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January 21, 2012

The Unachievable Goals + Faith

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i looked back at my old post on my goals that i’ve listed for 2011 and i cant believe that i’ve listed so many. a total of TEN goals! are you kidding me?!! now let’s check one by one whether i’ve achieve any of them.

1. to not skip my tithe. WoohoOO!!
2. maintain my weight.
3. complete my holi-year. (8 out of 9 planned trips and 1 impromptu trip)
4. to be less a procrastinator. (errrr……)
5. manage my financial to last me the whole year. (i said the whole 2011, right? not for the next 100 year, right? hehe…..)
6. to be less emo and control my temper. (still emo but i’ve lowered my temper. i think.)
7. plan and organise things with patience. (argghh!!! i screwed up on this!)
8. travel solo. (*cries in corner*)
9. to blog more often. (FAIL!!)
10. to take risks. (my life is at risk whenever i step my feet offshore! ceh! ok that doesnt count cos it is work. what about taking whole lot of annual leaves until nil and had to go unpaid risking my career advancement or worst got sacked?! i still feel i didnt do really fully push my limit on this one but for 2011 i can say that it was so-so. that explained the half-sentence scratched :p)

at least five out of 10 were achieved! what about the unachievable ones? should i bring them to my this year’s goal? some yes. some no. because i’m realistic like that. i will still try to blog often, i will try to plan and organize things properly and i still wish silently i have a chance to travel solo. as for being a world class procrastinator and an emo girl, i guess i’ll just have to be myself!

i dont have resolution this year. just like any other years before this. but i have plans! i have my own personal projects! and i have some goals!

1. Paris/Europe Trip
2. Cambodia Trip
3. Two very important events

Personal Projects:
1. take vain picture of what i wear. #whatiwear
2. to frame all some paintings that i bought from my travels. *sweats*
3. develop new blogsite.
4. paint on canvas.
5. 50cents piggy bank.
6. learn to cook laksa and chicken curry for goodness sake!! me!!!

1. push my career to the next level. IT’S TIME!! i can do this!! *tepuk semangat*
2. attend a photography workshop.
3. book at least ten five photo assignment (weddings, engagement, portrait. no event please.) knowing my hectic work schedule for this year i doubt i can handle 10 shoots -__- so i lowered my number. *timid
4. to blog all my travels last year. *sweats*

hmm…. that sounds a lot. i dont expect to achieve all of them. even if i fail to achieve any of them by the end of this year i know i’ll learn some valuable lessons and grow through it all. just like all previous years. i believe you’ve grown and become the person you are today because of what you’ve went through the whole year too, right? like they always say, it’s not about the destination, it’s more about the journey towards it.

in the midst of everything that going around in my life in this short 21 days, i’ve also experienced beautiful and indescribable encounter /feelings spiritually. i have ASKED!!! and i RECEIVED IMMEDIATELY!!! i have CHALLENGED His presence. and i was NUDGED for being of little faith. padan muka! The Holy Spirit work their way on me and always left my in peace for The Lord says – trust in Me! 🙂

For we walk by faith, not by sight ~ 2 Cor 5:7

aaahh!!! i caught you yawning!! *throw peanuts* wake up!! i guess in a nutshell (pun not intended) i just want to encourage us to believe in our ability to success / achieving our goals. there will always people / situations that may deter us along the way and want to give up but it is always our CHOICE to whether just brush them off the shoulder like a speck of dust or suck it until it hurt us. always choose the positive side!! and remember God always provide.

i want to leave you with my fav tweet recently.

Start with an idea or a dream. Then ACT on it. U may struggle; overcome it. Cry. Smile. Be GRATEFUL. And don’t let go of His hands. ~Sidney Mohede

be blessed, friends!



February 25, 2011

And The Hard Work Pay

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“Will a mere mortal rob God? Yet you rob me. “But you ask, ‘How are we robbing you?’ “In tithes and offerings.” ~Malachi 3:8

Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it. 11 I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, and the vines in your fields will not drop their fruit before it is ripe,” says the lord Almighty. ~Malachi 3:10-11

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” ~Luke 12:34


i am blessed.

i am thankful.

i am content.


be blessed too, peeps!

