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August 22, 2011

Monday Musings

i have tonnes of things to write up but today this is the best sentence to describe me. “the heart is full of desire but the willpower is weak” dang!! i know, excuses much right?!

this morning i woke up with tears in my eyes. i had a sad dream. a very very sad dream. i dreamed of someone in the family died. of cancer. and i still can recall the heartache that i felt in the dream. oh my….. how REAL it was. i mean the sharp pain my chest. it’s not about the person being dead but of how i will never see the person anymore, of how i have so much love to share with the person but couldnt anymore T_____T AND of how the people around treated me after that. oh yeah! i remember in the dream, of all the things that hurt me so much was when people complained about the taste of my chicken soup. totally incoherent with the death but that chicken soup was a legacy the person who has died left behind FOR ME. so mocking it is like mocking the person i love. yes. all this happened only the dreams. including this one, i have dreamed 2 persons in the family died. i cried in my dream too T_____T that was very long time ago though. haihhhh….. but people said if you dream about a person died, the person will have long life. i pray for their long lives. and this is my 3rd time woke up with tears due to sad dream. the second time was about a brown poodle (like i ever have one *roll eyes*). no it didnt die. but we had to leave it behind when we have to move home. it has to be left behind cos we really really couldnt bring it along (dunno move to where oso) so it sat by our gate with its sad puppy eyes and started chasing after our car when we moved T_______T just thinking about the dream make me teary….. cos it was truly truly a heartbreaking moment that i actually woken up hearing my own sob. what do u know?! *wipe tears* so those are the three times i ever cried in my dream and woken up with tears or sobbed. now my question is, have you ever have dream sooooo sad that u really cried? share your story la….

ANYWAAAAAAY…..sad dream aside, as i have mentioned in my previous post, i am currently working on my Vietnam trip photos and here is a sneak peek! 🙂

from sapa, hanoi with love!

be blessed, peeps!


November 16, 2009

of dream and baby bump

u knew already that i am dirt broke, right. cos i keep honking about it and even slaved myself to beg for cash in the previous post. so due to that i only afford to eat 2 paos (buns) for my lunch. one char sew pao and one butter milk pao with self made iced milo. hmmm… my iced milo isnt the typical iced milo that u ordered at the kopitiam which is with milk. my own iced milo is milo-o-peng. ‘o’ means without milk. now you know. and my iced milo isnt smooth like the teh tarik with bubbles either. my iced milo is one with some milo powder blots floating on top. cos i forgot to stir after i poured the hot water and put the 6 ice cubes in straight way T__T but i love it nevertheless. the dark ‘choclatey’ blotches actually taste very good when the dry part crushed in your tongue. hmm… yummy! 😀

ok. i had a weird dream last night. not weird exactly but i just cant believe that it could appear in my dream. that’s all. hmm… u want to know what is it? nah…


Shootsacs! arent they fabulous? if they appeared in my dream means that i really need it without i even realise it, right? errr... december?! *hint hint nudge nudge*

i dreamed about Shootsac!! LOL!! my goodness. i forgot about the details of the dream. all i remember is there was a guy. a pro-photog. and he was an ang moh talking to me about photography stuff and showing off his shootsac to me. haha!! i am not even up to a quarter-pro (i made that word so that u know i am far far away from even a semi-pro) photog. why do i even need this hor? cali!! eeee… but arent they the coolest invention for real photogs out there. so convenient. can i want this?! can i add this to my ‘really really really want‘ list?! *wink wink*

ok, since a post is so uncool without a picture. especially on a monday. here’s a sneak peek for my next photo blog but dunno when will that be. i just love to ferment my photo sets. kekeke… might as well call my photos ‘fermented photos’. KNS!!

DSC_0457 copy

this is what they called SOOC (straight out of camera). really. i surprised myself too. zero editing for this one except for the watermark. since i dun swear, i PROMISE!!

be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and learn to live with it

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