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June 28, 2010

Monday Musing

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attempt to complete this post in less than 20 minutes (and also in attempt to not letting this blog unattained) so 3….2…1… GO!!

argghh!!! but i’ve already wasted 5minutes of it so what left to say in 15 mins?! huh!! bloated stomach. dammit. i’ve been having this unbearable pain in the stomach due to the trapped wind in my stomach. in offshore. outstation. home. all. that i finally decided to see the doctor. resulting me bringing back a bag full of meds T___T i started to suspect that this might be due to my inconsistent intake of meals nowaday. and the low-carb diet i’m on now. ceh! dunno lah. simply say. but maybe. as the doctor said, probably my body is not yet used to the new diet. but at least i’m doing it right she said. aihhh… really cannot live without rice meh??!! NO!! i must fight this!!! editing tonnes of photos from three weddings now then gonna proceed with the album design. KNS!! i have only 2 days left to finish all these… arrgghh!! but all for the sake of august. i sanggup! well, waht else? oh World Cup! (suddenly crossed my mind) what am i going to talk about the game? nothing!! zero!! lingtan!! nadai!!! cos i have no astro at the moment so kesian!! T____T but even if there is i doubt i’ll watch. or maybe the final. just maybe…. my itchy feet are dying to go see another country. anyone want to be my travel companion?! pls.. pls… december/january. i know i should be worrying about more important calling such as the wedding prep and all but hey nobody is getting married so might as well go travel *denial* KNS!! ok lah. time’s up. in fact i’ve used up more than 20mins. i dunno. there’re many things in my head but my thought just runs 10x faster than my fingers that they couldnt catch up with every single scene in my mind. i gtg. heaps of photos waiting T__T but for the sake of august. i sanggup!!

before that let me leave u with my fav verse from yesterday’s sermon. actually this isnt even the main passage. but i always took note the little little things that ppl digressed about.


and the pr. also added: kpd yg malas bekerja, jgn makan @.@ kepada anak2 lelaki bujang yg malas bekerja, jangan fikir mau kawen. kesian anak perempuan org nanti tidak ada makan minum. LOL LOL LOL~~~~~!!!!

in random note i also leave u with this… :p

my drugs!! haiih~~~

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi


June 22, 2010


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after a whole day i am finally here. safely and hungry. but i just feel butt lazy to go out to find food. i am restless and all i wanna do is just sleep. but i dont know why i am still awake and decided to update. perhaps after looking at my pathetic stats as if by updating it could help to increase the line up horizontally vertically a bit. or maybe not. sad.

my flight from labuan was as early as 0745hr and reached klia after 2 hours or so and i have to transit. for a half day long!! cos my flight to kuantan was at 1805hr. too damn ‘kiam’ to go down to kl cos i wanna save that for thursday. (another long transit to go home T__T)

so what did i do the whole day at klia?

1. ONLINE. but at only 2 hours limited time. and my fancy laptop’s batt couldnt last for an hour to save my life. bugger!!!

2. next best thing. READ.

this love story is just out of this world...... really... time traveller?! how cool!!

3. then i when noon came i decided to take a short NAP. yeah. on the benches. everybody is doing it. so…

see.... this lady was there before me. a bench opposite ( in this position) in real it was few feets next to mine.

after a while another foreign couple nested on the bench. u can see the unflattering behind of the man.

4. i was starving too. i need to EAT. and i chose burger king. i thought there’ll be some plugs in there so that i can charge my laptop and online but to my disappointment there was none at all. but at least they have these PCs free for u to online. just get the password from the counter. i didnt surf ther anyway.

5. i finally found a plug. next to a public phone. i hesitated at first cos ppl were passing by and i have to sit on the marble floor with no bench in sight but wth other ppl were doing it too so…. there i was sitting on the cold marlble floor by the public phone surfing the internet to kill time. kesian….. but i felt like a student again… back in those days…..

6. bored, i finally took labo around…. and here a re some of the sights we had.

the world cup fever in on!!!!!

guess the how man balls?!

7. last but not least to take a leak. there’s this one particular exclusive toilet in klia which looks more classy than the rest. the door, the tiles, the interior are all more high class than the others. how come only that one section?! i just found it out. so from now on i will only go to this section. hehehe….

like in a hotel ya..

remember the exterior looks like this. purple.

ok i think that’s all for this time. i really need my beauty sleep now. i’ve wasted my time blogging rather than revising my notes for my training tomorrow. sigh! but then again it’s always the same.

haha!!! i just found out there are so many typo and weird sentences in here. but wth, just LOL!!!

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

June 11, 2010

Bliss Is….

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this tender love.....


bbq-ed lokan by the roadside....


to be a little girl again.... *glee*


a z'ng-ed gadget!


to always remember to look down and there's also beautiful life at the bottom.... good thing isnt always at the top....

happy friday, people!!

