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February 18, 2012

Chicken Curry

so one of my personal project this year is to learn to cook chicken curry.

reason: i love chicken curry! especially my mum’s.

The Mother cooked the best chicken curry everrrr. it’s so good that family friends will specially order from her when there’s small family party or when there’s pot luck or when i feel like eating :p but being an ignorant daughter i am, i never bother to learn or even look at how she cooked it. i only help her to… eat.

so, since i’m out of comfy home-cooked food. i’ll have to learn everything my own. huarrrghh!! this is when you say ‘Thank God for Internet!!’ so last Fri i googled the recipe and chose the simplest to follow.

so let’s start with the ingredients first.

1. half a chicken (my case, 1 part drumstick + 1 part breast)
2. 1 large potato (peeled and cut into chucks)
3. half packet of dry tofu (soaked in cold water until it is soft)
4. 3000ml of coconut milk
5. 5 tbl spoon of curry powder (add in water to make a paste)
6. 2 tbl spoon of chilli powder
7. 100ml of tamarind juice

Ingredients A:
1. 5 shallots
2. 5 cloves of garlic
3. 1 inch of ginger
4. 1 inch of tumeric

Ingredients B:
1. half of big onion (chopped finely)
2. 2 bunch of curry leaves
3. 2 cinnamon stick + 3 bunga cengkih (star anise) + some cadamom (i just pour in all what’s in the packet)
4. 2 stalks of big red chillies
5. 1 ripe tomato (cut into chunks)

hmmm… i think that’s about it. you may also add in 2 stalks of lemon grass for that extra aroma.

1. grind or blend all ingredients A together.

2. on a hot pan, heat up 100ml of cooking oil and fry Ingredients A until golden and aromatic.

3. add in Ingredients B into the pan ans stir together. ahh… the aroma is now starting to fill your entire kitchen.

4. add in the curry paste and chilli powder and then stir some more until everything is well mixed. be careful not to do that too long or else it will burn.

5. add in the coconut milk and stir well for 1 minute.

6. put in the chicken, potatoes and then the already soft dry tofu carefully into the mixture. mix well.

7. let it simmer for 5 minutes.

8. add in the tamarind juice.

9. leave to simmer for another 15-20 minutes.

10. done and ready to be served. good for 4 persons serving ๐Ÿ™‚

and this is how mine turned out like.

have fun cooking!!

be blessed, friends.


October 4, 2011

Fun Taiwan: Kaohsiung + Liu He Night Market

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my 2011 holiyear started with Taiwan. i went with my darling, bestie, girl friend, scarlet. who was in her fourth month (coming to fifth) pregnancy that time. she has the most sporting husband and in-laws!!!

we flew to Taipei on the 28th december last year. it was winter time ๐Ÿ˜€ but well, dont expect any snow pictures ok. once arrived we went straight down to Kaohsiung by their super high speed Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) which took us only like more or less one and a half hour. and if you look at Taiwan map. that was like from Perlis going down to JB in Malaysia (more or less).

before i travel to a totally foreign place, i’d make a research about the place. it’s one thing i find fun and educational at the same time. thanks to the internet. all info are just a click away. so after months of research i finally came up with this DIY itinerary. which was mostly copied & paste from others :p

Taiwan 8D7N Itinerary _1_


YOU ARE WELCOME!! *waives dismissively*

direct route from Taoyuan Station to Zhuying Station.
our route Taoyuan Station to Zhuoying


on the THSR. cute baby sitting next to us. and the interior is very clean and decent


our super super tight and cramp hotel room. there wont be any more space when we open our luggage on the floor.


toilet on the left, mirror straight in front of door, queen size bed on the right.


beautiful artwork on the ceylings

Taiwan is well known of its vast night markets but Kaohsiung has one of the oldest night market in the whole Taiwan. and they said you are not in Kahsiung if you dont visit their famous Liu He Night Market so it’s a no surprise that we went straight to their night market once we’ve settled with our check-in. plus, we were starving!!!!

to go to the night market from our hotel, we took MRT from Kaohsiung Station to Mei Li Tao Station. it’s so convenient.


