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March 7, 2011

Monday Musings

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and here comes monday. the day most people dread of the week. if only human could change colours like a chameleon i believe many have turn into the colour blue. like the people in Avatar. kns. and i am one of the blue people. today.

*cue for still got the blues song*



i went back home over the weekend. i burned a massive hole to my pocket T___T i just hope i wont end up eating grass by the end of the month. and talking about end of the month, i cannot wait for the day to come!!! i want my giraffes!!!


i wanted to clip my hair up one day because i didnt have a hairband so i asked The Boyfriend to find one around the house. he went searching around and returned with none and with a i-seriously-want-to-help look he asked “can you clip with those clothes pegs?” HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA!!! i replied in between laughter and teary eyes “hair clips are for hair. clothes pegs are for clothes!! ok?!” HAHAHAHAHAAA!! he turned away with a face like a tomato. then that evening my monthly red visited without warning so i wasnt prepared so i had to asked him to help me to buy sanitary pads. he returned with 2 packs of pantyliners instead!!! i refrained myself from laughing but HAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!!! he has to return and get the correct ones. my oh my……. guys with girl things!!


football update (suddenly) Liverpool redeemed their dignity over the defeat to West Ham last week by beating Man Utd. 3-1. yohooOOO!!!!


btw, my hair is ash brown now. and i’m going to the saloon after this for a good hair wash because i am lazy. why does laziness always win??!!! T____T

Happy Monday, peeps!


February 24, 2011

Post Proposal + Midget Feet

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so i am free. so free but tired max after the whole hectic crazy rush of meeting the deadlines that stole my beauty sleeps away from me since the last three days. for two days in a row i had been working late at night in the office and a day before the submission i went home at 1a.m. @_@ the proposal has to be submitted by hand so i had to fly (return) to kk yesterday just to drop the freaking heavy box and a giant envelope to the counter. i was in the mood of dressing up (for no apparent reason like usual) and for a moment i thought that i must ‘create’ a reason for my effort to doll up. so i turned into a bimbo and this was what i posted on my twitter and fb. “I hope my effort to dress nice2 n did hair nice2 just to submit this bid will give a point for winning it :p *bimbo* this box is heavy n I lack sleep @_@” i think i passed to be one, no? and it only took me 15 minutes to drop the whole thing at the submission counter!!! i could have taken the next flight around noon but i had bought a night flight so i had one whole day in kk all by myself. week days suck!!! nobody can entertain you. but thank goodness i met a long time friend on the flight so we had sushi together before we parted. and for the first time ever i had to kill time by watching movie – the mechanic, alone *cue for akon’s lonely song* but honestly i quite enjoy the lonesome though. the only bummer i sat near a young couple who whispered too loud to each other T.T i am on a mission to hunt for the perfect shoes (if you know what i mean) i saw a perfect heels that i’ve been looking for a long time but wth, horror of all horrors, they didnt have my size!!!!! *glass shattered sound* why??!!! why???!!!!! why must i always always encounter such heartbreaking and hope-wrenching moment when buying shoes?!!! why do they never consider foot for midget like me??!! what make me even disappointed was the fact that the heels were considerably cheap for its class and design. and i cannot have them!! *cry a river* i read somewhere from a fashion magazine once that asked, ‘are you a shoe person or a bag person?’ my answer is definitely the former. that explains the emo-ness ok now shut up i am still mending my broken heart over the pretty heels….. i know, i is emo but still…. *drama queen sobs silently in corner*

huhuhuhuuu….. the shoes….



i have so many photos in the folder waiting to be processed now that just looking at them i feel sorry to all the people who are awaiting for them to be posted up. haihhh…. i might as well start doing that now so that’s a hint that i’m gonna leave now and start slaving myself with the photos. tonnes of them. gambateh to me! and please stay tune for my next photo post. i hope.

so are you a shoe person or a bag person?

tak habis2 lagi.

happy thursday and be blessed, peeps!!

February 4, 2011

Happy Bunny Year!!

