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January 25, 2009

a new blog….

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Blogger or WordPress?? Blogger or WordPress??

I’ve been contemplating over the two since the pass months and was taking my sweet time procrastinating to really take it into serious action. It’s not that I have never blog before in fact I miss my old blog but errr…. err….. ahh forget it… i’m suck at explaining things! So after months of sitting on the fence, my bum can’t take it anymore so here I am back to the blogging vanity, to write and post pictures of my life that no one is actually interested in :p and obviously I’ve chosen the latter.

I know some people treat their blog as a personal journal that records every details of their life journey. Hmmm….. I don’t think I can be that consistent. You will find me always MIA but will return whenever I feel like it :p it’s my blog. So it’s my call! *evil grin*

Hmmm…. as sakai as I am… for this starting stage you will find me keep on changing, rearranging, shifting, moving and ‘watever-ing’ the appearance, themes, templates or whatever you call the stuffs on this window from time to time :p just like when you wanna move into a new house and you have this idea already in your head where to place your sofa, lamp stand, photo frames, tv cabinet and stuffs but when u already in the house you just don’t seem to satisfy with your initial idea and keep changing, rearranging, shifting, moving and ‘watever-ing’ the stuffs again. You get me, no? Aarrhhh…. whatever… told’ya i’m suck at explaining things 😦 so bear with me ya… 🙂

You will find that my grammar is not in the right order. They crawls all over the ceilings… My vocabs are shallow and some might be self-created. My spelling is even worse. They are constantly misspelled. (wait! Is it worse or worst?) Most of the times I’ll blame the keypad/ keyboard. But what the heck! This is neither an English class nor that my English teachers will read this. I am not writing an essay to pass my SPM or MUET (oh, btw I passed my SPM & MUET with distinction ok years ago…..). I am writing a blog. My thoughts in my own words. I can write whatever and however I like it. So if you… yes.. (i’m talking bout YOU) find anything wrong or weird with my sentences or words please just do the correction in your head and keep it to yourself.

Since it’s already overdue to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2009 so for my first post, I’ll wish you all Gong Xi Fa Cai instead! in fact, i can hear the ‘red & noisy’ thing roaring fiercely already now. May this moo moo year brings you and family ‘mooooooo’re happiness,’ mooooooo’re good health, ‘mooooooo’re wealth and most importantly getting mooooooore closer to The Creator, mooooooore great encounter with Him. Expect and believing in faith that He has much much mooooooooooooooooore in store for us than we could ever imagine despite this economic situation.

i leave y’all with this beautifull lyrics of this song (my audio upload was unsuccessful)


You have been good to me

You have been good to me

You have been gracious

You have been faithful

Meeting my needs

Lord it’s so plain to see

You have been good to me

I have been given so much

I can’t even begin to thank You

And still I believe there is more

I believe there is more

I believe

So I open my hands to receive

All that Your love has in store

Lord I believe

Everything I have done

All that i”ve said and sung

Lifting Your story

Giving Your glory

That’s just the beginning

Father I know there is more

Power to hear and restore

Miracles, wonders, blessings unnumbered

Love never ending

And still I believe there is more

I believe there is more

I believe

So I open my hands to receive

All that Your love has in store

Lord I believe

Exceeding ly abundantly

More than our minds can imagine

Love overflowing

You are bestowing

Day after day after day….

*and why can’t i post a y photos too???? and why does my posting time isnt the same as the actual time??? it’s actually 12.26am 26/1/09 now fyi :p



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