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April 21, 2012

Chateau St. Julien, rural France


Yup!! You guessed it! I am now in France. In rural France to be exact. I forgot what is the exact name of this village but we are staying in this gigantic, cozy, antiques but renovated ancient castle called Chateau St. Julien. It’s our accommodation for the whole weekends as well as the reception venue of the wedding of my lovely friend Wellena and her French husband Nico. In fact this is actually Nico’s village where his parents live.

We’ve been staying in this chateau since 2 days ago. I’m loving every little corner of it. It looked spooky on the first sight but once inside, I’m amazed at everything that it offers. There are a total of seven rooms in this chateau that accommodates 15 occupancy but honestly it could fit 50 people. And I am now in a big room for the single travelers with 4 beds but I myself is not sleeping here. I am here just to suck some wifi cos it’s stronger here. Hehehe….. I sleep in a double room with my other girl friend, Cell.

We landed Paris after a rough 12 hours flight from KL on 19th early morning Paris time. There wer four of us from Malaysia. Me, Cell (the bridesmaid), Nick (the imported wedding photographer) and Azra ( the only one from KL). I believe everyone in the flight were not expecting the weather can be so cold when the Captain announce the temperature outside. It was 6 degree!!! Oh my gucci!! I thought I is Spring already?! In fact even the couple weren’t expecting the weather can be this so freaking cold that’s why they chose Spring Wedding at the first place.

So, we took a train to the main train station to this village. We still had plenty of time before our scheduled train to depart. Darn! The weather was so freakingly cold that all we wanted to do is to seat in a cafe and eat to keep us warm (from the heater). Gosh! This isn’t Spring. This is still Winter!! Maybe even colder than winter in Melbourne and Taipei the last time I went there. Now I am so glad that I brought my thick sweater apart from my trusted leather jacket. And my thermal sleeping long johns. Thank goodness!!

We took another 4 hours ride of train to reach the village and another 30 minutes to reach this majestic chateau. Apparently this chateau is up for rental for events such as weddings, workshops etc. The weather is very unpredictable, it can rain or drizzle for 15 mins and then stop and sun comes out and then half an hour later it rains again and repeat pattern for 100 times. So u tell me la, how to go out further? When every time after few shots of photos, we have to run back into the chateau whenever it started to rain 😦 and the fireplace never stop burning. It has been the favorite spot for everyone to get warm. Khaleena just arrived from Scotland yesterday and we did tried to walk a little further and the same thing happened. We had to run back again. grrrr!!

There are so much I wanted to write down. But the time is limited now. The wedding is today!! Yay!! And will start in another 6 hours at a church an hour drive from here. Yeah…. Everything is far here. But the bus is coming to pick us up at 12.30pm. So I need to get ready now. the reception will be at 8.30pm tonight. But over here, the sun sets at 8.30-9pm. They have longer day time here 🙂

I dont know how we all can stand the cold and chill with our dress later but for vanity we’ll brave ourselves.

I cannot wait for the wedding. The theme is ‘vintage’. So I’m going to shower now.

To Wel and Nico, enjoy your special day! And just have fun and don’t stop falling in love to each other over and over again. And million thanks for keeping me in this beautiful place and feed me so well that I think I’ve gain weigh just within these two days.

Be blessed always!


January 30, 2012



when you enter another decade of your life how did you cope with it? i’m happy but i’m also a little bit confuse and…. in denial. kns! i have resisted and refrained to make a big fuss about it but part of me have waited so long to blog about it. this phase. this transition of age group. today, a month and four days of being in the 25-30 or sometimes 30-35 age group i finally decided to shake off the delusional issue of being forever 25+. blame it on CNY. during friends gathering i’m the only unmarried girl in the group T___T (KS doesnt count cos he is a guy) my girlfriends are either married, with kids or expecting babies (one popping out next month on Valentine’s Day! woot!) and seeing them worrying and take their child as main consideration every single time before making any decision made me worry too O.O” now who’s the boss already? the parents or the kids?! *confuse* my friends’ children calling me ‘aunty’ and worst, just 3 days ago my cousin brother got married at the age of 23!!! i will always remember he said to my cousin sister (who is also married) ‘i cannot wait for kak ong, who ask her dont want to marry? so i kawen first lah’ LOL!!! made me realized how ‘old’ i am and how left behind i am in the relationship department although i can say that mine stand the test of time and distance the longest! what is wrong with me?! sigh!! that’s that. the end. ok next.

