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January 30, 2012



when you enter another decade of your life how did you cope with it? i’m happy but i’m also a little bit confuse and…. in denial. kns! i have resisted and refrained to make a big fuss about it but part of me have waited so long to blog about it. this phase. this transition of age group. today, a month and four days of being in the 25-30 or sometimes 30-35 age group i finally decided to shake off the delusional issue of being forever 25+. blame it on CNY. during friends gathering i’m the only unmarried girl in the group T___T (KS doesnt count cos he is a guy) my girlfriends are either married, with kids or expecting babies (one popping out next month on Valentine’s Day! woot!) and seeing them worrying and take their child as main consideration every single time before making any decision made me worry too O.O” now who’s the boss already? the parents or the kids?! *confuse* my friends’ children calling me ‘aunty’ and worst, just 3 days ago my cousin brother got married at the age of 23!!! i will always remember he said to my cousin sister (who is also married) ‘i cannot wait for kak ong, who ask her dont want to marry? so i kawen first lah’ LOL!!! made me realized how ‘old’ i am and how left behind i am in the relationship department although i can say that mine stand the test of time and distance the longest! what is wrong with me?! sigh!! that’s that. the end. ok next.

but good thing is i am still eligible to receive ang pow!! muahahahahahaaa!!! so anyway, all is well. i’m not complaining much la just that you know it sometimes get into you and you get emo semacam.

so since it’s the 30th day of the year, imma blog about the 30 things i did in the span of one year of my 29 until the day i turned 30 last month (which is last year). brace yourself.

1. my 29th bithday was celebrated with a surprise cake from my youth group friends during their visit to our christmas open house (also on my birthday) before i leave for Taipei the next day.

friends and family πŸ˜€

2. went to Taiwan with my bestie, Scarlet who was 5 months preggie that time. count down and celebrated new year 2011 at Taipei 101 and then visited the Taipei Flora Expo.

Taiwan 100 years anniversary ROC 2011 New Year countdown.

Taipei Flora Expo 2011

3. visited Hualien and met fellow Mirian in our tour group.


the two dudes are fellow Mirian and a mother-daughter team from Sg.

4. family trip to Manila in Feb. and our house got broken into T___T

jeepney!! only in The Philippines.

5. passed the test of eating ‘Balut’. it tastes surprisingly good. can join Fear Factor Challenge already.

6. went for a relaxing gateway to Bali with Jane in March.

in Ubud

7. got my Giraffes (finally!) from Ubud and made new friend with a friendly local girl called Nami.

bought a family of girrafes. not the ducks ok :p

new friend πŸ™‚

8. went for a long awaited trip to Vietnam with Jane in April.

typical morning activity in Hanoi.

9. traveled on a sleeping cabin on a train ride for the first time and trekked a total of 10 hours in Sapa, Hanoi.

sharing cabin with a friendly French couple.

Sapa, Hanoi. where you'll still see the natives wearing their traditional costumes everyday.

10. stayed in a junk for the first time at Ha Long Bay!

11. mesmerized by the breathtakingly beautiful Ha Long Bay!

Ha Long Bay

12. Chu Chi Tunnels at Ho Chi Minch.

13. went for a workover job for the first time on Trident 16 rig. of all the site jobs that are assign to us, workover job will be the last type of job that will be given to me because it is a tough job. tough means 24 hours on standby :p usually the guys will be given priority to go for it first. but that time was a desperate case where all engineers were unavailable due to heavy work schedule so no choice i had to go!! T___T but actually i was fine with it just that i had to miss my Osaka flight!!!! horror i tell you!! thank goodness i was flying MAS and with the help of high ranking insider i managed to change my date where MASHoliday is not eligible to do so initially. Phew!! ok where was i? owh…. Trident 16!

rig's helideck

14. went to Osaka and be a kid again at Universal Studio Japan. whee!!

Universal Studio Japan!! πŸ˜€

15. visit to Osaka will not complete if you dont visit Kyoto. stayed at a ryokan. the japanese traditional bedroom. and also stayed in a mix dorm for the first time. and it is so clean that its toilet almost had me a heart attack!

ryokan πŸ™‚

aiya!!! i actually wanted to upload a video of the toilet that nearly made me to experience heart attack but dunno why here cannot support AVI?! how ah??

