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November 25, 2009


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i’ll be away till the week end for this…..



a wedding in penang!! YAY!!!


i like themed wedding. YAY! but i dun have anything gold worr... T__T nvm, i'll get along with it 🙂


i like this soft yet stern reminder!! ahhh... knowing malaysian....

tata!! *wink*

be blessed, ppl!


November 22, 2009

PoPo, pls come home….

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it has been five long days.
huhuhuhu….. where are you?

we all knew that this day will come
as male cat can never stay forever at one home T__T
but we just never expect that it can be this soon…

for you who dont know you may click here for more info about PoPo.

and how can i not have his photos? so here goes….


artsy attempt with PoPo :p


his signature blue eyes *missing....* T_T


PoPo in his his element.... shy!! ya, my cat is a shy male cat :p

have you seen a drunk cat?! here’s one.


drunk!! usual scene you see whenever he returns from his long night out. but this time he never returns home T_T

*back to emo mood*

dear PoPo, we miss you so much
so pls come home…
come home…

be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

November 20, 2009

Honey….., Say My Name….. Correctly.

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Be warned: long crappy boring random fact about ME

nothing is more appropriate to introduce yourself with the most important part of your identity, your own name! but in my case it needs more than just ‘hi, my name is Leanor Valerie’ *shakes hands* to first getting to know me. and i know at the back of your head you are struggling to repeat the first name and some of you might think ‘u sure u spell it correctly? in case u forgot the ‘E’?’ geddit? geddit? Eleanor? *cry*

you might also think ‘but Leanor (i know u are still struggling to decide how to pronounce this), why on earth would I want to know about your name?’ big deal, it has been quite a debacle my whole entire life. so much so, I used to despised my own name. literally. especially my first name. i know it seems simple enough, only six letter words, but nope, it’s been butchered all the time….. T_T

ok, let me repeat again, my name is Leanor Valerie Anyi. and as i just typed it they’ll always that red wavy underline under Leanor and Anyi. which is so irritating! and u know that they aren’t a common word in the dictionary. I don’t mind Anyi, cos that’s just my dad’s and it shows my identity as a kayan. but if in your head you pronounced it as Le-nor and A(as in ABC)-Nyee, you said it wrong! it’s lee-ah-nor vae-le-ree ah-nyee. so you can imagine my pure hatred as a young kid at school for always have to correct the sound until i really too tired of it i just let it be ‘le-no’ up to high school. so i’m known as ‘le-no’ as in the direct selling brand Leno among my school frens up till now T__T

throughout my school years i blamed The Mother for such weird uncommon name. how can she named me like that? without the ‘E’? T_T ohya, The Mother is funny too. she named me Leanor, right? but up till primary two she still wrote Eleanor on my exercise books while the whole school called me with my ‘mandarin’ name which was totally different. so pls imagine the confuse kid i was. seesh! then when i was in primary three and smart enough to know things. i finally realised the correct spelling. T_T it is without an ‘E’ in the birth cert and report card!

of course like any other over k-po kid, i asked The Mother how she got the name. (yes, a big deal for me ok! i haven’t meet anyone with the same name yet) she told me she got them from a book she read. a christian novel something like that. the main character’s name was actually Eleanor but she purposely dropped the ‘E‘ to make it special cos Eleanor is too common she said. hisk! ‘tak special pun, it sounds so weird and tak best!‘ i grumbled in my heart. i asked where’s the book and she just pointed lazily towards the book shelves and i assumed it was from a book that has a cute girl with a family on the cover. but i was too young to read such thick book then so i promised to read it when i’m big enough and can read english :p

years later during one of my sem break, i did read the book (which i assumed it was), but sadly there wasnt any Leanor / Eleanor and Valerie in it at all. teii!! must be from another book. sigh!

undeterred, i asked The Mother where’s the book yesterday. and she grumpily said it has been borrowed by a friend and never returned. sigh! and you know what’s the novel title? ‘Not My Will’ *fainted* why?! is it really not the book’s will to let me read it? T_T

but i did found both names in one of my john grisham’s collection though. and of course it was Eleanor not Leanor. KNS!

during college, i heard ppl said it’s a very unique name cos they never heard of it. and that made me a little proud *smug* (The Mother’s objective achieved!)

in uni, i thought to change my name. i planned to tell ppl my name is Eleanor. cos i like the sound of it better. Haha!! but i guess i forgotten so i still stick with the same one. but as predicted, most went, ‘excuse me?! any shorter or easy way to call you?!’ i know they meant the quirky first name. so i just told them they can go ahead call me Valerie. it stuck ever since throughout my whole campus life till now 🙂 at least Valerie is a common name. see. no red wavy underline :p

now, ppl still raise their eye brows whenever they hear my first name and contemplate which name to call me. but at least now most of them pronounce it correctly. i still haven’t meet or heard anybody else with the same name but have met Eleanor and Eleanora. *sigh* and we had a good laugh about our names.

