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January 11, 2011

Celebration of Love

in 2010.

through my lense.

u know. i love the word l.o.v.e. because in between of it are my initials. i know this is lame but that’s the truth. and among many things i like to scribble the heart shape stands number one on the list. and then a flower. and then a house with a coconut tree by the side. and where was i? oh yeah. i love love! it is timeless. and as much as love the word, the essence of it, i took pride to witness how it is celebrated. by couples that are madly in love that they sealed it with together-ness. forever.

so today i’m going to share with you the joy of witnessing love through my lense. some were taken just because i have labo. some were official. but however it was i was glad glad glad to be part of their celebration of love in their lives.

fei & alvin in Jan 2010.


tradition is vital. it's a legacy.


fei is the one and only child of her parents. can u feel what's written on her face now?!


that intimate moment right after the morning ceremony. sweet like candy.


custom made by her own cousin. surely with love..... i'm jeaolous :p

josephine & alan in Feb 2010


her 'something blue' was the dress itself.


we were waiting for cue to go down this time until the phone rang and we rushed down. this shot will always remind me the situation that night.



irene & jeff in June 2010


i came late for the prep session but i love this ring shot.


i seldom manage to snap a pastor holding the ring so this is rare.


a father daughter shot. if you see clearly you can see irene's glassy eyes *touchy touchy*


to remind me wedding isnt easy. they were still bombared with table arrangement up till they were about to march in for reception *sweat*

fiona & alex in October 2010 (i was the wedding coordinator that time i took photos whenever i had the chance)


it was a teary vow. yeah. meet my watertank cousin.


saying 'Thank You' to parents can be very emotional really. even my 8 y.o cousin almost teared when she watched this.

vivian & vincent in November 2010.


priceless expression. he must eat all the raw chillies before granted entry by the mastermind. the lady at the background.


another emotional departure. vivian is the only daughter so.


in love all over again. i know i'm cheesy cos i like to eat cheese.

Ema & Moris in December 2010 ( i played the role of a bride’s maid this time so there’s only i can manage)


a symbolic act by the couple. the gold fishes were reunited after being separated during their engagement. just like they were bonded for life now.

nelly & beng in december 2010


beautiful artwork i must say.


i like that all the joy of the situation are here. beng trying to read mandarin. his three lady friends giving him the support. and the compact camera that's recording his nervousness.

my fav of their set! ahh... how i love cheese :p

so those are some of my favs from weddings that i’ve attended, OP-ed, coordinated and bride’s-maid-ed last year.

i have nothing but a world of best wishes raise up to the moon and back to all of them. i love every one of you beautiful couples and you guys have made my 2010 a wonderful year for me to remember and reminds me of doing thing you are passionate about is just so worthwhile. maybe next time i’ll shoot your young ones. *hint hint* i love babies….. :p God bless!!

be blessed, peeps!


November 12, 2009

Noel β™₯ Scarlet : Wedding [03.10.09]

owhh… how do i ever start about my darling’s wedding? when i post my shoutout ‘away for my darling’s wedding’ on FB some ppl commented that ‘if it’s ur darling, who’s the bride?!’ LOL!! that’s how we roll, ppl! and i’m so glad and happy that my darling finally found her man πŸ˜€ *big wet eyes*

it was a surprise when i first found out noel is actually an ex-ukm-er too. and was in the same faculty as us. us are me and scarlet. no, there was never a noel guy ever mentioned among us back in the uni. well, that’s maybe between the two of them and that just goes to show that we didnt share too many secret between us which is normal πŸ™‚ let’s see if they are wiling to share their story here *winks*

until i finally met noel for the first time that i saw it. the giddiness in her each time he touches her. the loving sparkles of her ever mesmerizing eyes glint each time he talks to her. the random hugs and kissess from him while walking to the parking lot. it just goes to show that their love for each other was too much to handle that it overflowed to ppl around them in small tiny little invinsible heart shapes sparkles in the air. their love is the modern type of love that shames away old-fashion cynical glances.

i wasnt the official photog of the wedding. but they both asked me to bring along labo to capture some of the night before shots. i was actually assigned as the main bride’s maid. my goodness! did i spoiled the wedding or what?! I CAN NEVER BE A GOOD BRIDE’S MAID!!! i was supposed to help the bride with preparing a lot of things but i didn’t do half of it! if there is a bride’s maid practical exam, i think i’ve flunked my paper!! T__T u knew already that i never use the hand fan from the previous post, right?! that’s not only it. i didnt help to lift the my bride’s gown too!! o_O and and a bride’s maid suppose to let the bride sleep well and wake her up in the morning, right?! gosh!! it was scarlet who has to wake me up in the morning!!! on her wedding day. @_@ huhuhuhu….. sorry darling, told u that i’m bad at this lor.. T__T

k lah, let’s see photos πŸ˜€


blog_scarlet & noel's3

cute stuff!


blog_scarlet & noel's2

almost a zoo... LOL!!


