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December 6, 2010

in dip sheet!

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i have 35 minutes before time off. i intended to blog about melbourne but oh well people tend to swing to another direction sometimes and i am doing just that exactly. now. so what am i suppose to blog about? honestly i don’t know. all i know i am in such a dip sheet!!!! dip sheet!!!! my cognitive is slower than my heartbeats. thus it’s so easy to make a wrong decision. which is bad and dangerous. that’s why again, i am in such a dip sheet!!! last night over a heated conversation i realised. wait. we both realised. we tend to get moody over a certain occasion. it’s a happy occasion but i just dont know why it contributes to the emoness, again I am in dip sheet!!! because the true essence wasnt out to the surface yet. and in such good crowded occasion filled with cheerful laughters and wishes and love i felt very lonely…… as i tried to catch just a glimpse of that familiar heartbeats and image i felt so out of reach. i am falling into such a dip sheet tat I wonder my integrity. i’m not impressed with the artworks. they made me turn green and left out. oh gosh!! i am indeed in such a dip sheet!!! and who allow this to happen? me! *sigh* i am sorry again u have to read another cryptic emo post from me. i can’t help it. dip sheet is all over my head. and i know if i dont vent it out i’ll go crazy or turn into a sheet myself which u wont recognise. here i am today missing running…… and in time like this i felt the heart of Henry deTamble. Have you heard about him? You should.

be blessed, peeps!

Happy Monday!!


September 24, 2010

This Is Why I Still Need A Point-and-Shoot

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exactly two years ago i fell in love with this guy. a hunky, black and tough guy. i just couldnt resist him that i made him mine. and called him Labo. he’s my best partner in taking beautiful photos. and i shall thank him for my extra mulah when we started a joint-venture in taking wedding photos. without him, you all wont see such beautiful *cough* pictures here. so other than admiring my own *cough* perspective *cough* you must also never forget to thank him for his sharp eyes, fast capture and other contributions.

BUT. and there’s always a BUT. the problem is Labo only works best with me. ONLY ME!! (oh so i thought) i seriously think Labo is just being nasty to other people other than me who touch him. he will not cooperate with people that he isnt familiar with. and when i had no choice and insisted, he pulled a big tantrum and I, (ME, SAYA, AKU, AKUI, UIH, WO) am the one who will get the tragic / disastrous consequences. he will try his best to ruin my supposedly beautiful photos T_____T although i have set him to Auto Mode T_____T

these photos below are the evidence of his childish act!! a really bad BLUR case!!!

#1 Great Ocean Road – The Twelve Apostles

let's PRETEND u dont see me... T___T


#2 Great Ocean Road – The Twelve Apostles

let's PRETEND u prefer looking at the rocks

#3 Great Ocean Road – London Bridge

prove that i am not an attention seeker.... but actually i really2 love this picture if only i was in focus there T____T

#4 Melbourne – Swanson Street

let's PRETEND u read the wording on the bus....

#5 Melbourne Skylines

let's PRETEND u are admiring the background skylines

#6 Phillips Island – Koala Reservation Centre

let's PRETEND u are focusing at the thing that i point - a sleeping koala

#7 Menzie’s Creek – Puffing Billy Railway

let's PRETEND u are reading menzie's creek

so that is why, much to The Boyfriend chagrin, i still carry along my loyal point-and-shoot anywhere i go almost 24/7. just in case….

*sigh* ada camera cangging pun susah…

i know i know…. why no Melbourne update, right?! bear with me as i am laptop-less at the moment T___T my adapter has condemned last week and still waiting for the replacement now. and the office pc i am using now doesnt have any software to process all my photos. and the real truth is i am procrastinating what else is new!! :p

till then, be blessed people!!

June 10, 2010

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away….

what kind of fruit are u?! yeah, i am a sucker to all those silly quizess on facebook. seriously, i thought the person who created the quiz is out of his mind. but i, who even took time to answer is in all nobelty is even CERRR-RAAY-ZEE!! oh well, i’m awesome that way. cos it gets to show that i can answer silly quizess during working hour!! HAH!!

so where was i? owh… fruit!! ok, honestly i cant even remember what freaking fruit i was then. but today i want to become an apple. because an apple can keep the doctor away!! and an apple has been featured in fairy tales (Snow White). i had a sudden flu today so that’s why… but wait, if i become the apple then i dont even have to eat apple, right? unless i eat myself and get better like that? u get me? confuse?! me too. in attempt to be funny that’s all i can come out with. kns! and why do some ppl name their daughter Apple after a fruit?! oh, maybe they too wished that could keep the doctor away. haha!! why didnt u laugh with me? T___T not funny?! but really, i want apples!!

but i have an issue with apples. every time TheMother sent me to buy apples at the supermarket or market, i’ll become nervous. i’ll have this sudden headache or the tendency to bite my whole 10 fingernails. for fear i’ll pick the wrong ones. i’ll stand forever in front of all those too many different types of apples and contemplating which type and origin is the good ones. i am so worry that i’d picked the ones that taste like sand if u know what i mean T___T u know the type that is not crunchy but looks the same as the crunchy and juicy ones? ok, here’s the question. how do u buy an apple?!

sorry i digressed. how did i go from an apple a day keeps the doctor away into buying an apple?!

oh, blame this flu!!

is an apple a day really can keep the doctor away?!

