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December 11, 2011

The Idiot Who Missed Her Return Flight.

let me tell you the time when i turned into a brainless, clumsiest and blurest flight purchaser. EVER! it’s so epic that it deserves a special post here. to remind me that once upon a time, i put my brain on my left knee!!!

epic fail #1

i was supposed to go back to miri last Thu night. the last flight from labuan. and assuming the flight departure time would be as usual at 2140hr, so i took my own sweet time before i go to the airport to check-in. i reached the counter at exactly 2100hr, to my horror, the counter has closed!!! so a pointless argument began;

me: i wanna check in to miri.
counter guy: counter is closed. why now only you come? what time is it now?
me: 2105hr. i thought the flight is at 2140hr?
counter guy: that is what you thought!! (in a loud and mocking voice i started to get annoyed) have you check the departure time on the screen.
me: no but please… just let me in…. bla… bla… bla… i have a morning flight to Sg tomorrow… bla…
counter guy: that is tomorrow. today is today. i have sold your seat to the wait list people. (so stern it ticked me off to the core)
me: please… sure you can help me with this…. *pleading*
counter guy: no… that doesnt work on me. (KNS!!! so merciless)
me: hmmmm…. really cant help? just let me in la…. (i annoyed myself at this point for begging and i could feel my temperature rising i could felt the heat oozing out from my pores. FACE PORES!!)
counter guy: ok, u tell me, if i let u in, where are u going to sit? u will still be expelled by the captain.
me: hmmm…. ok thanks. *bitter i almost cried*

feeling really defeated i walked to the bench and took out my ticket. and KNSBBQ!!! the departure time was indeed at 2125hr!! ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! i missed my flight!!!!! at this time i can only blame my silly self for not mobile check-in (as usual) and for not double-check on the time during purchasing the ticket.


so i return home, took out my laptop and started to crack my head to find another alternative for cheapest and earliest route to Sg. cos i definitely gonna miss my initial miri-sg flight the next morning T____T cry blood also no use.

to cut the story short, i managed to get a sit to miri the next day. both MAS (my suppose flight) and AA flight to singapore have flew. the next best option was miri-kch-sg. but the problem was flight miri-kch by AA might delay due to bad weather so that will risk i’ll miss the kch-sg flight. arrrghh!!! so i had to WAIT LIST again miri to kl. it was a mess going to and forth between MAS and AA counters. thank goodness i got a sit, it costs me rm839. more expensive than my myy-sg RETURN!! again, cry blood also no use. reached klia, i wasted no time to get the earliest flight to sg which cost me another rm453. and the universe decided to topple everything on me i guess, my flight delayed!!! and that must happened when all of us passengers were already seated comfortably inside the flight. half an hour we had been romped around the runway. another 1.5hr sitting helplessly in the stationary plane. gosh!!! after 3 different flight sectors, 6 hours inside the planes (4 hrs in the air, 2 hrs just sitting, waiting), crossed 4 different airport immigresen counters, i finally reached Sg. around 7pm. that marked a total of 12hours of my whole journey starting from labuan. gosh!!

and you think my stupidity stops there? let’s continue with….

epic fail #2

i guess i never learned from my lesson. and some more dare to to put that ‘Moral Of The Story’ in caps and bold. so the day i returned to Miri, right after landed i decided to check-in early for my flight back to Labuan the next day. little did i know……

me: i wanna check-in for Labuan. tomorrow morning flight, please.

then proudly took out my IC and printed electronic ticket to the counter lady. she typed on the keyboard and frowned at the screen. and then look at me in disbelief.

counter lady: tomorrow? are you sure? the system showed that your flight is today. 5th December. you are suppose to fly to Labuan this morning.

me: WHAT???!!!!! o.O!! Seriously?!!

i looked at my ticket and the date. WTH!!!!!! it was indeed 5th Dec!!! instead of 6th. i was so stunned, speechless and feeling really really stupid. my gosh!!! what a mess!! what was i thinking when i purchase this return ticket? *cry* i just wasted my entire return ticket labuan-miri!! and next morning flight (which i thought i’ll be flying with were fully booked. i had to wait list. AGAIN! sigh~!

when the 1st time i missed the TIME, now 2nd time i missed the DATE!!!! damn, who do this double idiotic act? ONLY ME~!!!!!!

sigh~! i guess i have no choice to just have to admit that I AM THE CLUMSIEST and FORGETFUL (almost senile) GIRL IN THE WORLD!!!


