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January 27, 2011

Double Blur Cases

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i have exactly 28 minutes before i hit the pillow. ya. i’ve set the time for me to go to sleep so that i have at least six hours of good rest before a whole restless day of meeting tomorrow. btw i’m in kk now. yes. i was here last weekend too. i guess kk is getting sick of me keep coming so it rained and spoiled my high hope to go to the island today *sob* before i boarded the flight this afternoon i was imagining myself lying on the beach (under a tree) with my book and a coconut fruit by my side while sneakily people-watching especially the hunky ones :p but as i reached, the rain ruined everything. it also killed my mood to shop. so i tried to take a nap but couldnt because my bb kept on alerting me with incoming notifications….. which were mostly useless ones.

that’s when the first blur case started.

bored while waiting for the boss to arrive. i wanted to hang my meeting attire and to my horror — what the heck??!!! my luggage pad lock?! it was fine. but i brought the wrong set of keys!!!! how can i open my luggage???!!! *panic* >.< but then i thought to myself 'it's ok, i'll try to crack it open by myself later. i used to successfully cracked one before with my hair clips. it should be easy.' ceh! so confident! but after struggling nearly an hour i gave up and called the hotel technical personnels for help who came and cracked it open within only one minute!!! ngeng!! kalau tau tadi baik call awal2 mau juga tunjuk terer. ceh!

we went to the Philipines market which is just a walking distance away to buy me a three-chained-kebaya-brooches. after walking up and down the many stalls and rows of selling almost the same things and after much bargain i got a set that would match perfectly for my 2 kebaya(s). our dinner was the infamous bak kut teh in gaya street. sheeshh!! my friend has advised us to go before 7.30pm so that we could get seats. we arrived exactly thirty minutes earlier but the place was already full with hungry customers. lot’s of people stood by the many occupied tables to book their seats. mesti kah? but my my…. were we lucky or God just knew how hungry we were?! we went in and we got our seats right away because the customers at the table that’s nearest to us had just finished and went off. so apa lagi?! we sat. looked at each other in disbelief and questioned each other ‘are we really this lucky?’. the boss said ‘dont question. just be thankful to God that we dont have to wait’ lol!! we walked back to our hotel and passed by vedablu ice creams downstairs.

and that’s when the second blur case occurred.

right after the boss left. i succumb to the temptation of that sinfully creamy and mouth watery vedablu ice cream. i just have to have it or i will die! seriously. so i went down and ordered a 2-scoops in chocolate almond waffle basket. since it is impossible to have stone cold ice cream that i craved the other day vedablu is the nearest to look like one to satisfy my half fulfilled craving. at least 100x better than McD (but that one was a totally different story because it was the person who treated that matters most :p) so at the cashier, my ice cream cost me RM11.60. this is where it got interesting or more correctly – embarrassing. in my wallet my friend, has only one,( satu, yi, sebuleng, ji, yat) RM1 note!!!! ONE!!! the cashier looked at me blankly. i looked back at her blankly (but with a red hot face). then we both burst out laughing!! LOL!!! i asked her to charge the other customers while i SOS for help. the boss came down for rescue. phew!!!! and i can has my freaking expensive ice cream and dont have to die!!

sorry for this boring entry.

here’s a photo of the legendary bak kut teh.

bak kut teh legend... haha!!

and that irresistable ice cream that had me went through such embarrassing moment. siapa suruh manga?!

just looking at it make me fat but i still want some more. how this?! T__T

Happy Thursday and be blessed, peeps!!


January 26, 2011

Melbourne: the shrubs, the flowers and everything greens

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i was fascinated with plants, roadside shrubs, ferns, trees and flowers that i saw during my trip. so here goes nothing.

first up collection from the Great Ocean Road.







these are at the Royal Botanical Garden.




now on to the wineries….


after the rain.... i love the smell of the wet earth blended with the grass....


simply sweet~~

hope you all like them as much i do. i mean the flora.

Happy Tuesday!!

be blessed, peeps!

