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March 30, 2010

Egg Fried Rice,Β Anyone?

u knew already that labuan is a very hot island, right? of course u knew. i grumble bout it day in day out T_______T one day the weather was too hot and it would be even hotter if i go out cos the car air-cond broke down. KNS! and to think that i will lost all appetite once i return with sweaty armpit. i decided i might as well just cook my own lunch. if u have the luxury of cooking at the work place so why not? so i’ve prepared some ingredients from home and to cut my long winded crap short let’s just get started with the preparation. my fingers also painful alredy typing with this lousy external keyboard T_____T

so get ur pen and paper ready.

serving: 1-2 person
prep time: 20 mins

1. leftover cold white rice (left in the fridge overnight)

*cilipadi’s tip: refridgerated rice is good for cooking fried rice cos the grains dont tend to stick together. this is important so that the egg could coat easily to every grain.

2. 1/2 onion and garlic, finely chopped
3. 1 egg, beaten
4. luncheon meat, slice in cube
5. frozen mix vege
6. 3 button mushrooms, slice in half
7. 1-2 t/spoon vege oil

cold rice, onion & garlic, egg, luncheon meat, button mushroom, frozen mix vege

1. soy sauce (optional)
2. maggie ready seasoning. hehe! apa susah?

the only kind of soy sauce found in the pantry, maggie cukup rasa seasoning

1. cherrie tomatoes (for deco and garnishing)
2. home made super extra spicy chili (for that extra kick)

now the steps.

step 1:
heat vege oil in a hot frying pan.

step 2:
then when it’s hot enough saute oinion and garlic until it turns brownish and fragrant.

step 3:
put in luncheon meat. fry for one minute. and then add in buttonmushroom. stir another one minute. approximately la.

step 4:
add in the mix vege. and stir some more.

when stirring it should look like ths :p

step 5:
when all the ingredients alredy look like this

can u see the steam? wap? my lumix still serves well :p

step 6:
u can now add in the rice into the pan and stir-fry well together with the ingredients.

wah! almost cooked already!! few more steps to go.

step 7:

jeng jeng jeng…..now is the crucial part. u must be wondering when will i add the egg right? ok, now u can pour in the beaten egg onto the rice and immediately stir fry until no more stickyness of the egg is visible.

this step is crucial. u must stir as soon as all the egg is poured. if not the egg will granulate and ur egg fried rice isnt an egg fried rice anymore.

owh, and i really want to show u that i was really cooking. dont hate!

step 8:
by now the rice should be coated with egg and yellowish. so it’s time toadd in some seasonings. just add in 1/2 table spoon will do. cos the luncheon meat already gave it a salty taste.

NAH! this one just to scare you!!

pls look at the curly long lashes. faster!

step 9:
i know, u must be very hungry now so this step is optional. actully i already serve half of the rice into my plate but since i included soy sauce in the ingredients so…..

just a little bit will do cos the claim-of-fame of an egg fried rice is its yellowish colour which wrapping every single grains of the rice.

step 10:
dish out and ready to be served!!! yay! but the cherrie tomatoes ler?

here they are….

see my spiky hair egg-fried-rice man's face. half yellow. half brown T___T (sekadar gmbr hiasan)

and now that u know when the cherrie tomatoes come into the picture haa~~

owh…. wat’s cilipadi without the signature spiciness. this is to add umpph to my dishes.

made of really spicy cili padi + much much love. all the way from lawas by gandma πŸ™‚ *heart*

what are u waiting for? now eat!!

bon appetit!

close up of my masterpiece.

hope u like my version of egg fried rice. happy trying!

be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

β™₯ cilipadi


March 29, 2010

Monday Musings….

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it sucks. BIG TIME!!! typing with an external keyboard T_______T accidentally spilled some water on my notebook last saturday hence the the grumble. but i can only blame myself over he carelessness T______T so boys and girls, do not drink in front of ur notebook. *sulk*

been cooking recently. just that i lack of a durable non-stick fring pan. argghhh!!! tefal??! i’ll think about it over the weekend ;p when the time’s right i migh showcast some of my self-invented recipe. but just promise not to ‘ceh, i also can do that!’ or ‘LOL! that also can be consider a recipe?!’ or else…. but well,

a secret recipe is a recipe when it is not written in the recipe book.
-Chef At Home

it’s called freestyle cooking! what do u know?