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it’s the 2nd day of CNY and i am waiting for my gf to pick me up for visiting.
only one house though but it’s the friends gathering that matters.

since this is a flash post so it will be incoherent and irrelevant to each other.

i was heavy-hearted to come home this time around due to some matter that i dont like to recall.
but all is well now because of the —wait-for-it: food!
ahhh!!! i am so easy to please….!! tsk!! >.<
it’s the only thing that makes this home coming all worthwhile.
i've devoured most of the 'must-eat' food and that alone made me a happy girl.

the Kebaya Night went well too.
and the sad thing was my kebaya was too tight that for the first time in my life i had difficulty to breath in a top. OMG! i swear it fit me perfectly 2 days before the event T____T

met up with peter before he went back to mur.
so far the only friend that's working out of myy that i've met.
the rest. later. i hope.

eh… my gf is here. gtg.


3 hours later.

hey, i’m back! :p
so our gathering didnt go that well because some couldnt make it and some came late so didnt get to see the earlier batch of friends who had to go off earlier T____T
but we managed to take some rare group photos. taken by the ever trusty Mr. Self-Timer. which took us 10 minutes for every session. because each has own camera.
gonna continue tomorrow before i fly back to labuan.

so in total i received 3 packets of ang pow out of five houses that i visited. not bad :p

i miss all my friends now T____T

and i miss my cookie T____T

actually i miss my cookie very very much T_____T

i just want my cookie…… *tantrum*

aihh…. actually the purpose of this entry is to wish ALL of you a very Happy Chinese New Year 2011.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

may this bunny year ‘hopping’ with joy, more success, good health and endless wealth that goes along with His never-ending blessings.

be blessed, peeps!

January 24, 2011

Monday Musings

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because it is monday and i can feel that my next coming posts will gonna be full of photos.


i am supposed to be at the botanical garden now for my daily jog but sadly it’s raining!!!!!!! *cries* i want my daily jog….. huhuhu….. TT_____TT *tantrum*


had another fun roadtrip to kk over the weekends with good companies. met up and camped together with cousin fiona and her colleague. all we did were eat. sightseeing. eat. eat. and eat some more. that’s why i am so frustrated now that i cant go for my jog *emo max* and for the record, i did not buy anything during this trip!! i surprised myself!!! wow!!


and i admit that kebaya is just not for me T___T it hates me!! huhuhu….. really. not the other way round. i think, maybe i’ll pair it with jeans or a three quarter pants instead of the sarong to make it looks more ME. tak boleh jadi betul!! but we’ll see…..


american idol. aahh!! other than j.lo being such a babe (i adore her makeups and styles) i am totally smitten with the odd-but-magnetic-sexay steven tyler!!! *glee*


i revisited some of my old posts the other day. (ya i read my own blog i dont have life you have problem with that?!) one of my protected emo and jiwang entry caught me. i wrote “overlooking the view outside i was staring at nothingness…. is missing someone really this hurtful? oh how i almost forgotten how it feels….” wow!! i must be really jiwang with a capital J at that point :p and fyi, i wrote that on a flight. fragments of familiar tingling of absence unfurls before me these days. i miss some people i almost cannot contain it i just wanna break down and hide in corner and act dont care but actually care T____T and really?! why is it so hard?!


as much as i craved for cold stone ice cream which is impossible to get in malaysia i am satisfied to just to substitued it with McD’s cornetto’s sundae with chocolate flavour. because the person who treated that matters 🙂


and i have a very severe chappy lips now that it hurts so much when i smile sometimes it bleeds. T_____T HELP!!

Happy Monday & be blessed, peeps!!

December 21, 2010

and i thought my task was overrrrrr……

really. i almost ran out of gas due to my huge sigh of relief yesterday after my presentation to the major client. it went well with my bestest lady boss in the whole wide world by my side backing up for everything i stuttered upon :p (and u thought i was good, huh! no i’m a baby… *shy*) so crap aside. with the presentation over i assumed that was my final major task of the year. yes. you heard me. OF. THE. YEAR!! so i can think and dream about the coming holidays with peace of mind with vodka ice honey lemon in my hand. but today one phone call broke my imaginary peace of mind. back to reality. *shattered glass sound* i returned to my work frenzy mode. owh… the desperation and rush. i rather not rephrase them here lest u’ll get emo together with me. *exaggerating much*


