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July 30, 2010

What’s In My Mail?!

these are what coming in my mail this week πŸ™‚

we start with the first parcel on Tuesday. jeng… jeng… jeng…

it’s my order!!!! from LovingMinerals. i placed my order and payment on Sunday and the goods arrived in 2 days. not bad!

was so excited to see how my order actually look like. cos this is my 1st time purchasing cosmetics online.

so thoughtful!!

then here they are…. my 1st ever Loving Sample Kit!!


actually, Loving Sample Kit consists of 3 types of foundation, 1 finishing powder and 1 blusher (all by ur own choice of shade). but i have purchased together the add-on item that’s the baby kabuki brush. and and… i didnt know that they will also send one eye pigment sample… i was surprised!! cool!! all of these plus shipping at RM63 only.

my sample shades. the three sample on top are the foundation. i got one from Everyday Minerals and two from Lumiere. the bottom are the finishing powder and the blush.

and here is the complimentary item they sent together with the kit.

an eye pigment in Sublime. and it's the kind of shade that i like and will use always πŸ™‚

apart from that they also inserted this together. at first i thought it’s just a regular business card but after that i saw the something at the bottom corner. a discount code. haha!! 5% off discount code.

and finally, i must say that my main reason to purchase this sample kit is because of this cutie….. :p

baby kabuki brush... hehehe....

so far i only tried on the finishing powder. dont dare to use the foundations yet cos i suddenly have few breakouts recently and i seldom have breakouts!!!! (another story another day) i can say that it’s a pretty good stuff u wont regret it. the only bummer now is that i realised that the Lumiere Cashmere Foundation in Light Beige is a tad bit too fair / light for my skin 😦 i am not that fair lah….. T___T they receive goods exchange on T&C and only if you are in klang valley area. since i’m in labuan i better forget it. the postal alone will cost more than goods itself.

if u want to try on their sample/ product, go feast your eyes with choices HERE. the ppl there are very loving… πŸ™‚

and then on Wednesday i received another parcel. and in my head i went “wow!! this is fast!!”

it was my other online purchase. also my first time. from LuvClothez.com.

ok. to be honest i am one of those ppl who dont fancy online boutiques or anything that related to online shopping cos i prefer to be able to see, touch, try or even smell on the real item with my own five sensory systems. i am very skeptical like that. can?! kns!! but labuan has made me a shopping deprived person T___T so online shopping is the next best thing to feast my eyes with new arrivals and purchase things i need or errr… want. (nak harapkan the mall here?!! in 100 years to come lah!!)

it’s a jacket. i’ve been hunting for jacket the whole month (but i am stuck in Labuan!!!!!) and i happened to chanced upon this site. i went through other online store but they all were either in the states or they just dont ship to malaysia T____T

and this is how the fabric looks like. the material is a bit wool-ish. good to stay warm cos i am going to somewhere wintery / fall soon. aihhh… that’s why…………

got a faux fur some more. hopefully it really will keep me warm then >.<

nah, this is how the whole jacket looks like (minus the belt. weird. it stated there the belt and bag are model’s own. but look at the belt!! it’s the same material as the jacket!!! *2nd thought of online shopping again*)

and u think i’ll post with me wearing it? sorry la wait till i make-up kaw-kaw like the model 1st :p

and i would also like to praise Pos Laju for their quick delivery too. we sometimes complain about how slow they can be but these two…. they were fast!! both my purchases arrived 2 days upon my order and payment.

that’s it for now. suddenly blacked out now it’s hot. time for a jog!!

be blessed always, ppl!

β™₯ cilipadi


July 29, 2010

Bliss Is….

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be blessed, ppl!

β™₯ cilipadi

July 22, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

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“securing a job nowadays is not about WHAT you know, but WHO you know”

~quoted from a friend who quoted it from an experienced man while on job.

so true~~

be blessed, ppl!