along the way, i have so many names / nicks that ppl call me with. when i gathered all of them. it amused even myself! but i’ve get used to them already. here are all of them;
1) Leanor (read as Le-No, most of my friends from primary to high school)
2) Leanor (read as Lee-ann-nor, for some enlightened ppl eg: teachers :p)
3) Valerie (mostly my uni frens and ppl i meet during job)
4) Val (short form of valerie)
5) Lee Na (ok this is the direct sound from my mandarin name that my standard one teacher gave me T_T KNS! jauh panggang dari api from the actual one)
6) Ong (for ppl very very close)
7) Ba-Ong (KNS! my siblings sometimes call me this, sengaja wan!)
8 ) Kak-Ong (for the younger wans)
9) Ong Che-che (for my Chinese cousins)
10) Ung (short-form of Bah-ung in kayan which means, girl)
11) Ung Anyi (haha! this one funny yet very common for kayan where they’ll call you together with ur dad’s name which means you are ur father’s daughter! Eg: Ung Ngau, Ung Wan, Ung Jok. haha!)
12) Ping (my kayan name that never been use, my grandma even forgot that she ever gave me that already T_T)
13) Mu’ (girl, in lun bawang usually used by my grandma)
14) Neng (also means girl in lun bawang. called only by imelda and tim. lol!)
15) Liv (haha! this doesnt count la, my Farm Town name for Livan after i played the ‘what is ur kayan name?’ quiz :p)
16) Leanorval (for commercial purpose of this blog and photography. I even dream that this name would make a household brand! LOL! ok i allow u to puke but pls find a bucket! well, a girl can always dream, right?!)
17) Miaw (my pet cat calls me this. KNS! cos it’s the only language he knows. ok lame joke.)

so since my name is so ‘unique’ i tried to google it. see what KNS will come out. Whoa! it came out with the weirdest thing! a slimming product which has been banned! LOL! (lame thing i do when i’m bored)

but then it also came out in this site;


hmmm… my name actually means compassion or light. proved that the name does exist despite not being popular.

then a few scroll down, i found my name in this site;

Malaysian Journal of Analytical Science, Vol. 9, No. 3 (2005)

wah!! my final year thesis!! compiled together with the rest of selected ones. hahaa! although it’s in bahasa melayu (it’s a requirement) but at least i’ve been featured in such intellectual way!! LOL!! worth all the restless long hour journey to the case study location and sleepless nights and smelly lab and the butterflies during viva presentation aey!

and apparently, i am the only person with the name exist on facebook. teiii….

i can say that i am rather proud with my unpopular name now. i’ll get pissed off when ppl spell it wrongly. now i treat my name as my very treasured possession. cos God calls us by name!!

Hello! *waives* have i bored to sleep?! sorry T_T and last but not least more about my name in err… pixels form.


an old book of baby names i bought few years ago during POPULAR sales. bought this just for fun since it was 70% discount together with my four John Grishams. ^^ another purpose is to find my own name and my ahem.... for my future 1st daughter's name :p


there!! can u see ME? at the very bottom sitting alone. sadly i couldnt find the bb girl's name that i want for my future 1st daughter T_T


my boss gave this to me from her trip to The UK. she said she couldnt find my first name. i understand boss, i really do.

oh btw, the description on the pen gift box is very true 🙂

be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

November 18, 2009

Petrus & Jatai: Baby Bump

when i first knew about their confirmed relationship a year ago i almost lost my eyesight due to the eyeballs popped out from their sockets with springs (and returned safely) even though the relationship was brief but it lead them straight to the wedding arch, marched, solemnised, and pufff!! in front of the happy witnesses and most importantly in front of our God, they were pronouced as a legal husband and wife. oh, have i mentioned that yours truly was the wedding coordinator?! a clumsy one. i admit.

and when jatai told us girls about the confirmed good news of a little bump is goin to appear soon at her belly. we were ecstatic! YAY!! another church baby to bite kiss and squeeze!! can’t wait.

she’d booked a date for her maternity studio photoshoot. but since it is goin to be her alone (without petrus) so she insisted to have a session with me with the husband around. at home. the best place for a family to document their memories.

err… actually, i initiated the session. just wanna try something i never tried before. baby bump session! cause i love babies. even though they are still in fetus stage :p so let’s see some of the outcome.



