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August 26, 2011

Bliss Is.

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Happy Friday!!

p/s: i am so excited now cant wait for tonight. ahhh…. my own bed back home. to all my muslim friends, have a safe journey back during this festive season. Selamat Hari Raya!!


What I Ate in Jakarta

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this is a waaaaaaaaaaay toooooo outdated post. like. hold it….. FOUR YEARS AGO!!!! yes! that loooong. i have planned to blog about my Jakarta once i started migrated to this blog address but alas…. well u know what happened :p so today as i was in my process of selecting photos of my Vietnam trip i got too bored and tired cos it seems never ending so i browsed through my old traveling folder and boom i stumbled upon a sub-folder which i named ‘Food’ in my Jakarta folder. what a perfect timing because i was hungry like a wolf when i looked at all of the food this morning and hence decided to post them here just so my Jakarta trip could see the light.

all photos were taken using my point and shoot because i havent own a dslr back then but that’s not important so feast yourself with all the food with your eyes! :p


traditional kuih-muih or deserts served to us upon arrival at our host's house. mostly made of sticky rice and coconut milk.


Bakso - meatball soup with mee hoon / rice noodles


another Bakso. Yum!


Jus Sirsak! Soursop Juice. so far indonesia offers the best original soursop juice i ever tried. u can taste and feel the fiber lines of the fruit with your tounge.


this is breakfast at our host's house every single day....


nasi lemak


traditional delicacies


hot and spicy chilli paste. yes. breakfast.


iced strawberries. fresh and straight out from the freezer so when u bite on it, it feels like u are eating fresh strawberry icecream without the cream... u get me?.

this next one has a funny story. sold by roadside vendors and sometimes can be seen inside the mall sold by those small2 stalls. there’s a rule in drinking this. once you finish with the drink, you have to RETURN the bottles back to the vendor. so that means you cannot go too far away from the stall. so, what we did the 1st time, we paid and walked away. until we heard the vendor came chasing and shouted at us to ask us to return his bottles. hahaha!!! so we had to drink out Teh Botol quickly there and then and returned them to him. haiiihhh….


Tel Botol - Bottled Tea.


me with vytha, our new friend 🙂 in Mangga Dua Mall. she has a boutique there selling children costumes. very cute!

if at our host’s house we only eat clean and fresh and healthy food, but with vytha and her then fiance (now husband) we got to try their local street foods. that included the bakso (above) and this next one. this place that they brought us i reckon is a famous street stall because we had to wait for earlier customers to finish eating to get seats and while we ate, there were already new customers waited for us to leave. stress!!!


Pecel Lele - Fried Catfish with white rice accompanied with kangkung ( morning glory vege) and come together with hot and spicy chilli as sambal. aihhh!!!! it's finger linkin' good, ok!!!

to complete our finger lickin’ good Pecel Lele set, we ordered what Jakarta is so good for – fresh fruit juice!


Avocado Juice with chocolate.


back at host's house, more local traditional kuih muih the next morning.



i love this!!!! banana with gula melaka with sprinkle of grated coconut (or is it kerisik?) as dessert 😀


haaa!! this is curry puff eaten together with raw chilli!!! yes 1st time saw but no harm to try. pedas juga but i am fine with it 🙂


honestly, i totally forgot what this is 😦


Our yet another meriah breakfast @.@ at host's house


sorry the photo is shaky but i just wanna tell u that although it looked so unappetizing it taste surprisingly GOOD!! but i forgot what it called but know there's chicken inside *look down*


by now i really cant wait for this post to end. posting all these food pics is making me hungry!!


more local kuih

remember i mentioned that our host is very health conscious?! one morning he made us fresh Tumeric Juice!! which after a sip all our faces turned like this – >__<! we saw he added some lemon juice, and honey into the blender machine together with the raw tumeric. he then proceeded explaining to us the benefits of it eg: boost immune system, good for liver and to those who love singing (like me :p) soothe the throat. so we obliged T__T



one of the common lunch set at food court.

#25 last but not least….

airport version of Pecel Lele

yay! done!! finally!!! now i can go for my lunch.

we were so blessed for the excellent hospitality of our host, Pak Freddie Leong and Ibu Ria and family. this family not only had offered us their place and food and rides (with their personal drivers) but also demonstrated the heart of a servant and love from our dear Lord despite being so much blessed with worldly needs. so did Miss Vytha and Pak Henry who understood the heart of younger generation like us who had brought us around to experience their street food.

my advice is if u go to Jakarta, dont miss trying their fresh fruit juice. you’ll never regret it.

be blessed, peeps!