January 25, 2011

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

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unexpected shocking revelation caught me off guard today from a brave sms. i felt my face burning with shame, fury and disbelief reading every single words. goosebumps at the back of neck remained for a little bit longer while my hands shook with rage and iced cold. i proceeded replying. i never apologise though. because it has never been my fault. i dont know what to think now. and in time like this the only thing that’s on my mind is to run. i wanna run 10 rounds today. no. make it 50. or maybe 100. until i could shake it all off my head and the knowledge of it which i (we) know is impossible as long as i (we) live. anger rushed through me. disappointment creeped in me. like fo’real? when will this feud ever end?! i just dont understand. and it broke my heart to see, to hear and worst yet to be in the middle of the whole thing that i wonder what else could it be next. i’m tired. i’m ashamed. of all of us. of all the lack of good example these people set for us. and when i am disappointed i want to just go. far away. ironically i was homesick these few days and that feeling evaporated together with those fume i released. perhaps, i eject because i expect too much and hope for perfection which we all know doesnt exist. sometimes it occurs to me that the better solution is to stay and fight, but i’m always too scared to voice my opinion on my own. chicken! i hide and cower in fear because people can talk so much and scratch u so hard, whether consciously or not. word – be very careful and afraid of it. because once a wrong ones uttered and misunderstood and cut a heart, the scar stays forever. and false tales will be repeated on and on until the day u die. the truth is, i just want my loved ones around. i want to be back in that comfortable space in this world where it is just me, and them, and our love. there, we are in a time and place where there is no need to fear each other. where it is safe to steal a chicken wing out of ones plate when they arent looking.

i just want a happy escape with those who are closest to my heart. not just real family but along the bloodlines. is that too much to ask?!

why make such a big fuss about it all of you?!!


“If anyone says, “I love God,” yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen.” ~ I John 4:20

be blessed, peeps!!

January 24, 2011

Monday Musings

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because it is monday and i can feel that my next coming posts will gonna be full of photos.


i am supposed to be at the botanical garden now for my daily jog but sadly it’s raining!!!!!!! *cries* i want my daily jog….. huhuhu….. TT_____TT *tantrum*


had another fun roadtrip to kk over the weekends with good companies. met up and camped together with cousin fiona and her colleague. all we did were eat. sightseeing. eat. eat. and eat some more. that’s why i am so frustrated now that i cant go for my jog *emo max* and for the record, i did not buy anything during this trip!! i surprised myself!!! wow!!


and i admit that kebaya is just not for me T___T it hates me!! huhuhu….. really. not the other way round. i think, maybe i’ll pair it with jeans or a three quarter pants instead of the sarong to make it looks more ME. tak boleh jadi betul!! but we’ll see…..


american idol. aahh!! other than j.lo being such a babe (i adore her makeups and styles) i am totally smitten with the odd-but-magnetic-sexay steven tyler!!! *glee*


i revisited some of my old posts the other day. (ya i read my own blog i dont have life you have problem with that?!) one of my protected emo and jiwang entry caught me. i wrote “overlooking the view outside i was staring at nothingness…. is missing someone really this hurtful? oh how i almost forgotten how it feels….” wow!! i must be really jiwang with a capital J at that point :p and fyi, i wrote that on a flight. fragments of familiar tingling of absence unfurls before me these days. i miss some people i almost cannot contain it i just wanna break down and hide in corner and act dont care but actually care T____T and really?! why is it so hard?!


as much as i craved for cold stone ice cream which is impossible to get in malaysia i am satisfied to just to substitued it with McD’s cornetto’s sundae with chocolate flavour. because the person who treated that matters 🙂


and i have a very severe chappy lips now that it hurts so much when i smile sometimes it bleeds. T_____T HELP!!

Happy Monday & be blessed, peeps!!

The Great Ocean Road Adventure

behold. giant (photo) post ahead.

i think no melbourne trip will be complete if you dont go for this great trip along the coastal drives. departing from melbourne city, passed the cute, serene little villages along the way and stop for a little stroll along the pristine sandy beaches at every lookout. for photo enthusiasts, the majestic views along the way will definitely blow your shutter!!

we were greeted with this beautiful sunny day!


whithered maple leaves right after the winter.

#2 this was taken from inside the coach hence the shadow of the windows T____T

a cute church


~country road.... take me home...~


Bells Beach - Home to World Surfing Championships


breathtaking, isnt it?! wanna surf?! :p


our coach of the day

and this is the ever friendly coach captain.


meet Mr. David 🙂 he is uber cool!!

