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March 14, 2011

Monday Musings

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blog owner update. i iz sick. boo!!!!! T_______T


i am actually uploading some photos up on fb and the uploading time takes forever so i decided to just add some random ramblings here as i wait while at the same time trying hard not to pull my hair as to think of what for dinner. hur…. hur… hur…. so what for dinner ah?!! any suggestion? i plan just to ‘ta pao’ tom yam soup and that’s it. i dunno whether that’s good for my weak and sick self at the moment but i lagi tak larat to cook for my own lor. sigh! screw normal sentence and grammar la (not that mine is any good) i am sick so i can write however i feel like now. kns. blame it on the rain.


ok. datuk lee chong wei won all england last night which i actually didnt watch. kns. was nursing my flu and migraine with self pity and lots of sleep by then. but before that i was out with a friend, tingang for jalan2 and next thing we knew malaysia double team lose and it was already 11p.m.


my heart goes for the recent japan tsunami victims and families T___T and then there was also warning that the effect would hit sabah and labuan so everyone is advised to stay away from the coast. i received sms and phone calls from some concern people who apparently keep me in their thought *touched* and thank God that we are fine.


i am going to the site tomorrow. it has been almost a year since i last wear my blue coveralls :p job would an easy task so i think i can handle it despite the boss advice me to go see the doctor earlier. i just hope that the heat wont melt me. that’s all. if i lose to the heat i’ll be doomed for another round of this pathetic sick condition. arrghhh!!! note to self, must take meds and have full rest tonight.


oh no this uploading really gonna take longer than i thought!! hmmm….. what else should i rant about?! my head is throbbing with pain and my body aches and my nose is trying its best to run away from me. aihhh….. i know i should stop now and start go ‘ta pao’ that freaking tom yam which is again not the best food to consume at this condition but the uploading is half way through now i just dont wanna discard it now i spent lots of time on them ok.


sigh! i’m sorry u have to endure all my nonsense up there. so here’s a sneak peek for what’s in store next. i hope.

dream mall roof top amusement park, kaohsiung, taiwan.

be blessed, peeps!!


February 16, 2011

When Valentine Turned Disaster!!

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so The Family went back to Myy last monday (which was also a valentine’s day) leaving me alone with my boring life here in Lbu working hard like a cow so that i wont end up eating grass after officially broke from holidays. as i waited for their call to announce their safe arrival, instead i was fed with the bad news by The Sister. strangely i had no feeling at all upon hearing it. dont ask me why. i still cant figure out why. maybe my heart decided to turn into a cold stone that day…. after some mandatory concern questions, my next bimbo questions were “are all my clothes and dresses still in the wardrobe?” and “is my LV bag still there?” thank God i got “Yes” for both. our 47 inch flat screen plasma TV and all the golds in my room and The Mother’s were gone! T____T i dont really mind about my gold *aaarghh!! pls stop throwing that stone at me* because i am not a gold person. plus the gold earrings and necklace that i left in the room were not my favourite…. so…. *ouuchh! what’s wrong with not liking gold?!* but i pity The Mother because she lost all of her valuable golds *sigh* according to The Sister our rooms were like as if they’ve just been hit by tsunami. they ransacked every nook and cranny of the rooms even my bedsheet! tei…. they thought i hide my cash and gold underneath meh?! ngeng! report has been lodged but well, slim chance and tough luck to get them back and to trace the culprit lah…. HAIIIIHHHHHH….!!!!!!!!! that much is the price for a whole family trip….

what a memorable valentine, no?!

even in rough and stormy days, yet i will still praise You~

and this is coming up next.

want some wine?!!! 🙂

be blessed, peeps!

December 6, 2010

in dip sheet!

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i have 35 minutes before time off. i intended to blog about melbourne but oh well people tend to swing to another direction sometimes and i am doing just that exactly. now. so what am i suppose to blog about? honestly i don’t know. all i know i am in such a dip sheet!!!! dip sheet!!!! my cognitive is slower than my heartbeats. thus it’s so easy to make a wrong decision. which is bad and dangerous. that’s why again, i am in such a dip sheet!!! last night over a heated conversation i realised. wait. we both realised. we tend to get moody over a certain occasion. it’s a happy occasion but i just dont know why it contributes to the emoness, again I am in dip sheet!!! because the true essence wasnt out to the surface yet. and in such good crowded occasion filled with cheerful laughters and wishes and love i felt very lonely…… as i tried to catch just a glimpse of that familiar heartbeats and image i felt so out of reach. i am falling into such a dip sheet tat I wonder my integrity. i’m not impressed with the artworks. they made me turn green and left out. oh gosh!! i am indeed in such a dip sheet!!! and who allow this to happen? me! *sigh* i am sorry again u have to read another cryptic emo post from me. i can’t help it. dip sheet is all over my head. and i know if i dont vent it out i’ll go crazy or turn into a sheet myself which u wont recognise. here i am today missing running…… and in time like this i felt the heart of Henry deTamble. Have you heard about him? You should.

be blessed, peeps!

Happy Monday!!

November 30, 2010

I Come To Know…..

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i come to know that the feeling of realising things dont always go as we planned or wanted it to be is getting too familiar that it numbs the core of my heart of heart. sometimes failures lured us to be stronger and persistent while at the first bit of frustration we feel like the whole world is against us. people tend to talk about success all the time. success is sweet. victorious. i know. i’ve felt it. i’ve tasted it. and i stumbled. many times. have you? before you succeed have you ever failed? i dont know about you but i sometimes prefer to fail. or to lose. dang! this i discovered years ago in such tender ager of 8. where i purposely spelled wrongly in my spelling test just so that i wont get 100% all the time. gosh! am the only weirdo around?! see at least i have a story to tell. i’d like to quote JK Rowling’s powerful statement about failing ‘it is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case you fail by default‘ and i am not a cautious person.

i come to know that ‘i’m not ready’ is not the best answer to God. i realised some revelations and dreams about me is starting to show bit by bit (i think. i prefer to ignore the word perasan). and it makes me nervous. and scared. like fo’real?! *suddenly i feel a lump in my throath now sorry* God, what do you want from me?! T_____T and i am soooooo tempted to say the above statement….. but again “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9 aiya….. how want to lawan that?!

i come to know there are things that we want that we just cannot have or we just have to refrain from having / getting. i’ve learned this when growing up. when The Dad just could’nt afford to buy me an original Barbie Doll and when i cried so hard for a piano but just could’nt have one. and am grateful that i now know i could have all but i choose to be just being content for whatever i have. because i’ve learned the hard way. so as this new camaraderie i’ve found. it’s comforting and i am content for just being a part of it. as i try hard to soak up each fleeting moment in it i know at the end of the road i’ll see them turn into pebbles that leads to unspoken happiness. which in times to come makes me smile.

i come to know loyalty and patience come a long way…… and very romantic.

i come to know i actually like awkward moments….

be blessed, peeps!!

Happy Tuesday!!

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