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January 17, 2011

Monday Musings

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i am still suffering from the hang over of the sudden and overnight dramatic hike of my readers statistic since my Melbourne in Black & White post has been promoted or featured on Freshly Pressed by WordPress.com last weekend. my blackberry alert went off non-stop after that notifying me all the incoming comments. i’m stoked by all the warm and encouraging comments. really. they were just way too good for me as i am actually not even a pro! i am trying my best to reply each and every one of them *determined*. please if you are a returning reader, i appreciate ALL of them. gosh!! i feel like a rock star that i almost wear my ripped jeans and my black leather jacket to work today. yeah. that’s how the impact does to me. awesome!!


instead of jonah i finally shared a topic on submission to the authorities yesterday with the youth group. i left my notes or the verses that should be in the topic at home (myy) and those whom i’ve sms for s.o.s didnt reply my plea. thank God! i used to blog about it some times ago HERE so there. and for the first time i’m glad i’ve ever blogged about it. berguna juga di saat2 genting.


i am still overwhelmed by the overwhelming comments. my heart goes lalalala at every words everytime i read new incoming comments. ya. i cannot stop myself from yapping about it all the time. u wanna sue me?!


JJ from hitz.fm dropped me a comment on my 2010, in my heart post today. Oh! it made my day!!!


glee!! they make my world go round and round. i. cannot. wait!!!


and here is a sneak peek for my next entry. a majority favourite!

The Puffing Billy!! the legendary steam train.

happy monday and be blessed, peeps!!

January 16, 2011

Aku Tak Biasa

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buat pertama kalinya saya (ok nak guna aku atau saya? saya saja lah) memblog dalam bahasa melayu. kerana saya orang malaysia dan bahasa melayu adalah bahasa rasmi negara. dan kerana saya merasa sangat teruja akan sesuatu sehingga saya tidak sanggup hendak mengongsikannya dengan dunia. malu nanti dikatakan syok sendiri atau perasan atau lebih menyedihkan disimpatikan (mana2 suka hati saya suka letak imbuhan lah). sebelum itu saya akan cuba menulis dengan sebaku-baku yang boleh kerana itu yang telah diajar oleh guru bahasa melayu saya dahulu. saya bersimpati dengan pembaca-pembaca yang tidak faham akan masukan saya kali ini tetapi itu lah tujuannya.

baiklah. sebenarnya saya telah mengalami satu kejutan yang boleh dikira agak besar bagi diri saya sejak dari semalam lagi. nak tau?! semalam, masukan blog saya yang bertajuk melbourne dalam hitam putih telah dijadikan salah satu blog yang dipaparkan dalam freshly pressed bagi wordpress.com dalam kategori blog fotografi. sejurus dengan itu statistik pembaca atau pengunjung blog saya yang tak seberapa ini tiba-tiba melonjak naik ke langit!! daripada pembaca yang tak pernah mencecah seratus orang jadi ribuan. ohkambingku!! (terjemahan langsung dpd ohmygoat!) aku tak biasa….. telefon bimbit pintar blackberry saya tidak henti-henti memberi notifikasi kemasukan komen-komen atau subkripsi pembaca dari serata dunia. sungguh hebat kuasa promosi kan? komen-komen yang diberi sungguh baik sekali. sungguh memberi semangat sehingga saya merasa seperti tidak layak pula. aduhai…. gambar-gambar saya itu tidaklah seberapa pun. dan untuk pengetahuan anda post tersebut adalah satu masukan yang malas dan merupakan jalan pintas untuk kisah melbourne saya yang masih terperam di dalam folder ‘going places‘ saya. tak lama lagi boleh jadi pekasam.

namun demikian, saya merasa sangat teruja dan gembira akan perkembangan ini. saya hargai setiap komen yang telah diberikan. izinkan saya perasan sekejap. saya merasa seperti seorang superstar!! haha!! zaaaaaaaaaaaap!! kembali kepada realiti. ok. mungkin angka statistik saya ini tak seberapa pun jika dibandingkan dgn blogger2 terkenal malah mungkin ada yang berkata baru saja naik statistik sikit sudah riuh sekampung macam ayam betina yang baru dpat telur sedozen (sebab itu lah saya berkeputusan menulis dalam bahasa melayu) tetapi bagi saya adalah sesuatu yang sungguh tidak disangka. aku tak biasa….

