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November 30, 2011

Bath Buddies. You Got?!

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i’m feeling a little under the weather today. i really wanted to blog about taipei but i guess that will have to wait (AGAIN!) so to not feel like i totally neglect my little blog space i decided to blog about my shower companion. *cough* *COUGH* *cough*

let me tell you a little secret. of all the rooms / part / space of a house, bathroom is my favorite space for only i know why. every time if i go to someone’s house or a hotel or even a shopping mall, i’ll rate it by just looking at their bathroom or toilet. huhuhu…. by now i regretted for revealing this. please, just let me in to your toilet if i ever go to your house ok. i promise i wont judge. *serious face* cos my own bathroom at home isnt as sparkly as you think it is although i scrub it with toothbrush all the time and i made sure i can see my reflection on the water tap after that. i know, OCD much!!!

i am glad that my rented room came with an attached bathroom. so, i have a freedom to beautify it as i like. if Balqiz uses plastic plant in her guest toilet, (actually this post is inspired by hers) i am hereby proudly present you my own lifeless ‘toilet plant’ made of wait for it—– WAX!!! and two dead Bath Buddies who stare at you whenever you shower! (but with eyes like that i doubt they can even see)


whole lot of bath companion :p

back row: shampoos/conditioners/lotion from various hotels during my travels, two cute but ‘dead’/ ‘fainted’ (if a doll with this (x.x) expression, means they are dead / fainted lah right?) they called it Bath Buddy. Got ’em from Bali at RM2.50 ONLY each. and i saw these in one of the beauty salon in Miri selling at RM25!!!! CRAZY!!! apparently you use it to scrub your body while shower with a soap hidden inside it. so it will produce foam while scrubbing. the soap if refillable.


front row: four different kind of scents of soaps to be refilled inside Bath Buddy. but since i never use them so do the soaps. a scented candles from my girl friend and my lovely scented candles in different cactus shapes!!!! 😀


scented candles in cactus shapes as 'toilet plant' :p nice or not?

that’s a little peek into my bathroom. i quote Balqiz, ‘at least give me some credits for trying’

Happy Tuesday, peeps!



November 19, 2011

Just Cause: Astry & Astry :p

before i lose my mojo and excitement on this batch of portrait i better blog and post them now. procrastinate another day, they probably will end up in the ‘to blog’ folder for another 10 years.

these sisters shared a very unique name, Astry. but they both are of totally different character. each with her own personality. Astry A. (Ana) is bubbly, out-going and fun. While Astry Z. (Azie) is the opposite. she’s the quiet, helpful, soft-spoken and that goes with the flow type. but they share two things in common apart of their first name. they have the kindest soul and giving heart! ❤

Ana and her little princess, Kiera are now residing in China (follow the husband who has been transferred there few months ago). they came back to Labuan just for a short break. Azie on the other hand, will pursue her course to the land down under very soon T____T i'll be losing my helpful assistant. pretty or not? i will surely miss her as a colleague as well as a dear friend.

so, jangan banyak merepek kerana kerepek dah habis.

let's see pretty ladies 😀

ever sweet Ana 🙂

Astry A.

young and pretty mama

meanwhile, a random shot. hehehe….

things around the compound.

meet Azie, the younger sister.


i wish i have long slim legs like that too.

yummy day


bring it on, sexy!

simply pretty and fierce.


one last ’emo’ shot of Azie.



sisterhood 🙂

smile and the whole world smile with you both 😀


kindred spirit

how can i resist a shot of their backyard that’s overlooking a lake. it’s where we spent some of our lazy weekends. sure gonna miss those times when leave soon T_____T

the backyard that has served us very very well during weekend chill outs.

and last but not least. a photo that sums up the personality of each of them. my fav!!! 😀

Astry Z. & Astry A. 🙂

i’m so glad to know, work, play, spending the weekends with this amazing sisters whom i now called friends.

Ana & Azie, i wish nothing but the best to both of you wherever you are. God bless!!

Happy Friday!!


Testing… Testing…. Iskh!!