β™₯ cilipadi

July 19, 2010

Monday Musings…

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was home during the world cup final cos it has been a month since i last been home (on personal expense) glad that my weekends were fully booked by my favourite ppl. and last week i went back again for work (on company’s expense) eeee…. if i knew i wouldnt have gone back the week earlier…. rugi… rugi…. &^*%$#@!!!! does my sentence even mae sense? nvm.

ok this might be old news but SPAIN IS 2010 WORLD CUP CHAMPION!!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!!! nanananana…. and yes. i woke up at that ungodly 2.30am to watch the final. hah!! even The Boyfriend needed my call as his alarm. and i am gloating now because prior to the match the night before me and cousin and our friends went for Eclipse (which i had been dying to watch) and to my surprise out of five of us they all decided to support holland. i was the only espana supporter. nah!! last2 siapa yg menang??! kekekeke…. dont hate.. dont hate… :p

they all took on Holland except of me... hnnpphhh!!


owh. i had my 1st-time-in-my-life 3D menicure for RM18 only. hehehe…. promomotion maa… but it all started falling/ tearing off after 5 days.

its a ribbon πŸ™‚


i just noticed from aerial view from the plane today that Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan is quite huge. the area is bigger that some nearby housing area….


the photobooks that i’ve been working on finally arrived!

new addition to photography - come with an album. left: softcover (80pgs) right: hard leather cover (40pgs)

softcover with smooth silk paper

hard leather cover with matte paper


i seriously MUST shed all these extra kilos. now! now! now!!! nowadays everytime i go back home everyone was saying/asking the same thing ‘did u gain weight? u look chubby. so cute!!’ cute ur mushroom head la cute!!! T_____________T or ‘u seem happy in labuan. the food there must be good’ good ur monkey head good la. here the food are expensive max u rather starve…. *emo*


i’m hungry…

be blessed, ppl!

β™₯ cilipadi

July 8, 2010

My Vuvuzela Is For Espana

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i know… i know…. since when do i watch football, right??! well, since the whole family and TheBoyfriend and cols and the whole world started the frenzy la when?! i’m not a football fan but once in a while i do watch the game. especially when my fav team play (which i superficially chose by the look of the players. ngeee~~ dont hate!) and of course good skills and machoness while playing counts. again i dont exactly know how good is good skill but i know when the defenders and the strikers plays till i feel like jumping on the couch. that’s good skill. at least for me. cos i am ignorant to all the football vocabs like that. and in real life, my uncle is a referee and right in front of my grandparents’ house is a football field of whoch we’ll watch ppl play every christmas. it’s their tradition. and wth, even my mom plays football when she was younger. *gasp!!* (and i heard she was good too…. my goodness me… mummy!!) so it’s hard to not like football even though i am not a fan.

i know it’s a hype. but wth, it’s only once in four years. so what not to watch?! and because i am not a fan i only started watching from the germany vs argentina game last weekend. i wanted to watch argentina. and wanted them to win. the reason, because maradona was there. he is the 1st football icon that i knew since i know what’s football in my childhood. so he was my secret football hero then. hehe. but 4-0?! T______________T dunno what to say. but the gloom was redeemed after germany lost to spain this morning. yahoooOO!! arent they just so delicious to look at?! i mean the spaniards. but was a bit geram when pedro actually has a chance to pass the ball to torres but he didnt!! if he did they probably could score 2-0. but all is good though. the world is eager to watch both 1st timer at the final…. NED vs ESP. dont we just love underdogs??!!

oh how can we forget about him??! paul the octopus!! haha!! oh dear, now that he might become german’s fav grilled octo now since it has picked spain over germany during it’s prediction. haha!! it’s funny how human can believe in such creature’s prediction. but he was darn accurate, huh!! but but but…. Jangan Percayakan Sotoooooooonggggg……” LOL!!

nah… just for fun… πŸ˜€

ok lah, i actually planned to do some photo editing and upload some of my recent wedding shots up but as usual i’m procrastinating. gah!! this habit should be demolished from the face of this earth!!! grrrrrrr……!!!!!

hmm…. i think i’ll cook tonight.

be blessed, ppl!!

