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February 21, 2011

Monday Musings

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10.19p.m. and i am still at the office. rushing for datelines. oh my. it has been so long since i last do this kind of work and frankly i kinda enjoy it sometimes. and i thank God for FRIEND!! a good friend is here who is kind enough to accompany me. actually it’s more than i begged and dragged him to. he’s watching the tv and he’ll kill me if he see me updating this blog instead of working so i better be fast :p

a memory of a long time friend slip into my mind last night. a friendship now that shamefully more just as acquaintance these days. time and geography changed us. slowly robbed away our heart towards each other. or maybe it’s just me. but there’s more to it. there are too many layers of surfaces before i could reach that once a very comforting feelings of being together. whenever i try to peel each of it i cant seem to reach the bottom of it. not even the center of it. i reminisce our days back then. one fine night always come to mind in clear vivid scene.

it’s your hand…. knowing my pain, my scarred young heart that wasnt used to such turmoil, you hold my hands. we walked hand in hand in the twilight without looking at each other but in firm grips. silence. we pretended to ignore the horrid situation until you said “hey, it’s ok to cry u know. if you want to. you’ll feel better if you just cry it out.” and my tears dropped rapidly even before you finish the sentence. maybe you heard my silent sobs although i’ve tried hard not to release any sound. without looking at each other you knew…. and that my dear friend i miss the most about you….. a real friend who doesnt need to be told that she / he is needed when hard times struck. a friend who pretended not to care on the outside as you want to but care enough on the inside to just hold your hands and understand. dear friend, i know you dont read my blog but i wish you and family well. now and forever be blessed.

so thank God for friends….

be blessed, peeps!


August 20, 2010

My First Formal Learning Experience

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would definitely be my 1st primary school. unlike most other kids who attended kindies during their early years, i on the other hand was probably climbing up a guava tree somewhere or was swimming in the mud or played cooking with tapioca leaves in a luncheon meat tin. or probably TheParents forgot that they have a child that needed early education. or they were just plain clueless about the whole early edu things. or perhaps they love me too much that they want to see me grow and learn things right in front of their eyes. afterall i was their only child then. whatever the reasons. i too had no idea that there was a place called kindergarten then. so kesian.

so when the time finally came that i was going to enter school. i was NERVOUS beyond a 6 y.o kid could imagine. (ok, i was the youngest in my class cos i was borned almost at the end of the year so i was still 6 the whole year of my primary 1) i remember The Parents were clumsy too. they bought a 120 pages lines exercise books for me. what can a primary one kid fill in a 120 pages exercise books anyway? T___T and then there was another major problem. The Parents were sending me to a chinese school!!! CHINESE FREAKING SCHOOL!! WHY OH WHY??!! T___T and chinese school doesnt need the lines exercise books!! they use square-chinese-character-writing-exersice book!! and a triple-lines-exercise book for alphabets. and i later knew the reason was that the school was the nearest school to our house. KNS!! and the plan was that i would walk to school T___T

so the 1st week was a challenge. not to me. but to my dad!! LOL!! cos i wouldnt stop crying….. hehehe…. and he couldnt go to work because of me. i was never being introduced to such a system, remember?! so i was petrified. my dad would send me to school with his motorbike and made sure i entered the classroom. my dad literally sat together with me in my class for the first 2 days *shy* and on consequence days he sat outside the classroom with my eyes never left sight of him for fear he would leave. i remember the funny part was every time my dad stood up wanted to sneak away for work i would stood up too. in the classroom. and he just had to sit back again. haha!! until one day the headmaster walked by and saw my dad (the only parent left) and just asked my dad to leave….. u bet! u cried!!!! and the headmaster, Mr. Wong had to come and assured me that my dad just need a leak and will come back soon. and that would be after school T___T

there are so many things i wanna tell about my experience in my 1st school. the fact that i’ve been asked for money from my classmates every recess. so kesian mangsa bully T___T of me being among the stupid groups. Group E. i remember i got no. 29 in class!! haha!! of course i never knew what that means. i probably even thought that the bigger the number the better / the smarter! and gradually moved to Group B because i got few As in my exam. and i still never bother what that means. and my dad’s attempt in teaching me read mandarin with the ‘pin ying’ just to find out that they sounded totally different from what the teachers taught the next day. that went on until primary two. by that time i spoke fluent mandarin *proud* and i slowly showed potential intelligence *shameless*

but i left the school for a year during my primary three to another school in lawas but i returned again for primary four. and since then opportunities flew to me. i wasnt a sporty type but i gradually excelled in academics, in class and other activities that involved being in front of ppl (be it story telling, public speaking or dancing for sport day) thanks to my relentless teachers who believed in me i had my chance to represent the school till the national level. from this school i had my 1st time to board the 737 Boeing to west malaysia. sakai. Mdm. Katrina (thanks for the continual support and gifts i will always remember you, i wish u well T__T), Mdm. Tie (thanks for believing in me and for giving me chance to tutor ur kids although they are already very smart), Mdm. Molly (for your support), Mr. Lei (for your confidence in me and all the props.. hehe), Mr. Su (for being a strict and no joke class teacher) THANK YOU!!

i had my many sweet and victorious memories in this school. i have friends for life from this school (we still flock together whenever we have a chance) i scored better grades than the actual cina. only me and TheFisrtBrother went to this school. the other two siblings went to another chinese school. and we soon fast to be grateful for The Parents for sending us to such schools that have somehow molded us to be what we are today.

few months ago like after a million years later i revisit my very 1st school. SRJK Sg. Jaong. together with labo i reminisced all the memories that i had there. lots of things have changed. for the better. many have had facelift but there are also things that remained the same.


san shan xue xiao


of course 1st thing 1st, my classroom.... hehe... too bad i couldnt go upstairs due to the grills even the staircases now has grills.


the teachers office. there wasnt any door grill during my years....


notice board and display... hey... we didnt have glass notice board last time!!


this one used to be my classroom too... 4B


ahhh... lessons

as i wandered around i saw this old man (i think the care taker of the school) drawing some murals on the walls.


my chinese calendar year animal character 🙂

with labo in hand (big ass dslr) he thought that i was from some newspapers or magazines reporter doing some local coverage. LOL!!~~ i said no but i guess he just didnt believe me. he still thought i was a reporter. T__T


see.... he even pose for me... LOL!! and asked me whether he look ok with the pose... haha!!


the same old toilets.... i used to be so scared to go to the toilet. i guess it's just a girl thing... must go toilet together...


this is nostalgic!! place where we brush our teeth at the end of recces... but last time we didnt have all these water tapes... we filled the pails and share with the whole class T___T



classrooms... and look at the narrow field. it used to be a wide field but now half of it has turned into a building T__T


wah!! nowadays they even use LCD projector!!! but then again we didnt even have a telephone then.... :p




oowwwhhh.... pantun!! lama tak berpantun 🙂

and finally as we drove away due to it started to rain, we passed by this….. our canteen!!!! hehehe….. still the same old one. even the colour never change….


there are two canteens. one the blue. and the other one is the the white building but that one i hear no longer operating.... and it was drizzeling when i took this pic from inside the car.

last but not least. again.

proud to be a small part of you....

so that’s my 1st ever formal learning centre that in big and small ways has prepared me for what i am today. so as many successful others now. my school may be small but it has give quite an impact to me. i will forever be grateful and proud of it. what about you and your school?! tell. i’d love to hear ur story too 🙂

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

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