saya tidak pasti sekiranya pembaca2 yang tidak faham bahasa melayu ini akan kekal mengunjungi setelah membaca masukan ini tetapi tak mengapa. pujian di dunia memang tidak kekal. yang kekal adalah kasih Tuhan yang sempurna (tiba2). oleh itu, bersyukurlah dalam segala hal. segala sesuatu indah pada waktuNya.

“Ia membuat segala sesuatu indah pada waktunya, bahkan Ia memberikan kekekalan dalam hati mereka. Tetapi manusia tidak dapat menyelami pekerjaan yang dilakukan Allah dari awal sampai akhir” – Pengkhotbah 3:11

ini adalah kali yang pertama dan saya harap yang terakhir saya menggunakan bahasa melayu di blog ini. saya merasa bangga kerana dapat menghabiskan blog ini dalam bahasa melayu walaupun ada perkataan-perkataan inggeris yang tidak dapat saya terjemahkan langsung dan mungkin ada kesalahan tatabahasa dan kekurangan kata-kata peribahasa atau kiasan. tetapi itu tidak mengapa kerana ini bukan ujian karangan bahasa melayu spm dan cikgu amelia tidak akan membaca blog ini.

terima kasih kerana melayan.

be blessed, peeps!

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November 30, 2010

Tagged: Favourite Things of The Month, November 2010

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so i’ve let myself being tagged by Makeupgeeek. haha!! well, sometimes it is fun to reply a tag. at least u have a purpose to blog (in my case :p) and i’m sure u’re tired with my oh-so-emo-posts before this. sorry…. cant help it :p

so here are my favourite things of this month, November 2010 in no particular order.

#1. my car sticker!!

can somebody say amen? :p

#2. bright yellow CG Pre-Christmas T-Shirt (i wore this 4 consecutive days already for caroling), bow headband, Mentholatum Lip Gel, O.P.I Avolex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil, Blackberry Curve

so random, i know :p

#3. Caroling!

look at that awesome 'pohon terang' creative much aei.... (one of the houses we visited)

#4. Cell Group. i am so thankful to be in this CG. it’s the most happening and exciting and commited one!! thank you Lord for placing me here…. :p there are a lot more lah not just us in this picture.

go banana with them!!

#5. The beaches with awesome sunset view. i think i was at the beach almost very week end this month :p

#6. My ripped Supre jeans!!! (actually it has been my fav since i bought it last Sept. i just can’t get over it yet.)

this has got to be my all time favourite lah :p

#7. Last but not least…. someone by the name of…. jeng…. jeng…. jeng…. hmmm, someone with a very long name 🙂

that’s it from me. and what’s yours?!

be blessed, peeps!!

September 21, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking

i had been searching high and low for a perfect boots before my trip to melbourne last month. why must boots? well, ahem… u gotta travel in style, no?! :p and and and…. it was winter time so a pair of boots will warm your feet. not that i dont already have one but as u know me most of my shoes are with heels, high heels!!! even my boots are with high heeled T____T not very practical for long walk / traveling.

so i roamed all shops selling shoes in miri with a mission. to find a pair of boots that is meant for walking!!! and thank God i finally found one. a perfect one!!! ahhh…. bliss!!

now let’s see the criteria one by one.

criteria #1 : dark brown – checked!!

if u look closely they are dark coffee brown.

i will not accept other color. and i am not a fan of black boots although it is easy to match with any outfit. NO!

criteria #2: soft and comfy – checked!!

look at the exterior. made of super soft and smooth velvety fabric.

criteria #3: keep my feet warm – checked!!

this is a bonus point!! i dont need a leg warmer anymore!!

while it is soft on the outside, it is cosy in the inside with this thick cotton lining inside. brilliant for winter!!

criteria #4: kitten heeled – checked!!

