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January 27, 2011

Double Blur Cases

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i have exactly 28 minutes before i hit the pillow. ya. i’ve set the time for me to go to sleep so that i have at least six hours of good rest before a whole restless day of meeting tomorrow. btw i’m in kk now. yes. i was here last weekend too. i guess kk is getting sick of me keep coming so it rained and spoiled my high hope to go to the island today *sob* before i boarded the flight this afternoon i was imagining myself lying on the beach (under a tree) with my book and a coconut fruit by my side while sneakily people-watching especially the hunky ones :p but as i reached, the rain ruined everything. it also killed my mood to shop. so i tried to take a nap but couldnt because my bb kept on alerting me with incoming notifications….. which were mostly useless ones.

that’s when the first blur case started.

bored while waiting for the boss to arrive. i wanted to hang my meeting attire and to my horror — what the heck??!!! my luggage pad lock?! it was fine. but i brought the wrong set of keys!!!! how can i open my luggage???!!! *panic* >.< but then i thought to myself 'it's ok, i'll try to crack it open by myself later. i used to successfully cracked one before with my hair clips. it should be easy.' ceh! so confident! but after struggling nearly an hour i gave up and called the hotel technical personnels for help who came and cracked it open within only one minute!!! ngeng!! kalau tau tadi baik call awal2 mau juga tunjuk terer. ceh!

we went to the Philipines market which is just a walking distance away to buy me a three-chained-kebaya-brooches. after walking up and down the many stalls and rows of selling almost the same things and after much bargain i got a set that would match perfectly for my 2 kebaya(s). our dinner was the infamous bak kut teh in gaya street. sheeshh!! my friend has advised us to go before 7.30pm so that we could get seats. we arrived exactly thirty minutes earlier but the place was already full with hungry customers. lot’s of people stood by the many occupied tables to book their seats. mesti kah? but my my…. were we lucky or God just knew how hungry we were?! we went in and we got our seats right away because the customers at the table that’s nearest to us had just finished and went off. so apa lagi?! we sat. looked at each other in disbelief and questioned each other ‘are we really this lucky?’. the boss said ‘dont question. just be thankful to God that we dont have to wait’ lol!! we walked back to our hotel and passed by vedablu ice creams downstairs.

and that’s when the second blur case occurred.

right after the boss left. i succumb to the temptation of that sinfully creamy and mouth watery vedablu ice cream. i just have to have it or i will die! seriously. so i went down and ordered a 2-scoops in chocolate almond waffle basket. since it is impossible to have stone cold ice cream that i craved the other day vedablu is the nearest to look like one to satisfy my half fulfilled craving. at least 100x better than McD (but that one was a totally different story because it was the person who treated that matters most :p) so at the cashier, my ice cream cost me RM11.60. this is where it got interesting or more correctly – embarrassing. in my wallet my friend, has only one,( satu, yi, sebuleng, ji, yat) RM1 note!!!! ONE!!! the cashier looked at me blankly. i looked back at her blankly (but with a red hot face). then we both burst out laughing!! LOL!!! i asked her to charge the other customers while i SOS for help. the boss came down for rescue. phew!!!! and i can has my freaking expensive ice cream and dont have to die!!

sorry for this boring entry.

here’s a photo of the legendary bak kut teh.

bak kut teh legend... haha!!

and that irresistable ice cream that had me went through such embarrassing moment. siapa suruh manga?!

just looking at it make me fat but i still want some more. how this?! T__T

Happy Thursday and be blessed, peeps!!