August 24, 2011

Oh Happy Day :)

*can’t stop grinning like an idiot*

because today has confirmed the little secret rumor that the account exec shared with me a few days earlier. THE WHOLE STAFF OF THE COMPANY RECEIVE THE MOST GENEROUS ‘DUIT RAYA’ SINCE THE HISTORY OF THE COMPANY – A ONE MONTH BONUS!!!! *howls* that struck everyone with disbelief. i even heard that some did the poco-poco dance in the office…. apuuuu!!! (not our branch)

with that i am so very THANKFUL. God, THANK YOU for putting me in this place!!! i pray that God will continue to pour His countless blessing towards the company and continue to prosper. and also with that, i wanna say a big THANK YOU to my generous big boss. God bless you, boss!! 😀


have you ever have a feeling where your heart is so OVERWHELMED with GRATITUDE and JOY for knowing a person in your life that tears filled your eyes just thinking about them? yesterday that feeling consumed me out of the blue. i was so filled with gratitude and thankfulness for knowing this person in my life that ALL her sharing and teaching (with her shrieks and ketegasan, but what do u expect she is a teacher) came flashing one by one drilling my head like a driller and i realised how i have hold on to her words for the person i am today. i sent a THANK YOU message on her fb wall today as well as her inbox and she replied with ‘xie-xie’ LOL!!!! dear Lord, may You always shield her under wings and bless her with never-ending blessing from above in her life.

that person is our pastor’s wife and also a school teacher, dora andy.

have you say THANK YOU to a person that has inspired you or mold you or even left an impact to u today?! no day is better than today to say it.

because a post is always yummier with a photo.

"Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be gald in it." Psalm 118:24

be blessed, peeps!

August 22, 2011

Monday Musings

i have tonnes of things to write up but today this is the best sentence to describe me. “the heart is full of desire but the willpower is weak” dang!! i know, excuses much right?!

this morning i woke up with tears in my eyes. i had a sad dream. a very very sad dream. i dreamed of someone in the family died. of cancer. and i still can recall the heartache that i felt in the dream. oh my….. how REAL it was. i mean the sharp pain my chest. it’s not about the person being dead but of how i will never see the person anymore, of how i have so much love to share with the person but couldnt anymore T_____T AND of how the people around treated me after that. oh yeah! i remember in the dream, of all the things that hurt me so much was when people complained about the taste of my chicken soup. totally incoherent with the death but that chicken soup was a legacy the person who has died left behind FOR ME. so mocking it is like mocking the person i love. yes. all this happened only the dreams. including this one, i have dreamed 2 persons in the family died. i cried in my dream too T_____T that was very long time ago though. haihhhh….. but people said if you dream about a person died, the person will have long life. i pray for their long lives. and this is my 3rd time woke up with tears due to sad dream. the second time was about a brown poodle (like i ever have one *roll eyes*). no it didnt die. but we had to leave it behind when we have to move home. it has to be left behind cos we really really couldnt bring it along (dunno move to where oso) so it sat by our gate with its sad puppy eyes and started chasing after our car when we moved T_______T just thinking about the dream make me teary….. cos it was truly truly a heartbreaking moment that i actually woken up hearing my own sob. what do u know?! *wipe tears* so those are the three times i ever cried in my dream and woken up with tears or sobbed. now my question is, have you ever have dream sooooo sad that u really cried? share your story la….

ANYWAAAAAAY…..sad dream aside, as i have mentioned in my previous post, i am currently working on my Vietnam trip photos and here is a sneak peek! 🙂

from sapa, hanoi with love!

be blessed, peeps!

August 19, 2011

Beribu-ribu Lemon + Hitz.fm TV Commercial

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hmmm…. i finally uploaded my bali trip photos on my fb which deserve much applaud because it took me three freaking months to finally upload it. yeah. my bali trip last march was only posted in august. thank you very much for saying i’m lazy. it is totally acceptable.

upon uploaded, i received the funniest comment from grace the makeupgeeek that goes like this very nice!! did u edit ALL the pictures?? before you say yes, let me pengsan first. *pengsan*. LOL! and then i replied something like – the photo selection took the longest time and ‘2 dslrs, beribu-ribu lemon ah… i pengsan 3 bulan ok’. haha!! ok, *cough* attempt of being funny fail *look down*

so, i have few more ‘beribu-ribu lemon’ photos from various trips to be uploaded. and i am currently working on the most exciting and memorable trip i have ever gone, Vietnam!!! so stay tune. meh!! (like i will post them any sooner) but yeah, please dont abandon this humble blog please. then i remember a friend told me ‘how do u expect people not to abandon ur blog u NEVER update it!!! u are the one who abandon it!!’ oh, why do i have such friend?! T____T but i heart all my friends nonetheless 🙂

i cant blog too long now because i am too excited to go back early today to beautify myself for our co’s ramadhan berbuka puasa in errr 2.5 hour time. i’ve intended to wear my kebaya but horror of all horror!!! i cannot fit in it!!!! huarrrgh!!!!! i almost cannot breath in it when i tried on it last night….. huhuhu…. how can i gained so much in a year?! *wail* since we are the host we have to be there earlier than all the invited clients. haihhh…. what to wear? what to wear? *panic

remember this post?! i thought that was it UNTIL recently my creepy high pitch returned to haunt me on tv screen!! of course with my own consent (now i wonder why i agreed to it)

since it’s a friday. i allow myself to make a fool at myself with this hitz.fm tv commercial u’ll see once in a while on Astro. THANK YOU T____T

P/S: before you click on it. it is advisable to use ear plugs.