hehehe…. cant get a short girl away from her heels :p na-nah!!

although i was looking for something that is meant for walking i did not say that it must be a flat one. i still insisted to look for something with a bit of visible heels. kitten heeled would be just nice!!

and ta-daa…

at least give me 1 inch la ok...

criteria #5: versatile. checked!!

wearing it with only one way would be boring…. and this boots gives you not 1, not 2, not 3 but 5 different types of style.

style 1

tall and sleek

style 2

or you can fold it over to show off that lining

style 3

maybe u prefer mid-calf boots. with more lining more floded out. who need a leg-warmer?!

style 4

or what about pushing it all down?! fun, aei!!

style 5

u can go as low as u want and further fold that awesome lining out to enhance the look.

there. are you smitten yet?! i love love love my boots!!

criteria #6: easy to pack. checked!

OMG!!! just fold them over and it fits just nice in the luggage bag. simply genius!!

i cannot stop bragging about this boots la. really. how brilliant can it be?! what more can i ask for?! it fits ALL the criteria that i needed. love. love. love.

and do u still want to know more awesome fact about this boots?!! i cannot wait to tell you…

*clear throat*

all the awesomeness of this pair of boots only cost me… jeng… jeng… jeng…

RM61!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (after 70% discount)

WHAT THE HECK??!! right?!!

i cannot believe my ears when i heard the salesgirl told me the price. my goodness!! why i always can buy cheap shoes one??!! why?!! God you are so good to me!!!

and u know what’s even more funny is?! or it was more sad than funny actually. when i wanted to pay i realized i only have RM5 in my wallet!!!! i forgot to withdraw money!! T_____T

so i only have RM5!!!!

WHAT THE HECK??!!! again, right??!!

desperate kiasu that other ppl will get the boots i asked the salesgirl to keep them for me and i will come for it the next day or day after. but the salesgirl had a better idea!!!! guess what??!! she suggested that i put down a deposit for them. reason being that it might not be her that will serve me the next day or day after. and…. wait for it…. i can put down with just RM5!!!!! LOL~!!!!! eh, since when does this ever applied for shoes??!! in a mall??!!! LOL~

and me being more fascinated with the idea at that moment decided to play along with it. how often do u put RM5 as deposit??!!! so why not role with it??!! furthermore i was butt lazy to go down to the atm to withdraw. when i paid my deposit, the salesgirl further showed me a small cabinet full of items that were being held by deposit from other people just to convince that i wasnt the only person :p LOL!!

to cut long story short i returned the next day with full payment and walked away with my new love!!

last but not least…..

ready to walk around the world!!

i’ve walked around melbourne in this. indeed. these boots are made for walking!!! awesome!!!

be blessed, peeps!!

August 25, 2010


if u remember in this post, i’ve mentioned that i didnt dare to apply my new arrival foundations due to sudden brekouts. and i really really seldom have breakouts. i must be thankful for this. until last month…. my supply of facial cleanser ran out!! not to mention the toner and moisterizer lah. those has long finished too. and since i was saving for my travelling (in just few days. YAY!) and this facial cleanser cost a bomb (for such little volume T__T) i thought i might just use other product for the time being (until i return from travelling lah konon) which is far cheaper. so as i browse through all the cleansing product i went for this….

100ml for only RM9.90 from Boulevard Shopping Mall.


little did i know what it would do my skin!!! D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i started seeing 1-2 breakouts on my nose. then 4. then 5. then 9 and then 11!!!! ELEVEN FREAKING BREAKOUTS on my face!!! oh yeah. i counted. because it was so amazing and never in life that i had such many brekouts at one time!! T___T thankfully they were not the big types. but to see so many of little bumps on ur face is just unacceptable. even The Boyfriend freaked out when he saw me on Skype T___T he said…. “eee… why so many jerawat now?!” waaaa!!!

after realising what’s the culprit after like a week plus i still use the facial foam. no choice. until towards the third week i finally called my cousin to buy me the products that i desparately needed. Herbaline!! from Kimmy Beauty Salon in Boulevard Shopping Mall. and to pass it to Estella my new housemate who will be coming then. i waited in agony for her to arrive with my skin care products to save my face…. screw my travelling expenses la….. T___T

and few days after that they arrived!!! these are the new supplies. might as well!!

