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July 1, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

bloated stomach. AGAIN! this is getting into my nerves already!! but let me tell u a story. a testimonial will be more like it. u see. i’ve been having this bloated stomach since the last two weeks and the drugs i consumed didnt give much help 😦 but still i must finish the whole drugs thing. well, using drugs is never a good thing, no?! i thought so. and last saturday i had this unbearable pain inside that i couldnt get up. (eh, have anyone have this experience or not? too much wind trapped inside ur stomach that can drive u nuts?! pls tell me this is normal) aduhai. so i was in pain. i wanted to cry. oh yeah. i am a cry baby so what? then i remembered i just woke up and i havent said my morning prayer. so i prayed. and then i dawn to me that since i was praying why not pray for healing too? right?! i dont ask for immediate recovery just make it bearable. so in Jesus name i plead. with all faith and tongue and faith alone with one hand on the said stomach i prayed. and….. guess what?! just like this verse β€œO Lord my God, I cried out to You, and You have healed me.” (Psalm 30:2) i was healed!!! immediately!! oh wait since it was so amazing it deserves a repeat. I WAS HEALED IMMEDIATELY!! how awesome is that?!! all my pain was literally gone. i couldnt feel a twinge of pain. amazing, isnt it?!! all u have to do is ASK and HAVE FAITH!! honestly, i wanted to spring out of my bed to write this testimonial right away then but alas i procrastinated. so typical! but i’ve make a point to post this as that’s what a once a wretched like me has promised to do. well, this is only the simple one, He has showed me many miracles that my gratitude and ‘thank you’ is infinity.

β€œFor with God nothing will be impossible.” (Luke 1:37)


and a friend’s father has just passed recently. news like this makes us sad. but life must go on for every funeral there will be a wedding and birth…. God has his own ways. and His way is always the best.


was in a frenzy to catch up a dateline of my photos last night. and i need to be connected to the internet. my sucky broadband would not help this time so i must stay back at the office for the internet. and i had until midnight. in time like this that u’ll know good friends that care. i called my 2 high school friends up just to accompany me till i finish. all i need is company when i am done and going down to the car as this place isnt the safest corner in lbu. they really waited up with me. although they went out for beers half way of the boredom’s but still they waited till i was done. that my friends, are true friends. and a set of midnight McD can never compare to their kind heart of taking care of me. i heart.

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Prov 17:17


what made my day today?! chipped toe nail!! or should i say broken toe nails?! really. can my day be even more interesting than this?!!

there goes my pedi!!

and this is why i said it made my day. i took time to snap it!! i am boring so sue me if u like. bluek!! >u<

byebye pedi 😦

and i couldnt care less for watermark. aihh…..

be blessed, ppl!

β™₯ cilipadi


June 10, 2010

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away….

what kind of fruit are u?! yeah, i am a sucker to all those silly quizess on facebook. seriously, i thought the person who created the quiz is out of his mind. but i, who even took time to answer is in all nobelty is even CERRR-RAAY-ZEE!! oh well, i’m awesome that way. cos it gets to show that i can answer silly quizess during working hour!! HAH!!

so where was i? owh… fruit!! ok, honestly i cant even remember what freaking fruit i was then. but today i want to become an apple. because an apple can keep the doctor away!! and an apple has been featured in fairy tales (Snow White). i had a sudden flu today so that’s why… but wait, if i become the apple then i dont even have to eat apple, right? unless i eat myself and get better like that? u get me? confuse?! me too. in attempt to be funny that’s all i can come out with. kns! and why do some ppl name their daughter Apple after a fruit?! oh, maybe they too wished that could keep the doctor away. haha!! why didnt u laugh with me? T___T not funny?! but really, i want apples!!

but i have an issue with apples. every time TheMother sent me to buy apples at the supermarket or market, i’ll become nervous. i’ll have this sudden headache or the tendency to bite my whole 10 fingernails. for fear i’ll pick the wrong ones. i’ll stand forever in front of all those too many different types of apples and contemplating which type and origin is the good ones. i am so worry that i’d picked the ones that taste like sand if u know what i mean T___T u know the type that is not crunchy but looks the same as the crunchy and juicy ones? ok, here’s the question. how do u buy an apple?!

sorry i digressed. how did i go from an apple a day keeps the doctor away into buying an apple?!

oh, blame this flu!!

is an apple a day really can keep the doctor away?!

be blessed, ppl!!

β™₯ cilipadi

February 20, 2009

she’s down with flu… aihh…

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pssst!!! tell u wat. the author of this blog is currently down with flu since the last four days. yesterday was the worst. even the superior adviced her to take mc. but due to her kiasu-ness to be among the 1st customer to purchase the 20% dicount of Air Asia flight ticket, she rather came to the office and browse the whole day yesterday to search for the best deal for her budget holidays with the friends. cos the internet at home wasn’t as fast kia si that the connection decided to dc as it likes in the middle of her transaction. anyways, glad she did though cos today the price had hiked drastically.

so today she finally draged her arse to the panel clinic and waited forever for her turn. watever happened to patient no. 9 there?? hisk! and all she needed was something for the cough and the paper. and when it was finally her turn, it took merely less than 5 minutes for the doctor to diagnosed her. some viral infection he said. oh, watever. she got flu almost every month anyway. she likes to blame it on the weather. of course, they oso gave her many other diff type of meds. as if she ever finish them. iskh!! sometimes she didn’t even bother to take any of them. so now just let the author doze her day off into lala land with this one.

anyone wanna have a 'hang' of this? hehehe.... pls dont... i kid ok! :p

anyone wanna have a 'hang' of this? hehehe.... pls dont... i kid ok! :p

till then.

have a blessed day!

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