January 16, 2011

Aku Tak Biasa

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buat pertama kalinya saya (ok nak guna aku atau saya? saya saja lah) memblog dalam bahasa melayu. kerana saya orang malaysia dan bahasa melayu adalah bahasa rasmi negara. dan kerana saya merasa sangat teruja akan sesuatu sehingga saya tidak sanggup hendak mengongsikannya dengan dunia. malu nanti dikatakan syok sendiri atau perasan atau lebih menyedihkan disimpatikan (mana2 suka hati saya suka letak imbuhan lah). sebelum itu saya akan cuba menulis dengan sebaku-baku yang boleh kerana itu yang telah diajar oleh guru bahasa melayu saya dahulu. saya bersimpati dengan pembaca-pembaca yang tidak faham akan masukan saya kali ini tetapi itu lah tujuannya.

baiklah. sebenarnya saya telah mengalami satu kejutan yang boleh dikira agak besar bagi diri saya sejak dari semalam lagi. nak tau?! semalam, masukan blog saya yang bertajuk melbourne dalam hitam putih telah dijadikan salah satu blog yang dipaparkan dalam freshly pressed bagi wordpress.com dalam kategori blog fotografi. sejurus dengan itu statistik pembaca atau pengunjung blog saya yang tak seberapa ini tiba-tiba melonjak naik ke langit!! daripada pembaca yang tak pernah mencecah seratus orang jadi ribuan. ohkambingku!! (terjemahan langsung dpd ohmygoat!) aku tak biasa….. telefon bimbit pintar blackberry saya tidak henti-henti memberi notifikasi kemasukan komen-komen atau subkripsi pembaca dari serata dunia. sungguh hebat kuasa promosi kan? komen-komen yang diberi sungguh baik sekali. sungguh memberi semangat sehingga saya merasa seperti tidak layak pula. aduhai…. gambar-gambar saya itu tidaklah seberapa pun. dan untuk pengetahuan anda post tersebut adalah satu masukan yang malas dan merupakan jalan pintas untuk kisah melbourne saya yang masih terperam di dalam folder ‘going places‘ saya. tak lama lagi boleh jadi pekasam.

namun demikian, saya merasa sangat teruja dan gembira akan perkembangan ini. saya hargai setiap komen yang telah diberikan. izinkan saya perasan sekejap. saya merasa seperti seorang superstar!! haha!! zaaaaaaaaaaaap!! kembali kepada realiti. ok. mungkin angka statistik saya ini tak seberapa pun jika dibandingkan dgn blogger2 terkenal malah mungkin ada yang berkata baru saja naik statistik sikit sudah riuh sekampung macam ayam betina yang baru dpat telur sedozen (sebab itu lah saya berkeputusan menulis dalam bahasa melayu) tetapi bagi saya adalah sesuatu yang sungguh tidak disangka. aku tak biasa….

saya tidak pasti sekiranya pembaca2 yang tidak faham bahasa melayu ini akan kekal mengunjungi setelah membaca masukan ini tetapi tak mengapa. pujian di dunia memang tidak kekal. yang kekal adalah kasih Tuhan yang sempurna (tiba2). oleh itu, bersyukurlah dalam segala hal. segala sesuatu indah pada waktuNya.

“Ia membuat segala sesuatu indah pada waktunya, bahkan Ia memberikan kekekalan dalam hati mereka. Tetapi manusia tidak dapat menyelami pekerjaan yang dilakukan Allah dari awal sampai akhir” – Pengkhotbah 3:11

ini adalah kali yang pertama dan saya harap yang terakhir saya menggunakan bahasa melayu di blog ini. saya merasa bangga kerana dapat menghabiskan blog ini dalam bahasa melayu walaupun ada perkataan-perkataan inggeris yang tidak dapat saya terjemahkan langsung dan mungkin ada kesalahan tatabahasa dan kekurangan kata-kata peribahasa atau kiasan. tetapi itu tidak mengapa kerana ini bukan ujian karangan bahasa melayu spm dan cikgu amelia tidak akan membaca blog ini.

terima kasih kerana melayan.

be blessed, peeps!

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November 3, 2010


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today when i was concentrating on my proof-reading work i received a call from a Private Number.

LV: Hello…

Male Caller: Hello, may i speak to Ms. Leanor pls?!

wow! he sounded very good. i mean his english is so good wih accent and all i was intimidated *shy*

LV: That’s me.

started to feel bored and annoyed cos i thought he’s from some tele-marketing company or credit card and whatnots.