DSC_0089 copy

tradition: a bride's hair will be brushed by the mother and while doing so also saying words of wisdom for each stroke.


DSC_0082 copy



DSC_0152 copy



blog_scarlet & noel's4

make up


DSC_0220 copy



blog_scarlet & noel's9

one of the wedding process i love ~ make up session!! heeee....


blog_scarlet & noel's5

while the bride was being dolled up, the 'sisters' or bride's maids in red did our thangs~~


DSC_0266 copy

one last touch on the veil


DSC_0279 copy b&w



DSC_0289 copy

the 1st 'torture game' hahaha.... they groom's entourage had to wear disposable undies and write heartful letters on them with lipstick and then strike a yoga pose before granted entrance. with 'ang pows' as entrance fee, of course! and we were bunch of happy 'ji muis' πŸ˜€


blog_scarlet & noel's6

another 'torture game' they must eat all the spicy (wasabi swiss rolls), bitter (young bittergourd), sour (raw lemon) and sweet (honey in baby bottles) things being served before the next task... πŸ˜€


DSC_0325 copy

his cinderella


DSC_0357 copy

tea ceremony....


DSC_0371 copy



blog_scarlet & noel's10



blog_scarlet & noel's7

the 'ji muis' selecting 'ji mui's' photos of the couples


DSC_0402 copy

the groom finally brought the bride home!!


DSC_0422 copy



DSC_0511 copy

love this!!

now, let’s move on to the dinner reception. held at The Courtyard Garden, KL, buffet style. the place was cozy and romanticly decorated. i love!


blog_scarlet & noel's

dinner reception at Courtyard Garden


blog_scarlet & noel's1

some details...


blog_scarlet & noel's11

just to show how 'muhibbah' was the wedding πŸ™‚


DSC_0313 copy

i know it's out of focus but i really love the feel of it. look at how happy she was.... ahhww!!! *watery eyes*


DSC_0311 copy

old friends


DSC_0733 copy

the blue team 'ji muis' πŸ˜€ owh, we both manned the reception ok very hardworking wan!!


DSC_0737 copy

i know this one's blur and i dunno why it was b&w but i dont care, i like... hnnhh!!!

i stayed overnight at fei’s place after the reception. i didnt want to be a k-po stayin at the newly wedded couple’s place eventhough they all (noel’s mummy included) insisted me to just stay with them.


blog_scarlet & noel's12

fei & alvin (see u 2 in Jan! i bought my tix but only one way :p still waiting for cheap tix ^^) me & fei (i must take)

and the next day, fei ‘returned’ me back to noel and scarlet in good hand. lol! then we had to meet up with scarlet’s family TO GET MY MAKE-UP BAG because i was catching my flight back and her family were going to Genting!! KNS!! why do i always have to trouble ppl wan?! *cries of shameness* TT____TT aunty, uncle, so sorry horr… T_T and since they were all there i took the opportunity to take a casual family photo of them πŸ˜€


DSC_0364 (2) copy

parents, siblings, sons-in-laws... πŸ™‚

ok let me tell u a funny story. actually it was only scarlet’s dad. yes. he is a man full of humour. when i asked them to arrange themselves in pairs with respective partners, apparently bernard (scarlet’s bro) has no one to partner with. out of a sudden scarlet’s dad said, ‘he partner with valerie lor…!!’ and everyone laughed their head out for 10978 seconds while i fainted (in my head). so this is how it went at the end. bernard as the centre of attraction. LOL!!


DSC_0361 copy

love this!

then we stopped over at the house for a while because noel wanted to transfer all the photos that i’ve taken to his laptop. and while waiting for the process this was what i did.


DSC_0407 (2) copy

i played around with their wedding bands. aihh... i know so not original!