#8 owh… dont forget the big entrace arch….


very quaint houses up the hill

we stopped at a very cute peaceful village called Angelsea….



sun. sand. sea


more sand... :p

then we reached Cape Patton Lookout.

#13 Cape Patton Lookout

one of the beautiful lookouts along the coastal

where you can see this stunning view….


this one somehow reminds me of bali.... i dunno why....


i could lie under those tree and read my book all day long.... any day...

and suddenly the cloud thickened and darkened T____T the weather was so unpredictable!!

#16 Apollo Bay.

and as we continued, the sun reappeared and showered the earth with its beautiful rays of light. i was a happy girl (with a big ass camera)!!


and i thought i could only see this in travel magazines!! (taken from a moving coach *sigh*)

and FINALLY!!! hold. your. breath. NOW.


The Twelve Apostles!!!

eeeeekk!!!! (ok, that’s just me! being sakai as ever T___T)

and i cannot resist to interframed :p who cares how weird i looked with that freshly cut fringe T___T


reminder: do not cut your fringe before a holiday!!!! T____T disaster!!

fun fact: the spectacular Twelve Apostles are a formation of limestone rock stack that rises dramatically from the Southern Ocean. They are named as such just for tourism purposes because there are actually only nine stacks of them. you can wiki more for info :p

you can also opt for a helicopter flight over Twelve Apostles. i didnt go for that because i’ve been on a helicopter many times and for free *lansi* and because i didnt want to spend extra AU$76 for a 15-20mins for that.

#20 The Loch Ard Approach. be swept away by the romantic and tragic story of two survivors aboard The Loch Ard. This is where they were swept and hide at the gorge before help came.

The Loch Ard

#21 from a higher point of view.


one of the gorge

meet The Razorback!!


because it has sharp edges and bumps along its back caused by wind blown spray.

i love the following photo the most that day. simply because i did well with the backlit photo :p yeye!!


my boss! :p

then we reached our final stop. a cute little village called Port Campbell.


The London Bridge. what is it doing down under??!! >.<

yeah. a broken bridge. too bad. that’s the remnants of it after the arch collapsed into the sea in 1990.

and one last beach shot during sunset.


port camble at sunset

and meet the youngest passenger in our coach of the day from india.


hello there, young man!!

am because i am simply vain!!


don't hate :p

be blessed, peeps!!

January 17, 2011

Monday Musings

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i am still suffering from the hang over of the sudden and overnight dramatic hike of my readers statistic since my Melbourne in Black & White post has been promoted or featured on Freshly Pressed by WordPress.com last weekend. my blackberry alert went off non-stop after that notifying me all the incoming comments. i’m stoked by all the warm and encouraging comments. really. they were just way too good for me as i am actually not even a pro! i am trying my best to reply each and every one of them *determined*. please if you are a returning reader, i appreciate ALL of them. gosh!! i feel like a rock star that i almost wear my ripped jeans and my black leather jacket to work today. yeah. that’s how the impact does to me. awesome!!


instead of jonah i finally shared a topic on submission to the authorities yesterday with the youth group. i left my notes or the verses that should be in the topic at home (myy) and those whom i’ve sms for s.o.s didnt reply my plea. thank God! i used to blog about it some times ago HERE so there. and for the first time i’m glad i’ve ever blogged about it. berguna juga di saat2 genting.


i am still overwhelmed by the overwhelming comments. my heart goes lalalala at every words everytime i read new incoming comments. ya. i cannot stop myself from yapping about it all the time. u wanna sue me?!


JJ from hitz.fm dropped me a comment on my 2010, in my heart post today. Oh! it made my day!!!


glee!! they make my world go round and round. i. cannot. wait!!!


and here is a sneak peek for my next entry. a majority favourite!

The Puffing Billy!! the legendary steam train.

happy monday and be blessed, peeps!!

