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October 22, 2010

I Can Haz Supre

this is a real pathetic attempt to not making this blog looks unloved. i am truly really very busy at the moment that all i can do is to browse through FB and read ppl’s blog and work and cookies in between and my checklist is miles long and finally today the lenght of it finally has reduced to half. not really! T____T i have longed to update but alas this is all i can manage for the time being. i am still processing my photos in between all this manic work and the prep for the cousin’s wedding which is due in omg 9 days!!! NINE freaking days!!!! ceh as if lah i am the one who’s getting hitched :p but still….. u wont understand…

so ppl asked me what have i shopped from my recent trip to melbourne. haha!! they thought i might shop like crazy but they were wrong!!! i have mastered the art of travelling that shopping isnt the main agenda because u can do all the shopping anywhere!!! pls lah. why go all the way to australia to buy as we have so many shopping malls here in malaysia that you spoilt with choices. unless the thing is dirt cheap compare to or you wont find it in your own country then only it is worth buying. so, apart from the normal souveniers like the koala bears or kangaroos and t-shirts and some shirt for the BF, i bought these for myself. something you wont find in malaysia. yet.



it’s a season transition (winter to spring) sale. to usher in the spring season supre has this Big Spring Sale for three days only. and lace is back yo!! and get my hands on this one. must pair with a tube.


it’s gonna be spring time so floral it is.


the lacey details. luv it!


and this made it even worth buying.


a real MADE IN AUSTRALIA!! you know sometimes when we go overseas and we thought buying from that country might make us feel we are buying the originals (from where it was originated) just to find out from the tag that they are made from vietnam, indonesia, china, turkey or funny still malaysia!! LOL!!!

so my motive was just to have one supre top so i got myself one of this considerably cheap one. pls ignore that urge to do the conversion thanyouverymuch.


i have been searching for a ripped jeans for the longest time and finally!! yay!! and yes i wear the smallest size triple xs. at 1st i was sceptical (i took xxs at first) but then the sales girl advised me to take the xxxs cos so that i wont have to cut the lenght T____T and guess what, even with xxxs it still quite long to my short legs T___T but all is fine cos i can fit the smallest size, can u?! hmmnnpphh!!


the ripped details. *heart*


ok lah. i know what you think now. yes. i went all the way down under just to buy a ripped jeans or in BM seluar jeans koyak i am so cool like that.

and this is how it looks like on a real human.


there's a zipper at the side.

one more. this one taken from their website here.


all in all i got 2 items from supre *satisfied* and i left something other than AUD to them. my scarf!! T___T i only realised i left it in the fitting room when i returned to my hotel but i was too lazy to return to the store again although it was only a stone throw away. let it be. bye bye cozy RM10 scarf. kns!

last but not least my fav t-shirt that i bought but too bad it’s not for my myself. it’s kinda tacky if i wear this on myself isnt it?! read the cute wording.


i think The Mother and The Sister got them. so lucky!

be blessed, ppl!!


September 21, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking

i had been searching high and low for a perfect boots before my trip to melbourne last month. why must boots? well, ahem… u gotta travel in style, no?! :p and and and…. it was winter time so a pair of boots will warm your feet. not that i dont already have one but as u know me most of my shoes are with heels, high heels!!! even my boots are with high heeled T____T not very practical for long walk / traveling.

so i roamed all shops selling shoes in miri with a mission. to find a pair of boots that is meant for walking!!! and thank God i finally found one. a perfect one!!! ahhh…. bliss!!

now let’s see the criteria one by one.

criteria #1 : dark brown – checked!!

if u look closely they are dark coffee brown.

i will not accept other color. and i am not a fan of black boots although it is easy to match with any outfit. NO!

criteria #2: soft and comfy – checked!!

look at the exterior. made of super soft and smooth velvety fabric.

criteria #3: keep my feet warm – checked!!

this is a bonus point!! i dont need a leg warmer anymore!!

while it is soft on the outside, it is cosy in the inside with this thick cotton lining inside. brilliant for winter!!

criteria #4: kitten heeled – checked!!

hehehe…. cant get a short girl away from her heels :p na-nah!!