♥ cilipadi

June 10, 2010

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away….

what kind of fruit are u?! yeah, i am a sucker to all those silly quizess on facebook. seriously, i thought the person who created the quiz is out of his mind. but i, who even took time to answer is in all nobelty is even CERRR-RAAY-ZEE!! oh well, i’m awesome that way. cos it gets to show that i can answer silly quizess during working hour!! HAH!!

so where was i? owh… fruit!! ok, honestly i cant even remember what freaking fruit i was then. but today i want to become an apple. because an apple can keep the doctor away!! and an apple has been featured in fairy tales (Snow White). i had a sudden flu today so that’s why… but wait, if i become the apple then i dont even have to eat apple, right? unless i eat myself and get better like that? u get me? confuse?! me too. in attempt to be funny that’s all i can come out with. kns! and why do some ppl name their daughter Apple after a fruit?! oh, maybe they too wished that could keep the doctor away. haha!! why didnt u laugh with me? T___T not funny?! but really, i want apples!!

but i have an issue with apples. every time TheMother sent me to buy apples at the supermarket or market, i’ll become nervous. i’ll have this sudden headache or the tendency to bite my whole 10 fingernails. for fear i’ll pick the wrong ones. i’ll stand forever in front of all those too many different types of apples and contemplating which type and origin is the good ones. i am so worry that i’d picked the ones that taste like sand if u know what i mean T___T u know the type that is not crunchy but looks the same as the crunchy and juicy ones? ok, here’s the question. how do u buy an apple?!

sorry i digressed. how did i go from an apple a day keeps the doctor away into buying an apple?!

oh, blame this flu!!

is an apple a day really can keep the doctor away?!

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

June 9, 2010

Alan ♥ Josephine : Wedding [10.02.2010]

before i start rambling. let me just tell u this. this bride has the coolest body art a bride can ever have!!!!!!!! although i am not that close to efin but i like her instantly because of her way of carrying herself. the first time i saw this girl, i went ‘cool hair!!’ and all this while i tot i am cool. yeah way cool!! and when i met ppl who is ‘cooler’ than me plus with that quirky personality, they get my attention. and efin is one of the rare ppl that got that. so peeps, lets see some photos! 🙂


make-up session







bring it on!!


kids!! look at the litttle boy in the middle. haha!!





toast for a happily ever after. sorry i memang cheesie.




singing, eating, dancing and speeches....


in there 2nd outfit of the night. the traditional costume.


one of my fav!!! this is totally candid. promise.

and last but not least….


yours truly is in too! :p

and yes, that’s the time where my gained kilos started to be visible in photos!! T______T

to efin and alan, i have nothing but only the bestest wishes to the both of you young couple. have faith to each other and God will guide ur way.

much love!

June 8, 2010

The Shoes Story

this is a story about shoes. not just any shoes. but shoes with high heels….

me: mummy i want that one… *pointing at a pair of black shiny mary jane with lacy bow on the front with slight visible heels*
TheMother: why would u want to wear that kind of shoes? those would kill ur feet when u ppl go around town! ur blister will cut further more.

ok, i had a blistered toe that time. still, i want that rather hard shiny pvc heels. lalalala…..

me: i want…..!!!! *sulky face*
TheMother: *sigh* ok, let’s try them on and we’ll see.
me: *couldn’t stop smiling*
TheMother: *shakes head* i think we better buy this one *shoving over a pair of white flat/ skimmer with rainbow colours stupid looking little cartoons on it*
TheShopOwner: yes dear, i think this would suits u more if u are going for a sightseeing later.
me: *tantrum*

these two must have been conspiring againts me T___T i proceeded by trying them on anyway. and i obliged when TheMother paid for the flat at the end. with both eyes still pierced at the black heeled shiny mary jane i promise myself i’ll have my own high heels one day….. to cut the story short i was thankful to TheMonther for not buying it though cos the flat was sooooo comfy that i forgot that i had blister.

and u might wonder why were we looking for a new pair of shoes for me. tell u the truth. it’s a rare occasion. we were poor and we only afford to buy new shoes when there’s something special going on like Crhistmas. but that time the special event was i was representing the school for a story-telling competetion in miri. since i dint have a proper shoes (i only have a pair of blue slippers with Bugs Bunny on it. if u are an 80s bb, u’ll know wat kind is it) and we’ll have some sightseeing activities in between so i seriously needed a comfy shoes. itu lah ceritanya….

and owh… i’m so predictable. with that i leave u with my current fav shoes. and with crazy prices like these… i can sleep with a smile.


love the peek-a-boo details @ RM67


a fav!!! faster guess how much is this booties?! faster.... i cant wait to tell u!


haaa.... sexy sequin shoes!! i like!! guess... guess... guess..... how much?!! :p

have u guess?!

why not?! T___T

ok lah, let me tell u.

the booties and the sequin shoes cost ONLY RM30 each!! after 70% off. CRAZY OR NOT??!! why so cheap one hor??! aiyoo…. i bought them both at that instance for fear other ppl will get it. siao i tell u. this shop is fabulous!! and i just bought a can-can hat from there too recently. bliss…..

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