cactuses around the house 🙂


hot mama in the house


sweet mama in the house!


classic mama in the house!





then we decided to goof around. hehehe…. dunno who will deliver first :p
hello! meet daddy's tummy bump! LOL!




i didnt know why he acted like that. nervous daddy-to-be?


sexy mama in the house!

then they changed into another outfit. yellow! so bright. so contradicted with the weather that time which was raining cats and dogs that we had to cancel going outdoor T__T


rock mama in the house! ok, ok i am getting tired with all these mama in the house caption liao so i'll stop




at her 7th month

last but not least, another black and white. it was so dark that day due to rain. so the most that we can do for ‘outdoor’ was just outside of their apartment unit at the staircase. just outside the door. so it counts as outdoor oso lah kan?! :p and the funny thing was we had to hold our breath there cos the staircase was stained with cats poo!! or to make it sounds grossier, bau taik kucing!! KNS! T___T


thanks for the fun session, u guys. also thanks for believing me in everything the two of you has entrusted me to do. i hope to photograph the bb once he’s out. yes. they’ve scanned. it’s a boy! and we were too chatty we discussed bout the baby’s name over our cup of tea and stuffing our mouths with kuih-muih. at the same time. Pet, i love the name Ethan. heeeee~~ :p

ohya, talking bout names. i might as well blog a bout name soon 🙂


*whisper* “bb, pls hang in there and come out after 10th ok. let ur mummy join us in Princess Nite 3 so spare me to take over her task. so she can enjoy herself. pls… pls… good boy….”

be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

November 16, 2009

of dream and baby bump

u knew already that i am dirt broke, right. cos i keep honking about it and even slaved myself to beg for cash in the previous post. so due to that i only afford to eat 2 paos (buns) for my lunch. one char sew pao and one butter milk pao with self made iced milo. hmmm… my iced milo isnt the typical iced milo that u ordered at the kopitiam which is with milk. my own iced milo is milo-o-peng. ‘o’ means without milk. now you know. and my iced milo isnt smooth like the teh tarik with bubbles either. my iced milo is one with some milo powder blots floating on top. cos i forgot to stir after i poured the hot water and put the 6 ice cubes in straight way T__T but i love it nevertheless. the dark ‘choclatey’ blotches actually taste very good when the dry part crushed in your tongue. hmm… yummy! 😀

ok. i had a weird dream last night. not weird exactly but i just cant believe that it could appear in my dream. that’s all. hmm… u want to know what is it? nah…


Shootsacs! arent they fabulous? if they appeared in my dream means that i really need it without i even realise it, right? errr... december?! *hint hint nudge nudge*

i dreamed about Shootsac!! LOL!! my goodness. i forgot about the details of the dream. all i remember is there was a guy. a pro-photog. and he was an ang moh talking to me about photography stuff and showing off his shootsac to me. haha!! i am not even up to a quarter-pro (i made that word so that u know i am far far away from even a semi-pro) photog. why do i even need this hor? cali!! eeee… but arent they the coolest invention for real photogs out there. so convenient. can i want this?! can i add this to my ‘really really really want‘ list?! *wink wink*

ok, since a post is so uncool without a picture. especially on a monday. here’s a sneak peek for my next photo blog but dunno when will that be. i just love to ferment my photo sets. kekeke… might as well call my photos ‘fermented photos’. KNS!!

DSC_0457 copy

this is what they called SOOC (straight out of camera). really. i surprised myself too. zero editing for this one except for the watermark. since i dun swear, i PROMISE!!

be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and learn to live with it

November 14, 2009

a post on a Saturday morning in November (my goodness! so tacky!)

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remember when we play the ‘torture game’ on a chinese wedding we always asked the groom to sign an agreement some sort of vows that says ‘your money is my money, my money is always my money’? hehe… some kind of women’s self proclaimed policy that i myself didnt know its origin but they said it’s in us women!! KNS!! ok la, admit!

then the other day as i lounged myself as a couch potato watching some singapore chinese drama, i learned something that’s related to the above. ‘our husband’s money is to buy the things that we really need / want, whilst our money is to buy things that we don’t actually need!!’ LOL!!!!! what a revelation!!

but come to think of it, it makes sense in many different ways. it doesnt apply only on the husbands. it applies on everyone generally. let’s say, on some friend’s house warming occasion, we buy the things that they need. for some bold person (like me) we might go to the extend to ask them what are the things they really need or lack. and they will tell you and let you buy it so that they can buy things that they ‘don’t’ actually need eg: 60″ plasma tv!! (what they want their children to wear 2 inch think of glasses izzit?)

