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January 30, 2012



when you enter another decade of your life how did you cope with it? i’m happy but i’m also a little bit confuse and…. in denial. kns! i have resisted and refrained to make a big fuss about it but part of me have waited so long to blog about it. this phase. this transition of age group. today, a month and four days of being in the 25-30 or sometimes 30-35 age group i finally decided to shake off the delusional issue of being forever 25+. blame it on CNY. during friends gathering i’m the only unmarried girl in the group T___T (KS doesnt count cos he is a guy) my girlfriends are either married, with kids or expecting babies (one popping out next month on Valentine’s Day! woot!) and seeing them worrying and take their child as main consideration every single time before making any decision made me worry too O.O” now who’s the boss already? the parents or the kids?! *confuse* my friends’ children calling me ‘aunty’ and worst, just 3 days ago my cousin brother got married at the age of 23!!! i will always remember he said to my cousin sister (who is also married) ‘i cannot wait for kak ong, who ask her dont want to marry? so i kawen first lah’ LOL!!! made me realized how ‘old’ i am and how left behind i am in the relationship department although i can say that mine stand the test of time and distance the longest! what is wrong with me?! sigh!! that’s that. the end. ok next.

but good thing is i am still eligible to receive ang pow!! muahahahahahaaa!!! so anyway, all is well. i’m not complaining much la just that you know it sometimes get into you and you get emo semacam.

so since it’s the 30th day of the year, imma blog about the 30 things i did in the span of one year of my 29 until the day i turned 30 last month (which is last year). brace yourself.

1. my 29th bithday was celebrated with a surprise cake from my youth group friends during their visit to our christmas open house (also on my birthday) before i leave for Taipei the next day.

friends and family πŸ˜€

2. went to Taiwan with my bestie, Scarlet who was 5 months preggie that time. count down and celebrated new year 2011 at Taipei 101 and then visited the Taipei Flora Expo.

Taiwan 100 years anniversary ROC 2011 New Year countdown.

Taipei Flora Expo 2011

3. visited Hualien and met fellow Mirian in our tour group.


the two dudes are fellow Mirian and a mother-daughter team from Sg.

4. family trip to Manila in Feb. and our house got broken into T___T

jeepney!! only in The Philippines.

5. passed the test of eating ‘Balut’. it tastes surprisingly good. can join Fear Factor Challenge already.

6. went for a relaxing gateway to Bali with Jane in March.

in Ubud

7. got my Giraffes (finally!) from Ubud and made new friend with a friendly local girl called Nami.

bought a family of girrafes. not the ducks ok :p

new friend πŸ™‚

8. went for a long awaited trip to Vietnam with Jane in April.

typical morning activity in Hanoi.

9. traveled on a sleeping cabin on a train ride for the first time and trekked a total of 10 hours in Sapa, Hanoi.

sharing cabin with a friendly French couple.

Sapa, Hanoi. where you'll still see the natives wearing their traditional costumes everyday.

10. stayed in a junk for the first time at Ha Long Bay!

11. mesmerized by the breathtakingly beautiful Ha Long Bay!

Ha Long Bay

12. Chu Chi Tunnels at Ho Chi Minch.

13. went for a workover job for the first time on Trident 16 rig. of all the site jobs that are assign to us, workover job will be the last type of job that will be given to me because it is a tough job. tough means 24 hours on standby :p usually the guys will be given priority to go for it first. but that time was a desperate case where all engineers were unavailable due to heavy work schedule so no choice i had to go!! T___T but actually i was fine with it just that i had to miss my Osaka flight!!!! horror i tell you!! thank goodness i was flying MAS and with the help of high ranking insider i managed to change my date where MASHoliday is not eligible to do so initially. Phew!! ok where was i? owh…. Trident 16!

rig's helideck

14. went to Osaka and be a kid again at Universal Studio Japan. whee!!

Universal Studio Japan!! πŸ˜€

15. visit to Osaka will not complete if you dont visit Kyoto. stayed at a ryokan. the japanese traditional bedroom. and also stayed in a mix dorm for the first time. and it is so clean that its toilet almost had me a heart attack!

ryokan πŸ™‚

aiya!!! i actually wanted to upload a video of the toilet that nearly made me to experience heart attack but dunno why here cannot support AVI?! how ah??

16. turned into a geisha and visited the Kiyomizu temple.

fake geisha :p

Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto

17. attended my 1st wedding of the year – my cousin Melissa’s in June.

their wedding theme colour was green hence the green apple as favors πŸ™‚

18. went to Chiang Mai with Jane (again) in July and had a thrilling experience of Flights of The Gibbons.

i think that's Jane there. the ziplines is so long that you cannot wait to reach to the other end. a whole new experience of flying though the canopies.

19. visited the White Temple of Chiang Rai.

Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai

20. had to returned a day earlier to Malaysia from Thailand due to work purposes – attend ISORD 2011. which also turned out to be a part leisure part training trip at Langkawi. the last time i was there was 16 years ago.

21. just one day after returning from Langkawi, i packed my bag again for Perhentian Island. this time with a group of friends. both the bf’s and mine πŸ™‚

little olsen and me floating πŸ™‚ happy day!

22. my gf got married!! to a Korean guy!! now i really really cannot say ‘she also not yet ma…. why rush?’ the usual excuse when people ask The Question 😑

cmee + martin.