TheLittleBrother is now serving in PLKN. the one and only in the family who’ve chosen. kesian but at the same time good time to waste :p

from yesterday’s sermon….
when u wake up in the morning FaceGod first not Facebook!
-Pr. Jublie Apin

LOL~~ good one! good one!! hehe….

i dunno…. earlier today i wanted to post an emo post but the thought kinda slipped away from me by now. it’s something about me who purposely spelled mahsyur as mashur during spelling test just so that my spelling book doesnt look 100% all the way. cos 98% looks cool too! 98% LOL! then when it came to inter-classroom spelling test (100% really does matter) i misspelled stoking as stokin. even though i heard clearly how Puan Molly and Puan Elizebeth pronounced it. i still thought they were wrong!!! (wah! and i thought i was so clever to think they were wrong!) oh C’MON!! we always say stokin, what?! right?? rrrrrrrright???!! hnnnhhh!! ok. my point is i will try not to be too nerdy or too academicly centered so that my friends wont feel intimidated. i hate to hear ‘ni li hai ma…. bu yi yang‘ ceh!!! i’m not ok (see…. comforting again) haihhh…. not to say i’m ‘li hai’ here la. just that if last time i keep my nerdy-bookworn-self maybe i’ll become another person now. a doctor? a lawyer? dunno how to say…. want to menyesal also too late now. see… maybe if i have studied harder i wont use manglish ever? haihh… other time.

oh, do you think i can find some Mentaiko in lbu?

sneak peek for tonight’s dinner….

The Cilipadi infamous mayonnaise mee πŸ™‚

in case u are wondering, those are bbq pork leftover fom cny. i substituted as mince pork. LOL! heck! this photos was taken a month ago lah.

be blessed, ppl!

❀ cilipadi

March 26, 2010

Alvin β™₯ Yee Fei: Wedding [23.01.2010]

fei as we used to call her is one of those type of girls whose charm or aura could immediately be felt when she’s in a crowd. not because of her cute memorable face but because she speaks her voice out. loud. and to the point. we first met during lecture, we found out we stayed just next to each other’s college (owh btw college here refers to our hostel) and then that made it easier for us to become team members for every group assignments. of course not to forget the darling. i remember once during our presentation we decided to wear all whites. sampat. i know. i so wanted to post the photos but let just keep that for another day. we were travel companion for our little trip to HK few years back. she made my dream possible to go see the HK Disneyland. and ohya, how can i forgot she even came all the way to miri and even set foot to the good old marudi. haha! she sure loves travelling very much. that girl.

i can blab all i want about us but not her and alvin. because i can. and because i only met alvin once before their wedding. so how much can i say about him? all i knew they were working in the same firm. cupid played his role and wah-lah love bloomed and relationship evoled.and boy oh boy…. is he kind and sweet? 110% yes! is he loving and gentleman. indeed! and does he send her home safe till the door step and greet the parents. checked! and the best thing is he said ‘YES MA’AM’ to fei. LOL!! he sure has some kind of humour. that guy.

of course i wasnt the OP for their prestigious wedding. but since i brought labo everywhere i go i dont want to miss documenting my gf’s most memorable day for my own momentos so why not? here goes some of them.


modern taste mix traditions



the dress....


custom made




and the tortures begin....


the groom vs the queen of door game. LOL!!


there must be something the groom entourage done wrong or not following the rules..... haha!


i β™₯ yee fei b'cos...... he was sweating like mad when writing this. LOL!


hand in hand


parents happy faces πŸ˜€




girl firends


fei was a very active Leo Club member in high school and that brought her as far as Japan so these are her Leo Club Japanese family flew all the way from Japan for her wedding *heart*


waiving singlehood goodbye :p


a bride's moment....


the OP asked us to laugh.... hahahahaha!!!

and before she change and we help her removing all her hair piece



why not?! :p

the reception was held at Prince Hotel, KL. fei did invited us to come earlier if we can to take some photos in their suits. the hair curling activity took most of our time so….. sorry fei :p and after we checked our table number and went to it my oh my…. we were stoked and honoured to find who were our tablemates!!!


ohayou gozaimasu~~

the one on far right is a swedish who resides in japan for many years already in case you are wondering why the look like that :p and we found out her name is noella a girl version of noel. LOL!! we have both of them at our table that night, noel and noella πŸ˜€

some more….


clockwise: hand fan (so cute!), pocket in the sleeves (can put everything inside), the hand fan now tucked in the err... belt?!, scarlet playing with japanese uber colourful videocam.

info: the clothes the ladies were wearing are called yukata NOT kimono ok. yukata is a summer cotton kimono worn during summer in japan. since malaysia summer all year round so maybe that’s why they wore that. and a real kimono is made of pure silk. very expensive!

the elder woman (forgot her name T___T) brought also a hand-held fan that was tucked in her aiya.. what is that called? a belt?! and she wore a real geta sandals! so cute!!!

we learned some of their customs and vice versa and one thing that i remember is that in japanese weddings, the arrangement of wedding tables are (from nearest to the couple table) friends, colleagues, relatives then families. unlike us in malaysia in the other way round. the reason is that we dont see friends all of the time. while families and relatives can meet every now and then during big day. and colleagues no need to explain lah we see them 5-6 days a week! haha!! well, that’s what i learned from. at least i left with ilmu pengetahuan *proud*

so here some more :p


peace~~ (^.^)V


speeches from the couple


one for the album πŸ™‚


πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

and before we part to our own ways…..


drama at the lift :p

to fei & alvin, here’s a toast to more love and a whole universe of happiness.
fei, thanks for being such a wonderful friend.
alvin, i hope u know what to do when u marry the one and only child :p


if u have notice, there are a lot of photos of me this time. all credits to mr. noel. faster say he is good.

be blessed, ppl!