so, if you follow my tweet on the right side bar you’ll know by now that i’m done (as if) with my shopping rush while in kk over the weekend. the damages:
1 jeans, 1 shorts, 2 dresses, 1 knitted cardigan, 1 belt and 5 useless tops for myself.
1 jeans, 2 shirts, 2 t-shirts and 1 dress for ppl i heart.
my justification on my purchase for myself: i really really really need a black jeans for crying out loud (very acceptable). a striped shorts look good with the cropped T and it’s cheap (cheap? ok acceptable). 2 more dresses on top of 3 unused dresses in the wardrobe (eh, it’s christmas. gimme a break!). knitted cardigan for coming trip it will going to be winter and it’s half the original price (ok lah, acceptable lah *close one eye*) 1 belt (a girl needs 10 belts a least. lalala~) and 5 more tops?!! (for what?! compulsive shopper. checked. T_______T)
my justification on my purchase for others: because i heart them. and i know they love me too. that’s all.

i dare not see the bills next month T_____T

but i want something else for christmas. ok ok…. so this is these are my wish list for christmas la *shameless*

1. an ipod touch or nano.
2. a yellow dress. as in banana yellow. i have a thing with yellow dress recently.
3. nikon SB900 speed light. ok have to scratch this one cos i think i ask too much. but for birthday?! *puppy eyes*


am currently reading jodi picoult’s my sister’s keeper in a slow and easy pace. so far it is a breeze. the weather is crazy in labuan but not as bad as kk which rained cats and dogs upon my arrival last weekend that it was so hard to see the road. seriously. i am trying to fit in every single events that happened and going to happen this month. hmmm…. ok i’ve attended two weddings which one of them i was honored to be invited as their OP at the same time attend a wedding with The Boyfriend for the very 1st time. and he left me right after event. yes. he left me just like that!! (as i was busy taking formal family photos after event suddenly he disappeared without noticing me) kurang asam betul! but we reunited after my task over supper and he sent me home properly ok. (sheeesh…. why am i even bother to explain this?!) and talking bout task (again) that reminds me there are tonnes of photos to be processed. die! then, there’s nothing. or maybe i can insert in sharon’s visit. or maybe i can squeeze in i craved for chocolate last night but end up munching french fries with three different drinks honey lemon, ginger tea and san miguel light which taste like bile. eeww!! or maybe i want to add that The Grandparents are coming tomorrow. or maybe i still want to tell you i am still booking for hotels for my next trip. (it is so near i can almost see 101. on tiptoed.) or maybe i just want to tell you a funny thing that the other day me and my housemate had a half-cooked rice. haha! with 4 dishes. or i wanna brag that i wanna be hero that i ran 4 rounds of botanical park the other day than reduced to 3 rounds the day after and it rained on me and almost had a flu. kns! or maybe one more crappy act – the other day i brutally murdered a cockcroach by flushing it down the toilet bowl. what a shitty death poor thing! or maybe i just wanna share my excitment that people actually read my blog! and seek advice and info no matter how crappy it is. oh dear readers i love ALL OF YOU *insert grammy awards speeches* or maybe i just wanna announce that a girl friend of mine is moving to miri soon due to new job. waaa!!! excited! excited!! now that i have one more friend to hang out with when i go home. and finally just so you know i cannot wait to go home for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*excited max*

be blessed, peeps!!

September 25, 2010

I Shouldn’t Be Bothered But

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last night i called TheBoyfriend asking seriously. yes. i even warned him how serious the question will be and he must answer seriously. right. i asked him about the tables. number of tables he would need for the reception. oh by God’s will!! and for the umpteenth time. this is his answer. ‘size and number arent important. who will and who will not be invited isnt important. what important is the marriage. the cert and the bands. it should last. FOREVER. and forever is made real with the blessing of people we care most and our one and only God.’ in full seriousness i rolled my eyes when he said that. and i think i was imagining sakura in japan when he was saying that too. because really, he said that for umpteenth time. and fyi, seriously the time isnt even close. for me. for us. not even in the next 365 days!! i shouldnt be bothered at all but….. argghhh!! this is what being a wedding coordinator do to you. or being a bestie to your gf.