August 24, 2011

Oh Happy Day :)

*can’t stop grinning like an idiot*

because today has confirmed the little secret rumor that the account exec shared with me a few days earlier. THE WHOLE STAFF OF THE COMPANY RECEIVE THE MOST GENEROUS ‘DUIT RAYA’ SINCE THE HISTORY OF THE COMPANY – A ONE MONTH BONUS!!!! *howls* that struck everyone with disbelief. i even heard that some did the poco-poco dance in the office…. apuuuu!!! (not our branch)

with that i am so very THANKFUL. God, THANK YOU for putting me in this place!!! i pray that God will continue to pour His countless blessing towards the company and continue to prosper. and also with that, i wanna say a big THANK YOU to my generous big boss. God bless you, boss!! πŸ˜€


have you ever have a feeling where your heart is so OVERWHELMED with GRATITUDE and JOY for knowing a person in your life that tears filled your eyes just thinking about them? yesterday that feeling consumed me out of the blue. i was so filled with gratitude and thankfulness for knowing this person in my life that ALL her sharing and teaching (with her shrieks and ketegasan, but what do u expect she is a teacher) came flashing one by one drilling my head like a driller and i realised how i have hold on to her words for the person i am today. i sent a THANK YOU message on her fb wall today as well as her inbox and she replied with ‘xie-xie’ LOL!!!! dear Lord, may You always shield her under wings and bless her with never-ending blessing from above in her life.

that person is our pastor’s wife and also a school teacher, dora andy.

have you say THANK YOU to a person that has inspired you or mold you or even left an impact to u today?! no day is better than today to say it.

because a post is always yummier with a photo.

"Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be gald in it." Psalm 118:24

be blessed, peeps!

August 19, 2011

Beribu-ribu Lemon + Hitz.fm TV Commercial

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hmmm…. i finally uploaded my bali trip photos on my fb which deserve much applaud because it took me three freaking months to finally upload it. yeah. my bali trip last march was only posted in august. thank you very much for saying i’m lazy. it is totally acceptable.

upon uploaded, i received the funniest comment from grace the makeupgeeek that goes like this very nice!! did u edit ALL the pictures?? before you say yes, let me pengsan first. *pengsan*. LOL! and then i replied something like – the photo selection took the longest time and ‘2 dslrs, beribu-ribu lemon ah… i pengsan 3 bulan ok’. haha!! ok, *cough* attempt of being funny fail *look down*

so, i have few more ‘beribu-ribu lemon’ photos from various trips to be uploaded. and i am currently working on the most exciting and memorable trip i have ever gone, Vietnam!!! so stay tune. meh!! (like i will post them any sooner) but yeah, please dont abandon this humble blog please. then i remember a friend told me ‘how do u expect people not to abandon ur blog u NEVER update it!!! u are the one who abandon it!!’ oh, why do i have such friend?! T____T but i heart all my friends nonetheless πŸ™‚

i cant blog too long now because i am too excited to go back early today to beautify myself for our co’s ramadhan berbuka puasa in errr 2.5 hour time. i’ve intended to wear my kebaya but horror of all horror!!! i cannot fit in it!!!! huarrrgh!!!!! i almost cannot breath in it when i tried on it last night….. huhuhu…. how can i gained so much in a year?! *wail* since we are the host we have to be there earlier than all the invited clients. haihhh…. what to wear? what to wear? *panic

remember this post?! i thought that was it UNTIL recently my creepy high pitch returned to haunt me on tv screen!! of course with my own consent (now i wonder why i agreed to it)

since it’s a friday. i allow myself to make a fool at myself with this hitz.fm tv commercial u’ll see once in a while on Astro. THANK YOU T____T

P/S: before you click on it. it is advisable to use ear plugs.


Happy Friday, peeps!!

February 16, 2011

When Valentine Turned Disaster!!

