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April 20, 2009

lappie een toilete

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just made up that nonsense title for fun :p

but but… can u smell the stench?! cos fyi, i am in the toilet now while typing this. crazy or not?! hehehehe….. can i be any more grosser?!! yes!! :p and i dunno y i must tell you, readers bout this shameless act of me. mybe i think it’s cool to carry a laptop inside the toilet where i can actually take my sweet time inside. yea… if u can touch me now i am as cold as a frozen cucumber cos i am so cool like that.. lalalala~~

did a stupid thing this morning by forgetting to bring my laptop cable/charger. i cant work without my laptop u see. Plus this ‘cangging’ laptop i have cant sustain long hour cos it has motion sickness like that!! =.=” so i S.O.S The Mother to send it to the office. but i managed to checked all the essential sites that i must log in first thing of the day though eg: the co’s emails, co’s sharepoint, personal emails, fb (:p) and some must read blogs :p all before the laptop went dead.

so the things i did when i was laptop-less for a while was;
1. went for breakfast. but to my anger, they forgotten my roti telur!! why?!! WHY?!! T_T huhuhu….. didnt they know i was hungry?!! huhuhu…
2. online with my hp. chatted in msn with it :p at my place as well as in the toilet. and ppl tot i was doin my business inside. kekeke…. (y am i like this?)
3. checked and re-checked my account vs my budgeting….. hopeless!! T_T
4. plan my YB stuffs. Need to write a formal invitation letter to the Pr.

then The Mother came to my rescue with the charger. haleluyah!!

so my day went on as normal until i didnt even realise it was lunch time eventhough i was hungry like a wolf. so i wanted to have a very filling lunch ok. cos i didnt have my bfast cos the *&$#@!! woman forgot my roti telur *cry* but as always i hate deciding where / what to eat. when asked where i just spontaniously answered Naga Liar. cos at that time i was thinking of this…. eh wait arr… i’m done in this cubicle.

*goin out from toilet*

it's no proboscis monkey, it's Borneo's Deli!!

it's no proboscis monkey, it's Borneo's Deli!!

i just noticed bout the wording on the signboard two weeks ago and couldnt help to take a photo of it. Apparently the owner realised the retard-ness of their supposedly ‘Wild Dragon’ which looks like a retarded monkey *LOL* hence came up with the slogan to ‘cover line’ maybe. just my point of view laa…. no offence ya owner of Naga Liar :-p i still love ur Nasi Lemak!! will elaborate more in other time lah cos i dont like to write (type) bout it without photos.

but yet i wasnt really full after the lunch (cos i x have my Roti Telur!!) i still wanted something to nibble in the office. hmmm… then i bought some fruits… but then i finished it on my way back to the office!! left me nothing to munch on for the whole afternoon… T_T *tantrum*

oh my!! if u’ve read till here consider urself as a boring person like me too cos u read my pointless rambling to the end. God save us.

anyways, have a blessed day!!


February 17, 2009

an emo post :-(

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gloomy night

gloomy night

this is gonna be one emo post…. but i don’t want to be way too emo oso lest u will be annoyed.

after the whole thing i should be sitting in the darkest corner and cry my heart out till my eyes swollen the size of a tennis ball. or just return the cruel outburst in the same sarcastic and hurtful manner. but strangely this time i chose not to burst into a raging monster. i once had a mission. to forgive and forget. and for the kindness side that left in me i successfully achieved that mission recent years. this time and days to come i do not wish to break the mission either just over a little dispute. Roman 12:21. that’s all i need as my weapon.
well, few hours after the above. the unexpectable happened via msn. the confrontation. yeah. like finally! (read that superficially :p) of course it came in harsh with all accusations at the beginning then gradually into confession then strategy and finally into casual chat. ahh!! they made the 1st move. i can follow suit. no doubt many words could cut the heart into pieces and stir anger. but again weirdly i didn’t mind all the damaging words. in fact i was glad and a sense of relieve was within me. why? because i’ve grew wiser. must be it :p
few hours later: i lied! i cant deny i was deeply cut and sad. it’s not because all the accusation and the confrontation. but because of the hopelessness. the less confidence that left. right now all i want to do is find some secluded place and cry a bucket. I am so tad tired of all these i don’t think i have energy left to face it. i’m sad cos i dunno wat to do now. i am sad i dunno wat to do next. i am sad that i’ve hurt people without my knowledge. I am sad people misunderstood me and i dunno how to explain to them. I am sad to see they are sad over the situation. i am sad i am not being given a chance to fight for anything. I am sad for giving up without fighting. argghh!!! I am so emo! forgive me. i better sign out before i rant with anymore crap of emo-ness.

and my kisses to The Cuz on the encouragement. yeah. we both know the obvious confirmation now. it’s all up to ME!!
Heb 12:11 No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

in this situation. phil 4:13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

that’s all i need for comfort.

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