Happy Friday, peeps!!

August 8, 2011

Dear Cookie

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there were times when i totally forgotten about this special day although a week or even a month before it i was ecstatic about it and reminded self countless-ly to make the effort to call at midnight. such time was like this time. you called to say good night last night but i was too excited telling you the disturbing exorcism story happened earlier on next door (interesting story will tell other time) until… wait for it… my phone (the one that i used talking to you) vibrated furiously and when i looked at the message, OH NO!!! it’s your birthday!! and it’s midnight already!! ok, so in between scary ghost story i wished you ‘Happy Birthday’. isnt it exciting having me as your gf? *bates eye-lashes* *sayang*

i’m trying to be romantic and all with this post but i think i fail miserably in that department lah ok. so do you!! we are such a boring couple, dont you think so?! but at least the most romantic act i’ve ever did for your birthday was a surprise birthday last year which makes everyone happy 😀 and this year you were too busy to utilize your present that it went burnt, so booyah!! so i win 2-0.

i’m sorry i’ve lashed you with hard words even on your birthday. you still have time to reconsider everything kns. i’m serious. *serious look* but still i’ll pray that you’ll have a great day today, and may our good God continue to pour His blessing upon you as He guides you in His path for you in your life. you have been one of the wonderful person that God has put in my life that i would never want to trade with anyone else. though we’ve stumbled rocky path that hurts our sole (ok we dont wear footwear in this metaphor) but with His guidance love will find a way…..

these two photos from Ip4 shall remind me of how blessed i am when i am with you…..

#1 in soul searching….

#2 and especially in gastronomical bliss….

Happy Birthday!!


August 1, 2011

Monday Musings

hello from a lazy blogger! T__T i know!!!! dont tell me about it kns. july has been very super mega ultra hectic (with travelling) for me i hardly find free and comfortable time to just sit back and blog. and the photos?!! arrrghh!!! nightmares i tell you. they’ve been piling up each month that i myself can no longer catch up with all of them. ask my friends and family. i’ve yet to post up my photos since errrm… march?! kns. and now i have yet to unpack my luggage since my return from my most recent trip. it has been a week plus now. this is so unusual because i am that kind of weird person who will unpack everything immediately right after arrival NO MATTER HOW TIRED I FEEL LIKE JUST FALL FLAT AND FAINT. because i cannot stand seeing luggage on the floor where they doesnt belong. OCD?!

on a sad note. ceh! (suka betul berduka!) I AM SUPPOSE TO BE LYING ON THE SANDY BEACHES OF PHUKET TODAY AND THEN BANGKOK 2 DAYS AFTER!!!!! but look at where i am now. stuck in the office with NOTHING MUCH TO DO. Grrrrr…. not because i’ve utilised all my annual leaves of this year. not because the boss couldnt release me. but because my travel partner couldnt make it this time. uhuk uhuk uhuk….. i know one of my resolution of this year (konon) is to travel solo. yes. i am so tempted to go by myself but so many loved ones are too worry for me to go there alone *WAILS* sigh!! i guess i am more worry to let them worry about me than i am worry about myself being there. i really dont want my phone to keep ringing during my vacation lor…. not only waste the caller’s bill, waste MY own bills too cos i’ll be paying both ways. but actually that’s not to worry even a bit because Thailand has the cheapest local sim card to call back home. i am not so sad for not be able to be in phuket. i am just VERY SAD for not being able to be in bangkok!!!!!! T______T i want shopping!!!! *hides in corner and sobs*

howkay…. i guess i’ll just have to deal with it already T___T not everything goes as planned. SUCK IT!! ME!! so on a happier note, i’ll still be going to phuket next month. YAY!! and one of my gf is going to tie the knot end of this month. very happy for her and i’ve been very kiasu i’ve booked my ticket to go back because she of all the dates has to pick a date where it would be the most peak season/ date of the month where seats will be very sought after because it will be on the 1st day of school holidays and Hari Raya.

streamyx has been installed at the house. i know what a tortoise, right?! with that all the more reason to blog diligently. please…. give me some moral support if not no post for you to read kns.

i hit the botanical garden yesterday. and i am going to start running daily from now on. because there are evil people who said i’ve gained a tonne! and had too much unnecessary tan *exaggerating* so watch me! by end of this month i will fit back in that skimpy LBD and those skinny jeans that dont show me any love recently T___T

to ease my sadness for not being able to be in thailand today i’m posting this photo below as a reminder of the land of smile 🙂

this is The White Temple of Chiang Rai.

The White Temple (Wat Rong Khun), Chiang Rai Thailand

i’ll see you next month, Thailand.

happy monday and be blessed, peeps!!

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