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November 19, 2011

Just Cause: Astry & Astry :p

before i lose my mojo and excitement on this batch of portrait i better blog and post them now. procrastinate another day, they probably will end up in the ‘to blog’ folder for another 10 years.

these sisters shared a very unique name, Astry. but they both are of totally different character. each with her own personality. Astry A. (Ana) is bubbly, out-going and fun. While Astry Z. (Azie) is the opposite. she’s the quiet, helpful, soft-spoken and that goes with the flow type. but they share two things in common apart of their first name. they have the kindest soul and giving heart! ❤

Ana and her little princess, Kiera are now residing in China (follow the husband who has been transferred there few months ago). they came back to Labuan just for a short break. Azie on the other hand, will pursue her course to the land down under very soon T____T i'll be losing my helpful assistant. pretty or not? i will surely miss her as a colleague as well as a dear friend.

so, jangan banyak merepek kerana kerepek dah habis.

let's see pretty ladies 😀

ever sweet Ana 🙂

Astry A.

young and pretty mama

meanwhile, a random shot. hehehe….

things around the compound.

meet Azie, the younger sister.


i wish i have long slim legs like that too.

yummy day


bring it on, sexy!

simply pretty and fierce.


one last ’emo’ shot of Azie.



sisterhood 🙂

smile and the whole world smile with you both 😀


kindred spirit

how can i resist a shot of their backyard that’s overlooking a lake. it’s where we spent some of our lazy weekends. sure gonna miss those times when leave soon T_____T

the backyard that has served us very very well during weekend chill outs.

and last but not least. a photo that sums up the personality of each of them. my fav!!! 😀

Astry Z. & Astry A. 🙂

i’m so glad to know, work, play, spending the weekends with this amazing sisters whom i now called friends.

Ana & Azie, i wish nothing but the best to both of you wherever you are. God bless!!

Happy Friday!!



February 5, 2010

Relocate and Ticking That No. 3 Off The List

it’s official!! i’ve been relocated to another station. remember this list? my very random 20 thingsi wish i can achieve this year? so now i can tick off no. 3.

where? to the hottest corner of malaysia – labuan. so much for me planning to get rid of my tan *rolls eyes* so now my public hols will be the same as those friends in kl. tsk! i requested to move after cny though. so might as well treasure all my time here. ceh! i just talked to the broker about the houses and the tenancy over there. so far no good news T__T arrggh!!! i cant believe i for once and for real have to go through all the fuss of house hunting!! and it must be in such a short period of time that i believe ppl are so very annoyed at me now T__T

mix feelings overwhelmed me. being relocate means
1. i’ll be away more from the family. so much for my no.13 on my list . ceh!
2. i have to be ready to accept the different environment and ppl.
3. no more mum’s cooking.
4. no more mum doing laundry T___T
5. no more lunch or night out with the gf/ gfs.
6. no more long chatty gossip sessions and retail therapy with The Cousin T___T
7. even lesser chances to see The Boyfriend. as now we are going to be apart some more by geography.
8. more resposibilities T__T

but life must go on. things change. human evolve. i must move forward. and strive.

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty (Prov 21:5 NLT)


i know there must be more than just this…. 🙂

be blessed, ppl!

♥ cilipadi

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

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