β™₯ cilipadi

March 22, 2010

Monday Musings….

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sleepy Monday.

it is finally raining in labuan. haleluyah!!!

home sweet home for almost a week. course, work, friends and family. busy… busy… busy…

Miri Marriot Resort & Spa. it’s the last month before the premium plus coupon set expires so the resort is jam packed with pp members trying to fully utilise all the coupons. me included :p
– free complimentary stay + free up room upgrade. USED. i had the executive suites. bliss….
– 60% off room. USED. fren bought the coupon and we stayed together.
– 50% off published room rate + complimentary 2nd night. USED. brought the family. shared with rebecca. but i only managed to stay for like 7 hours. just to sleep. cos i had to return to this island by 7.10am flight T________T rugi!!!!! The Youngest Brother must be enjoying himslf immensely right now.
– free ‘cake of the month’. USED. as a belated bday cake for The Mother. haha!! cheapskate :p
– free english tea set + complimentary 2nd set. USED. chilled with cousin fiona. chatty chatty update update
– free breakfast for two + 2 RM20 bfast buffet. USED. again brought whoever is at home.
the rest of it i gave away for gf and relevant ppl who deserves :p

LG. it is putting a big big hole in my pocket!! i do wish Life’s Good with it.

owh…why not? and the Akademi Fantasia fever in on!! kkkkk….

be blessed, ppl.

β™₯ cilipadi

March 12, 2010


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“i used to try to be interesting. that passed. now i try to be pleasant and on time.” – Up In The Air by walter kirn.

that phrase is one of my favourite from the book and has ensconced in my head ever since i read it. i feel the character at that point of time. and i feel it is very relevant to my feeling at that very time i reached that page. page 78. but to tell u the truth i wasnt in a happy / pleasant state at that time. but i read on. in fact i was in the verge to be very angry. angry at ppl who take things for granted. ppl who depend so much on you that they rather let things pass or give up. without even trying.

many of times we feel like we’ve been giving so much but receiving so little. we tend to get angry. all of a sudden everything seems unfair. many times i make the same mistake. my weakness that contribute to the blunder? i love too much. i love the ppl. i love what i do. and then they take it for granted.

one can vent all he/ she wants in many forms but it all will end up nowhere but still bitterness inside. so i rather flip the leaf and breath in the positive vibes and move on. cos my God gives peace and joy and i shall rejoice all the time. i still love a little too much. i still love the ppl. i still love what i do. but i definitely try not to take things for granted.

sorry i digressed.


be blessed, ppl!!

β™₯ cilipadi

March 11, 2010

BlissΒ Is….

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thank god for good connection!!


drink malaysian style!!




this is so cool i'm gonna blog about it soon so stay glued :p


back to my bookworm self


a thai dish i heart heart heart!!

be blessed, ppl!

β™₯ cilipadi

“i live to learn and i learn to live with it”

March 1, 2010

Monday Musings:….. of that not so long weekend

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the long weekends seemed to pass too quickly T___T don’t like!!


prioritised photos were all done!! YAHOO!!! —–> K’CHING!!!!!!!!!! can u hear that?!! here it is again —–> K’CHING!!!!! muahahahaaaa!!!


nothing beats the happiness of seeing the giddiness of ‘my clients’ (said with red-faced cos saying the words seems so so so so so very weird can anybody pls come up with a better term?) after receiving their pics!!! *GRIN BIG BIG* ahh!!! my heart. it’s warm and fuzzy inside *BIGGER GRIN*


3 books and 2 pairs of shoes. blisssssssssssssss………………….. β™₯ β™₯ β™₯


American Idol. why oh why janell?!


haze is hitting miri. as for labuan, heat is its trademark so what else is new? i see more tan on me T_________T


and the house hunting continues……


ohya, Michael Learns To Rock ROCKS!!! do you have songs that whenever u listen to them, you feel that you are being transported back to the good old days…. MLTR never fail to do that to me. white shirt in light blue pinafore. blue ribbons on the pony tail and that white socks and pallas shoes. ahhh!!! how time flies….


be blessed, ppl!!

β™₯ cilipadi

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