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so The Family went back to Myy last monday (which was also a valentine’s day) leaving me alone with my boring life here in Lbu working hard like a cow so that i wont end up eating grass after officially broke from holidays. as i waited for their call to announce their safe arrival, instead i was fed with the bad news by The Sister. strangely i had no feeling at all upon hearing it. dont ask me why. i still cant figure out why. maybe my heart decided to turn into a cold stone that day…. after some mandatory concern questions, my next bimbo questions were “are all my clothes and dresses still in the wardrobe?” and “is my LV bag still there?” thank God i got “Yes” for both. our 47 inch flat screen plasma TV and all the golds in my room and The Mother’s were gone! T____T i dont really mind about my gold *aaarghh!! pls stop throwing that stone at me* because i am not a gold person. plus the gold earrings and necklace that i left in the room were not my favourite…. so…. *ouuchh! what’s wrong with not liking gold?!* but i pity The Mother because she lost all of her valuable golds *sigh* according to The Sister our rooms were like as if they’ve just been hit by tsunami. they ransacked every nook and cranny of the rooms even my bedsheet! tei…. they thought i hide my cash and gold underneath meh?! ngeng! report has been lodged but well, slim chance and tough luck to get them back and to trace the culprit lah…. HAIIIIHHHHHH….!!!!!!!!! that much is the price for a whole family trip….

what a memorable valentine, no?!

even in rough and stormy days, yet i will still praise You~

and this is coming up next.

want some wine?!!! πŸ™‚

be blessed, peeps!

February 14, 2011

All I Want For My Valentine Is…..

my cookie…..


you may notice that mini widget at the bottom of the right sidebar where there’s a stick figure couple walking hand in hand. well, believe it. it’s that long….. πŸ™‚ this is not my usual style to write about my personal life especially my relationship (or maybe once in a blue moon just a little snippet) but this time against my own judgement i make this just one exception. yes. without the knowing of the subject – The Boyfriend :p but that’s fine because he doesnt read my blog. teeheehee…

so this is exclusive.

for the first time.

introducing to you.

my favourite cookie in the whole wide world!!!

"You don't love someone because they're perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they're not." β€” Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper)

ok, that’s all i can show you :p

to The Boyfriend (if he ever read this),

darling, i am still angry. still disappointed, still sulking, still pouting. yes. even on this day. i dont care about valentine’s day. i dont show my love only on this day. so i can still be pissed with you even on this day for all i want. but you know. yes you know. i love you to moon and back.

much love and smooches.

since it’s a day where love is in the air. i wore these to match the theme today. both are my best purchase from my most recent vacations.

#1 love necklace from the Philippines

"Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. But finding a true soul mate is an even better feeling. A soul mate is someone who understands you like no other, loves you like no other, will be there for you forever, no matter what. " --- Cecelia Ahern (P/S, I Love You)

#2 love belt from Taipei

"Love is not a because, it's a no matter what." β€” Jodi Picoult (Second Glance)

As we celebrate today, let us not forget our first love because,

“We love because He first loved us” 1 John 4:19

Happy Valentine’s Day & be blessed, peeps!!

January 16, 2011

Aku Tak Biasa

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buat pertama kalinya saya (ok nak guna aku atau saya? saya saja lah) memblog dalam bahasa melayu. kerana saya orang malaysia dan bahasa melayu adalah bahasa rasmi negara. dan kerana saya merasa sangat teruja akan sesuatu sehingga saya tidak sanggup hendak mengongsikannya dengan dunia. malu nanti dikatakan syok sendiri atau perasan atau lebih menyedihkan disimpatikan (mana2 suka hati saya suka letak imbuhan lah). sebelum itu saya akan cuba menulis dengan sebaku-baku yang boleh kerana itu yang telah diajar oleh guru bahasa melayu saya dahulu. saya bersimpati dengan pembaca-pembaca yang tidak faham akan masukan saya kali ini tetapi itu lah tujuannya.

baiklah. sebenarnya saya telah mengalami satu kejutan yang boleh dikira agak besar bagi diri saya sejak dari semalam lagi. nak tau?! semalam, masukan blog saya yang bertajuk melbourne dalam hitam putih telah dijadikan salah satu blog yang dipaparkan dalam freshly pressed bagi wordpress.com dalam kategori blog fotografi. sejurus dengan itu statistik pembaca atau pengunjung blog saya yang tak seberapa ini tiba-tiba melonjak naik ke langit!! daripada pembaca yang tak pernah mencecah seratus orang jadi ribuan. ohkambingku!! (terjemahan langsung dpd ohmygoat!) aku tak biasa….. telefon bimbit pintar blackberry saya tidak henti-henti memberi notifikasi kemasukan komen-komen atau subkripsi pembaca dari serata dunia. sungguh hebat kuasa promosi kan? komen-komen yang diberi sungguh baik sekali. sungguh memberi semangat sehingga saya merasa seperti tidak layak pula. aduhai…. gambar-gambar saya itu tidaklah seberapa pun. dan untuk pengetahuan anda post tersebut adalah satu masukan yang malas dan merupakan jalan pintas untuk kisah melbourne saya yang masih terperam di dalam folder ‘going places‘ saya. tak lama lagi boleh jadi pekasam.

