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February 21, 2011

Monday Musings

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10.19p.m. and i am still at the office. rushing for datelines. oh my. it has been so long since i last do this kind of work and frankly i kinda enjoy it sometimes. and i thank God for FRIEND!! a good friend is here who is kind enough to accompany me. actually it’s more than i begged and dragged him to. he’s watching the tv and he’ll kill me if he see me updating this blog instead of working so i better be fast :p

a memory of a long time friend slip into my mind last night. a friendship now that shamefully more just as acquaintance these days. time and geography changed us. slowly robbed away our heart towards each other. or maybe it’s just me. but there’s more to it. there are too many layers of surfaces before i could reach that once a very comforting feelings of being together. whenever i try to peel each of it i cant seem to reach the bottom of it. not even the center of it. i reminisce our days back then. one fine night always come to mind in clear vivid scene.

it’s your hand…. knowing my pain, my scarred young heart that wasnt used to such turmoil, you hold my hands. we walked hand in hand in the twilight without looking at each other but in firm grips. silence. we pretended to ignore the horrid situation until you said “hey, it’s ok to cry u know. if you want to. you’ll feel better if you just cry it out.” and my tears dropped rapidly even before you finish the sentence. maybe you heard my silent sobs although i’ve tried hard not to release any sound. without looking at each other you knew…. and that my dear friend i miss the most about you….. a real friend who doesnt need to be told that she / he is needed when hard times struck. a friend who pretended not to care on the outside as you want to but care enough on the inside to just hold your hands and understand. dear friend, i know you dont read my blog but i wish you and family well. now and forever be blessed.

so thank God for friends….

be blessed, peeps!


July 1, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

bloated stomach. AGAIN! this is getting into my nerves already!! but let me tell u a story. a testimonial will be more like it. u see. i’ve been having this bloated stomach since the last two weeks and the drugs i consumed didnt give much help 😦 but still i must finish the whole drugs thing. well, using drugs is never a good thing, no?! i thought so. and last saturday i had this unbearable pain inside that i couldnt get up. (eh, have anyone have this experience or not? too much wind trapped inside ur stomach that can drive u nuts?! pls tell me this is normal) aduhai. so i was in pain. i wanted to cry. oh yeah. i am a cry baby so what? then i remembered i just woke up and i havent said my morning prayer. so i prayed. and then i dawn to me that since i was praying why not pray for healing too? right?! i dont ask for immediate recovery just make it bearable. so in Jesus name i plead. with all faith and tongue and faith alone with one hand on the said stomach i prayed. and….. guess what?! just like this verse β€œO Lord my God, I cried out to You, and You have healed me.” (Psalm 30:2) i was healed!!! immediately!! oh wait since it was so amazing it deserves a repeat. I WAS HEALED IMMEDIATELY!! how awesome is that?!! all my pain was literally gone. i couldnt feel a twinge of pain. amazing, isnt it?!! all u have to do is ASK and HAVE FAITH!! honestly, i wanted to spring out of my bed to write this testimonial right away then but alas i procrastinated. so typical! but i’ve make a point to post this as that’s what a once a wretched like me has promised to do. well, this is only the simple one, He has showed me many miracles that my gratitude and ‘thank you’ is infinity.

β€œFor with God nothing will be impossible.” (Luke 1:37)


and a friend’s father has just passed recently. news like this makes us sad. but life must go on for every funeral there will be a wedding and birth…. God has his own ways. and His way is always the best.


was in a frenzy to catch up a dateline of my photos last night. and i need to be connected to the internet. my sucky broadband would not help this time so i must stay back at the office for the internet. and i had until midnight. in time like this that u’ll know good friends that care. i called my 2 high school friends up just to accompany me till i finish. all i need is company when i am done and going down to the car as this place isnt the safest corner in lbu. they really waited up with me. although they went out for beers half way of the boredom’s but still they waited till i was done. that my friends, are true friends. and a set of midnight McD can never compare to their kind heart of taking care of me. i heart.

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Prov 17:17


what made my day today?! chipped toe nail!! or should i say broken toe nails?! really. can my day be even more interesting than this?!!

there goes my pedi!!

and this is why i said it made my day. i took time to snap it!! i am boring so sue me if u like. bluek!! >u<

byebye pedi 😦

and i couldnt care less for watermark. aihh…..

be blessed, ppl!

β™₯ cilipadi

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