pimple treatment foundation, nano amino facial wash, aloe vera moisterizer and strelizing toner

the whole range that i use are these…

nano amino facial wash, sterilizing toner, aloe vera moisterizer, deep moisterizing cream, sunscreen lightening cream, anti-wrinkle cream, basic treatment cream, freckles cream and the pimple treatment foundation.

i know u looks too many. if you are as dense as The Boyfriend you might wonder how can i apply so many things on one face?! and how can a face absorb so many things applied to it?!!

so i’m gonna show u now.

i wash my face with this.

Nano Amino Facial Wash RM40 for a tiny 50g

spray the sterilizing toner aound my face and let it dry. then i apply the aloe vera moisterizer.

the sterilizing toner comes in spray bottle so as the aloe vera moisterizer

i love love love the aloe vera moisterizer. even better if stored in the fridge. and when u apply it on ur face i can feel the cooling effect just like the real deal. i like applying it on my breakouts. it heals the acne scars on my face too.

i use aloe vera moisterizer and the sunscreen lightening cream during day time. and i substitute them with deep moisterizing cream for night time. that’s how i maintain their volume and that explain i dont use them all at once. guys!

the deep moisterizing cream is a bit oily tough but it is quick to be absorbed into ur skin so you wont feel the stickiness that long. and ur skin will feel really smooth after that.

as for the sunscreen lightening cream i actually dont really use it that much (lazy). i just bought it because that’s the thing they recommended me to buy together with the freckles cream when i complained that i have freckles now T__T i treated it as normal sunblock.

then come the creams. i have two. the basic treatment cream which i’ve been using all along and the new addition, freckles cream.

the contain look almost the same but different texture

i love the basic treatment cream. the texture is smooth. on the other hand the freckels cream is a abit dry. that makes me not a really good fan to it. but for the sake of my visible freckels *shrug*

if i dun use the above creams (unlikely) i’ll substitute with this…

yeah... i should start using anti wrinkles cream already T___T

this one i bought just for the sake of buying. talking about compulsive shopper T___T

lastly i’ll apply this pimple treatment foundation. it is made of pearl powder.

it can be a two-way-cake too.

it might not be the perfect match for my skintone (well, there isnt any other choice) but it gives the translucent feel to my skin. and furthermore treat /prevent my skin from pimples. best of all unlike other foundation that i’ve tried it doesnt clog my pores.

and if u must ask me which are my must-haves among all the above. here they are. the five that i will pack whenever i travel even to offshore :p


the cream is the basic treatment cream

i was first introduced to this product by my ex-col Ms. Lim when i first started working. i had almost similar breakouts problem as above just after few months working and i was worried bad cos i need to attend my convocation soon. i didnt want to look ugly in my robes!! T___T so i followed her to do facial. and i was in awe at the super smooth skin of my facial therapist. wah lao!!!! i didnt want to blink my eyes just looking at her face and i imagine even an ant would slip to the ground if it tries to climb up her face. i want!! i want!!! and after just a month using the products i could already see the difference. my brekouts gone and my complexion smooth. happy!!!!! my convocation face was saved!! :p my aunt, cousin and friends started asking what i was using. and of course i happily recommended it to them too. but course not all skintypes suits the same products la.

this brand never pay me for this post. just my mere opinion as a user of five years. wah!! has it been that long?!!! i feel so old!! T___T you are free to try and you are free to critics. as i said no different ppl different skintype and has different toleration towards different products. afterall it’s a free country!! (out of topic)

k lah, typed so long it has passed my supposed jogging time.

should i go or not now?! iskh!!!! T___T go lah. so fat now!!