namun demikian, saya merasa sangat teruja dan gembira akan perkembangan ini. saya hargai setiap komen yang telah diberikan. izinkan saya perasan sekejap. saya merasa seperti seorang superstar!! haha!! zaaaaaaaaaaaap!! kembali kepada realiti. ok. mungkin angka statistik saya ini tak seberapa pun jika dibandingkan dgn blogger2 terkenal malah mungkin ada yang berkata baru saja naik statistik sikit sudah riuh sekampung macam ayam betina yang baru dpat telur sedozen (sebab itu lah saya berkeputusan menulis dalam bahasa melayu) tetapi bagi saya adalah sesuatu yang sungguh tidak disangka. aku tak biasa….

saya tidak pasti sekiranya pembaca2 yang tidak faham bahasa melayu ini akan kekal mengunjungi setelah membaca masukan ini tetapi tak mengapa. pujian di dunia memang tidak kekal. yang kekal adalah kasih Tuhan yang sempurna (tiba2). oleh itu, bersyukurlah dalam segala hal. segala sesuatu indah pada waktuNya.

“Ia membuat segala sesuatu indah pada waktunya, bahkan Ia memberikan kekekalan dalam hati mereka. Tetapi manusia tidak dapat menyelami pekerjaan yang dilakukan Allah dari awal sampai akhir” – Pengkhotbah 3:11

ini adalah kali yang pertama dan saya harap yang terakhir saya menggunakan bahasa melayu di blog ini. saya merasa bangga kerana dapat menghabiskan blog ini dalam bahasa melayu walaupun ada perkataan-perkataan inggeris yang tidak dapat saya terjemahkan langsung dan mungkin ada kesalahan tatabahasa dan kekurangan kata-kata peribahasa atau kiasan. tetapi itu tidak mengapa kerana ini bukan ujian karangan bahasa melayu spm dan cikgu amelia tidak akan membaca blog ini.

terima kasih kerana melayan.

be blessed, peeps!

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November 3, 2010


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today when i was concentrating on my proof-reading work i received a call from a Private Number.

LV: Hello…

Male Caller: Hello, may i speak to Ms. Leanor pls?!

wow! he sounded very good. i mean his english is so good wih accent and all i was intimidated *shy*

LV: That’s me.

started to feel bored and annoyed cos i thought he’s from some tele-marketing company or credit card and whatnots.

Male Caller: I’m Jordan (or was it Gordon?) calling from Eastwood Valley…. (started to feel concern. ok this is serious!) and i am calling regarding to some unsettled bill for the reception last Saturday?!

puzzled and curious.

went to the pantry to listen to him more clearly.

LV: Ok, so what is it about again?

Male Caller: We are sorry that we have to call you. We’ve tried calling Mr. Alex and Ms. Fiona but they are not reachable so from our RSVP here the next contact person is you? you were the coordinator?

LV: Yes. They are on their honeymoon now. So what is the problem?

Male Caller: so the thing is Ms. Leanor, from our record here we found out that there’s one bill that has not been settled yet from your side and we…. (mumble… mumble… ) do you aware of this?

thinking hard what else could they missed out during the payment.

LV: May i know what bill are you talking about? is it on the accomodation or on the reception dinner?

(because if it is on the acco i am 100% positive the payment has been settled so if they asked for it i am ready on my defense)

Male Caller: It’s on the reception ma’am (Ok, now i felt this is serious) There were some people who drank at the bar and charged the bill to the reception dinner bill on that night. (or did he said some ppl ordered from the bar? anyway, it’s the same thing la) Do you know these ppl?

LV: No, i’ve no idea who but nobony is suppose to order any drink from the bar….

started feeling really pissed off the those irresponsible ppl.

Male Caller: Ya. But now that the bill is charged to Fiona and Alex. And since they are not around can you make the payment instead? on their behalf?!

started cursing (in my head) those ppl who were so daring to simply order drink from the bar. i started to suspect outsider who took advantage on the reception dinner…. #$@%&!!!

LV: Errmmm…. hmmm…. ok… (feeling so responsible on behalf of the couple there goes my RM T___T)

Male Caller: The total of the bill here is around RM500. So can you come here to settle it?

actually he has been repeating this many time in between our conversation…..

