stop.....

i stumbled upon this poem from my old blog. just feel like posting for some encouragement to nourish the tired soul…..

“I’m too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to be disappointed.
I refuse to be discouraged, to be sad or to cry.
I refuse to be down hearted and here’s the reason why:
I have a God who is almighty; who is sovereign and supreme.
I have a God who loves me — and I am on His team.
He is all wise and powerful; Jesus is His name.
Though everything else is changeable, My God remains the same.
I refuse to be beaten or defeated.
My eyes are on my God.
He has promised to be with me, as through this life I trod.
I am looking past my circumstances, to heaven’s throne above.
My prayers have reached the heart of God and I am resting in His love.
I give thanks to Him in everything.
My eyes are on His face.
The battle is His; the victory is mine; He will help me win the race.
I repeat!
I’m too blessed to be stressed!”
(Author unknown)

“as you face the storms of life, face them with God at your side knowing that He is Lord of the rocking boat and Keeper of the waves. He rides upon the storm clouds of life, flinging peace into the tempest filled heart. He is Peace! When we know Him as God, as Lord – we will know Peace!”

most of the times we feel like we are not able or streghtless to go on with our dreams or goals. life is never easy. paths are bumpy and slippery at times and we feel like giving up. i had that very moment in certain phase of my life too. where all my hope seems bleak and fruitless. anger, agony, hopeless, depressed, defeated… all kinds of mixture feelings in one flesh. but with faith, we could move mountain. He listens to that desparate prayers which blended with tears and sighs. i am a hard hearted child, i want the things that i want. i want love that i love. and i believe He will one day answers. i know. i m forever grateful for wat i have at present. n now i realised that worldly materials and status are not seen when we come the Father. as naked as we came to this earth, that’s how we gonna come back to Him also.

“as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us” -Psalm 103:2

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

August 3, 2010

Irene ♥ Jeff : Wedding [12.06.2010] part 1

let me tell you a little bit about irene that u dont know and maybe she doesn’t even remember herself. *whisper* i knew her since we were little maybe like 9 or 10. yeah. i remember her being her aunt’s flowergirl when we attended her aunt’s wedding in PuruSia. haha!! one thing about me. i remember faces!! so beware!! i bet very rare ppl remember that day. but oh well, that’s a milion years ago…. then when they moved to marudi we became friends and of course family friends. our moms speak the same language. our fathers work at the same workplace. the hospital!! and we attended the same secondary school. so when irene sent me an sms and a message on fb about being her photog for her wedding two months before the big day i was thrilled!! another reason to go back!! and i was curious to see the groom :p cos i never seen this guy before and have totally no hint about who he is. i checked on my calendar and found that i didnt have any business (personal / work) that coincidental to her wedding date. so my trip back was totally for her wedding alone. so i’ve booked my tix earlier to lock my date. and…. disaster happened last minute!! u see… the wedding was on a saturday so it is normal for me to take a friday night flight, right?! guess what?! the flight was cancelled!!! yes! the freaking flight has to be cancelled due to… wait for it… a flat tryes!! kns!! they thought they could fix it so we were ok when they announced the delay and at the end i guess they just couldnd fix it so they just had to cancel the flight. of course there was compensation of a free stay at a resort hotel but no thanks for me. the resort. is a haunted one!! ok enough of me babbling irrelevant matter here. let’s look at photos 🙂

since i was late so these are the only few things i managed to take during their prep time. errr… not axactly prep time la cos they were all set and done when i arrived *shy*

the rings

love the details on the chest :p

helping hands

and from my mom conversation while i was snapping away, i learned that jeff is a bisaya and a teacher.

here come the groom 🙂

chaos before march in

one day when it’s time, a father will have to let her daughter go….. go into the embrance of a man that will love and protect her just the same as the first time he held her in his arms many years ago when she first taste the air of this world….


look at those little feet up there....

looked on....

little cute bow

the youngest of them all..... i wanna bite her!

the first man in her life.... and today he's giving her away.... to another man who'll love her unconditionally as he has been.... *sob*

i think i heard their heartbeats this time. LOUD!


and after nine long years of relationship, it finally came down to this moment….. *tears of joy*


and sealed with a kiss

legally man and wife now

he wants to see too 🙂

the entourage :p

words and songs

kelupis. lun bawang traditional food/ desserts

by the arch

joy in their faces 🙂

'we are married!!!'

when it was the parents’ turn to wish the couple, the emotion started to get thick. it was emotional. through their embrances you can see the pure acceptance of irene’s parents toward jeff. it spelled UNCONDITIONAL. just like their own son. ya. jeff was the one who teared first. i could feel a lump inside my throath this time. oh wait, even now when i think back of that moment i feel like crying too…. *wipe tears*

emotion was getting thick here....

irene and her mummy 🙂 i knew irene was trying her best not to break down here. it was hard i tell you i could have cried myself T__T

and finally the watertank just couldnt hold it anymore. tears came streaming down.... *emo*

and u might wonder how come there’s no picture of jeff and the father-in-law. here’s why. actually it was the first of the above series but it was too emo that time that my eyes blurred and things went too fast and everything was a blurry mess T___T they are his parents now….. if u know what i mean…. *hint* there’s no photos of jeff parents….. T___T

after nine long years..... they are now husband and wife! 🙂

and that’s for the morning session. stay tune for the reception session next.

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi

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