16. turned into a geisha and visited the Kiyomizu temple.

fake geisha :p

Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto

17. attended my 1st wedding of the year – my cousin Melissa’s in June.

their wedding theme colour was green hence the green apple as favors πŸ™‚

18. went to Chiang Mai with Jane (again) in July and had a thrilling experience of Flights of The Gibbons.

i think that's Jane there. the ziplines is so long that you cannot wait to reach to the other end. a whole new experience of flying though the canopies.

19. visited the White Temple of Chiang Rai.

Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai

20. had to returned a day earlier to Malaysia from Thailand due to work purposes – attend ISORD 2011. which also turned out to be a part leisure part training trip at Langkawi. the last time i was there was 16 years ago.

21. just one day after returning from Langkawi, i packed my bag again for Perhentian Island. this time with a group of friends. both the bf’s and mine πŸ™‚

little olsen and me floating πŸ™‚ happy day!

22. my gf got married!! to a Korean guy!! now i really really cannot say ‘she also not yet ma…. why rush?’ the usual excuse when people ask The Question 😑

cmee + martin.

23. went to Phuket with cousin and my 2 other girls πŸ™‚ was a truly inspiring and blessed trip this one.

the bottom right photo with our 2 funny entertainer onboard our cruise. suddenly our guide and waiter turned into 'wonder girls' and 'gloria gaynor'. LOL!!LOL!!! l

24. Organized a fund raising dinner with a Rock-ish theme. but it was a super stressful one it can be the down-est moment in my whole 2011.

handmade paper weight made of rock and my cousin came all the way from miri to support πŸ™‚

25. joined the church for outreach ministry to Trusan Laut. was treated 1st class hospitality. we were spoiled by so much yummy local food!!!!!!

26. attended more friends’ wedding. *yawn*

27. went for an impromptu trip to Sg. visited USS and Marina Bay Sands this time.

my 2nd universal studio in a year o.O

one of my bucket list!! to do rock climbing. of all the places i have to do it in USS. posing with my cert and my young instructor πŸ™‚

Rain Oculus at Marina Bay Sands and chocolate lover ;p

28. became official photographer for D&G’s wedding. yay!

their album.

29. Christmas in Lawas at grandparents’. first time driving long distance alone and it wasnt that bad at all.

30. Climbed and reached the peak of Mount Kinabalu on my 30th Birthday!!! win!!!

bottom right is my team member. but only three managed to reach to peak (top left). yay. us!

i made it!!!!! happy birthday to me πŸ˜€

may you have a blessed day, friends!



January 5, 2012

12th Day Of Christmas

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if you know the song you’ll know that my true love gave me twelve drummers drumming today. hahaha!! but alas… i receive nothing today. not even on Christmas day itself or worst not even anything on my birthday which was on Boxing Day :p well…. i’m not complaining here. it just crossed my mind now that’s all.

i dont really know what to blog about now. i am just taking a break from my editing work which took me forever. dang!!! when can this finish?!!! Grrrr….. the perils of procrastinating too long now i have to suffer. padan muka!

Since today is the last day of Cristmas (so called) i am still qualified to post up Christmas photos, right?! So here goes my Christmas 2011 at The Grandparent’s village in Lawas.

#1 Glimpse of sunset on my way back to Lawas. was driving alone from Labuan.


#2 Passed by Sipitang Esplanade. Managed to shoot this while one hand on the steering wheel.


#3 Aunt mixing the ingredient of cheesecakes. Of all the places in the kitchen, it has to be on the staircase.


#4 made 2 cheesecakes. hmmmmm!!!


#5 i contributed by grating the Cheddar cheese on top :p hehehe….


#6 Christmas Eve morning. You are not in Lawas if you dont eat their kolo mee.


#7 Cousins meet up!! bumped into each others at the small town. di kaki lima juga lah….


#8 #whatiwear on Christmas Eve 2011. It says Peace, Love & Joy. just what i wanna wish everybody.

dress (yes! the top is attached to the skimpy dress): Myy
head-band: Parkson

#9 Visit own house after Christmas Eve service :p this was midnight already.


#10 Christmas Day!! in church sitting next to Aunty Rose.