β™₯ cilipadi

July 6, 2010

Interesting Conversations

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some interesting conversation that i’ve engaged in, or read, or on FB wall or on MSN.

real conversation with bf
Cilipadi: my friends who are teachers have the best life and have the most savings in the bank i think.
TheBoyFriend: why do u think so?!
Cilipadi: good salary, lot’s of holidays plus some of them who are in the rurals can earn extra living allowance which they couldnt spend them because there isnt place to shop for a decent shoes in the kampung. so they sure kaya already…. if i’m like them i can invest an asset already. a house.
TheBoyFriend: *sigh* you earn a lot too. u earn more than them. but u trash them all to all the malls ma……
Cilipadi: =.=”
The BoyFriend: it’s ok, u have chosed to put them to ur parents’ house. and u have 2 liabilities now. at least we can see what u have worked for all these year…. all right?!
Cilipadi: *dreaming longingly for a house*
TheBoyfriend: but have u any piggy bank for wedding?
Cilipadi: *cough* *cough* wedding?! hmmm… i want to go travel….
The Boyfriend: @_@

H: yohoOO!! anyone there?!
Cilipadi: what do u want?
H: nothing. miss u.
Cilipadi: bugger!!

real converation with girl friend
Viv: what is this thing *pointing at an alien shape blue thingy on my car dashboard*
Cilipadi: it’s the alarm thingy. my mom just installed a new alarm to my car.
Viv: what’s its function?
Cilipadi: i dunno. just like an alarm should work la.
Viv: how come it is being installed visibly here? how could u be so ignorance to an alien thing tat being installed to ur own car. who knows it’s a detector that can detect where u live and these ppl knows ur house and wherever u go and want to harm u?
Cilipadi: aiii…. why so paranoid? as long as it serves its purpose. and the old one is replaced ok lah. why do u ask so many questions about such a tiny thing?
Viv: it just me :p i have to ask every single details on every new things that is in my car. i cant go without knowing the whole purpose and function of little addition in my car. u know, when there’s something going wrong u have to know what cause it and how to handle it. or if dunno how u have to know who to contact.
Cilipadi: apa kaitan?
Viv: there is!!! i asked u how this thing work u said u didnt know!!! so if suddenly the alarm went off nonstop or x work. what are we gonna do?! at least u have to know what to do with it while waiting for help, right?!
Cilipadi: errrr….. ok u got a point there.
Viv: u know sometimes it’s important to ask a lot of silly questions to save ur life. especially a lady with a car. in case i have problem with my car on the road and my hubby isnt around, i have list of his friends’ contacts that i can ask help for. do u have any?
Cilipadi: what about you?
Viv: =.=”

from The Time Traveller’s Wife novel. between clare and her grandma.
“Do you ever miss him?
Every day. Every minute.
Every minute, she says.
Yes, it’s that way, isn’t it?”
β€” Audrey Niffenegger (The Time Traveler’s Wife)

on FB profile photo comment (on my lady gaga bow bun)
Josh: Sempat juga ko berposing dekat Hotel tu yaa…hehe
Cilipadi: hehe…. sambil tunggu diorang 2 tu lama betul…. mentang2 jamban best. (We were at Empire Hotel, Brunei)
Elsey: cute tu reben atas kepala =D..i heart it~!
Wendy: haha,ur face look cute cut tat hair,mcm`gigi gaga`ra..ram..ma..ma..ga..u..lala… (LOL!! cracked me up!)
Dora: lain kali lady gigi….unik la…….
Cilipadi: LOLOLOL!!~~~~~

on MSN with girl friend
Scarlet: wah! so late d still editing?
Cilipadi: yes T__T rush rush… dateline datline…
Scarlet: so hardworking….
Cilipadi: cari makan~~
Scarlet: *chuckle icon*

