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May 30, 2011

Leaving T16 for Japan

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in an hour the helicopter will arrive and i’ll be leaving this rig. finally!! (i’m killing time actually) and then i’ll have to catch an express boat to kk in the afternoon. phew…. i’ll only have the most 2.5 hours to go to the office, do my post-job arrangement, unpack, freshen up (i doubt it) and repack. i hardly have time to breath at all. but when talking about packing. i think i’ve developed that skill very very well over the years.

well, this rig has made me gained 1 kg. $%^&#@!!! how coulnd that be?! i had cheese cake almost everyday for the whole 10 days of my stay here. but nevertheless i pretty like Trident 16.

according to plan which all flights and acommodation have been confirmed. i am suppose to be in Osaka by yesterday. but look at what my job has did to me?!!!!!!! i had to missed my unrefundable Air Asia flight from Labuan to KL last Fri. and to reschedule my trip to Osaka which was originally according to the T&C was a Non-Refundable package!!! but by miracle with the help of so many fren’s colleague’s hubby’s CEO’s girlfriend’s friend’s friend we finally can make changes to the date. so in short, i will be leaving to Osaka tomorrow!!!! yippidooo!!!! it’s quite an irony that i just finished with my job inspecting radiation here (and it is safe) and now i’ll be going to a country which just suffered from radiation catastrophe. but Osaka is far from Fukushima so it’s fine. maybe i’ll bring along my film badge just to see if there’s significant reading :p i’m kidding, boss!

aihh… i need to see the Company Man (the person in-charge to sign my timesheet) now. no signature no allowance no RM.

will update soon.



May 22, 2011

Trident 16

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is where i am now. it’s a rig if u must know. and it’s my first time on a rig. before this i’ve only been to platforms and barges. various of them. so now i’m glad to add ‘rig’ in the resume :p i met three friends once i arrived. two are also staying on this rig for their respective job. well, i guess i’ll bump into familiar faces everywhere heh. it has been more than a year since i last came to this field. Samarang that is. a PCSB facilities. suprisingly the ppl (the old ones) still remember me. hmmm…. well yeah, when you are a girl going out to the platforms ppl tend to remember you.

on the 1st day i came. we took a supply boat instead of fast crew boat which took us 6 freaking hour. checked in time was at 5.30a.m. and mind you, i just reached labuan from kemaman late the night before and i was in dire need of rest. the boat crews were kind enough to let me in one of the cabin and nap the whole journey to Trident 16. hehe…. and never had i onboard a boat with so many nationalities along. Schlumberger alone has sent five different engineers from five different countries, Italy, the U.S, Libya, China, and the Philippines. Ah-Ma-Zing!! and my room mate now is that lady from China who is talking on Skype with her boyfriend back in China now :p

so far i’ve only done a specific job at one of the platforms. and that was just my side job actually. my main task is here on this rig which is sadly delayed for another 2 days 😦 that means more standby and more sleep, eat, tvs, internet and chillaxing on the heli deck. oh, we had such a long mock fire drill last night.

and that is why i am so free now that i actually have time to update my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmmm…. dunno what else to say so i’ll just show you some photos.


Trident 16 welcomes you 🙂


Trident 16 at night

#3 Trident 16 on a day time.

and that's my roomie there from china 🙂

#4 the helideck is the best place to chillax and have the best view of sunset…. oh yeah, 85ft from the sea level below.

oh yeah...... dont ever think about sitting on the fence!!! that right there is more than 85ft high from the water below.

#5 this is the sunset today…… breathtaking, no?!

look at the rays.... looks like those high watt spot light 🙂

#6 and why not?!

(^_^) V

meh!! what a boring post!!! *gloomy*

be blessed, peeps!!!

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