their tickets are in token form ๐Ÿ˜€

the Night Market area was indeed full of people both locals or tourists. there were so many stalls selling many different kind of things ranging from foods (some strange and funny looking foods), trinkets, households, accessories and clothes.


strange looking nuts?! fruits?! -___- i forgot to ask what it was.


some jelly ice kind of thing.... didnt try though


cute piggy shape bun!!!! WHY DIDNT WE ORDER THIS?!!!! >.<

the common food sold at most of the stalls here are actually seafood. so many of them that you dont know which one to choose.

like this….


or this…


or this giant squid tentacles….


who dare to try this?! squid tentacles tempura :p

then next common thing is these….



yummy!!! it

and after walking one good round to look for a nice place to sit to fill our growling stomachs, we decided to try this restaurant.


the exterior


the cute tables and chairs




matchy latern pattern and ceyling deco


if you look hard enough, matchy wall paper at the back and table cloth too. wah lao eh!!!

since the restaurant was famous of its pork leg, so we ordered one plate of it ๐Ÿ˜€


marinated stewed pork leg

and these….

Taiwan Yu Mok or Sawi Taiwan or Taiwan Lettuce?


Moeat Ball Soup *sluuuuuuurpp*


Taiwanese Prawn Rice Noodle Soup

and ta-daaa!! our first dinner / meal in Taiwan!!!


owh.... we also had Taiwanese Herbal Tea Eggs


a picture before i turn barbaric. eat until dunno what. sigh~ i look so old T__T

calling all Malaysian to read this!!! spotted this message on the wall just next to us. hahaha!!! so cute. but we two good girls decided not to vandalize their property. *skema*


'and kami 2 orang juga telah makan di sini. makanan memang BOLEH TAHAN!!' LOL!!!

after eating we continued to walk around at the same time looking something to buy as souvenirs.


watches conveniently packed in gift boxes.


handmade chopsticks ๐Ÿ™‚ Scarlet bought a lot of these as souvenirs.

as we were walking around we spotted man big rubbish plastic right conveniently placed in the middle of the street at the night market. ahhh!!! no more wasting time looking for rubbish bin or worse case (for those uncivilized citizen) simply throw everywhere.


if only all the night markets in malaysia apply this, our country will be a much better place...


we tried the strawberries. OMG!! it’s the sweetest and yummiest strawberries i’ve ever tasted!!


sweetest strawberries ever!!! must try!!


huhuhu..... i didnt try.... bittergourt juice

and the famous papaya milk juice stall is here. i heard this one is quite famous. even celebrities and the president came and buy from him.


tourists taking photo with the owner. that famous meh?!!

and i was curious seeing a long queue at one of the grill / bbq stall. so i went to have a looksee and end up buying too :p and i didnt regret it at all.


some meat rolled with bbq ham. it tastes surprisingly good with a bit of saltiness that i like.

we wanted to go to Love River and their True Love Ferry Pier after that but found out that the street going to the place was quite secluded and we didnt see anybody going towards the area. well, maybe we came at the wrong time. or maybe there’s actually nothing to see there? *shrugs*

last but not least here’s our expenses of the day for your reference (maybe).

Taoyuan airport to HSR station each NT30
HSR Taoyuan – Zhuo Ying station each NT 1330
Zhuo Ying HSR station – KAo Shiong Station NT 25
Happy Hotel NT 900
Kao Shiong station – Mei Li Tao station (go Liu He night market) NT 20
Tai Nan Mian 1 meal 2 ppl eat full full NT250
bamboo Chopstick as souvenir 10 pairs NT100
Strawberry per cup NT100
Magic scarf 3 for NT 500
MRT Mei Li Tao – MRT city council NT20 (to lover pier)
City council MRT bc Kao Shong MRT NT 20

be blessed, peeps!!


