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February 25, 2010

Bliss Is….

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taste really, really, really gOOd!!







for a very forgetful person like me T__T


for a sweet indulgent!

‘i will hope continually, and will praise You yet MORE and MORE’ Psalm 71:14

♥ cilipadi


February 22, 2010

Monday Musings: …. so far

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hello there…. yeah i know i’ve been slacking on this so called weekly post but hey last week was CNY so it’s time for fun friends gathering and nom nom!! who cares about updating the blog?! :p


it’s the Tiger year this CNY. and there’s a ‘Tiger’ boy in my house. i dunno whether this is good or bad but wth. friends came back and the gossips continue…. it’s also Valentine’s Day this CNY but my valentine date was away down under. not that i’d be free for a date anyway cos i was the time keeper for cousin fiona and alex’s engagement.


despite the heat and humdrum, being relocated isnt that bad of an experience. praying for a place now. aihhh… hopefully there’ll be good news by Thu. found a church and attended the 1st time but i plan to explore some more.


a total of RM10K is needed to pay the fees of whole procedure just to get a visa for ur foreigner wife / husband. (in this case a China wife :p) then the 1st three years the visa needs to be reviewed by JPN / Imegeresen every half year. and this type of visa application and procedure can only be performed at Putrajaya, KL. after the three years period or if the couple has a child within the period, then the review can be uprgraded to once a year. hehe… dunno why i’m telling you this. just sharing some info from what i got from a fren who has been through all the hassles. love is blind, it knows no boundaries!


yes i’m a vain pot. and i adhered to the saying ‘beauty is pain’. my left eye contact lense has chipped at the corner since the last few days. believe it or not i braved myself to just wear it regardless the itchiness and the sharp edges hurting my soft cornea. i know. talk about being crazy!! yes, i think i am T__T why oh why must i forgot my spare contact lense out of all the 25kg excessed baggage that i packed?!! WHY??!


and now i am thinking of a new baby…. arggghh!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!! sorry i just have to do this : ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *excited MAX*


be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

February 20, 2010

Chicken Soup For The Lonely Soul

when i first got the permission to hold the ladle /turner and wok and cooking pot and turned on the stove by my own. i was thrilled beyond compared. i was 10 y.o. and The Mother finally allowed me to cook!! other than just doing the dishes and ‘mengauk‘ the rice. that means i’ve grown up!! yeah right! as far as i remember the first few dishes that i cooked were some scramble eggs and guess what…. i also fried the big green chillies with anchovies!!! yippie!!! ahh… since then i fall in love with the ladle /turner and wok and cooking pot!!

but the love of cooking last only until my high school. when i started college i lost interest with whatsoever recipes that anybody shoved to me. i lost interest…. err… more like lazy… to set my feet in the kitchen. when i started working the lethargy just became more prominet T___T with that my cooking skill has flew out the windows and land on a frog and never return. KNS! ok la, it did returned somehow but only it has became rusty. must be the frog’s slime!!! hiskh!!

today i set my feet in the kitchen. no. the office pantry to be exact. and cooked! i’ve been craving for The Mother’s chicken soup so the only way to satisfy the craving was by cooking it my own T__T *sigh* so i guess i’m back with the ladle/ turner and wok and cooking pot.

well, since an entry is much more beautiful with photos, here’s a sneak peek of three different occasions that i’ve shot recently. i dunno which will come first but just chill….. 🙂


Tea Ceremony during Yee Fei & Alvin's wedding in Jan


Corporate Annual Dinner - 'Back To School' was the theme.


Josephine & Alan's wedding reception

till then.