January 16, 2011

Aku Tak Biasa

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buat pertama kalinya saya (ok nak guna aku atau saya? saya saja lah) memblog dalam bahasa melayu. kerana saya orang malaysia dan bahasa melayu adalah bahasa rasmi negara. dan kerana saya merasa sangat teruja akan sesuatu sehingga saya tidak sanggup hendak mengongsikannya dengan dunia. malu nanti dikatakan syok sendiri atau perasan atau lebih menyedihkan disimpatikan (mana2 suka hati saya suka letak imbuhan lah). sebelum itu saya akan cuba menulis dengan sebaku-baku yang boleh kerana itu yang telah diajar oleh guru bahasa melayu saya dahulu. saya bersimpati dengan pembaca-pembaca yang tidak faham akan masukan saya kali ini tetapi itu lah tujuannya.

baiklah. sebenarnya saya telah mengalami satu kejutan yang boleh dikira agak besar bagi diri saya sejak dari semalam lagi. nak tau?! semalam, masukan blog saya yang bertajuk melbourne dalam hitam putih telah dijadikan salah satu blog yang dipaparkan dalam freshly pressed bagi wordpress.com dalam kategori blog fotografi. sejurus dengan itu statistik pembaca atau pengunjung blog saya yang tak seberapa ini tiba-tiba melonjak naik ke langit!! daripada pembaca yang tak pernah mencecah seratus orang jadi ribuan. ohkambingku!! (terjemahan langsung dpd ohmygoat!) aku tak biasa….. telefon bimbit pintar blackberry saya tidak henti-henti memberi notifikasi kemasukan komen-komen atau subkripsi pembaca dari serata dunia. sungguh hebat kuasa promosi kan? komen-komen yang diberi sungguh baik sekali. sungguh memberi semangat sehingga saya merasa seperti tidak layak pula. aduhai…. gambar-gambar saya itu tidaklah seberapa pun. dan untuk pengetahuan anda post tersebut adalah satu masukan yang malas dan merupakan jalan pintas untuk kisah melbourne saya yang masih terperam di dalam folder ‘going places‘ saya. tak lama lagi boleh jadi pekasam.

namun demikian, saya merasa sangat teruja dan gembira akan perkembangan ini. saya hargai setiap komen yang telah diberikan. izinkan saya perasan sekejap. saya merasa seperti seorang superstar!! haha!! zaaaaaaaaaaaap!! kembali kepada realiti. ok. mungkin angka statistik saya ini tak seberapa pun jika dibandingkan dgn blogger2 terkenal malah mungkin ada yang berkata baru saja naik statistik sikit sudah riuh sekampung macam ayam betina yang baru dpat telur sedozen (sebab itu lah saya berkeputusan menulis dalam bahasa melayu) tetapi bagi saya adalah sesuatu yang sungguh tidak disangka. aku tak biasa….

saya tidak pasti sekiranya pembaca2 yang tidak faham bahasa melayu ini akan kekal mengunjungi setelah membaca masukan ini tetapi tak mengapa. pujian di dunia memang tidak kekal. yang kekal adalah kasih Tuhan yang sempurna (tiba2). oleh itu, bersyukurlah dalam segala hal. segala sesuatu indah pada waktuNya.

“Ia membuat segala sesuatu indah pada waktunya, bahkan Ia memberikan kekekalan dalam hati mereka. Tetapi manusia tidak dapat menyelami pekerjaan yang dilakukan Allah dari awal sampai akhir” – Pengkhotbah 3:11

ini adalah kali yang pertama dan saya harap yang terakhir saya menggunakan bahasa melayu di blog ini. saya merasa bangga kerana dapat menghabiskan blog ini dalam bahasa melayu walaupun ada perkataan-perkataan inggeris yang tidak dapat saya terjemahkan langsung dan mungkin ada kesalahan tatabahasa dan kekurangan kata-kata peribahasa atau kiasan. tetapi itu tidak mengapa kerana ini bukan ujian karangan bahasa melayu spm dan cikgu amelia tidak akan membaca blog ini.

terima kasih kerana melayan.

be blessed, peeps!

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January 15, 2011

A Shy Hello

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as i try counting sheep to lull myself to sleep at this earliest minute of the day i want to remember that i’ve watched school of rock which totally rocked my world.

and that my heart flustered, sores with delight because we have met…..

so, hello again! love the haircut.

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January 14, 2011

Melbourne in Black & White

because it is one of my favourite kind of photography.

and it is the easiest way to steal time. so i’ll just post some colourless photos of melbourne for your viewing pleasure while i get busy with the rest of it ok.

#1 i like the feel of the movement. i was very sakai.

from a moving coach

#2 david jones was just opposite the hotel. shopping was so convenient :p

through my window

#3 pristine sandy beaches along The Great Ocean Road.

one of the lookout along The Great Ocean Road trip.