August 26, 2011

What I Ate in Jakarta

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this is a waaaaaaaaaaay toooooo outdated post. like. hold it….. FOUR YEARS AGO!!!! yes! that loooong. i have planned to blog about my Jakarta once i started migrated to this blog address but alas…. well u know what happened :p so today as i was in my process of selecting photos of my Vietnam trip i got too bored and tired cos it seems never ending so i browsed through my old traveling folder and boom i stumbled upon a sub-folder which i named ‘Food’ in my Jakarta folder. what a perfect timing because i was hungry like a wolf when i looked at all of the food this morning and hence decided to post them here just so my Jakarta trip could see the light.

all photos were taken using my point and shoot because i havent own a dslr back then but that’s not important so feast yourself with all the food with your eyes! :p


traditional kuih-muih or deserts served to us upon arrival at our host's house. mostly made of sticky rice and coconut milk.


Bakso - meatball soup with mee hoon / rice noodles


another Bakso. Yum!


Jus Sirsak! Soursop Juice. so far indonesia offers the best original soursop juice i ever tried. u can taste and feel the fiber lines of the fruit with your tounge.


this is breakfast at our host's house every single day....


nasi lemak


traditional delicacies


hot and spicy chilli paste. yes. breakfast.


iced strawberries. fresh and straight out from the freezer so when u bite on it, it feels like u are eating fresh strawberry icecream without the cream... u get me?.

this next one has a funny story. sold by roadside vendors and sometimes can be seen inside the mall sold by those small2 stalls. there’s a rule in drinking this. once you finish with the drink, you have to RETURN the bottles back to the vendor. so that means you cannot go too far away from the stall. so, what we did the 1st time, we paid and walked away. until we heard the vendor came chasing and shouted at us to ask us to return his bottles. hahaha!!! so we had to drink out Teh Botol quickly there and then and returned them to him. haiiihhh….


Tel Botol - Bottled Tea.


me with vytha, our new friend ๐Ÿ™‚ in Mangga Dua Mall. she has a boutique there selling children costumes. very cute!

if at our host’s house we only eat clean and fresh and healthy food, but with vytha and her then fiance (now husband) we got to try their local street foods. that included the bakso (above) and this next one. this place that they brought us i reckon is a famous street stall because we had to wait for earlier customers to finish eating to get seats and while we ate, there were already new customers waited for us to leave. stress!!!


Pecel Lele - Fried Catfish with white rice accompanied with kangkung ( morning glory vege) and come together with hot and spicy chilli as sambal. aihhh!!!! it's finger linkin' good, ok!!!

to complete our finger lickin’ good Pecel Lele set, we ordered what Jakarta is so good for – fresh fruit juice!


Avocado Juice with chocolate.


back at host's house, more local traditional kuih muih the next morning.



i love this!!!! banana with gula melaka with sprinkle of grated coconut (or is it kerisik?) as dessert ๐Ÿ˜€


haaa!! this is curry puff eaten together with raw chilli!!! yes 1st time saw but no harm to try. pedas juga but i am fine with it ๐Ÿ™‚


honestly, i totally forgot what this is ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Our yet another meriah breakfast @.@ at host's house


sorry the photo is shaky but i just wanna tell u that although it looked so unappetizing it taste surprisingly GOOD!! but i forgot what it called but know there's chicken inside *look down*


by now i really cant wait for this post to end. posting all these food pics is making me hungry!!


more local kuih

remember i mentioned that our host is very health conscious?! one morning he made us fresh Tumeric Juice!! which after a sip all our faces turned like this – >__<! we saw he added some lemon juice, and honey into the blender machine together with the raw tumeric. he then proceeded explaining to us the benefits of it eg: boost immune system, good for liver and to those who love singing (like me :p) soothe the throat. so we obliged T__T



one of the common lunch set at food court.

#25 last but not least….

airport version of Pecel Lele

yay! done!! finally!!! now i can go for my lunch.

we were so blessed for the excellent hospitality of our host, Pak Freddie Leong and Ibu Ria and family. this family not only had offered us their place and food and rides (with their personal drivers) but also demonstrated the heart of a servant and love from our dear Lord despite being so much blessed with worldly needs. so did Miss Vytha and Pak Henry who understood the heart of younger generation like us who had brought us around to experience their street food.

my advice is if u go to Jakarta, dont miss trying their fresh fruit juice. you’ll never regret it.

be blessed, peeps!