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

August 24, 2010

Cilipadi Famous MayoMee

cooking has been one of my fav hobby. just so that i have an excuse to eat. even though the recipe failed or tasteless or burned i’ll still eat it all because i cooked it!! i’ll learn recipes from The Mother, aunts, grandma, friends, tv, newspapers or even the Ekonomi Rumah Tangga (ERT) text book and then try to improvise them to suit my own liking. because like photography, cooking too needs creativity.

as much as i like cooking something simple and easy, i am not a fan of instant noodles or instant soup. for me they are so unhealthy. so today i’m going to show you my feh-mes MayoMee. and guess what? out of instant noodles!! T__T i know this will be a good news to the bachelors, no? let’s get creative instead of the old 1-2-3 steps of cooking instant mee.

when i first told my cousins and friends that i’m gonna serve us mayonnaise mee they went…. “eeew…. mayonnaise with mee? can eat meh?” with a disgusted look on their faces T___T but i convinced them to at least try first and guess what?! they loved it!!! my aunt said that their mayonnaise wont last long as before after my young cousin tried it. LOL~~

so ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you The Cilipadi Famous MayoMee!!

serving: 1
duration: 20 minutes (including eating)

1. one packet of Mee Mamee (any instant mee will do but i prefer chicken flav.)

i prefer Mamee cos the texture is more elastic

2. mix vege
3. luncheon meat cube / minced beef/ miced chicken / tuna
4. 1 half-boiled egg
5. green vege *optional* (you’ll know why later)

6. a big spoonful of mayonnaise!

what's a MayoMee without the main ingredient?! mayonnaise!!

now let’s get to the preparation.

1. cook the instant mee the usual way and add in the mix vege and let it cook for 3 minutes.

2. once done, tossed it and keep aside.

3. next fry the cubed luncheon meat / minced beef / minched chicken / tuna in a frying pan.

fry with 1 tbl spoon of oil or butter. up to u.

*optional* once done u can take the meat out and keep aside to sprinkle on top of the mee later. or if u are lazy like me, u can do as the following.

4. add in the tossed mee in the frying pan and fry together.

by this time u can also add in some mayo already.... and fry together. it smells devine!!

5. take the mee out on a serving plate and add in the spoonful of mayo and mix well.

add in mayo as much as u like :p it's up to individual really.

6. add in HALF of the seasonings from the packet of ur instant noodles.

add in half of the seasonings

7. mix everything well until you see every strand of mee is coated with white creamy mayo and fragrant after the seasonings.


8. now poke a hole at the centre of the mee. this is the 2nd signature style of this recipe after the mayo :p

owh... u must do this. this is the signature style of this dish :p

9. then pop your half-boiled egg at the center.

i can never get a perfect half-boiled egg T__T tried many times..... teach me!!

10. springkle the fried luncheon meat cube (from step 3 if u dont fry it together with the mee) on top of your mee (for mee on top of my egg to cover the imperfection) add tomatoe slices as deco and garnishing *optional* and ready to be served!! YAY!!

for those who are hungry max can stop and enjoy your meal now!!


if you are like me who cannot swallow dry fried mee without the help of soup to drench down everything smoothly into the stomach (ei, even when you go to kopitiam you will be served with at least a ‘sup kosong’, right) and if you are wondering what happend to the green vege and HALF of the seasonings, you can proceed with the following….

quick instant soup :p

1. cook another fresh hot boiling water in a pot, add in the green vege and some of the meat. cook for 2-3 minutes and take out into a serving bowl.

it can be any green vege. this is sweet potato leaves 🙂

2. add in the other HALF of the seasonings 🙂

the keyword here is instant and improvise :p

and knowing me the dish wont be complete with my homemade chillie 🙂

my own homemade chillie.... spicy max!!

Bon Appetit!!

jemputlah makan 🙂

Extra: below is another version of my MayoMee. the meat was actually BBQ pork leftover from CNY and the soup is sawi and sausage slices.

to tell you the truth i have been wanting to post this recipe a long time ago but i always fail to get a perfect half-boiled egg for a nicer look in a photo. alas!! until today it will still not perfect. i guess i just dont have the talent to cook half-boiled egg lah!! T______T

happy trying and i hope you enjoy it!!

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

August 4, 2010

Wednesday Reflection

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the stormy rain will stop.....

i stumbled upon this poem from my old blog. just feel like posting for some encouragement to nourish the tired soul…..