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi

February 18, 2010

LBU day two

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this is so quiet. despite the loud volume of the tv and the air conditioner motor spins a little too loud sporadically. it still feels very quiet. in the heart, that is.

alone in this hotel room watching old movie – Home Alone! really T__T on star movies, that is. someone pls alert ASTRO it’s CNY already not christmas!! with such limited tv channels available my only prefered options are tv3 and star movies but i hate tv3 on thursday night cos they play ghost story just because it is malam jumaat. crazy!!! hiskk!!!

it’s my second day here in this hot island of labuan. things went well and smooth at the office except for a place to stay after tomorrow. aihh… but let tomorrow worry about that. i know this is too much on a 2nd day but i am now looking at malaysia public holidays and starting to block my calendar to go home if possible twice a month. how to save RM if like this?! T___T

ok, out of boredome and to keep myself sane here are some random things around the room. peace (^.^)V


my healthy snacks - tomatoes!! yum yum!! best eaten while watching tv :p


to keep me hydrated




my stinky cheap leapord print flats :p

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi

February 9, 2010

Monday Musings (on a Tuesday)

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welcome to my monday musing. on a tuesday. that is. sorry to drag you along with my stupidity by losing the day but this is what happen when the connection sucks on a monday T__T so this is actually written yesterday. sorry i hope this wont happen again in the future :p

i have decided to dedicate this day (monday) to get things off my chest and out of my head. at least i can shoo my monday blues away. errrmmm… but be prepared also that i might not stick religously to the idea as my laziness supersedes the motivation.

as the tagline suggest. this blog is not all about showing off my amerture photography. it’s also of LIFE, LOVE and FAITH, remember? so today i might as well dwell with these three element that i see happened the whole week.

LIFE: it’s funny how life turns out to be exactly the opposite of what we thought or planned? when i was back in my final year of study i cant wait to be back home and serve here with whatever job i could get. i just cannot imagine myself being stuck in the crazy jam of kl and all the fuss of paying off rentals and all that and living a hectic life. i prefer a mellow, relaxing life in the comfy place called home. where laundry is well taken care of. but after five years of being in the comfort zone of the family’s roof and other homey benefits i finally have to be away. all by myself. where laundy is another serious task other than work T__T

LOVE: when love is a noun. it is also a verb. when it comes to verb. one DO it in ACTION!! and it knows no boundaries. so today i am thankfull for that sheepish clumsy kisses that left a bump on your head. it shows ur ACTION. i am in awe of her energy to travel one whole day transitting four different airports to get to him despite all the shortcomings. what do you know?! it shows her ACTION. his sacrifices just to have her legally despite all the obstacles and different nationality and idealogy. it shows his ACTION.

FAITH: many things about tomorrow that i dont seem to understand and i let fear to cripple my capacity to obey and to follow His way T__T there are things that i knew i have to give up and let go but i let pretence to surpass. but in all seriousness i know who holds tomorrow and i just need to remain patience. patience is a virtue. havent they tell you about it?!

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi

February 5, 2010

Relocate and Ticking That No. 3 Off The List

it’s official!! i’ve been relocated to another station. remember this list? my very random 20 thingsi wish i can achieve this year? so now i can tick off no. 3.

where? to the hottest corner of malaysia – labuan. so much for me planning to get rid of my tan *rolls eyes* so now my public hols will be the same as those friends in kl. tsk! i requested to move after cny though. so might as well treasure all my time here. ceh! i just talked to the broker about the houses and the tenancy over there. so far no good news T__T arrggh!!! i cant believe i for once and for real have to go through all the fuss of house hunting!! and it must be in such a short period of time that i believe ppl are so very annoyed at me now T__T

mix feelings overwhelmed me. being relocate means
1. i’ll be away more from the family. so much for my no.13 on my list . ceh!
2. i have to be ready to accept the different environment and ppl.
3. no more mum’s cooking.
4. no more mum doing laundry T___T
5. no more lunch or night out with the gf/ gfs.
6. no more long chatty gossip sessions and retail therapy with The Cousin T___T
7. even lesser chances to see The Boyfriend. as now we are going to be apart some more by geography.
8. more resposibilities T__T

but life must go on. things change. human evolve. i must move forward. and strive.

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty (Prov 21:5 NLT)


i know there must be more than just this…. 🙂

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

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