DSC_0395 copy copy

haaa!! this lady giraffe has ear rings!! enough original liao eh?! πŸ˜€ i've thought of this since the first time i saw the giraffes family long time ago and YAY!!

that’s it.

to darling scarlet, i’m so very happy for u finally found ur man. ur love. it was a joy to witness. really. πŸ˜€
to noel, she’s all yours now. handle with care, you! ohya, thanks for letting me sleep with her whenever i’m around while u have to camp on the couch T___T

to both of you, thanks for giving me the opportunity to play around with labo on the day even though i was supposed to take care of the bride. i just hope that my takes would add up to the unseen ‘nook and cranny’ that eugune might missed *cewah, so eksyen!* thanks for the ever special company whenever i’m there. here’s a toast *iced orange syrup in milo mug* to many many years of love and blessings as you sail together as husband and wife. gorgeous husband and wife.


i live to learn and i learn to live with it

February 9, 2009

just for the sake…… :p

Ehehe… yeah… i’m not a good blogger see… i’ve already mentioned that in my 1st entry so… here i am back as i like it :p

Bah… here are some updates:-

CNY – yeap! Obviously! It’s the golden ox year. but whatever! I x believe in animals. Wat more to expect them to give me gold :p and gold during this recession? Wat an irony. (oh well…. out of topic!) anyway, i still wanna wish β€˜happy belated niu year’ to all my Chinese frens out there. I like this time of the year for one particular reason though. FRIENDS MEET-UPS!! Hehe… some of them managed to come back this year. so we’ve arranged meet-ups activity as many times as possible. Same old crazy bunch of fishes! Peter came up with a sentence that reminded us how β€˜old’ we are already β€˜u think we are still 18 meh? That was 10 years ago lor…’ since that the line has been repeated deliberately to us ladies by the guy … hnhh!!! (pls be reminded my bday is still long way to go ok… :p)

chllin' out at halo cafe. ksiang was singing live.

chllin' out at halo cafe. ksiang was singing live.

die die wanna take photo oso... at the parking lot...

die die wanna take photo oso... at the parking lot...

ngabang time... at yii hong's

ngabang time... at yii hong's

of course we also visited bb catherine... yii hong & elaine are proud parents

of course we also visited bb catherine... yii hong & elaine are proud parents

from breakfast

from breakfast

to supper

to supper

black jack

black jack


and more group pix... :p

Wedding – an excuse for me to go up to marudi :p we had a wedding reception to attend. Our friend jasmine was tying the knot πŸ˜€ my 1st wedding reception of the year. i believe there are more to come. so CONGRATES JESMINE & ALEX!! May this beginning leads to an everlasting marriage as the two of you love each other more each day πŸ˜‰ (cheesy….)

CONGRATULATION alex & jesmine!

CONGRATULATION alex & jesmine!


of course! a shot with the newlyweds πŸ™‚

Landslide – for the longest i could remember this is the fisrt time i saw landslides in miri. twice in a week. two deceased in the 1st accident. I wont go into the details cos i believe the news has successfully fed us with all the juices. But to think about the grieves of the family is heart rending 😦



====the photos above are just the 2nd mishap no life was gone. thank God!=====

Flood – Sarawak banjir! Not the whole state lah…. But marudi is! So as lawas and many other affected areas up the baram rivers. And from what i heard from the news on traxx fm the water level is still increasing (yeah… marudi was mentioned on air allright! Haha!) here are some photos that i forced out of my informer…. hehe… well, pardon for the bad quality though cos i received all these via mms. Ahh… the wonderful thing called cameraphone!

instead of wheelers, boats have become the mode of transportation atm

instead of wheelers, boats have become the mode of transportation atm

instead of the wheelers, boats have become the mode of transportation

Photography – sly, my senior back in uni came to myy for some official meeting. But being a kind senior that he always been he brought along his gf to meet labo my love. We met up for dinner and did some casual photoshoot despite the bad weather. But on 2nd day we had to give up to mother nature as liquids started to drop from the sky. Iskh!! Nevertheless, sly managed to take some good photos of me clowning :p thanks sly for being patient with my very dense head on keeping up with all the technical. Thanks also for keeping your knuckles to yourself when you are so tempted to knock my head for not even familiar with my own camera :p i promise to make do with the manual. saya budak baru belajar…..Β  *straight face*

*photo taken by sly with my labo

*photo taken by sly with my labo

*photo taken by sly with his canon

*photo taken by sly with his canon

Me and work – still breathing and procrastinating….. hmmm… lalalala….







Ok lah… here are some of my lazy takes… really lazy…… i didn’t even bother for any post-processing….. lalalalala…..

ming's cafe special - tree layers milk tea with grass jelly

ming's cafe special - tree layers milk tea with grass jelly. eh WAIT!! this pic was taken by SLY!!! NOT me!! :p

very local vege - midin!!

very local vege - midin!! *this one by me :p*


and of course my lousy attempt to make sly look good against the city, sorry sly i failed 😦

till then peeps! cheerio!!

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