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March 14, 2011

Monday Musings

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blog owner update. i iz sick. boo!!!!! T_______T


i am actually uploading some photos up on fb and the uploading time takes forever so i decided to just add some random ramblings here as i wait while at the same time trying hard not to pull my hair as to think of what for dinner. hur…. hur… hur…. so what for dinner ah?!! any suggestion? i plan just to ‘ta pao’ tom yam soup and that’s it. i dunno whether that’s good for my weak and sick self at the moment but i lagi tak larat to cook for my own lor. sigh! screw normal sentence and grammar la (not that mine is any good) i am sick so i can write however i feel like now. kns. blame it on the rain.


ok. datuk lee chong wei won all england last night which i actually didnt watch. kns. was nursing my flu and migraine with self pity and lots of sleep by then. but before that i was out with a friend, tingang for jalan2 and next thing we knew malaysia double team lose and it was already 11p.m.


my heart goes for the recent japan tsunami victims and families T___T and then there was also warning that the effect would hit sabah and labuan so everyone is advised to stay away from the coast. i received sms and phone calls from some concern people who apparently keep me in their thought *touched* and thank God that we are fine.


i am going to the site tomorrow. it has been almost a year since i last wear my blue coveralls :p job would an easy task so i think i can handle it despite the boss advice me to go see the doctor earlier. i just hope that the heat wont melt me. that’s all. if i lose to the heat i’ll be doomed for another round of this pathetic sick condition. arrghhh!!! note to self, must take meds and have full rest tonight.


oh no this uploading really gonna take longer than i thought!! hmmm….. what else should i rant about?! my head is throbbing with pain and my body aches and my nose is trying its best to run away from me. aihhh….. i know i should stop now and start go ‘ta pao’ that freaking tom yam which is again not the best food to consume at this condition but the uploading is half way through now i just dont wanna discard it now i spent lots of time on them ok.


sigh! i’m sorry u have to endure all my nonsense up there. so here’s a sneak peek for what’s in store next. i hope.

dream mall roof top amusement park, kaohsiung, taiwan.

be blessed, peeps!!


March 10, 2011

I Have A Mission

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to accomplish my 2011 holiYEAR!!!

my 2011 holiday plan :p

i know. this wont look good at the HR department but i cannot help it. i have itchy feet!!!

Happy Thursday!!

March 8, 2011

Winter In My Heart

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it’s cold. i fear i might lost all my sense of feeling towards everything and anything. no there’s no snow. just cold. quiet. and somewhat a tint of sorrow. disappointment after disappointment. i am tired. i covet solitude. but where can i run?!

then i remember your heart. it’s warm. it is also here. close to mine. keeping me fuzzy inside out. i didnt mean to steal and keep it. i had it then. i have it now. i want to have it forever. please hold my hands. very tight.

winter. the season will pass.

love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, ENDURES ALL THINGS. ~ 1 Cor 13:17

be blessed, peeps!

March 7, 2011

Monday Musings

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and here comes monday. the day most people dread of the week. if only human could change colours like a chameleon i believe many have turn into the colour blue. like the people in Avatar. kns. and i am one of the blue people. today.

*cue for still got the blues song*



i went back home over the weekend. i burned a massive hole to my pocket T___T i just hope i wont end up eating grass by the end of the month. and talking about end of the month, i cannot wait for the day to come!!! i want my giraffes!!!


i wanted to clip my hair up one day because i didnt have a hairband so i asked The Boyfriend to find one around the house. he went searching around and returned with none and with a i-seriously-want-to-help look he asked “can you clip with those clothes pegs?” HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA!!! i replied in between laughter and teary eyes “hair clips are for hair. clothes pegs are for clothes!! ok?!” HAHAHAHAHAAA!! he turned away with a face like a tomato. then that evening my monthly red visited without warning so i wasnt prepared so i had to asked him to help me to buy sanitary pads. he returned with 2 packs of pantyliners instead!!! i refrained myself from laughing but HAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!!! he has to return and get the correct ones. my oh my……. guys with girl things!!


football update (suddenly) Liverpool redeemed their dignity over the defeat to West Ham last week by beating Man Utd. 3-1. yohooOOO!!!!


btw, my hair is ash brown now. and i’m going to the saloon after this for a good hair wash because i am lazy. why does laziness always win??!!! T____T

Happy Monday, peeps!

March 3, 2011

Abisadj + Abigail + Acho Prince: Just Cause

the sun was kind that day. it wasnt too hot yet the light and its ray cast upon the earth with such beautiful and yummy glow. they came all the way from kuching for our cousin’s wedding as the flower girls and one nuisance (the boy). since their arrival, our house has never been so noisy…. they can never stop talking. asked too many questions and played with all my makeups T.T i have promised them that i’ll bring them out for a photoshoot. a photoshoot. not shopping. and the eldest kept reminding me the playground in boulevard mall. i didnt promise for the latter. because as i mentioned i promised a photoshoot. they put on their attires but still not ready to go. one was still fixing the jigsaw puzzles from the night before. one was still excitedly trying to beat my score on my psp. and one kept reminding me to to boulevard. again i didnt want to bind any promises because a promise made with a kid is like a covenant (wth) that you can never ever break. so i chose the easiest answer. ‘we’ll see’ T__T at the same time i clicked on these pretties and i just discovered a potential Guess or GAP kids model. my very own cousins 🙂


you got it yee.... 🙂


dreams can come true....