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

March 12, 2010


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“i used to try to be interesting. that passed. now i try to be pleasant and on time.” – Up In The Air by walter kirn.

that phrase is one of my favourite from the book and has ensconced in my head ever since i read it. i feel the character at that point of time. and i feel it is very relevant to my feeling at that very time i reached that page. page 78. but to tell u the truth i wasnt in a happy / pleasant state at that time. but i read on. in fact i was in the verge to be very angry. angry at ppl who take things for granted. ppl who depend so much on you that they rather let things pass or give up. without even trying.

many of times we feel like we’ve been giving so much but receiving so little. we tend to get angry. all of a sudden everything seems unfair. many times i make the same mistake. my weakness that contribute to the blunder? i love too much. i love the ppl. i love what i do. and then they take it for granted.

one can vent all he/ she wants in many forms but it all will end up nowhere but still bitterness inside. so i rather flip the leaf and breath in the positive vibes and move on. cos my God gives peace and joy and i shall rejoice all the time. i still love a little too much. i still love the ppl. i still love what i do. but i definitely try not to take things for granted.

sorry i digressed.


be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

January 20, 2010


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today is 20.01.2010 the twentieth day of the new year. and it is also The Bother’s birthday who turned 24y.o but who still act like a 14y.o KNS! T__T

so on this 20th day of the year i wanna list the 20-things-that-i’ve-done in 2009 in random order;

1. zero traffic offence and parking offence *proud*
2. budget holiday to Bali with The Friends. YahooOO!!
3. holiday in Sg. (twice)
4. stretched my workscope further.
5. photographed four beautiful weddings. as OP and NOP.
6. bought a potrait lense 50mm f1.4.
7. bought a wide angle lense.
8. done Home Improvement Project. tought and rough one this one! T__T
9. joined the Outreach Ministry to Lawas
10. paint my room with new colour and put some print on it. awesome!! 🙂
11. permed my hair
12. met some wonderful inspiring ppl. u know who u are!!
13. photographed the Sg. skyline!! yippie!!
14. went back to The Mother’s kampung (Lawas) for krismas 🙂
15. photographed a Baby Bump session. yay!!
16. a job in Kemaman, finally!
17. a training in Cakerawala (msia-thailand platform) and TOTAL in Brn
18. stretched my workscope to another level.
19. hmmm… lemme think…
20. no, i think that’s all

i can’t even finish the 20 list. so pathetic T__T and it is truly what it’s like for me in 2009. it was a rough and bumpy along the way. many times i feel so helpless and anger is the easiest way to vent my wrath and disappointment. when 2008 was a year i saved like crazy, 2009 was a year i spent every dime of it!! when 2008 was a year full of beautiful and wonderous surprises to me, 2009 was a year where my temper, patience and faith were being tested to the max. where i was at the peak of depression phase which mostly i just let it pass without record in this blog. i was too engrossed with everything i did, plan and the chaos that i let myself slipped to the sidewalk in my commitment in my walk with Him… huhuhuhu….. why am i like this?! T__T nevertheless i am forever thankful for everything that has happened cos i know the good God was and is always there in every difficult situation.

2010, many might have set their resolutions for the year. but not me. honestly i’m not a kinda person who make resolution. or should i say i dread it like a vampire dread the warewolf. i dread the feelings when i couldn’t keep up with my own words. sometimes after making resolutions and then not being able to fulfill them makes me feel disappointed, then i’ll beat myself or cry a bucket for failing to live up to my words and feel like a loser T_T

But that doesn’t mean u cannot set a goal or commitment in your life. A goal drives you to be better and a sense of purpose in life. But any goal or plan won’t be possible if you don’t put God at the centre of everything. I do have my own goals for this year. some i carried forward from previous previous years that’s still require relentless prayers to come true. godplshelpme!

but since i am still in the listing mood, so on this 20th day of 2010 here are my 20-things-i-wanna-do list (in random priority);

1. save at least half the amount of money that’s ive spent last year!! (in doubt, cos i am still spending for some final touch up on the project T__T)
2. go for another budget holiday with frens 🙂
3. relocate to another station?! :p
4. commit no traffic offence :p
5. get my Tupperware sells moving…. haha!! try to get commision this year. anyone interested to buy?!
6. to be a better person than last year.
7. to learn and gain more knowledge in what i am currently doing
8. to help at least one person realise his / her dream in a small way i can
9. to get an external flash!!! MUST!!!!
10. to be less lazy and renew my commitment :p
11. to take my photography to the next level eg: attend a workshop or anything like that
12. take good care of my own health
13. to spend more time with the family
14. to make a photo collage out of my so many photos and frame them (long time intention)
15. to be happier
16. invest in something worthwhile
17. earn more mulah
18. to record my budget like i used to do
19. learn more cooking recipes (aiihh… my kitchen skill super rusty nowadays T__T)
20. learn to make cheesecakes

that’s about it. i cant believe i did this list. random 20 things that came across my mind at the moment i type this. let’s hope i can scratch all of them by the end of the year.

anyhoo, i have photos coming up so here’s a sneak peek 🙂

fierce groom entourage

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

i live to learn and i learn to live with it

May 21, 2009

when my job is delayed i’m not happy!!! i’m pissed!!!!

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my trip / job to Tukau & Siwa has been postpone again today!!

and this is already the third day!!!

meaning that my job now is delayed by three days!!

and i am pissed because i only have four days left to (hopefully) finish what i’ve started.

that is IF we are able to proceed tomorrow.

and most likely Siwa is out of my list already.

it’s either somebody gonna replace me or it has to be reschedule till i return. hmmhh!!!

there are nine more jackets (in layman term = small platform) to go for Tukau.

aihh… i wonder how can we finish them in four days IF tomorrow is on.

i dont care how long and how much i get from the ‘standby’ status this time.

i just wanna finish the job before i am off for my hols.

my long planned holidays!!!!





and i am pissed of the american idol result too!!!


i dont even wanna write bout it already.

*so unrelated!! :p

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