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January 31, 2013


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is about to end in a few minutes. 31 days of the year have passed. Tsk!! What have you done or accomplished so far?

I wanted to blog properly but i am too preoccupied with life and work. even now at this very moment i am actually in my evangelism explosion class. yes. it’s almost midnight. and stealing time to update a little because i miss this blog.

have a fruitful year ahead and God bless your 2013!



December 31, 2012

I am grateful

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I woke up with mixed feelings this morning. But once i settled down and grasped everything that came at my way, all i feel now is – I AM GRATEFUL!! For His grace, blessings, protection, and faithfulness. 2012 has been a good year. I believe 2013 would be even better. With His wonderful will.

So with this little time left, I just wanna wish all of you faithful readers (do i have any?) a very Happy New Year 2013!!! May His blessings, love, peace, joy and harmony be with all of us to go through the new year.

Here’s a shot of the last sunset of 2012. As i saw this view this evening, my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude and humbled by His awesome painting……


July 31, 2012

of Temporary Relocation

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it has been more than a month. hmm…. one month and one week to be exact since i left labuan and reported duty in our hq here in usj, selangor to be in a very very important and critical project that i need to be physically present with the project team. one month and one week…. and i have never blog a single post about it. and that enough to let you know how busy we are at the moment. we are always chased for deadlines, preassured mentally and emotionally that i am quite surprise that none of us has gone REALLY crazy yet. although this project really drives all of us keh-ray-zeeee!!! you get me? no? nvm! today, i am in bintulu for site survey for the project purpose. see…. i have to be away from kl only i can have this little time to blog.

there are a lot a lot of interesting things apart of my hectic work happened throughout this short period. i dont quite know when will i be release to return to labuan. maybe another 1-2 months. i dont know. i just hope so muc that it wont be permanent. dear ceo, do you hear that? so you dont pandai-pandai pull anything uout from your sleeves!! i tak minat duduk kat kl ni tau!

well, in summary work occupied two-third of the pie chart of my life at the moment. i know it’s sad but i try to make it as interesting as possible and of course clinging to my heavenly father each and every single step of the way. in Him, i have all the peace, joy and so much love and loved!!

today, i am so grateful that i am so much loved T_____T

and just so you know, seven months of the year is almost gone! what have you done so far? *gasps!*

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