#11 Grandma and Nek Rikan. and she’ll go ‘dont call me nenek, call me aunty!!’ =.=”


#12 with Grandma & Cuz Fiona


#13 vain!

top: black lacey+satin (inside) and sheer back with heart-shape buttons- Blizz Boutique Lbu
Skirt: Myy
Bag: Burberry Blue Label, Osaka
Rings: Manila
Open-toes wedges (too bad not visible): Vincci

#14 Husband & Wife, Alex & Fiona


#15 After church luncheon. No chair or stool. Had to stand. But food was yummeh!!


#16 Owen & Nolan


#17 Christmas spirit at Laban Rata, Mount Kinabalu


#18 New Year Eve Countdown and finally!!


#19 with lil cuz Nicole.


#20 with Sis.


all photos were taken with my Iphone4 and posted to Instagram.

Ooops!! i just realised i missed out 1 pix. aihhh… to lazy to reupload. will do that later.

be blessed, friends!


November 19, 2011

Just Cause: Astry & Astry :p

before i lose my mojo and excitement on this batch of portrait i better blog and post them now. procrastinate another day, they probably will end up in the ‘to blog’ folder for another 10 years.

these sisters shared a very unique name, Astry. but they both are of totally different character. each with her own personality. Astry A. (Ana) is bubbly, out-going and fun. While Astry Z. (Azie) is the opposite. she’s the quiet, helpful, soft-spoken and that goes with the flow type. but they share two things in common apart of their first name. they have the kindest soul and giving heart! ❀

Ana and her little princess, Kiera are now residing in China (follow the husband who has been transferred there few months ago). they came back to Labuan just for a short break. Azie on the other hand, will pursue her course to the land down under very soon T____T i'll be losing my helpful assistant. pretty or not? i will surely miss her as a colleague as well as a dear friend.

so, jangan banyak merepek kerana kerepek dah habis.

let's see pretty ladies πŸ˜€

ever sweet Ana πŸ™‚

Astry A.

young and pretty mama

meanwhile, a random shot. hehehe….

things around the compound.

meet Azie, the younger sister.


i wish i have long slim legs like that too.

yummy day


bring it on, sexy!

simply pretty and fierce.


one last ’emo’ shot of Azie.



sisterhood πŸ™‚

smile and the whole world smile with you both πŸ˜€


kindred spirit

how can i resist a shot of their backyard that’s overlooking a lake. it’s where we spent some of our lazy weekends. sure gonna miss those times when leave soon T_____T

the backyard that has served us very very well during weekend chill outs.

and last but not least. a photo that sums up the personality of each of them. my fav!!! πŸ˜€

Astry Z. & Astry A. πŸ™‚

i’m so glad to know, work, play, spending the weekends with this amazing sisters whom i now called friends.

Ana & Azie, i wish nothing but the best to both of you wherever you are. God bless!!

Happy Friday!!


September 13, 2011

Big Love + Little Nuggets

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it’s amazing how a 7y.o could understand the meaning of LOVE and touch your heart by just a simple stick-figure drawing . a big uneven heart-shape circling little stick-figure family with two little heart-shapes on each parent’s hand. HEART-SHAPES ON EACH HAND!!! and a caption that will crush your heart to pieces. *wipes tears*

my heart still ache from all the unfortunate things that happened. horrible thing that no children in the world should ever experience in their young little lives. gosh!! how i hate messed-up grown-ups sometimes!!! now whenever i see their happy faces in the photos that i used to take for them send a big lump to my throat. ALAS. all i can do is pray for the better. God guides them and us to weather the storm.

to my beautiful Little Nuggets, whatever happen next, whoever you’ll be with next, whichever path you’ll take next, whenever you think of us, please know that ong che che always, ALWAYS, have this Big Love for you. bigger than the uneven heart-shape in the drawing.