although i was looking for something that is meant for walking i did not say that it must be a flat one. i still insisted to look for something with a bit of visible heels. kitten heeled would be just nice!!

and ta-daa…

at least give me 1 inch la ok...

criteria #5: versatile. checked!!

wearing it with only one way would be boring…. and this boots gives you not 1, not 2, not 3 but 5 different types of style.

style 1

tall and sleek

style 2

or you can fold it over to show off that lining

style 3

maybe u prefer mid-calf boots. with more lining more floded out. who need a leg-warmer?!

style 4

or what about pushing it all down?! fun, aei!!

style 5

u can go as low as u want and further fold that awesome lining out to enhance the look.

there. are you smitten yet?! i love love love my boots!!

criteria #6: easy to pack. checked!

OMG!!! just fold them over and it fits just nice in the luggage bag. simply genius!!

i cannot stop bragging about this boots la. really. how brilliant can it be?! what more can i ask for?! it fits ALL the criteria that i needed. love. love. love.

and do u still want to know more awesome fact about this boots?!! i cannot wait to tell you…

*clear throat*

all the awesomeness of this pair of boots only cost me… jeng… jeng… jeng…

RM61!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (after 70% discount)

WHAT THE HECK??!! right?!!

i cannot believe my ears when i heard the salesgirl told me the price. my goodness!! why i always can buy cheap shoes one??!! why?!! God you are so good to me!!!

and u know what’s even more funny is?! or it was more sad than funny actually. when i wanted to pay i realized i only have RM5 in my wallet!!!! i forgot to withdraw money!! T_____T

so i only have RM5!!!!

WHAT THE HECK??!!! again, right??!!

desperate kiasu that other ppl will get the boots i asked the salesgirl to keep them for me and i will come for it the next day or day after. but the salesgirl had a better idea!!!! guess what??!! she suggested that i put down a deposit for them. reason being that it might not be her that will serve me the next day or day after. and…. wait for it…. i can put down with just RM5!!!!! LOL~!!!!! eh, since when does this ever applied for shoes??!! in a mall??!!! LOL~

and me being more fascinated with the idea at that moment decided to play along with it. how often do u put RM5 as deposit??!!! so why not role with it??!! furthermore i was butt lazy to go down to the atm to withdraw. when i paid my deposit, the salesgirl further showed me a small cabinet full of items that were being held by deposit from other people just to convince that i wasnt the only person :p LOL!!

to cut long story short i returned the next day with full payment and walked away with my new love!!

last but not least…..

ready to walk around the world!!

i’ve walked around melbourne in this. indeed. these boots are made for walking!!! awesome!!!

be blessed, peeps!!

August 26, 2010

i thought STAGE is a platform where superstar rocks my world?!

last month on a very fine day when me and my cousin fiona were actually looking for thermal clothing for me my eyes suddenly attracted to the RM18 sale in front of the stage cosmetic outlet in Bintang Plaza, Miri. haha!! so being a kiam and one who always go for sale / discounted item we went in and u bet we didnt come out empty-handed. teehee…. there you go a shopper that never stick to her actual shopping list. and since i use my UOB card to purchase and hit the amount of the promo, i was also granted a free makeup makeover which valid for a month which i’ve utilised during The BF’s bday on 8th this month *blush* ceh! not that we are going for some romantic candle light dinner or what lah but why not?! iskh!! why am i even bother to tell this?! digress! digress! digress!! ohya, they gave us both a brush stand too which is actually very useful.

i actually returned to the outlet another two times after the first and bought some more items!! crazy i tell u i dunno why i was so into purchasing makeups mood these 2 months and it’s not only stage cosmetics. sheeeshh!!!

ok now let’s see my hauls. pls note that all blushers and eye shadows were without casing during the sale but wth i never bother of having casing anyway.

overall these are the items from my three visits to the outlet.

standing items from left: eye makeup remover, lipgloss, liquid concealer, three lipsticks, cream concealer. layed down items from left: eye primer, two blushers and one eyeshadow.

i bought three lipsticks. just because. and what’s wrong to have more choices of lips colour, right?! (oh i sounded more and more like those makeups bloggers now)

below photo from left: pastel rosy, berry boudoir, candid coral.