Male Caller: I’m Jordan (or was it Gordon?) calling from Eastwood Valley…. (started to feel concern. ok this is serious!) and i am calling regarding to some unsettled bill for the reception last Saturday?!

puzzled and curious.

went to the pantry to listen to him more clearly.

LV: Ok, so what is it about again?

Male Caller: We are sorry that we have to call you. We’ve tried calling Mr. Alex and Ms. Fiona but they are not reachable so from our RSVP here the next contact person is you? you were the coordinator?

LV: Yes. They are on their honeymoon now. So what is the problem?

Male Caller: so the thing is Ms. Leanor, from our record here we found out that there’s one bill that has not been settled yet from your side and we…. (mumble… mumble… ) do you aware of this?

thinking hard what else could they missed out during the payment.

LV: May i know what bill are you talking about? is it on the accomodation or on the reception dinner?

(because if it is on the acco i am 100% positive the payment has been settled so if they asked for it i am ready on my defense)

Male Caller: It’s on the reception ma’am (Ok, now i felt this is serious) There were some people who drank at the bar and charged the bill to the reception dinner bill on that night. (or did he said some ppl ordered from the bar? anyway, it’s the same thing la) Do you know these ppl?

LV: No, i’ve no idea who but nobony is suppose to order any drink from the bar….

started feeling really pissed off the those irresponsible ppl.

Male Caller: Ya. But now that the bill is charged to Fiona and Alex. And since they are not around can you make the payment instead? on their behalf?!

started cursing (in my head) those ppl who were so daring to simply order drink from the bar. i started to suspect outsider who took advantage on the reception dinner…. #$@%&!!!

LV: Errmmm…. hmmm…. ok… (feeling so responsible on behalf of the couple there goes my RM T___T)

Male Caller: The total of the bill here is around RM500. So can you come here to settle it?

actually he has been repeating this many time in between our conversation…..

LV: When do you want me to make the payment?

Male Caller: Can you come today?

LV: Ok, by what time?

Male Caller: By 5pm. We will be waiting for you here. So please bring the RM500 ya. thank you.

LV: Alright. But before that can i speak to Chris pls? I need to talk to her…. (i dunno why i suddenly want to talk to the Person In Charge. Maybe just out of courtesy or simply because i want to talk to someone who i am familiar with)

Male Caller: I’m sorry ma’am but Chris is not working today. She asked me to make this call. But you can speak to my bosses here JJ and Ean….

heard laughter at the background WTH?!!

LV: who?

JJ & Ean: Hey, this is from JJ and Ean from Hitz.Fm. How are you?

OMG!!! i felt my face burning up to my head to the tip of my hair!! *shy*

JJ & Ean: you are on Gotcha Call on hitz.fm…. (mumble… mumble…)


more laughters!!! both from my workstation and the background on the other end…



JJ & Ean: it’s Harold..

more laughters!!

more nonsense from me…. i wasnt concentrating on what JJ & Ean were saying already. Malu!!!

JJ & Ean: so let us just finish this. we just wanna say…. GOTCHA!!!!


laugh la laugh…. laugh till your teeth fall to the ground laugh!!!


i still cannot believe i’ve just been GOTCHA-ed!!!

just yesterday me and my aunt laughed at those ppl who’ve been gotcha-ed and today……. it’s ME!! ME!! ME!!!

i just hope i’ll sound good on air T_______T

oh gosh!!! i knew my grammar flew out the window T_____T

and i regretted not saying ‘i love you both’ to JJ and Ean!!!!


fyi, i am still in shock and very nervous to listen to it on air!!


::edit to add::

the conversation was more or less like that la, not very accurate one cos i panicked so much and got so nervous i couldn’t remember much of the details but the main point is they want me to pay the extra bill,

AND my gotcha has been aired this morning!!!!!!!

here it is for your entertainment….

see i am so good embarrassed myself for your entertainment T_____T

notice that the real deal was totally different from the conversation i post above?!! haha!!

moral of the story….. dont trust your friend!!

be blessed, ppl!!

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