“I’m too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to be disappointed.
I refuse to be discouraged, to be sad or to cry.
I refuse to be down hearted and here’s the reason why:
I have a God who is almighty; who is sovereign and supreme.
I have a God who loves me — and I am on His team.
He is all wise and powerful; Jesus is His name.
Though everything else is changeable, My God remains the same.
I refuse to be beaten or defeated.
My eyes are on my God.
He has promised to be with me, as through this life I trod.
I am looking past my circumstances, to heaven’s throne above.
My prayers have reached the heart of God and I am resting in His love.
I give thanks to Him in everything.
My eyes are on His face.
The battle is His; the victory is mine; He will help me win the race.
I repeat!
I’m too blessed to be stressed!”
(Author unknown)

“as you face the storms of life, face them with God at your side knowing that He is Lord of the rocking boat and Keeper of the waves. He rides upon the storm clouds of life, flinging peace into the tempest filled heart. He is Peace! When we know Him as God, as Lord – we will know Peace!”

most of the times we feel like we are not able or streghtless to go on with our dreams or goals. life is never easy. paths are bumpy and slippery at times and we feel like giving up. i had that very moment in certain phase of my life too. where all my hope seems bleak and fruitless. anger, agony, hopeless, depressed, defeated… all kinds of mixture feelings in one flesh. but with faith, we could move mountain. He listens to that desparate prayers which blended with tears and sighs. i am a hard hearted child, i want the things that i want. i want love that i love. and i believe He will one day answers. i know. i m forever grateful for wat i have at present. n now i realised that worldly materials and status are not seen when we come the Father. as naked as we came to this earth, that’s how we gonna come back to Him also.

“as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us” -Psalm 103:2

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

June 8, 2010

The Shoes Story

this is a story about shoes. not just any shoes. but shoes with high heels….

me: mummy i want that one… *pointing at a pair of black shiny mary jane with lacy bow on the front with slight visible heels*
TheMother: why would u want to wear that kind of shoes? those would kill ur feet when u ppl go around town! ur blister will cut further more.

ok, i had a blistered toe that time. still, i want that rather hard shiny pvc heels. lalalala…..

me: i want…..!!!! *sulky face*
TheMother: *sigh* ok, let’s try them on and we’ll see.
me: *couldn’t stop smiling*
TheMother: *shakes head* i think we better buy this one *shoving over a pair of white flat/ skimmer with rainbow colours stupid looking little cartoons on it*
TheShopOwner: yes dear, i think this would suits u more if u are going for a sightseeing later.
me: *tantrum*

these two must have been conspiring againts me T___T i proceeded by trying them on anyway. and i obliged when TheMother paid for the flat at the end. with both eyes still pierced at the black heeled shiny mary jane i promise myself i’ll have my own high heels one day….. to cut the story short i was thankful to TheMonther for not buying it though cos the flat was sooooo comfy that i forgot that i had blister.

and u might wonder why were we looking for a new pair of shoes for me. tell u the truth. it’s a rare occasion. we were poor and we only afford to buy new shoes when there’s something special going on like Crhistmas. but that time the special event was i was representing the school for a story-telling competetion in miri. since i dint have a proper shoes (i only have a pair of blue slippers with Bugs Bunny on it. if u are an 80s bb, u’ll know wat kind is it) and we’ll have some sightseeing activities in between so i seriously needed a comfy shoes. itu lah ceritanya….

and owh… i’m so predictable. with that i leave u with my current fav shoes. and with crazy prices like these… i can sleep with a smile.


love the peek-a-boo details @ RM67


a fav!!! faster guess how much is this booties?! faster.... i cant wait to tell u!


haaa.... sexy sequin shoes!! i like!! guess... guess... guess..... how much?!! :p

have u guess?!

why not?! T___T

ok lah, let me tell u.

the booties and the sequin shoes cost ONLY RM30 each!! after 70% off. CRAZY OR NOT??!! why so cheap one hor??! aiyoo…. i bought them both at that instance for fear other ppl will get it. siao i tell u. this shop is fabulous!! and i just bought a can-can hat from there too recently. bliss…..

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