but good thing is i am still eligible to receive ang pow!! muahahahahahaaa!!! so anyway, all is well. i’m not complaining much la just that you know it sometimes get into you and you get emo semacam.

so since it’s the 30th day of the year, imma blog about the 30 things i did in the span of one year of my 29 until the day i turned 30 last month (which is last year). brace yourself.

1. my 29th bithday was celebrated with a surprise cake from my youth group friends during their visit to our christmas open house (also on my birthday) before i leave for Taipei the next day.

friends and family 😀

2. went to Taiwan with my bestie, Scarlet who was 5 months preggie that time. count down and celebrated new year 2011 at Taipei 101 and then visited the Taipei Flora Expo.

Taiwan 100 years anniversary ROC 2011 New Year countdown.

Taipei Flora Expo 2011

3. visited Hualien and met fellow Mirian in our tour group.


the two dudes are fellow Mirian and a mother-daughter team from Sg.

4. family trip to Manila in Feb. and our house got broken into T___T

jeepney!! only in The Philippines.

5. passed the test of eating ‘Balut’. it tastes surprisingly good. can join Fear Factor Challenge already.

6. went for a relaxing gateway to Bali with Jane in March.

in Ubud

7. got my Giraffes (finally!) from Ubud and made new friend with a friendly local girl called Nami.

bought a family of girrafes. not the ducks ok :p

new friend 🙂

8. went for a long awaited trip to Vietnam with Jane in April.

typical morning activity in Hanoi.

9. traveled on a sleeping cabin on a train ride for the first time and trekked a total of 10 hours in Sapa, Hanoi.

sharing cabin with a friendly French couple.

Sapa, Hanoi. where you'll still see the natives wearing their traditional costumes everyday.

10. stayed in a junk for the first time at Ha Long Bay!

11. mesmerized by the breathtakingly beautiful Ha Long Bay!

Ha Long Bay

12. Chu Chi Tunnels at Ho Chi Minch.

13. went for a workover job for the first time on Trident 16 rig. of all the site jobs that are assign to us, workover job will be the last type of job that will be given to me because it is a tough job. tough means 24 hours on standby :p usually the guys will be given priority to go for it first. but that time was a desperate case where all engineers were unavailable due to heavy work schedule so no choice i had to go!! T___T but actually i was fine with it just that i had to miss my Osaka flight!!!! horror i tell you!! thank goodness i was flying MAS and with the help of high ranking insider i managed to change my date where MASHoliday is not eligible to do so initially. Phew!! ok where was i? owh…. Trident 16!

rig's helideck

14. went to Osaka and be a kid again at Universal Studio Japan. whee!!

Universal Studio Japan!! 😀

15. visit to Osaka will not complete if you dont visit Kyoto. stayed at a ryokan. the japanese traditional bedroom. and also stayed in a mix dorm for the first time. and it is so clean that its toilet almost had me a heart attack!

ryokan 🙂

aiya!!! i actually wanted to upload a video of the toilet that nearly made me to experience heart attack but dunno why here cannot support AVI?! how ah??

16. turned into a geisha and visited the Kiyomizu temple.

fake geisha :p

Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto

17. attended my 1st wedding of the year – my cousin Melissa’s in June.

their wedding theme colour was green hence the green apple as favors 🙂

18. went to Chiang Mai with Jane (again) in July and had a thrilling experience of Flights of The Gibbons.

i think that's Jane there. the ziplines is so long that you cannot wait to reach to the other end. a whole new experience of flying though the canopies.

19. visited the White Temple of Chiang Rai.

Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai

20. had to returned a day earlier to Malaysia from Thailand due to work purposes – attend ISORD 2011. which also turned out to be a part leisure part training trip at Langkawi. the last time i was there was 16 years ago.