in a month time, my cousin will walk down the aisle and from then on will change her FB status to ‘married’. then four days after that, my gf will also take the same walk and become someone’s ‘Mrs’. i cannot help but share if not all, some of their bridezilla moment prior the big day. girls! in the midst of their preparation and my role for their big day, sometimes i thought of what would happen to my own *shudders*

and i thought of the two last night. i worried about their diet (of all things) i worry whether they can fit the dress that they really really really wanted. i felt compelled to motivate them that i had to sms them both to keep on pushing hard in their exercise and to cut down fatty food. i know. i am annoying T___T but it’s because i want them to look their best in those pretty dresses.

and u know what annoy me?! the ‘Yellow Dot’ or sometime ‘Yellow Square’ or sound more powerful in BM ‘Kotak Kuning’ appears on your tv screen when you want to watch your favorite show. TSK!! really laa… Astro sucks donkey balls when it rains!! T____T

and u know what make me headache?! the contemplation of choosing between the two raved fruits. Berry or Apple??! i shall blog this in a separate post. as if!!

and i am looking for a travel partner for next year travel plan. march. anyone?!

and u know what else annoy me?! i use the word ‘and’ way too much at the beginning of a sentence.

and (ok u can call the Grammar Police now) u know what really bother me?!!

the number of tables i need!!! :p

Happy Saturday!!

February 18, 2010

LBU day two

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this is so quiet. despite the loud volume of the tv and the air conditioner motor spins a little too loud sporadically. it still feels very quiet. in the heart, that is.

alone in this hotel room watching old movie – Home Alone! really T__T on star movies, that is. someone pls alert ASTRO it’s CNY already not christmas!! with such limited tv channels available my only prefered options are tv3 and star movies but i hate tv3 on thursday night cos they play ghost story just because it is malam jumaat. crazy!!! hiskk!!!

it’s my second day here in this hot island of labuan. things went well and smooth at the office except for a place to stay after tomorrow. aihh… but let tomorrow worry about that. i know this is too much on a 2nd day but i am now looking at malaysia public holidays and starting to block my calendar to go home if possible twice a month. how to save RM if like this?! T___T

ok, out of boredome and to keep myself sane here are some random things around the room. peace (^.^)V


my healthy snacks - tomatoes!! yum yum!! best eaten while watching tv :p


to keep me hydrated




my stinky cheap leapord print flats :p

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi

July 28, 2009

The Popular Farmer

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this morning TheGirlFriendV called with one totally unbelievable request that almost make me contemplate shuting down my facebook. but knowing the unlikeliness of that i decided to just gasp and be proud of my achievement :p

TheGirlFriendV: morning, u good?

me: yeah morning, what’s up?

i thought she’s gonna cancel the lunch date again.

TheGirlFriendV: u know what my laptop was attacked by virus and totally screwed and it has to be sent for repair. and the thing now is my Farm Town is producing crops and it’s time for harvest. can u please help me to harvest everything and plow new lands for me? LOG IN to my fb and go to my farm then hire urself to harvest them for me like that you also gonna earn money for working on my farm. u can then hire me to work in ur farm too. it’s a win-win situation. ok?

me: WHAT?! *disbelived with eye balls ready to pop out and fall into the waste basket*

that time, if only she was in front of me instead of her hollow voice on the other end of the line i would shake her up and down and up again and to the right and then left for being so OBSESSED!!!

me: my goodness!! u are sick!! i’m gonna tell ur husband about this!! u are obsessed!!

TheGirlFriendV: *laughed* ya i know! i actually wanted to let them be. but to think of my big land now and the many ‘plants’ that i’ve planted, i really dont want them to go to waste…. pls… i give u my fb password XXXXXXXX.

in my head ‘my friend is crazy!! God help her!!’

me: u are crazy u know that?! so what’s the password again?

TheGirlFriendV: XXXXXXXX. Dont forget to harvest my Barn Buddy and Happy Farm too ok. hehe….

me: ok lah. not to disappoint u, will do that too. really, this is madness….