LV: When do you want me to make the payment?

Male Caller: Can you come today?

LV: Ok, by what time?

Male Caller: By 5pm. We will be waiting for you here. So please bring the RM500 ya. thank you.

LV: Alright. But before that can i speak to Chris pls? I need to talk to her…. (i dunno why i suddenly want to talk to the Person In Charge. Maybe just out of courtesy or simply because i want to talk to someone who i am familiar with)

Male Caller: I’m sorry ma’am but Chris is not working today. She asked me to make this call. But you can speak to my bosses here JJ and Ean….

heard laughter at the background WTH?!!

LV: who?

JJ & Ean: Hey, this is from JJ and Ean from Hitz.Fm. How are you?

OMG!!! i felt my face burning up to my head to the tip of my hair!! *shy*

JJ & Ean: you are on Gotcha Call on hitz.fm…. (mumble… mumble…)


more laughters!!! both from my workstation and the background on the other end…



JJ & Ean: it’s Harold..

more laughters!!

more nonsense from me…. i wasnt concentrating on what JJ & Ean were saying already. Malu!!!

JJ & Ean: so let us just finish this. we just wanna say…. GOTCHA!!!!


laugh la laugh…. laugh till your teeth fall to the ground laugh!!!


i still cannot believe i’ve just been GOTCHA-ed!!!

just yesterday me and my aunt laughed at those ppl who’ve been gotcha-ed and today……. it’s ME!! ME!! ME!!!

i just hope i’ll sound good on air T_______T

oh gosh!!! i knew my grammar flew out the window T_____T

and i regretted not saying ‘i love you both’ to JJ and Ean!!!!


fyi, i am still in shock and very nervous to listen to it on air!!


::edit to add::

the conversation was more or less like that la, not very accurate one cos i panicked so much and got so nervous i couldn’t remember much of the details but the main point is they want me to pay the extra bill,

AND my gotcha has been aired this morning!!!!!!!

here it is for your entertainment….

see i am so good embarrassed myself for your entertainment T_____T

notice that the real deal was totally different from the conversation i post above?!! haha!!

moral of the story….. dont trust your friend!!

be blessed, ppl!!

July 30, 2010

What’s In My Mail?!

these are what coming in my mail this week πŸ™‚

we start with the first parcel on Tuesday. jeng… jeng… jeng…

it’s my order!!!! from LovingMinerals. i placed my order and payment on Sunday and the goods arrived in 2 days. not bad!

was so excited to see how my order actually look like. cos this is my 1st time purchasing cosmetics online.

so thoughtful!!

then here they are…. my 1st ever Loving Sample Kit!!


actually, Loving Sample Kit consists of 3 types of foundation, 1 finishing powder and 1 blusher (all by ur own choice of shade). but i have purchased together the add-on item that’s the baby kabuki brush. and and… i didnt know that they will also send one eye pigment sample… i was surprised!! cool!! all of these plus shipping at RM63 only.

my sample shades. the three sample on top are the foundation. i got one from Everyday Minerals and two from Lumiere. the bottom are the finishing powder and the blush.

and here is the complimentary item they sent together with the kit.

an eye pigment in Sublime. and it's the kind of shade that i like and will use always πŸ™‚

apart from that they also inserted this together. at first i thought it’s just a regular business card but after that i saw the something at the bottom corner. a discount code. haha!! 5% off discount code.

and finally, i must say that my main reason to purchase this sample kit is because of this cutie….. :p

baby kabuki brush... hehehe....

so far i only tried on the finishing powder. dont dare to use the foundations yet cos i suddenly have few breakouts recently and i seldom have breakouts!!!! (another story another day) i can say that it’s a pretty good stuff u wont regret it. the only bummer now is that i realised that the Lumiere Cashmere Foundation in Light Beige is a tad bit too fair / light for my skin 😦 i am not that fair lah….. T___T they receive goods exchange on T&C and only if you are in klang valley area. since i’m in labuan i better forget it. the postal alone will cost more than goods itself.

if u want to try on their sample/ product, go feast your eyes with choices HERE. the ppl there are very loving… πŸ™‚

and then on Wednesday i received another parcel. and in my head i went “wow!! this is fast!!”

it was my other online purchase. also my first time. from LuvClothez.com.