21. just one day after returning from Langkawi, i packed my bag again for Perhentian Island. this time with a group of friends. both the bf’s and mine 🙂

little olsen and me floating 🙂 happy day!

22. my gf got married!! to a Korean guy!! now i really really cannot say ‘she also not yet ma…. why rush?’ the usual excuse when people ask The Question 😡

cmee + martin.

23. went to Phuket with cousin and my 2 other girls 🙂 was a truly inspiring and blessed trip this one.

the bottom right photo with our 2 funny entertainer onboard our cruise. suddenly our guide and waiter turned into 'wonder girls' and 'gloria gaynor'. LOL!!LOL!!! l

24. Organized a fund raising dinner with a Rock-ish theme. but it was a super stressful one it can be the down-est moment in my whole 2011.

handmade paper weight made of rock and my cousin came all the way from miri to support 🙂

25. joined the church for outreach ministry to Trusan Laut. was treated 1st class hospitality. we were spoiled by so much yummy local food!!!!!!

26. attended more friends’ wedding. *yawn*

27. went for an impromptu trip to Sg. visited USS and Marina Bay Sands this time.

my 2nd universal studio in a year o.O

one of my bucket list!! to do rock climbing. of all the places i have to do it in USS. posing with my cert and my young instructor 🙂

Rain Oculus at Marina Bay Sands and chocolate lover ;p

28. became official photographer for D&G’s wedding. yay!

their album.

29. Christmas in Lawas at grandparents’. first time driving long distance alone and it wasnt that bad at all.

30. Climbed and reached the peak of Mount Kinabalu on my 30th Birthday!!! win!!!

bottom right is my team member. but only three managed to reach to peak (top left). yay. us!

i made it!!!!! happy birthday to me 😀

may you have a blessed day, friends!


January 23, 2012

Water Dragon

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before i fall asleep, i just wanna wish all my chinese family / relatives, friends and readers a very prosperous chinese lunar new year 2012!!

it’s the dragon year. water dragon to be specific. some said it’s good. some said it’s the fiercest and nastiest dragon of all. #shrugs make no difference to me though. but many are trying to have baby this year i heard. hmmm….

visited only two houses today. we had time to go for a movie – Viral Factor starring Jay Chow and Nicholas Tze. funny thing when we thought the chinese will be busy celebrating the festival by tending the families and entertaining the visiting guests, the cinema was actually filled by majority of them. why arent these people celebrating at home?! @.@

so back to the movie. we didnt regret at all that we voted for it (we were torn between Viral Factor and The Journey To The Mysterious Island). i couldnt believe that 80% f the movie was shot in Malaysia. all the police officers, protons and even myvi were in it. oh! i particularly impressed with the scenes at Pavillion!! u’ll wont believe that those scenes can be done there. so dont be fooled by its gangster looking poster and its action packed trailer .it was actually filled with family value that it made such a suitable movie for CNY (especially the final part) am not gonna spoil anything here so u’ll have to watch it yourself. it’s quite long (2 hours 15mins) but yeah Breaking Dawn was long too :p

hmmm…. my main purpose was just to wish everyone happy chinese new year but melalak about movie instead. tomorrow is house visiting with ex-classmates cum gathering day! yay!! it’s my main reason that i decided to come back during this festive season. because you’ll never know when can you meet them again. so better appreciate every single time that we have now.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, friends!

November 19, 2011

Just Cause: Astry & Astry :p

before i lose my mojo and excitement on this batch of portrait i better blog and post them now. procrastinate another day, they probably will end up in the ‘to blog’ folder for another 10 years.

these sisters shared a very unique name, Astry. but they both are of totally different character. each with her own personality. Astry A. (Ana) is bubbly, out-going and fun. While Astry Z. (Azie) is the opposite. she’s the quiet, helpful, soft-spoken and that goes with the flow type. but they share two things in common apart of their first name. they have the kindest soul and giving heart! ❤

Ana and her little princess, Kiera are now residing in China (follow the husband who has been transferred there few months ago). they came back to Labuan just for a short break. Azie on the other hand, will pursue her course to the land down under very soon T____T i'll be losing my helpful assistant. pretty or not? i will surely miss her as a colleague as well as a dear friend.