TheGirlFriendV: thank you. haha!

*hung up*

then she called again.

me: haa… anything u missed?

TheGirlFriendV: *laughed* no. just wanna tell u our lunch is on and i’ll pick u up at 12.30pm.

me: ok. chicken rice.

TheGirlFriendV: see u then.

so i harvested and plowed her ‘farm’. it was my first time spending time on Farm Town. i do have farms but Farm Town wasnt my favourite cos it requires more time.

with that i was ranked as The Popular Farmer on FT!! omg! just by harvesting and plowing lands of a gf’s virtual farm. LOL!!

are u obsessed with fb applications too?! what have becoming to human nowadays? kalau suruh berkebun betul2 tak nak!! dalam fb bukan main banyak kebun siap dengan haiwan2 belaan sekali. hairan!! do it in moderation ok?!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

have a blessed day, people!

July 10, 2009

homo sapien is a funny thing

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*this is a backdated post which is supposed to be posted yesterday…. but still wanna post it cos i can!

I longed to be alone today in hope to shake off this throbbing weird feelings i had and try to find solitude somewhere in between the busy-ness of the city. i pictured myself holding Stephanie Meyer’s collection which i got from the Popular lounging at Starbucks reading while sipping caramel macchiato trying to detach myself from the surroundings. i was in dearth of joy and was wearing my black elle hoody sweater paired with my grey shorts and my faithful crocs. i was not sure whether i wear glasses or not but i was wearing my grey army cap. I just wanna be alone till i can let go off the feelings before i resume to normal reality…. i had high hope that the human-vampire love fiction could engross me till i can align myself back, focus and hit the ground….. not until all the sweet scenes were ruined by the sudden massive spins in my head. before the world turn black i landed on the couch and remained there for almost the whole day… *sigh*

gone was my pretty plan to ease my uneasy heart…

aihh… this feelings of absence-ness is a funny thing….

why do homo sapiens feel this way sometimes?!


today i hit the desk with high spirit. all preped and dolled. but not ready for any serious stuff. i was procrastinating. again!

*come to think of it i was kinda emo up there!! wat lah!! eeeee….. but still wanna post it cos i can!

July 3, 2009


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is where i am now. cakerawala has a meaning in bahasa melayu but i forgot what is it now…. anybody can help me to recall?? issit something related to the sky or universe??

sitting alone at this small corner of internet facilities right under the stairway with ppl playing pool and live tennis tournament federer vs haas next door as my background sound. i hope federer wins.

just landed to this platform today for the first time and i was thrilled to hear some of the ppl speaking thai. a language that i once learned but totally forgotten now. haha!! and i then realised that ohya, i am on a platform right in the middle of malaysia-thailand border. in the sea. for what? on a very easy task… to talk! that’s it. to TALK!! for a total of four hours but to stay here for four days. wth!

i cant write much now cos ppl are passing by and keep craning their neck to see wat i am up to and my bladder is crying out loud for me to go to the loo. shut up!! wait a minute ok!!

i really want to write about the thai OIM who i feel resembles bruce lee and my kind and lovely roomie but i decided to keep everything in my head for now.

i m more concern about all my farms and restaurant in fb than my presentation slides for tomorrow’s training. the fb here x come with flash and i dare not download lest they confuse me as a farmer or a trainer. wth!

aihh… watever happen to my farmville?! my barn buddy?! my happy farm?! hopefully my assigned person does his job well in taking care of everything during my absent. (my goodness!! can someone stop me for being obsessof all these applications pls!! this is madness!!)

urinary bladder: oi, are u done?! do u really want me to grow stones?!! enough of that crappy blog!! or i’ll let loose all the liquid here and NOW!! on the count of 10… 9… 8… 7…

i guess i just have to stop now…

bye and have a blessed day!!

edit (10/7): because a blog is so not cool without an image, here’s one to feast the eyes… not a good one though! 😦

taken from inside the helicopter aihh.. if only i brought labo...

taken from inside the helicopter aihh.. if only i brought labo...

overall i enjoyed my stay in cakerawala… 🙂

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