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November 22, 2009

PoPo, pls come home….

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it has been five long days.
huhuhuhu….. where are you?

we all knew that this day will come
as male cat can never stay forever at one home T__T
but we just never expect that it can be this soon…

for you who dont know you may click here for more info about PoPo.

and how can i not have his photos? so here goes….


artsy attempt with PoPo :p


his signature blue eyes *missing....* T_T


PoPo in his his element.... shy!! ya, my cat is a shy male cat :p

have you seen a drunk cat?! here’s one.


drunk!! usual scene you see whenever he returns from his long night out. but this time he never returns home T_T

*back to emo mood*

dear PoPo, we miss you so much
so pls come home…
come home…

be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it


August 20, 2009


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I am having that blank moment where i dunno what to blog so i take the easiest way out by simply write about this extended family member of ours. you know what they say about love your loved ones before it’s too late? I am actually doing that now. before we lose (not that i wish for it) him, i better grace this blog with his not-so-macho face here. errmmm… more as a ‘lab-rat’ for my crazy hobby la. was playing with my 50mm f1.4 lense.

So boys and girls, let me introduce to you…. Mr. PoPo!! *instead of applause, roar of laughters – LOL!*

see... so blurRR!!

see... so blurRR!!

I know, what a sissy name for a male cat, right?! but what to do?! his first owner gave that name as if there were no other name in the world suits a white fur cat anymore. when they gave him away for ‘adoption’ to us because they had to move to KL, PoPo was already in his ‘teen’. so when us siblings wanted to give him a new name The Mother said “no need!” T_T the reason was that he has already used to his name PoPo and if with the new name he might confuse himself and won’t listen when u call. (hisk!! as if cats really know their name and say ‘coming!’ when u call them!!) so, PoPo remains as PoPo.

PoPo's eyes change colour with different environment. when it's bright they turn blue, when it's dark they turn red. tak percaya? next time i'll show the red eyes

PoPo's eyes change colour with different environment. when it's bright they turn blue, when it's dark they turn red. tak percaya? next time i'll show the red eyes

One very funny thing about PoPo that i find hard to believe up to this date is that, he has a heart disease. as in he can have heart attack!! Haha!! when The Mother told us the previous owner had warned us not to yell or do anything that could jolt / shock him because he has ‘sakit jantung’ i went “WHAT??!! HAHAHA!!! Cat can have heart attack too?? eeee….. so funny!! HAHAHA!!” for first time in my life that i hear cat can have heart attack too! LOL!! despite my sceptical, i never attempt to scare / shock PoPo though. who knows it might be true and he really collapse for his life?? who will give him CPR then?? definitely not me!! :p

the 'boss' of the house o_O

the 'boss' of the house o_O

Whatever it is, PoPo is one pet that we all love. Well, we love all our previous (pets) cats actually. i just hope PoPo will stay longer with us (till his time is up due to old age not because of any freak accident like what happened to some before this T_T) and continue to cheer the house with his ‘bossy’ antics and simply just being there.

Be blessed, people!!

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