March 3, 2011

Abisadj + Abigail + Acho Prince: Just Cause

the sun was kind that day. it wasnt too hot yet the light and its ray cast upon the earth with such beautiful and yummy glow. they came all the way from kuching for our cousin’s wedding as the flower girls and one nuisance (the boy). since their arrival, our house has never been so noisy…. they can never stop talking. asked too many questions and played with all my makeups T.T i have promised them that i’ll bring them out for a photoshoot. a photoshoot. not shopping. and the eldest kept reminding me the playground in boulevard mall. i didnt promise for the latter. because as i mentioned i promised a photoshoot. they put on their attires but still not ready to go. one was still fixing the jigsaw puzzles from the night before. one was still excitedly trying to beat my score on my psp. and one kept reminding me to to boulevard. again i didnt want to bind any promises because a promise made with a kid is like a covenant (wth) that you can never ever break. so i chose the easiest answer. ‘we’ll see’ T__T at the same time i clicked on these pretties and i just discovered a potential Guess or GAP kids model. my very own cousins πŸ™‚


you got it yee.... πŸ™‚


dreams can come true....


bring it on girl!!!


polka dots layered skirt is the sexiest

and this is my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!


sexy legs....

then suddely Acho came to interframe after tired with his jigsaw puzzles x.X


"saya ialah kaya" his trademark now... lol!!

the one with the psp was still very busy…. haha!! so no photos of her….

then we proceeded to the nearby lake near the house.




sisters love like a girlfiriend πŸ™‚


the kindest soul you could find in a kid


the ladies....


abisadj with mummy


abigail and mummy


acho prince with mummy


happy family πŸ™‚


love that annoyed / tired / i'm-about-to-hit-you-with-my-stick-face of Acho... haha!!

and then acho really threw a tantrum that pissed us all we just feel like thrawing him into the lake…..


waterwork minta puji but still we heart him as much....


just look at her fringe. lol!!! the result of being a self-hairstylist....

since she missed out the earlier shot at home she has few redemption to make….


slurrp..... slurrrp...


abigail and the smiley bun πŸ™‚


then my aunt wanted to wash her hair. we went to the saloon and it took so long that this was what the two girls did while waiting…..


so you think you can be a hair-stylist like her??!! oh i love my cousins πŸ˜€

and at the end we didnt go to boulevard much to their disappointment T____T

be blessed, peeps!

March 2, 2011

Because A Phone Call Is Just Not Enough

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the other night as i was sipping my hot milk by the pier overlooking the many boats docking at the harbour with robbie williams at the background i received a very unexpected call. the caller id was “T Mie”. that’s my youngest aunt. but as i said hello my heart leaped with joy upon hearing that chirpy voice….

all conversations were in mandarin sometimes with a mixture of bahasa melayu.

abisadj: ong che che…. how are you?! what are you doing?!! *ahhww…. my heart melt like butter on a hot pan*
me: good. kenapa kamu call ong che che ni?! mana mummy?! why do you simply use mummy’s phone to call?! *so unappreciative :p*

abisadj: i miss you lah. i am thinking of you so i call you lor…. *ahhwwww*
me: really? ok now let me call u back dont waste mummy’s credit or else…

so i called her back.

abisadj: why do you need to call me back? i have a lot of credit balance….
me: dont simply call using your mum’s phone. later she’ll faint after checking on the balance.

abisadj: i can use house phone also. no need for you to call back.
me: save that for emergency ok. so what are you doing? where’s mummy and daddy?

abisadj: mummy went out. daddy working. we all (she and siblings) stay at home with shannon che che (my other cousin). amor is drawing. you know lah she always drawing all the time. yang yang playing.
me: i see. have your front tooth grow?
abisadj: so so (i sense a doubting tone)

me: how are you all? have you been a good girl at school?
abisadj: yes. i got A for my english. not just A. it’s an A+!!
me: ok. what about maths?
abisadj: my mathematic is good too. bm also A.
me: good girl. keep that up!!

abisadj: mummy said you work very hard. dont work until late laaa….. *heart melt again*
me: *cough* mana ada?! your dad also work until late bah… same lah…

abisadj: i cant wait for school holidays…. three more weeks leh… i want to go to miri but you are not there… lai che che only…
me: come to labuan then. u want?
abisadj: what is in labuan?! is there big shopping mall?! *fainted*
me: sadly, there’s nothing here….
abisadj: eeee…. so boring….. *T___T*

me: what’s amor drawing?
abisadj: dunno…. not done yet.
me: pass the phone to her. i wanna speak to her.

amor’s turn.

me: hello there sweetie… what are you drawing?
abigail: i’m drawing ong che che… *ahhww…. sayang*
me: why do you draw me?
abigail: sebab kamu baik…. *LOL!!!!! suddenly bm!!*
me: finish your drawing then ask ah yee to take the picture of it ok?
abigail: ok. i’m drawing you watching tv.
me: we’ll see… now hand back to ah yee…

back to abisadj.

