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September 25, 2010

I Shouldn’t Be Bothered But

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last night i called TheBoyfriend asking seriously. yes. i even warned him how serious the question will be and he must answer seriously. right. i asked him about the tables. number of tables he would need for the reception. oh by God’s will!! and for the umpteenth time. this is his answer. ‘size and number arent important. who will and who will not be invited isnt important. what important is the marriage. the cert and the bands. it should last. FOREVER. and forever is made real with the blessing of people we care most and our one and only God.’ in full seriousness i rolled my eyes when he said that. and i think i was imagining sakura in japan when he was saying that too. because really, he said that for umpteenth time. and fyi, seriously the time isnt even close. for me. for us. not even in the next 365 days!! i shouldnt be bothered at all but….. argghhh!! this is what being a wedding coordinator do to you. or being a bestie to your gf.

in a month time, my cousin will walk down the aisle and from then on will change her FB status to ‘married’. then four days after that, my gf will also take the same walk and become someone’s ‘Mrs’. i cannot help but share if not all, some of their bridezilla moment prior the big day. girls! in the midst of their preparation and my role for their big day, sometimes i thought of what would happen to my own *shudders*

and i thought of the two last night. i worried about their diet (of all things) i worry whether they can fit the dress that they really really really wanted. i felt compelled to motivate them that i had to sms them both to keep on pushing hard in their exercise and to cut down fatty food. i know. i am annoying T___T but it’s because i want them to look their best in those pretty dresses.

and u know what annoy me?! the ‘Yellow Dot’ or sometime ‘Yellow Square’ or sound more powerful in BM ‘Kotak Kuning’ appears on your tv screen when you want to watch your favorite show. TSK!! really laa… Astro sucks donkey balls when it rains!! T____T

and u know what make me headache?! the contemplation of choosing between the two raved fruits. Berry or Apple??! i shall blog this in a separate post. as if!!

and i am looking for a travel partner for next year travel plan. march. anyone?!

and u know what else annoy me?! i use the word ‘and’ way too much at the beginning of a sentence.

and (ok u can call the Grammar Police now) u know what really bother me?!!

the number of tables i need!!! :p

Happy Saturday!!


September 24, 2010

This Is Why I Still Need A Point-and-Shoot

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exactly two years ago i fell in love with this guy. a hunky, black and tough guy. i just couldnt resist him that i made him mine. and called him Labo. he’s my best partner in taking beautiful photos. and i shall thank him for my extra mulah when we started a joint-venture in taking wedding photos. without him, you all wont see such beautiful *cough* pictures here. so other than admiring my own *cough* perspective *cough* you must also never forget to thank him for his sharp eyes, fast capture and other contributions.

BUT. and there’s always a BUT. the problem is Labo only works best with me. ONLY ME!! (oh so i thought) i seriously think Labo is just being nasty to other people other than me who touch him. he will not cooperate with people that he isnt familiar with. and when i had no choice and insisted, he pulled a big tantrum and I, (ME, SAYA, AKU, AKUI, UIH, WO) am the one who will get the tragic / disastrous consequences. he will try his best to ruin my supposedly beautiful photos T_____T although i have set him to Auto Mode T_____T

these photos below are the evidence of his childish act!! a really bad BLUR case!!!

#1 Great Ocean Road – The Twelve Apostles

let's PRETEND u dont see me... T___T


#2 Great Ocean Road – The Twelve Apostles

let's PRETEND u prefer looking at the rocks

#3 Great Ocean Road – London Bridge

prove that i am not an attention seeker.... but actually i really2 love this picture if only i was in focus there T____T

#4 Melbourne – Swanson Street

let's PRETEND u read the wording on the bus....

#5 Melbourne Skylines

let's PRETEND u are admiring the background skylines

#6 Phillips Island – Koala Reservation Centre

let's PRETEND u are focusing at the thing that i point - a sleeping koala

#7 Menzie’s Creek – Puffing Billy Railway

let's PRETEND u are reading menzie's creek

so that is why, much to The Boyfriend chagrin, i still carry along my loyal point-and-shoot anywhere i go almost 24/7. just in case….