23. went to Phuket with cousin and my 2 other girls πŸ™‚ was a truly inspiring and blessed trip this one.

the bottom right photo with our 2 funny entertainer onboard our cruise. suddenly our guide and waiter turned into 'wonder girls' and 'gloria gaynor'. LOL!!LOL!!! l

24. Organized a fund raising dinner with a Rock-ish theme. but it was a super stressful one it can be the down-est moment in my whole 2011.

handmade paper weight made of rock and my cousin came all the way from miri to support πŸ™‚

25. joined the church for outreach ministry to Trusan Laut. was treated 1st class hospitality. we were spoiled by so much yummy local food!!!!!!

26. attended more friends’ wedding. *yawn*

27. went for an impromptu trip to Sg. visited USS and Marina Bay Sands this time.

my 2nd universal studio in a year o.O

one of my bucket list!! to do rock climbing. of all the places i have to do it in USS. posing with my cert and my young instructor πŸ™‚

Rain Oculus at Marina Bay Sands and chocolate lover ;p

28. became official photographer for D&G’s wedding. yay!

their album.

29. Christmas in Lawas at grandparents’. first time driving long distance alone and it wasnt that bad at all.

30. Climbed and reached the peak of Mount Kinabalu on my 30th Birthday!!! win!!!

bottom right is my team member. but only three managed to reach to peak (top left). yay. us!

i made it!!!!! happy birthday to me πŸ˜€

may you have a blessed day, friends!



August 8, 2011

Dear Cookie

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there were times when i totally forgotten about this special day although a week or even a month before it i was ecstatic about it and reminded self countless-ly to make the effort to call at midnight. such time was like this time. you called to say good night last night but i was too excited telling you the disturbing exorcism story happened earlier on next door (interesting story will tell other time) until… wait for it… my phone (the one that i used talking to you) vibrated furiously and when i looked at the message, OH NO!!! it’s your birthday!! and it’s midnight already!! ok, so in between scary ghost story i wished you ‘Happy Birthday’. isnt it exciting having me as your gf? *bates eye-lashes* *sayang*

i’m trying to be romantic and all with this post but i think i fail miserably in that department lah ok. so do you!! we are such a boring couple, dont you think so?! but at least the most romantic act i’ve ever did for your birthday was a surprise birthday last year which makes everyone happy πŸ˜€ and this year you were too busy to utilize your present that it went burnt, so booyah!! so i win 2-0.

i’m sorry i’ve lashed you with hard words even on your birthday. you still have time to reconsider everything kns. i’m serious. *serious look* but still i’ll pray that you’ll have a great day today, and may our good God continue to pour His blessing upon you as He guides you in His path for you in your life. you have been one of the wonderful person that God has put in my life that i would never want to trade with anyone else. though we’ve stumbled rocky path that hurts our sole (ok we dont wear footwear in this metaphor) but with His guidance love will find a way…..

these two photos from Ip4 shall remind me of how blessed i am when i am with you…..

#1 in soul searching….

#2 and especially in gastronomical bliss….

Happy Birthday!!


August 9, 2009

of smiley face and sugary donuts

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i know i shouldnt write things too personal here. especially about this person who shared a decade of my over a quarter of century of life. i errm… wasnt prepare to reveal anything about the thing called relationship openly here and i was literally warned not to. but this time i wanna let loose a little. they said, ‘follow all the rules, you’ll miss half the fun?’ ceh… ceh… only applies on this case ok. boys and girls dont hold to that motto please… please…

i dont remember when was the last time we actually had a proper birthday celebration together. i mean, with cake, candles, on the spot gifts et cetera… it was either we were far apart or we just couldnt squeeze a time to be around on the occasion. the peril of being in a LDR!! there might be once or twice that we managed to be in flesh to celebrate together but they were just too few that they went unnumbered by my absent mind! why am i like this?! T_T but i do like the hearty phone calls on every birthdays though and talking bout the type of present we were expecting, especially what I expected πŸ™‚ talking about present, at the same time i dreaded the idea of gift hunting for him. i remember the three quater pants that i gave but he thought that it was given by the Bro all the while. KNS!! i remember the t-shirts that i gave but just to find out he seldom wear them. KNS!! i remember he wanted an aviator shades, bought it as a gift but just to find out that he never once use it. KNS!! KNS!! T_T and since then, i chose to directly ask what he wants lest i waste for things that he dislikes. and it was a common thing that we didnt receive any gift on the actual day. presents were always on hold and delayed T_T

so i hurriedly ordered everything that were on my mind upon arrival from the outstation before commuting another long hour journey to his place. i paused for a couple of minutes to think of what to ‘write’ on the marble cheesecake. all i could think of was a warm smiley face. i wanted a smiley face on his cake!! cos that was what i saw when i thought of him at that very moment. or should i say his chicky smirk?! and that signature laugh!! Heck, someone even wrote this on his fb wall β€œhappy birthday! miss ur laugh… hahahahahahahahahaaa….” ppl missed his laugh!! but how am i supposed to put that on the cake? ask the person to draw a laughing Popeye?! I immediately shoved that thought far far away….. he is not a Popeye and i am definitely not Olive. (apa kaitan?) and that’s how i knew him. that chicky smirk and a rowdy laugh.

then i ordered something that could rise the adrenaline level high high up. Big Apple donuts certainly can do that!! i just hope that none of us will be an addition to the diabetic statistic.

so to The Boyfriend, i may not good at birthday presents but the smiley face certainly represent how much it means to me whenever you flash that assurance smile. and that’s all that matters today. That silly smirk that you gave me today is still the same smirk you gave me many years ago. and about the sugary donuts i just dunno how they fit in here but then again, isnt that sound familiar? It’s just me being me…. random!

the real thing was….

‘sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey’


that was all i wanted to say…

and eventhough 24 hours have passed, let me just say it again…..



(aihhh… the smiley face was too mini and the marble cheesecake had be a hideous one T_T)

-anyway, much love and God bless-

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