so, jangan banyak merepek kerana kerepek dah habis.

let's see pretty ladies 😀

ever sweet Ana 🙂

Astry A.

young and pretty mama

meanwhile, a random shot. hehehe….

things around the compound.

meet Azie, the younger sister.


i wish i have long slim legs like that too.

yummy day


bring it on, sexy!

simply pretty and fierce.


one last ’emo’ shot of Azie.



sisterhood 🙂

smile and the whole world smile with you both 😀


kindred spirit

how can i resist a shot of their backyard that’s overlooking a lake. it’s where we spent some of our lazy weekends. sure gonna miss those times when leave soon T_____T

the backyard that has served us very very well during weekend chill outs.

and last but not least. a photo that sums up the personality of each of them. my fav!!! 😀

Astry Z. & Astry A. 🙂

i’m so glad to know, work, play, spending the weekends with this amazing sisters whom i now called friends.

Ana & Azie, i wish nothing but the best to both of you wherever you are. God bless!!

Happy Friday!!


November 13, 2011

Wedding: Beng & Nelly

Beng and Nelly got married December last year. I dint know Nelly but i definitely know the Ling family (Beng’s family). Beng’s sister, S.Lee, is my ex-classmate and their father used to be my Math teacher in secondary school. Beng or Ah Beng as we usually call him, is a robust, funny, loud and out going character. he owned his own little kopitiam business where friends and family gather to catch up or just simply update latest gossip. Nelly is a kind and soft-spoken girl. she teaches special students. with that i take my hat off *salute*. S.Lee contacted me that they needed a photographer to document their special day. after checking with my own schedule, no clash, i immediately agreed! and wah-lah!!! here are some of my fav shots of the day. and their wedding marked my last wedding of 2010. but it was my first time shooting wedding at my small little hometown where people are more skeptical than encouraging. *kancheong*

we started early in the morning. Nelly wore a bright red chinese traditional costume for the day. and she has a very pretty shoes that i so tempted to steal it.




Phoenix. Dragon. A Legend.



quiete little town....


the one i tempted to steal... :p



vintage earrings 🙂


a purse to keep everything...



while Nelly was prepping herself, her sisters were busy plotting the ‘door games’ at the same time. i just hope the guys could survive all these….


wasabi spread bread and 'mix-everything' celery juice


Ben 10 tamborines?!! hahahaha!!!




beautiful fine details

i still have ample time before the groom came for his bride. so i went to the groom’s place to check out on his team.



the nervous but cool groom


that's the spirit guys.... bur errr.... good luck!! :p


a family shot before the groom team arrive


😀 hahahaha!!!


the part where the groom's friends had to carry him. thank goodness no bones were broken during this stunt.


jeng…. jeng…. jeng… here come the killer drinks!!!


the 'detox' drink! LOL!


friends for life


i love the picture below because of the situation that time. Beng was trying his best to read chinese characters, word of love for his bride. he was so nervous and sweaty. his girl friends from his team were there to help. gotta love friends!!




satisfied doorgirl 😀

and after enduring all the stages….




walk with me....



father & son









nothing is more meaningful than sharing the joy with people close to us.... 🙂


oooOOOOooooOO ^.^


last but not least…. an attempt…. lalalala…..


i was lazy to do part 2 of this wedding so i decided to combine both parts into this one post. hehehe…











happy fun faces 😀


a toast of love.



and cheers!!!

fyi, this post has been in my draft for almost a year @.@. yup!! bad blogger. me!

be blessed, peeps!!


November 1, 2011

Hong Kong

this was 2007.

HK skylines from the Avenue Of Stars

this trip has the fewest photos from a trip EVER by me.

SO UNLIKE ME at all.

reason is I LOST MY CAMERA during the trip. T_____T



when you cant capture them in picture

keep them safe in your heart

they sometimes appear more vividly that way when shared with a good company….

me with Fei

be blessed, peeps!