*sigh* ada camera cangging pun susah…

i know i know…. why no Melbourne update, right?! bear with me as i am laptop-less at the moment T___T my adapter has condemned last week and still waiting for the replacement now. and the office pc i am using now doesnt have any software to process all my photos. and the real truth is i am procrastinating what else is new!! :p

till then, be blessed people!!

September 21, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking

i had been searching high and low for a perfect boots before my trip to melbourne last month. why must boots? well, ahem… u gotta travel in style, no?! :p and and and…. it was winter time so a pair of boots will warm your feet. not that i dont already have one but as u know me most of my shoes are with heels, high heels!!! even my boots are with high heeled T____T not very practical for long walk / traveling.

so i roamed all shops selling shoes in miri with a mission. to find a pair of boots that is meant for walking!!! and thank God i finally found one. a perfect one!!! ahhh…. bliss!!

now let’s see the criteria one by one.

criteria #1 : dark brown – checked!!

if u look closely they are dark coffee brown.

i will not accept other color. and i am not a fan of black boots although it is easy to match with any outfit. NO!

criteria #2: soft and comfy – checked!!

look at the exterior. made of super soft and smooth velvety fabric.

criteria #3: keep my feet warm – checked!!

this is a bonus point!! i dont need a leg warmer anymore!!

while it is soft on the outside, it is cosy in the inside with this thick cotton lining inside. brilliant for winter!!

criteria #4: kitten heeled – checked!!

hehehe…. cant get a short girl away from her heels :p na-nah!!

although i was looking for something that is meant for walking i did not say that it must be a flat one. i still insisted to look for something with a bit of visible heels. kitten heeled would be just nice!!

and ta-daa…

at least give me 1 inch la ok...

criteria #5: versatile. checked!!

wearing it with only one way would be boring…. and this boots gives you not 1, not 2, not 3 but 5 different types of style.

style 1

tall and sleek

style 2

or you can fold it over to show off that lining

style 3

maybe u prefer mid-calf boots. with more lining more floded out. who need a leg-warmer?!

style 4

or what about pushing it all down?! fun, aei!!

style 5

u can go as low as u want and further fold that awesome lining out to enhance the look.

there. are you smitten yet?! i love love love my boots!!

criteria #6: easy to pack. checked!

OMG!!! just fold them over and it fits just nice in the luggage bag. simply genius!!

i cannot stop bragging about this boots la. really. how brilliant can it be?! what more can i ask for?! it fits ALL the criteria that i needed. love. love. love.

and do u still want to know more awesome fact about this boots?!! i cannot wait to tell you…

*clear throat*

all the awesomeness of this pair of boots only cost me… jeng… jeng… jeng…

RM61!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (after 70% discount)

WHAT THE HECK??!! right?!!

i cannot believe my ears when i heard the salesgirl told me the price. my goodness!! why i always can buy cheap shoes one??!! why?!! God you are so good to me!!!

and u know what’s even more funny is?! or it was more sad than funny actually. when i wanted to pay i realized i only have RM5 in my wallet!!!! i forgot to withdraw money!! T_____T

so i only have RM5!!!!

WHAT THE HECK??!!! again, right??!!

desperate kiasu that other ppl will get the boots i asked the salesgirl to keep them for me and i will come for it the next day or day after. but the salesgirl had a better idea!!!! guess what??!! she suggested that i put down a deposit for them. reason being that it might not be her that will serve me the next day or day after. and…. wait for it…. i can put down with just RM5!!!!! LOL~!!!!! eh, since when does this ever applied for shoes??!! in a mall??!!! LOL~

and me being more fascinated with the idea at that moment decided to play along with it. how often do u put RM5 as deposit??!!! so why not role with it??!! furthermore i was butt lazy to go down to the atm to withdraw. when i paid my deposit, the salesgirl further showed me a small cabinet full of items that were being held by deposit from other people just to convince that i wasnt the only person :p LOL!!

to cut long story short i returned the next day with full payment and walked away with my new love!!

last but not least…..

ready to walk around the world!!

i’ve walked around melbourne in this. indeed. these boots are made for walking!!! awesome!!!

be blessed, peeps!!

September 15, 2010

Baa…. Baa…. White Sheep….

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g'day, mate!!

i really2 want to post something new but this is the only one that i can manage so far…..
more to come soon….

be blessed, ppl!!

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