ok. to be honest i am one of those ppl who dont fancy online boutiques or anything that related to online shopping cos i prefer to be able to see, touch, try or even smell on the real item with my own five sensory systems. i am very skeptical like that. can?! kns!! but labuan has made me a shopping deprived person T___T so online shopping is the next best thing to feast my eyes with new arrivals and purchase things i need or errr… want. (nak harapkan the mall here?!! in 100 years to come lah!!)

it’s a jacket. i’ve been hunting for jacket the whole month (but i am stuck in Labuan!!!!!) and i happened to chanced upon this site. i went through other online store but they all were either in the states or they just dont ship to malaysia T____T

and this is how the fabric looks like. the material is a bit wool-ish. good to stay warm cos i am going to somewhere wintery / fall soon. aihhh… that’s why…………

got a faux fur some more. hopefully it really will keep me warm then >.<

nah, this is how the whole jacket looks like (minus the belt. weird. it stated there the belt and bag are model’s own. but look at the belt!! it’s the same material as the jacket!!! *2nd thought of online shopping again*)

and u think i’ll post with me wearing it? sorry la wait till i make-up kaw-kaw like the model 1st :p

and i would also like to praise Pos Laju for their quick delivery too. we sometimes complain about how slow they can be but these two…. they were fast!! both my purchases arrived 2 days upon my order and payment.

that’s it for now. suddenly blacked out now it’s hot. time for a jog!!

be blessed always, ppl!

β™₯ cilipadi

July 1, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

bloated stomach. AGAIN! this is getting into my nerves already!! but let me tell u a story. a testimonial will be more like it. u see. i’ve been having this bloated stomach since the last two weeks and the drugs i consumed didnt give much help 😦 but still i must finish the whole drugs thing. well, using drugs is never a good thing, no?! i thought so. and last saturday i had this unbearable pain inside that i couldnt get up. (eh, have anyone have this experience or not? too much wind trapped inside ur stomach that can drive u nuts?! pls tell me this is normal) aduhai. so i was in pain. i wanted to cry. oh yeah. i am a cry baby so what? then i remembered i just woke up and i havent said my morning prayer. so i prayed. and then i dawn to me that since i was praying why not pray for healing too? right?! i dont ask for immediate recovery just make it bearable. so in Jesus name i plead. with all faith and tongue and faith alone with one hand on the said stomach i prayed. and….. guess what?! just like this verse β€œO Lord my God, I cried out to You, and You have healed me.” (Psalm 30:2) i was healed!!! immediately!! oh wait since it was so amazing it deserves a repeat. I WAS HEALED IMMEDIATELY!! how awesome is that?!! all my pain was literally gone. i couldnt feel a twinge of pain. amazing, isnt it?!! all u have to do is ASK and HAVE FAITH!! honestly, i wanted to spring out of my bed to write this testimonial right away then but alas i procrastinated. so typical! but i’ve make a point to post this as that’s what a once a wretched like me has promised to do. well, this is only the simple one, He has showed me many miracles that my gratitude and ‘thank you’ is infinity.

β€œFor with God nothing will be impossible.” (Luke 1:37)


and a friend’s father has just passed recently. news like this makes us sad. but life must go on for every funeral there will be a wedding and birth…. God has his own ways. and His way is always the best.


was in a frenzy to catch up a dateline of my photos last night. and i need to be connected to the internet. my sucky broadband would not help this time so i must stay back at the office for the internet. and i had until midnight. in time like this that u’ll know good friends that care. i called my 2 high school friends up just to accompany me till i finish. all i need is company when i am done and going down to the car as this place isnt the safest corner in lbu. they really waited up with me. although they went out for beers half way of the boredom’s but still they waited till i was done. that my friends, are true friends. and a set of midnight McD can never compare to their kind heart of taking care of me. i heart.

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Prov 17:17


what made my day today?! chipped toe nail!! or should i say broken toe nails?! really. can my day be even more interesting than this?!!

there goes my pedi!!

and this is why i said it made my day. i took time to snap it!! i am boring so sue me if u like. bluek!! >u<

byebye pedi 😦

and i couldnt care less for watermark. aihh…..

be blessed, ppl!

β™₯ cilipadi

May 4, 2010

Updates From N82!

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*whisper* i have something interesting to tell u. i am updating tis post from my handphone! Waseh! so cangging! *sakai* ok i am in kota belud now and will off to the sea tomoro morning very reluctantly T_T i cant believe i will see this place again really. Eh before i got disconnected i better publish this post now. i knw u hate tis abrupt end so do i. i actly attempted to upload a photo but it took forever so tis is all we have for now. tata!

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