and then there’s birthday, we usually wish ppl will give us things that we really need and want. so that we save our own money to buy things that we don’t really need. hmmm.. now talking bout birthday, ppl are starting to talk about my birthday already. why? it is still 43 days away…. but since u like to talk about it so here are a list of things i really really really need:

1. two pairs of new tires for my humble car. yes. seriously!! i’m risking my life for even driving it around like nothing’s wrong.
2. CASH pls!! pls!! to last me till christmas or new year or cny or gawai or the whole year of 2010. i’m totally broke now that my bank account balance look so pitiful it is so near to zero *teary eyes* i’m eating grass now T__T
3. a SB flash for labo.
4. a new fan for the room, pls.
5. a celcom broadband. no dont want streamyx cos i travel constantly. dial up sucks big time u know especially when u need to tend ur farms on FB. heeeeee…

k lah, nonsense rants end. but the above list is still valid ok.

but i did received an early present two weeks ago. thing that i really really really wanted since eons where i first saw it on the oprah show like 4 or 5 years ago. but was too kiam / kedekut / stingy to buy it on my own and rather waited for the price to drop drop drop until it cannot drop anymore. finally someone who is tired of me constantly chirping about it just bought it and shoved it to me. eheheheeee…. it’s the most wanted bday gift of the year!!! and that person is none other that The Boyfriend la! will display once all the mess end. yahoooo!!!! no, not telling wat it is just yet. it’s a high-tech thing for a sakai girl like me! actually not really high-tech oso but it’s cool!! ^^

alright, till my next post (dunno when will that be :p)

be blessed, ppl!!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

November 13, 2009

No Deal!

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i am running out of title so i just use the title of today’s daily bread.
the daily bread booklet used to be my guidance during my daily devotion.
which i am shamelessly declaring now that a routine i’ve missed for so long now T__T
i dunno why. let just say laziness wins everytime!!

It is written, “man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY word of God.” Luke 4:4
this message seems so appropriate today.

God knows what’s in my heart atm.
it is a jumble of stress and depression.
i can’t wait for all this mess to end.
really. pls!

just came back from the corporate prayer meeting.
one sharing touched my heart.

the three generations.

oh Lord, forgive us for sinning against our elderly, the authority above us, the GENERATION BEFORE US. forgive us for not obeying and honoring them the way we should and should have been.

oh Lord, forgive us for sinning against our CURRENT GENERATION. forgive us for not caring about the things going around us. for not loving enough. for not taking chances. for taking things for granted. for letting our own friends slip away T__T

oh Lord, forgive us for sinning against our FUTURE GENERATION that we do not set the excellent examples for the young ones. for not creating legacy to last for generations.

dear Lord, forgive us. forgive ME.

be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

November 12, 2009

Noel ♥ Scarlet : Wedding [03.10.09]

owhh… how do i ever start about my darling’s wedding? when i post my shoutout ‘away for my darling’s wedding’ on FB some ppl commented that ‘if it’s ur darling, who’s the bride?!’ LOL!! that’s how we roll, ppl! and i’m so glad and happy that my darling finally found her man 😀 *big wet eyes*

it was a surprise when i first found out noel is actually an ex-ukm-er too. and was in the same faculty as us. us are me and scarlet. no, there was never a noel guy ever mentioned among us back in the uni. well, that’s maybe between the two of them and that just goes to show that we didnt share too many secret between us which is normal 🙂 let’s see if they are wiling to share their story here *winks*

until i finally met noel for the first time that i saw it. the giddiness in her each time he touches her. the loving sparkles of her ever mesmerizing eyes glint each time he talks to her. the random hugs and kissess from him while walking to the parking lot. it just goes to show that their love for each other was too much to handle that it overflowed to ppl around them in small tiny little invinsible heart shapes sparkles in the air. their love is the modern type of love that shames away old-fashion cynical glances.

i wasnt the official photog of the wedding. but they both asked me to bring along labo to capture some of the night before shots. i was actually assigned as the main bride’s maid. my goodness! did i spoiled the wedding or what?! I CAN NEVER BE A GOOD BRIDE’S MAID!!! i was supposed to help the bride with preparing a lot of things but i didn’t do half of it! if there is a bride’s maid practical exam, i think i’ve flunked my paper!! T__T u knew already that i never use the hand fan from the previous post, right?! that’s not only it. i didnt help to lift the my bride’s gown too!! o_O and and a bride’s maid suppose to let the bride sleep well and wake her up in the morning, right?! gosh!! it was scarlet who has to wake me up in the morning!!! on her wedding day. @_@ huhuhuhu….. sorry darling, told u that i’m bad at this lor.. T__T

k lah, let’s see photos 😀


blog_scarlet & noel's3

cute stuff!


blog_scarlet & noel's2

almost a zoo... LOL!!


