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April 28, 2011

Ha Long Bay

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It took my breath away.




April 18, 2011

Monday Musings

the room is hot. but i am blowing my nose *mystery* i was hit by another round of evil flu and mild fever last week hence the blockage of idea to blog. oh yes. i heard you. full of excuses. i know. i am recovering well (oh it better be) because i am going for another long trip and leaving tomorrow. wow whee!! *slides down rainbow* oh, Ha Long Bay is in the itinerary, babeh!! 😀 stay tune for the beautiful photos. next year. *i kid…. * so the state of Sarawak has just had its most talked about state election. the hype of the 10th Sarawak State Election last Sat (16/4) was never before seen. i didnt go back to vote though so i played my role just by lobbying people to vote wisely. the result, not pretty. but again nothing happened without the consent of our good Lord. He has every reason for everything that has happened and He has His reason for Baru Bian to win although the party has lost severely. one of the many FB status, my fellow sarawakian friend’s (who is abroad) caught my attention and deserved pondering ‘a leader who has a messy life or a leader who mess with you life?’ so, to each his own i think. *shrugs* i am not a fan in fact i loathed politics but in recent days as i grow older wiser i couldnt help but to chirp in my irritation towards the players. damn those media persons also managed to raised my temperature with their one-sided tone whenever they comment or anchor where they are supposed to be neutral. and with that i decided to end my rant about that topic. so i am officially a sampat who carries three phones up and down where i only have two ears. kns! one of the ‘fruit phone’ really keep me engrossed with my games, Fashion Story and Smurf’s Village. haha!! i am currently reading the girl who kicks the hornet’s nest. the final series of the millenium trilogy. ohya, i have a new assistant who is hardworking, self-initiated and clean. *tiba-tiba* plus, being pretty and good sense of fashion is always a bonus. now i can have lunch partner 😀 *irrelevant* i am still (and i dunno when will this end) playing the catch up games on all my photos. i have been to three places and all i did was sneak peek. wth! and starting tomorrow i’ll start to add to the tonnes of ‘pending for process’ photos. *sigh* why am i so lazy?! T___T talking bout laziness i have neglected my running routine for almost a month now that it’s killing me. huhuhu…. blame it on the weather for 1) being so unpredictable every time after work it will start to if not rain, it drizzle. 2) making me sick! what else?! T___T i promise i’ll hit the park again once i return from this trip. the other day i was craving for bubur kacang (what is bubur kacang in english, again?) it’s one of my favourite dessert and my mum makes the best one. but now that i am away from the comfort of everything home-cooked it strucked me that i never watch or even bother to learn how to cook it from her T___T so sms-ed her (in her midst of queuing to cast her vote during the election day… hehehe…) for help. and it was my week end project! yesterday, i successfully cooked my yummiest bubur kacang without burning the whole kitchen *proud* i will blog a separate post for this one some other time.

i like this photo. it was taken from a moving van from clark airport to manila city of the philippines. i dunno. maybe it’s the clouds. or the sun. or the beautiful country side view. or the fact that the truck was carrying a farm of pigs. or maybe the feeling i had then. it was a wonderful feeling. it was happiness.

Happy Monday, peeps!!

April 5, 2011

I’m not dead, I’m just lazy

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Ola! The title says it all. I’m just plain lazy nowadays that I don’t even log in to this pitiful blog *pats blog lovingly* i have tried many times to update but alas once i just about to start words failed me. i had my writer’s block and i rather browse through other blogs and wander aimlessly on my FB. and for your info i have a training materials need to be done a.s.a.p but look at me. blogging instead. it’s just so frustrating that when i am suppose to do one thing, i will do another. sigh! there have been many things going around me since my last update. some very heart breaking and confusing and stressful and eat-all-my-energy things and situation that I wish no one will ever experience. I almost ALMOST experience a regret of a life time if not for some miracle. MIRACLE! I kid you not. and i am forever thankful for that one HUGE chances God has given to the situation. really. if wasnt for it i will live the rest of my life with regret IT. IS. THAT. SCARY. SERIOUSLY. i wished for more time. but who am I to rebel His will. when the time’s up. one must go. nothing in this world could stop His timely time. ~ that day, i learned regret is the worst feeling a human could ever feel.

then i waited in silence. i knew. you knew what’s gonna happend next. we knew what’s the question next. but we chose to stay silent with a lump in our throath in every conversations. then i realised this is what we have in common. escape. ~ that day, i learned that silence has sound it can be the loudest cry it is deafening.

enough with cryptic emo writing. so i returned from my most recent trip to Bali. it was a great relaxing trip with my gf jane. one of the most random and short decision on impulse trip i ever had. i just wanted to get away and to see Bali again. and to buy my giraffes! ~ that day, i learned that ignorance is bliss!!

a sneak peek.


yes. we returned with a beautiful sun-kissed skin :p

Happy Tuesday!!

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