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so here’s a ‘meme’ and a little something about this blog existence!

it took quite a while to think of what username to use for this blog. and a name for this blog. after many contemplation i finally decided on leanorval cos that’s the common name most people call me. it’s either leanor or val for valerie. if u find words such as ‘lah’, ‘ler’, ’wah lao eh’, ‘wey’ or ‘kns’ (and many unfamiliar jargon that u can’t find in the English dictionary) that is because i am a true blue Malaysian. thus, i love using the Manglish or Malaysian slang in my writing here. it is sort of an identity like that. and while i’m at that, please pardon my grammar. sometimes they tend to crawl all over the ceilings. even the floor. but i will try not to butcher the English too much, promise!

i am blessed to come into this world from a mix parentage background. hence the cuteness :p *blinks and batts eyelashes* (ok have u finish puking?) so i am a kayan + lun bawang. two very different tribes from good old Sarawak. long time ago The Parents did a smart decision by sending me and the siblings to chinese school. so i am blessed that i can speak quite a handful of languages. i am petite. not even 5 feet tall 😦 that’s why high heels are not just for vanity but have become a necessity for me. (but in recent years i tend to wear flats a lot more. hmmm…. i guess people change huh!) i like fashion. i like to dress up for no apparent reason sometimes. my current colleagues always suspect i am a bimb. but what they don’t know that’s just me being me – smart in a bimbo-ish way :p i love food. but i can’t stand anything with strawberry flavor. i love traveling. i think i work just for traveling >.< and….. i’m obsessed with my weight!! i run daily to keep myself fit in that xxs skinny jeans and that skimpy little black dress. my ideal weight is always 40kg. shut up!

this blog serves as my sweet escape from all the motions of my daily life to remind me of things that had happened around me. revolves around simple things or encounters that bless me. yummy food that i've taste. beautiful places i went. interesting people i met. and to tell about the goodness of His awesome work in my life as He has transformed me from a wretch to one who serves Him. you will hardly read any political post in this blog. one, i dont read or listen to news. kns! two, i found out a survey about the no. 1 liar of all kind of positions = politician. i gave up to that topic ever since. and in recent years, it is enough said about Malaysian politics. *shakes head*

my work involves in protecting the environment especially in the O&G industry so despite being a high heels junkie i adhered to the mandatory requirement of wearing a safety boots to work sometimes T___T with stinky coveralls and a funny hard hat where 99% of the working place is filled with testosterone. and currently i reside in a very hot little island called Labuan where i no longer need those mandatory PPEs to work anymore (unless desperate cases i still have to).

for my love of photography, this blog is also gonna feature my amateur photography collection *shy*. i am constantly amazed but thankful nonetheless for those kind people who appreciate my work that had pushed me to turn this hobby into a free lance job. so yeah, i am up for hire!! shameless enthusiast :p

i just recently came up with the blog name My Point Of View because i feel that as cliche (lame) as it may sounds, it is just perfect to conclude my thoughts as well as my shots.

i hope this blog will be somewhat fruitful to you in any way despite my constant air-headed ramblings. enjoy reading and thanks for dropping by! 🙂

much love & God bless!

p/s: this page is gonna be updated from time to time as the author is a dynamic person like that (^.^)V



  1. i found that your blog is the coolessssttt one val!all that awesome photos and stories is really ‘baik punya’ stuff o..
    hahahah..i’ll be ur no 1 fan,(in ur blog..)hehhe

    Comment by sanny siang — June 4, 2009 @ 11:35 am | Reply

    • oh Tuhan… dun la puji until like that… my blog x setanding other blogs owh…. some more posted blur photos… hahaha!! mencemarkan nama photographer jak :p

      Comment by leanorval — June 8, 2009 @ 8:36 am | Reply

  2. Hey! Thanks for linking me!

    Comment by BaLQiZ — July 14, 2009 @ 7:29 am | Reply

  3. u are welcome!! 🙂 i enjoy reading ur blog. and thanks for droppping by.

    Comment by leanorval — July 14, 2009 @ 8:40 am | Reply

  4. hi! thanks for the visit. 🙂

    ur wearing coveralls for work too? AWESOME! hehehe.

    Comment by pattirmina — December 10, 2009 @ 8:31 am | Reply

    • u are welcome.

      yeah… sometimes i do need to wear coveralls for work but it’s getting less and less now 🙂 i think so will you when it’s about time :p u have a good day!

      Comment by leanorval — March 27, 2010 @ 2:55 pm | Reply

  5. Haha. The world is so small, didn’t expect to meet u in Labuan. 😀

    Comment by Pattirmina — June 20, 2010 @ 12:04 pm | Reply

  6. ah, found your blog while searching for green curry recipe… stuck here for the whole morning reading your interesting life journey. this is what we call blog, simple and plain.. not full of colors and whatnot… it would be much interesting if you put up the trip details.. anyway, congrats!!~

    Comment by haxriafiz — August 4, 2012 @ 11:05 am | Reply

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