August 24, 2010

Cilipadi Famous MayoMee

cooking has been one of my fav hobby. just so that i have an excuse to eat. even though the recipe failed or tasteless or burned i’ll still eat it all because i cooked it!! i’ll learn recipes from The Mother, aunts, grandma, friends, tv, newspapers or even the Ekonomi Rumah Tangga (ERT) text book and then try to improvise them to suit my own liking. because like photography, cooking too needs creativity.

as much as i like cooking something simple and easy, i am not a fan of instant noodles or instant soup. for me they are so unhealthy. so today i’m going to show you my feh-mes MayoMee. and guess what? out of instant noodles!! T__T i know this will be a good news to the bachelors, no? let’s get creative instead of the old 1-2-3 steps of cooking instant mee.

when i first told my cousins and friends that i’m gonna serve us mayonnaise mee they went…. “eeew…. mayonnaise with mee? can eat meh?” with a disgusted look on their faces T___T but i convinced them to at least try first and guess what?! they loved it!!! my aunt said that their mayonnaise wont last long as before after my young cousin tried it. LOL~~

so ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you The Cilipadi Famous MayoMee!!

serving: 1
duration: 20 minutes (including eating)

1. one packet of Mee Mamee (any instant mee will do but i prefer chicken flav.)

i prefer Mamee cos the texture is more elastic

2. mix vege
3. luncheon meat cube / minced beef/ miced chicken / tuna
4. 1 half-boiled egg
5. green vege *optional* (you’ll know why later)

6. a big spoonful of mayonnaise!

what's a MayoMee without the main ingredient?! mayonnaise!!

now let’s get to the preparation.

1. cook the instant mee the usual way and add in the mix vege and let it cook for 3 minutes.

2. once done, tossed it and keep aside.

3. next fry the cubed luncheon meat / minced beef / minched chicken / tuna in a frying pan.

fry with 1 tbl spoon of oil or butter. up to u.

*optional* once done u can take the meat out and keep aside to sprinkle on top of the mee later. or if u are lazy like me, u can do as the following.

4. add in the tossed mee in the frying pan and fry together.

by this time u can also add in some mayo already.... and fry together. it smells devine!!

5. take the mee out on a serving plate and add in the spoonful of mayo and mix well.

add in mayo as much as u like :p it's up to individual really.

6. add in HALF of the seasonings from the packet of ur instant noodles.

add in half of the seasonings

7. mix everything well until you see every strand of mee is coated with white creamy mayo and fragrant after the seasonings.


8. now poke a hole at the centre of the mee. this is the 2nd signature style of this recipe after the mayo :p

owh... u must do this. this is the signature style of this dish :p

9. then pop your half-boiled egg at the center.

i can never get a perfect half-boiled egg T__T tried many times..... teach me!!

10. springkle the fried luncheon meat cube (from step 3 if u dont fry it together with the mee) on top of your mee (for mee on top of my egg to cover the imperfection) add tomatoe slices as deco and garnishing *optional* and ready to be served!! YAY!!

for those who are hungry max can stop and enjoy your meal now!!


if you are like me who cannot swallow dry fried mee without the help of soup to drench down everything smoothly into the stomach (ei, even when you go to kopitiam you will be served with at least a ‘sup kosong’, right) and if you are wondering what happend to the green vege and HALF of the seasonings, you can proceed with the following….

quick instant soup :p

1. cook another fresh hot boiling water in a pot, add in the green vege and some of the meat. cook for 2-3 minutes and take out into a serving bowl.

it can be any green vege. this is sweet potato leaves ๐Ÿ™‚

2. add in the other HALF of the seasonings ๐Ÿ™‚

the keyword here is instant and improvise :p

and knowing me the dish wont be complete with my homemade chillie ๐Ÿ™‚

my own homemade chillie.... spicy max!!