October 4, 2011

Fun Taiwan: Kaohsiung + Liu He Night Market

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my 2011 holiyear started with Taiwan. i went with my darling, bestie, girl friend, scarlet. who was in her fourth month (coming to fifth) pregnancy that time. she has the most sporting husband and in-laws!!!

we flew to Taipei on the 28th december last year. it was winter time 😀 but well, dont expect any snow pictures ok. once arrived we went straight down to Kaohsiung by their super high speed Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) which took us only like more or less one and a half hour. and if you look at Taiwan map. that was like from Perlis going down to JB in Malaysia (more or less).

before i travel to a totally foreign place, i’d make a research about the place. it’s one thing i find fun and educational at the same time. thanks to the internet. all info are just a click away. so after months of research i finally came up with this DIY itinerary. which was mostly copied & paste from others :p

Taiwan 8D7N Itinerary _1_


YOU ARE WELCOME!! *waives dismissively*

direct route from Taoyuan Station to Zhuying Station.
our route Taoyuan Station to Zhuoying


on the THSR. cute baby sitting next to us. and the interior is very clean and decent


our super super tight and cramp hotel room. there wont be any more space when we open our luggage on the floor.


toilet on the left, mirror straight in front of door, queen size bed on the right.


beautiful artwork on the ceylings

Taiwan is well known of its vast night markets but Kaohsiung has one of the oldest night market in the whole Taiwan. and they said you are not in Kahsiung if you dont visit their famous Liu He Night Market so it’s a no surprise that we went straight to their night market once we’ve settled with our check-in. plus, we were starving!!!!

to go to the night market from our hotel, we took MRT from Kaohsiung Station to Mei Li Tao Station. it’s so convenient.


their tickets are in token form 😀

the Night Market area was indeed full of people both locals or tourists. there were so many stalls selling many different kind of things ranging from foods (some strange and funny looking foods), trinkets, households, accessories and clothes.


strange looking nuts?! fruits?! -___- i forgot to ask what it was.


some jelly ice kind of thing.... didnt try though


cute piggy shape bun!!!! WHY DIDNT WE ORDER THIS?!!!! >.<

the common food sold at most of the stalls here are actually seafood. so many of them that you dont know which one to choose.

like this….


or this…


or this giant squid tentacles….


who dare to try this?! squid tentacles tempura :p

then next common thing is these….



yummy!!! it

and after walking one good round to look for a nice place to sit to fill our growling stomachs, we decided to try this restaurant.


the exterior


the cute tables and chairs




matchy latern pattern and ceyling deco


if you look hard enough, matchy wall paper at the back and table cloth too. wah lao eh!!!

since the restaurant was famous of its pork leg, so we ordered one plate of it 😀


marinated stewed pork leg

and these….

Taiwan Yu Mok or Sawi Taiwan or Taiwan Lettuce?


Moeat Ball Soup *sluuuuuuurpp*


Taiwanese Prawn Rice Noodle Soup

and ta-daaa!! our first dinner / meal in Taiwan!!!


owh.... we also had Taiwanese Herbal Tea Eggs


a picture before i turn barbaric. eat until dunno what. sigh~ i look so old T__T

calling all Malaysian to read this!!! spotted this message on the wall just next to us. hahaha!!! so cute. but we two good girls decided not to vandalize their property. *skema*


'and kami 2 orang juga telah makan di sini. makanan memang BOLEH TAHAN!!' LOL!!!

after eating we continued to walk around at the same time looking something to buy as souvenirs.


watches conveniently packed in gift boxes.


handmade chopsticks 🙂 Scarlet bought a lot of these as souvenirs.

as we were walking around we spotted man big rubbish plastic right conveniently placed in the middle of the street at the night market. ahhh!!! no more wasting time looking for rubbish bin or worse case (for those uncivilized citizen) simply throw everywhere.


if only all the night markets in malaysia apply this, our country will be a much better place...


we tried the strawberries. OMG!! it’s the sweetest and yummiest strawberries i’ve ever tasted!!


sweetest strawberries ever!!! must try!!


huhuhu..... i didnt try.... bittergourt juice

and the famous papaya milk juice stall is here. i heard this one is quite famous. even celebrities and the president came and buy from him.


tourists taking photo with the owner. that famous meh?!!

and i was curious seeing a long queue at one of the grill / bbq stall. so i went to have a looksee and end up buying too :p and i didnt regret it at all.


some meat rolled with bbq ham. it tastes surprisingly good with a bit of saltiness that i like.

we wanted to go to Love River and their True Love Ferry Pier after that but found out that the street going to the place was quite secluded and we didnt see anybody going towards the area. well, maybe we came at the wrong time. or maybe there’s actually nothing to see there? *shrugs*

last but not least here’s our expenses of the day for your reference (maybe).