abisadj: ong che che, when are you getting married?! *fainted!!*
me: *LOL* just you wait ok…. will let you all know and you two will be flower girls again ok?!
abisadj: ok. i want to be your flower girl. i already told that koko (The Boyfriend) last time. (i can hear her giggling))
me: yalayalaaaa… remember to take a photo of amor’s drawing k.
abisadj: why? u want me to take the photo and then tag you on facebook is it?
me: *bumped* (because that was exactly my intension and was about to teach her how) u know how to do that?
abisadj: i know…!!!! *kids nowaday*

the conversation continued with some more nonsense and with me ended it with some lame advice eg: dont play with fire, sharp object or try commiting suicide by jumping out the windows.

and that unexpected call made my day….

but that was just not enough for me. i might be in their thoughts but they are in my heart. and better still i have them in still image that i can look at anytime i like. so here are my three little nuggets!!


my 8y.o fierce (i mean it) young cousin, abisadj.


sweetest thing. 6y.o abigail.


naughty yet adorable u cannot resist now 4y.o Acho Prince.

ong che che love you all!!!

be blessed, peeps!

November 22, 2009

PoPo, pls come home….

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it has been five long days.
huhuhuhu….. where are you?

we all knew that this day will come
as male cat can never stay forever at one home T__T
but we just never expect that it can be this soon…

for you who dont know you may click here for more info about PoPo.

and how can i not have his photos? so here goes….


artsy attempt with PoPo :p


his signature blue eyes *missing....* T_T


PoPo in his his element.... shy!! ya, my cat is a shy male cat :p

have you seen a drunk cat?! here’s one.


drunk!! usual scene you see whenever he returns from his long night out. but this time he never returns home T_T

*back to emo mood*

dear PoPo, we miss you so much
so pls come home…
come home…

be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

November 18, 2009

Petrus & Jatai: Baby Bump

when i first knew about their confirmed relationship a year ago i almost lost my eyesight due to the eyeballs popped out from their sockets with springs (and returned safely) even though the relationship was brief but it lead them straight to the wedding arch, marched, solemnised, and pufff!! in front of the happy witnesses and most importantly in front of our God, they were pronouced as a legal husband and wife. oh, have i mentioned that yours truly was the wedding coordinator?! a clumsy one. i admit.

and when jatai told us girls about the confirmed good news of a little bump is goin to appear soon at her belly. we were ecstatic! YAY!! another church baby to bite kiss and squeeze!! can’t wait.

she’d booked a date for her maternity studio photoshoot. but since it is goin to be her alone (without petrus) so she insisted to have a session with me with the husband around. at home. the best place for a family to document their memories.

err… actually, i initiated the session. just wanna try something i never tried before. baby bump session! cause i love babies. even though they are still in fetus stage :p so let’s see some of the outcome.



cactuses around the house πŸ™‚


hot mama in the house


sweet mama in the house!


classic mama in the house!





then we decided to goof around. hehehe…. dunno who will deliver first :p
hello! meet daddy's tummy bump! LOL!




i didnt know why he acted like that. nervous daddy-to-be?


sexy mama in the house!

then they changed into another outfit. yellow! so bright. so contradicted with the weather that time which was raining cats and dogs that we had to cancel going outdoor T__T


rock mama in the house! ok, ok i am getting tired with all these mama in the house caption liao so i'll stop




at her 7th month

last but not least, another black and white. it was so dark that day due to rain. so the most that we can do for ‘outdoor’ was just outside of their apartment unit at the staircase. just outside the door. so it counts as outdoor oso lah kan?! :p and the funny thing was we had to hold our breath there cos the staircase was stained with cats poo!! or to make it sounds grossier, bau taik kucing!! KNS! T___T


thanks for the fun session, u guys. also thanks for believing me in everything the two of you has entrusted me to do. i hope to photograph the bb once he’s out. yes. they’ve scanned. it’s a boy! and we were too chatty we discussed bout the baby’s name over our cup of tea and stuffing our mouths with kuih-muih. at the same time. Pet, i love the name Ethan. heeeee~~ :p

ohya, talking bout names. i might as well blog a bout name soon πŸ™‚


*whisper* “bb, pls hang in there and come out after 10th ok. let ur mummy join us in Princess Nite 3 so spare me to take over her task. so she can enjoy herself. pls… pls… good boy….”

be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

August 20, 2009


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I am having that blank moment where i dunno what to blog so i take the easiest way out by simply write about this extended family member of ours. you know what they say about love your loved ones before it’s too late? I am actually doing that now. before we lose (not that i wish for it) him, i better grace this blog with his not-so-macho face here. errmmm… more as a ‘lab-rat’ for my crazy hobby la. was playing with my 50mm f1.4 lense.