bring it on girl!!!


polka dots layered skirt is the sexiest

and this is my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!


sexy legs....

then suddely Acho came to interframe after tired with his jigsaw puzzles x.X


"saya ialah kaya" his trademark now... lol!!

the one with the psp was still very busy…. haha!! so no photos of her….

then we proceeded to the nearby lake near the house.




sisters love like a girlfiriend 🙂


the kindest soul you could find in a kid


the ladies....


abisadj with mummy


abigail and mummy


acho prince with mummy


happy family 🙂


love that annoyed / tired / i'm-about-to-hit-you-with-my-stick-face of Acho... haha!!

and then acho really threw a tantrum that pissed us all we just feel like thrawing him into the lake…..


waterwork minta puji but still we heart him as much....


just look at her fringe. lol!!! the result of being a self-hairstylist....

since she missed out the earlier shot at home she has few redemption to make….


slurrp..... slurrrp...


abigail and the smiley bun 🙂


then my aunt wanted to wash her hair. we went to the saloon and it took so long that this was what the two girls did while waiting…..


so you think you can be a hair-stylist like her??!! oh i love my cousins 😀

and at the end we didnt go to boulevard much to their disappointment T____T

be blessed, peeps!

March 2, 2011

Because A Phone Call Is Just Not Enough

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the other night as i was sipping my hot milk by the pier overlooking the many boats docking at the harbour with robbie williams at the background i received a very unexpected call. the caller id was “T Mie”. that’s my youngest aunt. but as i said hello my heart leaped with joy upon hearing that chirpy voice….

all conversations were in mandarin sometimes with a mixture of bahasa melayu.

abisadj: ong che che…. how are you?! what are you doing?!! *ahhww…. my heart melt like butter on a hot pan*
me: good. kenapa kamu call ong che che ni?! mana mummy?! why do you simply use mummy’s phone to call?! *so unappreciative :p*

abisadj: i miss you lah. i am thinking of you so i call you lor…. *ahhwwww*
me: really? ok now let me call u back dont waste mummy’s credit or else…

so i called her back.

abisadj: why do you need to call me back? i have a lot of credit balance….
me: dont simply call using your mum’s phone. later she’ll faint after checking on the balance.

abisadj: i can use house phone also. no need for you to call back.
me: save that for emergency ok. so what are you doing? where’s mummy and daddy?

abisadj: mummy went out. daddy working. we all (she and siblings) stay at home with shannon che che (my other cousin). amor is drawing. you know lah she always drawing all the time. yang yang playing.
me: i see. have your front tooth grow?
abisadj: so so (i sense a doubting tone)

me: how are you all? have you been a good girl at school?
abisadj: yes. i got A for my english. not just A. it’s an A+!!
me: ok. what about maths?
abisadj: my mathematic is good too. bm also A.
me: good girl. keep that up!!

abisadj: mummy said you work very hard. dont work until late laaa….. *heart melt again*
me: *cough* mana ada?! your dad also work until late bah… same lah…

abisadj: i cant wait for school holidays…. three more weeks leh… i want to go to miri but you are not there… lai che che only…
me: come to labuan then. u want?
abisadj: what is in labuan?! is there big shopping mall?! *fainted*
me: sadly, there’s nothing here….
abisadj: eeee…. so boring….. *T___T*

me: what’s amor drawing?
abisadj: dunno…. not done yet.
me: pass the phone to her. i wanna speak to her.

amor’s turn.

me: hello there sweetie… what are you drawing?
abigail: i’m drawing ong che che… *ahhww…. sayang*
me: why do you draw me?
abigail: sebab kamu baik…. *LOL!!!!! suddenly bm!!*
me: finish your drawing then ask ah yee to take the picture of it ok?
abigail: ok. i’m drawing you watching tv.
me: we’ll see… now hand back to ah yee…

back to abisadj.

abisadj: ong che che, when are you getting married?! *fainted!!*
me: *LOL* just you wait ok…. will let you all know and you two will be flower girls again ok?!
abisadj: ok. i want to be your flower girl. i already told that koko (The Boyfriend) last time. (i can hear her giggling))
me: yalayalaaaa… remember to take a photo of amor’s drawing k.
abisadj: why? u want me to take the photo and then tag you on facebook is it?
me: *bumped* (because that was exactly my intension and was about to teach her how) u know how to do that?
abisadj: i know…!!!! *kids nowaday*

the conversation continued with some more nonsense and with me ended it with some lame advice eg: dont play with fire, sharp object or try commiting suicide by jumping out the windows.

and that unexpected call made my day….

but that was just not enough for me. i might be in their thoughts but they are in my heart. and better still i have them in still image that i can look at anytime i like. so here are my three little nuggets!!


my 8y.o fierce (i mean it) young cousin, abisadj.


sweetest thing. 6y.o abigail.


naughty yet adorable u cannot resist now 4y.o Acho Prince.

ong che che love you all!!!

be blessed, peeps!

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