Bon Appetit!!

jemputlah makan ๐Ÿ™‚

Extra: below is another version of my MayoMee. the meat was actually BBQ pork leftover from CNY and the soup is sawi and sausage slices.

to tell you the truth i have been wanting to post this recipe a long time ago but i always fail to get a perfect half-boiled egg for a nicer look in a photo. alas!! until today it will still not perfect. i guess i just dont have the talent to cook half-boiled egg lah!! T______T

happy trying and i hope you enjoy it!!

be blessed, ppl!!

โ™ฅ cilipadi

March 30, 2010

Egg Fried Rice,ย Anyone?

u knew already that labuan is a very hot island, right? of course u knew. i grumble bout it day in day out T_______T one day the weather was too hot and it would be even hotter if i go out cos the car air-cond broke down. KNS! and to think that i will lost all appetite once i return with sweaty armpit. i decided i might as well just cook my own lunch. if u have the luxury of cooking at the work place so why not? so i’ve prepared some ingredients from home and to cut my long winded crap short let’s just get started with the preparation. my fingers also painful alredy typing with this lousy external keyboard T_____T

so get ur pen and paper ready.

serving: 1-2 person
prep time: 20 mins

1. leftover cold white rice (left in the fridge overnight)

*cilipadi’s tip: refridgerated rice is good for cooking fried rice cos the grains dont tend to stick together. this is important so that the egg could coat easily to every grain.

2. 1/2 onion and garlic, finely chopped
3. 1 egg, beaten
4. luncheon meat, slice in cube
5. frozen mix vege
6. 3 button mushrooms, slice in half
7. 1-2 t/spoon vege oil

cold rice, onion & garlic, egg, luncheon meat, button mushroom, frozen mix vege

1. soy sauce (optional)
2. maggie ready seasoning. hehe! apa susah?

the only kind of soy sauce found in the pantry, maggie cukup rasa seasoning

1. cherrie tomatoes (for deco and garnishing)
2. home made super extra spicy chili (for that extra kick)

now the steps.

step 1:
heat vege oil in a hot frying pan.

step 2:
then when it’s hot enough saute oinion and garlic until it turns brownish and fragrant.

step 3:
put in luncheon meat. fry for one minute. and then add in buttonmushroom. stir another one minute. approximately la.

step 4:
add in the mix vege. and stir some more.

when stirring it should look like ths :p

step 5:
when all the ingredients alredy look like this

can u see the steam? wap? my lumix still serves well :p

step 6:
u can now add in the rice into the pan and stir-fry well together with the ingredients.

wah! almost cooked already!! few more steps to go.

step 7:

jeng jeng jeng…..now is the crucial part. u must be wondering when will i add the egg right? ok, now u can pour in the beaten egg onto the rice and immediately stir fry until no more stickyness of the egg is visible.

this step is crucial. u must stir as soon as all the egg is poured. if not the egg will granulate and ur egg fried rice isnt an egg fried rice anymore.

owh, and i really want to show u that i was really cooking. dont hate!

step 8:
by now the rice should be coated with egg and yellowish. so it’s time toadd in some seasonings. just add in 1/2 table spoon will do. cos the luncheon meat already gave it a salty taste.

NAH! this one just to scare you!!

pls look at the curly long lashes. faster!

step 9:
i know, u must be very hungry now so this step is optional. actully i already serve half of the rice into my plate but since i included soy sauce in the ingredients so…..

just a little bit will do cos the claim-of-fame of an egg fried rice is its yellowish colour which wrapping every single grains of the rice.

step 10:
dish out and ready to be served!!! yay! but the cherrie tomatoes ler?

here they are….

see my spiky hair egg-fried-rice man's face. half yellow. half brown T___T (sekadar gmbr hiasan)

and now that u know when the cherrie tomatoes come into the picture haa~~

owh…. wat’s cilipadi without the signature spiciness. this is to add umpph to my dishes.

made of really spicy cili padi + much much love. all the way from lawas by gandma ๐Ÿ™‚ *heart*

what are u waiting for? now eat!!

bon appetit!

close up of my masterpiece.

hope u like my version of egg fried rice. happy trying!

be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

โ™ฅ cilipadi

March 29, 2010

Monday Musings….