So boys and girls, let me introduce to you…. Mr. PoPo!! *instead of applause, roar of laughters – LOL!*

see... so blurRR!!

see... so blurRR!!

I know, what a sissy name for a male cat, right?! but what to do?! his first owner gave that name as if there were no other name in the world suits a white fur cat anymore. when they gave him away for β€˜adoption’ to us because they had to move to KL, PoPo was already in his β€˜teen’. so when us siblings wanted to give him a new name The Mother said β€œno need!” T_T the reason was that he has already used to his name PoPo and if with the new name he might confuse himself and won’t listen when u call. (hisk!! as if cats really know their name and say β€˜coming!’ when u call them!!) so, PoPo remains as PoPo.

PoPo's eyes change colour with different environment. when it's bright they turn blue, when it's dark they turn red. tak percaya? next time i'll show the red eyes

PoPo's eyes change colour with different environment. when it's bright they turn blue, when it's dark they turn red. tak percaya? next time i'll show the red eyes

One very funny thing about PoPo that i find hard to believe up to this date is that, he has a heart disease. as in he can have heart attack!! Haha!! when The Mother told us the previous owner had warned us not to yell or do anything that could jolt / shock him because he has β€˜sakit jantung’ i went β€œWHAT??!! HAHAHA!!! Cat can have heart attack too?? eeee….. so funny!! HAHAHA!!” for first time in my life that i hear cat can have heart attack too! LOL!! despite my sceptical, i never attempt to scare / shock PoPo though. who knows it might be true and he really collapse for his life?? who will give him CPR then?? definitely not me!! :p

the 'boss' of the house o_O

the 'boss' of the house o_O

Whatever it is, PoPo is one pet that we all love. Well, we love all our previous (pets) cats actually. i just hope PoPo will stay longer with us (till his time is up due to old age not because of any freak accident like what happened to some before this T_T) and continue to cheer the house with his β€˜bossy’ antics and simply just being there.

Be blessed, people!!

August 7, 2009

simple joy makes me smile

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two days ago an accident happended at mlng3 with one sad fatality. i was just working ‘next door’. the location i worked that day was just a fence away from mlng3. me and my col even had a time to snap some pictures of mlng from where we stood in bcot.

after the incident i received sms-es from ppl close to me and one unexpected one asking bout my condition. whether i was in mlng. thank God i wasnt. those sms-es sent smiles to my face. i’m blessed that i am so loved and cared πŸ™‚ i am so easy to please!!

yesterday, The Grandparents came down to town from their outskirts place (fyi, i am in Btu) upon knowing i was around. we had lunch. seeing The Grandma laughed with delight eventhough she couldnt chew the kailan with her false teeth sent warmth to my heart. i knew they felt the same way to see me too πŸ™‚ The Grandparents are so easy to please!!

then i sent TheYoungBro to his tuition centre. he asked for money sometimes. sometimes RM10 but i gave RM5. he didnt ask last night, just a ride to the tuition centre and not be late, that’s all. TheYoungBro is so easy to please!!

The Sister bought Big Apple for anybody at home. Especially for The Mother and TheYoungbro. i knew The Mother was elated. it showed through her eyes and smiles. The Mother is so easy to please!!

had dinner with a friend. he picked me up form the terminal in the afternoon. just a free meal he said. hmm…. my friend is so easy to please!!

those were the simple joy i had for the passed few days. what’s yours?!

sometimes we look at the big picture much too often that we overlooked the little details that make the big picture looks the way it is.

and talking about picture, here’s a scenic photo from my sg. collection :p

palawan beach, sg

palawan beach, sg

Be blessed, people!!

l live to learn and i learn to live with it

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