on the phone with cousin sister
Cilipadi: hello, what’s up?
Fio: it has been a while. so decided to call u la. see how are u getting along over there.
Cilipadi: hehe…. it’s been quite hectic but i miss miri. sad that i couldnt go back last week.
Fio: what about this week?
Cilipadi: not sure about that too.
continued updating each other on recent events eg: bridesmaids, flower girls, and wedding planning, the families, the robberies that happened to miri office (ya twice in a month!) on and on…. even dreams…. she dreamed about the two of us went to the photo gallery to get her finished album but the ppl there didnt want to give it to her and use 101 ways to prevent us to get it that includes letting a DOG out to bit us (how random!) haha!
Fio: good news! i got my videographer. it’s someone someone….
Cilipadi: hmm… if it’s the same person. i think i know him =) my ex-neigbour. we’ll see.
Fio: so how’s ur phototaking going on?
Cilipadi: was rushing for datelines last week. i offer photo album for them.
Fio: how? as in physical photo album?
Cilipadi: the real photo album la. one i even upgrade to leather album. together with the dvd of course.
Fio: wah!! dah advance…. berbisnes betul rupanya…..
Cilipadi: cari makan~~ haha!!

and what’s a post without a photo?! so here’s what’s coming up soon…. (i hope)

a ring shot during a recent wedding (irene and mamat)

be blessed, ppl!

β™₯ cilipadi

July 5, 2010

His Promises Never Fail

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have you fulfill them??!

or do you even remember about it at all?!

or do you pretend to forget about it all?!


*deep in thought and emo max and teary*

“I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” Genesis 28:15

be blessed, ppl!

β™₯ cilipadi

July 1, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

bloated stomach. AGAIN! this is getting into my nerves already!! but let me tell u a story. a testimonial will be more like it. u see. i’ve been having this bloated stomach since the last two weeks and the drugs i consumed didnt give much help 😦 but still i must finish the whole drugs thing. well, using drugs is never a good thing, no?! i thought so. and last saturday i had this unbearable pain inside that i couldnt get up. (eh, have anyone have this experience or not? too much wind trapped inside ur stomach that can drive u nuts?! pls tell me this is normal) aduhai. so i was in pain. i wanted to cry. oh yeah. i am a cry baby so what? then i remembered i just woke up and i havent said my morning prayer. so i prayed. and then i dawn to me that since i was praying why not pray for healing too? right?! i dont ask for immediate recovery just make it bearable. so in Jesus name i plead. with all faith and tongue and faith alone with one hand on the said stomach i prayed. and….. guess what?! just like this verse β€œO Lord my God, I cried out to You, and You have healed me.” (Psalm 30:2) i was healed!!! immediately!! oh wait since it was so amazing it deserves a repeat. I WAS HEALED IMMEDIATELY!! how awesome is that?!! all my pain was literally gone. i couldnt feel a twinge of pain. amazing, isnt it?!! all u have to do is ASK and HAVE FAITH!! honestly, i wanted to spring out of my bed to write this testimonial right away then but alas i procrastinated. so typical! but i’ve make a point to post this as that’s what a once a wretched like me has promised to do. well, this is only the simple one, He has showed me many miracles that my gratitude and ‘thank you’ is infinity.

β€œFor with God nothing will be impossible.” (Luke 1:37)


and a friend’s father has just passed recently. news like this makes us sad. but life must go on for every funeral there will be a wedding and birth…. God has his own ways. and His way is always the best.


was in a frenzy to catch up a dateline of my photos last night. and i need to be connected to the internet. my sucky broadband would not help this time so i must stay back at the office for the internet. and i had until midnight. in time like this that u’ll know good friends that care. i called my 2 high school friends up just to accompany me till i finish. all i need is company when i am done and going down to the car as this place isnt the safest corner in lbu. they really waited up with me. although they went out for beers half way of the boredom’s but still they waited till i was done. that my friends, are true friends. and a set of midnight McD can never compare to their kind heart of taking care of me. i heart.

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Prov 17:17


what made my day today?! chipped toe nail!! or should i say broken toe nails?! really. can my day be even more interesting than this?!!

there goes my pedi!!

and this is why i said it made my day. i took time to snap it!! i am boring so sue me if u like. bluek!! >u<

byebye pedi 😦

and i couldnt care less for watermark. aihh…..

be blessed, ppl!

β™₯ cilipadi

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