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just wanna test this post weather it will be posted up or not after i click this ‘datang bulan’ publish button.

was about to post a blog earlier on which i’ve prepared whole day but wordpress just ‘refused’ to publish it T______T sia-sia usaha sepanjang hari.

so i thought maybe i try a

Ice Crem Fondue @ Hagen Daz Bali

November 15, 2011

One Day At A Time

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The best thing about future is it comes one day at a time. ~ Abraham Lincoln.

i just closed my work organizer. i have checked and crossed all my to-do-lists for today. the weather is beautiful outside. yummy for my daily run. there might be a slight bump that stressed me up today but heck i’ve managed to scratched all the important tasks and faced it all like a champion. i guess i’ll just take it one day at a time. tomorrow will worry for itself.


be blessed, peeps!


November 13, 2011

Psalm 27:1

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The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?


be blessed, peeps!


Wedding: Beng & Nelly

Beng and Nelly got married December last year. I dint know Nelly but i definitely know the Ling family (Beng’s family). Beng’s sister, S.Lee, is my ex-classmate and their father used to be my Math teacher in secondary school. Beng or Ah Beng as we usually call him, is a robust, funny, loud and out going character. he owned his own little kopitiam business where friends and family gather to catch up or just simply update latest gossip. Nelly is a kind and soft-spoken girl. she teaches special students. with that i take my hat off *salute*. S.Lee contacted me that they needed a photographer to document their special day. after checking with my own schedule, no clash, i immediately agreed! and wah-lah!!! here are some of my fav shots of the day. and their wedding marked my last wedding of 2010. but it was my first time shooting wedding at my small little hometown where people are more skeptical than encouraging. *kancheong*

we started early in the morning. Nelly wore a bright red chinese traditional costume for the day. and she has a very pretty shoes that i so tempted to steal it.




Phoenix. Dragon. A Legend.



quiete little town....


the one i tempted to steal... :p



vintage earrings 🙂


a purse to keep everything...



while Nelly was prepping herself, her sisters were busy plotting the ‘door games’ at the same time. i just hope the guys could survive all these….


wasabi spread bread and 'mix-everything' celery juice


Ben 10 tamborines?!! hahahaha!!!




beautiful fine details

i still have ample time before the groom came for his bride. so i went to the groom’s place to check out on his team.



the nervous but cool groom


that's the spirit guys.... bur errr.... good luck!! :p


a family shot before the groom team arrive


😀 hahahaha!!!


the part where the groom's friends had to carry him. thank goodness no bones were broken during this stunt.


jeng…. jeng…. jeng… here come the killer drinks!!!


the 'detox' drink! LOL!


friends for life


i love the picture below because of the situation that time. Beng was trying his best to read chinese characters, word of love for his bride. he was so nervous and sweaty. his girl friends from his team were there to help. gotta love friends!!




satisfied doorgirl 😀

and after enduring all the stages….




walk with me....



father & son









nothing is more meaningful than sharing the joy with people close to us.... 🙂


oooOOOOooooOO ^.^


last but not least…. an attempt…. lalalala…..


i was lazy to do part 2 of this wedding so i decided to combine both parts into this one post. hehehe…











happy fun faces 😀


a toast of love.



and cheers!!!

fyi, this post has been in my draft for almost a year @.@. yup!! bad blogger. me!

be blessed, peeps!!


November 10, 2011

Thursday Thought

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my past weeks had been crazy hectic. urgent and rush work to achieve year end target. non-stop church activities one after another. REST has became a luxury leisure. my youth gang hardly smile. but we thank God for He never cease to renew our physical strength. the cousin and her husband was here last weekend at least i had guests but even that i had to drag them to wait for me for my rehearsal T___T #badhost.

i received good news and bad news. and today, a sad one. my dear colleague (who is under my supervision) submitted her resignation letter to me and my heart sank T____T i know she felt bad that she felt she has not live up her promises she’ll stay long with us. but if there’s nothing she could do to not leave, there surely nothing i could do too. i wish nothing but the best for her in Perth. sigh~~~~ i am still feeling very down after i got the letter T___T so i dunno what else to update.

i’ll definitely gonna miss her soon.

one more month.

this feeling of losing sucks!!



November 1, 2011

Hong Kong

this was 2007.

HK skylines from the Avenue Of Stars

this trip has the fewest photos from a trip EVER by me.

SO UNLIKE ME at all.

reason is I LOST MY CAMERA during the trip. T_____T



when you cant capture them in picture

keep them safe in your heart

they sometimes appear more vividly that way when shared with a good company….

me with Fei

be blessed, peeps!


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