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September 29, 2011

Scarlet & Noel : Baby Bump

ahhhh!!! finally…. like after five months!! and Baby Ashlee as i am writing this is now 4 months old!!

this is my darling, my bestie, my girl friend during her first pregnancy. by far the most beautiful pregnant lady i’ve ever known which is agreed by my many other friends too. taken rush-ly before i depart to airport for my Vietnam trip last April.

before you scroll down further, parental guidance is advisable during viewing…. hmmmm….


a little smooches wont hurt to start the sessio 😉




excited parents-to-be





can never go wrong if you stand by a window with soft light streaming in . this is SOOC!! woot!!!!





oooooh!!!! hot sexy mama!!


the room temperature suddenly rised up!! :p




sending me off at KL Sentral..... hehe...

they are now a proud parents to a beautiful baby girl named Mia Ashlee 🙂

be blessed, peeps!



Thursday Thoughts

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remember this?! i’ve finally completed the mission. except for Aug. boo!! my travel partner couldnt make it at last minute due to work. i was so tempted to go alone but haihhhh….. i was more worried to make my loved ones worry about me during the vacation to safe my sorry ass!!! iskh!! menyesal!!! T____T but at least i’ve accomplished the rest. and i cannot wait for next year’s travel plan!! *nervous*

that’s it for the traveling department. no more this year!!! unless i’m being sponsored or business related.

as in the photography department, i am sick of landscape already. i am now so itchy to shoot anything other than landscape or any traveling related. so starting from last month i have been asking around if there are people interested hiring free lance. i am so grateful too because there are people approached way earlier this year for my humble service. THANK YOU! but i am aslo free at the moment so I AM UP FOR HIRE!!! any taker?!

woke up earlier than usual this morning hence reaching the office earlier than usual. i think the boys from the car wash shop downstairs were surprised too but they greeted me good morning with their hearty happy voices as usual.

because part of my heart and mind is still in Thailand, i’m wearing this to work today.


dress from night market of Chiang Mai RM18
anklet from Night Bazaar Chiang Mai RM10
denim wedges from Summit RM49.90

be blessed, peeps!


September 20, 2011

Temporary Replacement

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because i’ve promised myself that if i couldn’t proceed with my taiwan post, i’ll just post this instead as a temporary ‘replacement’.

see elephant think thailand

now you know how lazy and noncommittal i am towards my to-do-list! (taiwan post has been in the ‘things-to-blog-list for nine months!!)

i’ll be in phuket, the land of smile tomorrow. woohoo!!

off to airport in an hour but i’m not home yet.

*rush rush*

Happy Tuesday!!

Everything Matters

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it’s a cold day. raindrops splattered on the window panes. and i am immediately transported to the times when nothing matters…. yet. when ignorance was indeed bliss. today it hit me again that everything matters, greatly.

i wish i have never picked up that first call that faithful night….


September 13, 2011

Big Love + Little Nuggets

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it’s amazing how a 7y.o could understand the meaning of LOVE and touch your heart by just a simple stick-figure drawing . a big uneven heart-shape circling little stick-figure family with two little heart-shapes on each parent’s hand. HEART-SHAPES ON EACH HAND!!! and a caption that will crush your heart to pieces. *wipes tears*

my heart still ache from all the unfortunate things that happened. horrible thing that no children in the world should ever experience in their young little lives. gosh!! how i hate messed-up grown-ups sometimes!!! now whenever i see their happy faces in the photos that i used to take for them send a big lump to my throat. ALAS. all i can do is pray for the better. God guides them and us to weather the storm.

to my beautiful Little Nuggets, whatever happen next, whoever you’ll be with next, whichever path you’ll take next, whenever you think of us, please know that ong che che always, ALWAYS, have this Big Love for you. bigger than the uneven heart-shape in the drawing.



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