#4 a little village called anglesea.

#5 the twelve apostles.

the magnificient twelve apostles

#6 melbourne city. the best city road design in the world. i fell totally in love with their…. roads!

melbourne city

#7 and always give way for the trams.

#8 this one is one of my fav. shrine of remembrance.


#9 flinder’s street station.

meet me under the clock!

#10 the forum theatre. impressive building.

#11 happy children on the puffing billy. the legendary steam train.

i love!

#12 couldnt resist this. they were fellow malaysian.

one for the album 🙂

#13 quaint looking chandeliers at the ferguson winery.

creative much!

#14 barrels and barrels of wines.


#16 domain chandon winery. the best winery that we’ve visited.

spectecular view of the winery.

#17 last but not least. let’s toast for a marvellous year ahead. cheers!!

remember the name.

be blessed, peeps!!

January 13, 2011

Thursday Random and Resolutions

or maybe not.

i just picked up my altered cheongsam that i got myself from my recent trip. the new cutting was good. fitted to hug my entire body just the way I wanted. but argghh!!!! the slits!! the slits were too high up that when i move just a little too fast those pervert can see my panty and my buttcheeks playing peek-a-boo. eeeeekkk!! i’m so 200% sure that The Mother and The BF will definitely screw or even pin me up on the wall for this. iskh!! will need to return back to that chinese aunty to make it decent enough to be worn out. The BF asked what’s the cheongsam for. i said to be worn during this coming cny *laugh* and he said ‘crazy! even chinese dont wear that during cny. orang bukan cina pula yang sibuk mau pakai‘ i said ‘waaaat eberrrrr!!’ hhphh!!

i hardly get myself to have a decent breakfast these days. so i get hungry early so i have to take lunch. yesterday for what like after half a year (yes i am very committed with my diet ok even though i’ve shed all the unwanted kgs i still carry on with it) not taking lunch during working days i finally went out and tapao-ed lunch in my awesome tupperware lunch box! screw those white polystyrene la. you should too! (i shall blog about this to raise awareness… hmmm….) save the earth because it’s the only planet that has chocolate and cheese! so, i felt so weird eating my lunch on a Wednesday @.@

spontaneous. that’s a new addition of the many adjectives to describe me from now on. or at least at work. i dunno why but i like :p spontaneous….. Ok, new realisation.

i am still clueless of what to share for this coming sunday youth gathering T___T or should i talk about jonah?! not the jonah brothers ok.

i am one of those chickens. who is afraid of disappointment and rejection. it takes me a mountain of courage to call or sms someone (even close friends and family) to ask them out even just for a simple breakfast for fear they will say no. i am afraid to try new menu on that McD menu lists for fear i wont like the new taste and wasted my ringgits on it. so i always stick to ordering double cheese burger set. since forever. (that’s why i stick to one man for so many years too. kns! tak tanya pun) so in short i dare not take risk!! although in some situations where i challenged myself (have to) and shut my eyes through it. so this year, one of my resolutions is to take risk! to do things out of my comfort zone because when you sit too comfy in that familiar place you tend to get lazy and turn into a frog. (kidding!) what i mean is that you tend to plateau and you couldn’t see what’s on the other side even on tip toe. so yeah, let’s take risks together but remember to analyse the hazards too with your JHA. wt(fish)!! Tiba-tiba.

hmmm, i hesistate to type these but wth just get it over with lah. so here are the things i wanna make sure i accomplish this year…. no. they are not resolutions. *denial*

1. to not skip my tithe. (i skipped 3 months last year and i felt terrible!! blame it on the relocation i got confused where to put them so i took advantage :p pls dont follow me.)
2. maintain my weight. (ceh! mesti juga….)
3. complete my holi-year. (excited!)
4. to be less a procrastinator. (this habit have to stop already!)
5. manage my financial to last me the whole year. (tithe!)
6. to be less emo and control my temper. (fingers crossed)
7. plan and organise things with patience. (this is crucial this year!)
8. travel solo. (i want!)
9. to blog more often.
10. to take risks.

that’s it for me. what’s yours? tell me. i’d like to know. so i tag YOU! :p

“Maybe who we are isn’t so much about what we do, but rather what we’re capable of when we least expect it.” — Jodi Picoult (My Sister’s Keeper)

be blessed, peeps!

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