DSC_0089 copy

tradition: a bride's hair will be brushed by the mother and while doing so also saying words of wisdom for each stroke.


DSC_0082 copy



DSC_0152 copy



blog_scarlet & noel's4

make up


DSC_0220 copy



blog_scarlet & noel's9

one of the wedding process i love ~ make up session!! heeee....


blog_scarlet & noel's5

while the bride was being dolled up, the 'sisters' or bride's maids in red did our thangs~~


DSC_0266 copy

one last touch on the veil


DSC_0279 copy b&w



DSC_0289 copy

the 1st 'torture game' hahaha.... they groom's entourage had to wear disposable undies and write heartful letters on them with lipstick and then strike a yoga pose before granted entrance. with 'ang pows' as entrance fee, of course! and we were bunch of happy 'ji muis' 😀


blog_scarlet & noel's6

another 'torture game' they must eat all the spicy (wasabi swiss rolls), bitter (young bittergourd), sour (raw lemon) and sweet (honey in baby bottles) things being served before the next task... 😀


DSC_0325 copy

his cinderella


DSC_0357 copy

tea ceremony....


DSC_0371 copy



blog_scarlet & noel's10



blog_scarlet & noel's7

the 'ji muis' selecting 'ji mui's' photos of the couples


DSC_0402 copy

the groom finally brought the bride home!!


DSC_0422 copy



DSC_0511 copy

love this!!

now, let’s move on to the dinner reception. held at The Courtyard Garden, KL, buffet style. the place was cozy and romanticly decorated. i love!


blog_scarlet & noel's

dinner reception at Courtyard Garden


blog_scarlet & noel's1

some details...


blog_scarlet & noel's11

just to show how 'muhibbah' was the wedding 🙂


DSC_0313 copy

i know it's out of focus but i really love the feel of it. look at how happy she was.... ahhww!!! *watery eyes*


DSC_0311 copy

old friends


DSC_0733 copy

the blue team 'ji muis' 😀 owh, we both manned the reception ok very hardworking wan!!


DSC_0737 copy

i know this one's blur and i dunno why it was b&w but i dont care, i like... hnnhh!!!

i stayed overnight at fei’s place after the reception. i didnt want to be a k-po stayin at the newly wedded couple’s place eventhough they all (noel’s mummy included) insisted me to just stay with them.


blog_scarlet & noel's12

fei & alvin (see u 2 in Jan! i bought my tix but only one way :p still waiting for cheap tix ^^) me & fei (i must take)

and the next day, fei ‘returned’ me back to noel and scarlet in good hand. lol! then we had to meet up with scarlet’s family TO GET MY MAKE-UP BAG because i was catching my flight back and her family were going to Genting!! KNS!! why do i always have to trouble ppl wan?! *cries of shameness* TT____TT aunty, uncle, so sorry horr… T_T and since they were all there i took the opportunity to take a casual family photo of them 😀


DSC_0364 (2) copy

parents, siblings, sons-in-laws... 🙂

ok let me tell u a funny story. actually it was only scarlet’s dad. yes. he is a man full of humour. when i asked them to arrange themselves in pairs with respective partners, apparently bernard (scarlet’s bro) has no one to partner with. out of a sudden scarlet’s dad said, ‘he partner with valerie lor…!!’ and everyone laughed their head out for 10978 seconds while i fainted (in my head). so this is how it went at the end. bernard as the centre of attraction. LOL!!


DSC_0361 copy

love this!

then we stopped over at the house for a while because noel wanted to transfer all the photos that i’ve taken to his laptop. and while waiting for the process this was what i did.


DSC_0407 (2) copy

i played around with their wedding bands. aihh... i know so not original!


DSC_0395 copy copy

haaa!! this lady giraffe has ear rings!! enough original liao eh?! 😀 i've thought of this since the first time i saw the giraffes family long time ago and YAY!!

that’s it.

to darling scarlet, i’m so very happy for u finally found ur man. ur love. it was a joy to witness. really. 😀
to noel, she’s all yours now. handle with care, you! ohya, thanks for letting me sleep with her whenever i’m around while u have to camp on the couch T___T

to both of you, thanks for giving me the opportunity to play around with labo on the day even though i was supposed to take care of the bride. i just hope that my takes would add up to the unseen ‘nook and cranny’ that eugune might missed *cewah, so eksyen!* thanks for the ever special company whenever i’m there. here’s a toast *iced orange syrup in milo mug* to many many years of love and blessings as you sail together as husband and wife. gorgeous husband and wife.


i live to learn and i learn to live with it

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