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it sucks. BIG TIME!!! typing with an external keyboard T_______T accidentally spilled some water on my notebook last saturday hence the the grumble. but i can only blame myself over he carelessness T______T so boys and girls, do not drink in front of ur notebook. *sulk*

been cooking recently. just that i lack of a durable non-stick fring pan. argghhh!!! tefal??! i’ll think about it over the weekend ;p when the time’s right i migh showcast some of my self-invented recipe. but just promise not to ‘ceh, i also can do that!’ or ‘LOL! that also can be consider a recipe?!’ or else…. but well,

a secret recipe is a recipe when it is not written in the recipe book.
-Chef At Home

it’s called freestyle cooking! what do u know?

TheLittleBrother is now serving in PLKN. the one and only in the family who’ve chosen. kesian but at the same time good time to waste :p

from yesterday’s sermon….
when u wake up in the morning FaceGod first not Facebook!
-Pr. Jublie Apin

LOL~~ good one! good one!! hehe….

i dunno…. earlier today i wanted to post an emo post but the thought kinda slipped away from me by now. it’s something about me who purposely spelled mahsyur as mashur during spelling test just so that my spelling book doesnt look 100% all the way. cos 98% looks cool too! 98% LOL! then when it came to inter-classroom spelling test (100% really does matter) i misspelled stoking as stokin. even though i heard clearly how Puan Molly and Puan Elizebeth pronounced it. i still thought they were wrong!!! (wah! and i thought i was so clever to think they were wrong!) oh C’MON!! we always say stokin, what?! right?? rrrrrrrright???!! hnnnhhh!! ok. my point is i will try not to be too nerdy or too academicly centered so that my friends wont feel intimidated. i hate to hear ‘ni li hai ma…. bu yi yang‘ ceh!!! i’m not ok (see…. comforting again) haihhh…. not to say i’m ‘li hai’ here la. just that if last time i keep my nerdy-bookworn-self maybe i’ll become another person now. a doctor? a lawyer? dunno how to say…. want to menyesal also too late now. see… maybe if i have studied harder i wont use manglish ever? haihh… other time.

oh, do you think i can find some Mentaiko in lbu?

sneak peek for tonight’s dinner….

The Cilipadi infamous mayonnaise mee ๐Ÿ™‚

in case u are wondering, those are bbq pork leftover fom cny. i substituted as mince pork. LOL! heck! this photos was taken a month ago lah.

be blessed, ppl!

โค cilipadi

February 20, 2010

Chicken Soup For The Lonely Soul

when i first got the permission to hold the ladle /turner and wok and cooking pot and turned on the stove by my own. i was thrilled beyond compared. i was 10 y.o. and The Mother finally allowed me to cook!! other than just doing the dishes and ‘mengauk‘ the rice. that means i’ve grown up!! yeah right! as far as i remember the first few dishes that i cooked were some scramble eggs and guess what…. i also fried the big green chillies with anchovies!!! yippie!!! ahh… since then i fall in love with the ladle /turner and wok and cooking pot!!

but the love of cooking last only until my high school. when i started college i lost interest with whatsoever recipes that anybody shoved to me. i lost interest…. err… more like lazy… to set my feet in the kitchen. when i started working the lethargy just became more prominet T___T with that my cooking skill has flew out the windows and land on a frog and never return. KNS! ok la, it did returned somehow but only it has became rusty. must be the frog’s slime!!! hiskh!!

today i set my feet in the kitchen. no. the office pantry to be exact. and cooked! i’ve been craving for The Mother’s chicken soup so the only way to satisfy the craving was by cooking it my own T__T *sigh* so i guess i’m back with the ladle/ turner and wok and cooking pot.

well, since an entry is much more beautiful with photos, here’s a sneak peek of three different occasions that i’ve shot recently. i dunno which will come first but just chill….. ๐Ÿ™‚


Tea Ceremony during Yee Fei & Alvin's wedding in Jan


Corporate Annual Dinner - 'Back To School' was the theme.


Josephine & Alan's wedding reception

till then.

be blessed, ppl!

โ™ฅ cilipadi

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