Taoyuan airport to HSR station each NT30
HSR Taoyuan – Zhuo Ying station each NT 1330
Zhuo Ying HSR station – KAo Shiong Station NT 25
Happy Hotel NT 900
Kao Shiong station – Mei Li Tao station (go Liu He night market) NT 20
Tai Nan Mian 1 meal 2 ppl eat full full NT250
bamboo Chopstick as souvenir 10 pairs NT100
Strawberry per cup NT100
Magic scarf 3 for NT 500
MRT Mei Li Tao – MRT city council NT20 (to lover pier)
City council MRT bc Kao Shong MRT NT 20

be blessed, peeps!!


September 29, 2011

Scarlet & Noel : Baby Bump

ahhhh!!! finally…. like after five months!! and Baby Ashlee as i am writing this is now 4 months old!!

this is my darling, my bestie, my girl friend during her first pregnancy. by far the most beautiful pregnant lady i’ve ever known which is agreed by my many other friends too. taken rush-ly before i depart to airport for my Vietnam trip last April.

before you scroll down further, parental guidance is advisable during viewing…. hmmmm….


a little smooches wont hurt to start the sessio 😉




excited parents-to-be





can never go wrong if you stand by a window with soft light streaming in . this is SOOC!! woot!!!!





oooooh!!!! hot sexy mama!!


the room temperature suddenly rised up!! :p




sending me off at KL Sentral..... hehe...

they are now a proud parents to a beautiful baby girl named Mia Ashlee 🙂

be blessed, peeps!


September 20, 2011

Temporary Replacement

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because i’ve promised myself that if i couldn’t proceed with my taiwan post, i’ll just post this instead as a temporary ‘replacement’.

see elephant think thailand

now you know how lazy and noncommittal i am towards my to-do-list! (taiwan post has been in the ‘things-to-blog-list for nine months!!)

i’ll be in phuket, the land of smile tomorrow. woohoo!!

off to airport in an hour but i’m not home yet.

*rush rush*

Happy Tuesday!!

February 21, 2011

Monday Musings

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10.19p.m. and i am still at the office. rushing for datelines. oh my. it has been so long since i last do this kind of work and frankly i kinda enjoy it sometimes. and i thank God for FRIEND!! a good friend is here who is kind enough to accompany me. actually it’s more than i begged and dragged him to. he’s watching the tv and he’ll kill me if he see me updating this blog instead of working so i better be fast :p

a memory of a long time friend slip into my mind last night. a friendship now that shamefully more just as acquaintance these days. time and geography changed us. slowly robbed away our heart towards each other. or maybe it’s just me. but there’s more to it. there are too many layers of surfaces before i could reach that once a very comforting feelings of being together. whenever i try to peel each of it i cant seem to reach the bottom of it. not even the center of it. i reminisce our days back then. one fine night always come to mind in clear vivid scene.

it’s your hand…. knowing my pain, my scarred young heart that wasnt used to such turmoil, you hold my hands. we walked hand in hand in the twilight without looking at each other but in firm grips. silence. we pretended to ignore the horrid situation until you said “hey, it’s ok to cry u know. if you want to. you’ll feel better if you just cry it out.” and my tears dropped rapidly even before you finish the sentence. maybe you heard my silent sobs although i’ve tried hard not to release any sound. without looking at each other you knew…. and that my dear friend i miss the most about you….. a real friend who doesnt need to be told that she / he is needed when hard times struck. a friend who pretended not to care on the outside as you want to but care enough on the inside to just hold your hands and understand. dear friend, i know you dont read my blog but i wish you and family well. now and forever be blessed.

so thank God for friends….

be blessed, peeps!

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