how they look like when swiped them on my skin.

i love pastel rosy the most that i use it almost on daily basis. kns! and it looks perfect when topped with this lip gloss…. 😀


just look at the applicator's brush and ignore the messy-ness pls.

i love the applicator because the brush is made of soft ‘plastic’ (correct me if i’m wrong) bristles instead of the normal spongy ones like some other lip glosses and thus easy to clean. and the shine is just nice suffice to apply only little swipe. the shine does not stay long though and it will definitely stick to my mug :p

i bought two types of concealers. not that i always apply concealer but well since it is cheap so why not?! and this is the liquid type. stage picture perfect liquid camouflage! tsk!! why the name so long wan?! T___T

this shade matched my skin tone, in Diva Doll!! wow!! after apply can turn into a diva or a doll! i like!! :p

when the beautician/ salesgirl applied this on my face to conceal my breakouts for testing purpose. with just one gentle swipe the redness immediately gone. me and my cousin looked at it with amazement and said ‘wah!! magic!!’ almost at the same time. we immediately fell in love with it. it feels very light and gives a very delicate coverage.

this is the cream concealer. photo pro creme camouflage. i bought this for other reason :p to act as base on my lips before i apply my lipsticks to make them last longer. u know my face is what like my gf used to say ‘eats makeup’ type. my makeups hardly last long cos my face ‘eats’ them up!! kns!! T____T

my shade is in buff. the nearest shade to the liquid one above.

now this is my main reason or is in my makeups must-buy-list. blushers!!! i am in dire need of blushers!!! my lancolm is in its dangerous state to be reduced into nothing and i really cannot stand seeing it turn empty T__T. and among many2 of makeups i actually cannot go without blushers. really. who doesnt like rosy cheeks?! no u dont have to lift up ur hands. tq.

mimosa and ixora

i got myself two shades. mimosa is just like the usual shades i used to have and almost the same as my lancolm. while ixora is a little darker. at first i was skeptical to get this but when applied on my cheek it actually looks very natural just the way i want it. and owh their blushers are actually very pigmented too. so u just need to swipe a bit to have that pinky cheeks 🙂 definitely a good buy, these two!!

i have been looking for a black eyeshadow since like forever but never get my hand (and money) to one. aihhh….. even my cousin said that it’s time to buy it. ok lah….. buy lah…

i hope i wont turn into a zombie when i apply this eyeshadow. what a name!!

i havent use this yet so hmmm…. cant give any review on it. but i did had their eyeshadow on me during the free makeups makeover. but then again i choosed a very light colour for my makeover. all i can say that their eyeshadows are a bit powdery and didnt stay long (on me) my face eats makeups remember?! but at least they are easy to remove 😀 and of course dont forget to alway apply eye primer before applying the eyeshadows so that the colours really pop!!

last but not least. one very important item. the makeup remover!!!!! one of the thing i learned when i started to use makeups is to ALWAYS remove before u go to bed. but in my case, right after i reach home from work or any events :p

there are two types of the makeup remover. i choosed this one. after party waterproof eye makeup remover. waseh the name!! after party!! not that i am a party kind of person (yeah, go ahead and say i am boring T__T) it’s because all my mascaras are waterproof.

notice the shiny bits inside the liquid? i also dunno what are those thing....

the makeup remover is a bit too oily for me though but at least it’s not smelly so it’s ok.

that’s all for now girlfriends!!

time for jogging.

be blessed always!!

♥ cilipadi

August 25, 2010


if u remember in this post, i’ve mentioned that i didnt dare to apply my new arrival foundations due to sudden brekouts. and i really really seldom have breakouts. i must be thankful for this. until last month…. my supply of facial cleanser ran out!! not to mention the toner and moisterizer lah. those has long finished too. and since i was saving for my travelling (in just few days. YAY!) and this facial cleanser cost a bomb (for such little volume T__T) i thought i might just use other product for the time being (until i return from travelling lah konon) which is far cheaper. so as i browse through all the cleansing product i went for this….

100ml for only RM9.90 from Boulevard Shopping Mall.


little did i know what it would do my skin!!! D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i started seeing 1-2 breakouts on my nose. then 4. then 5. then 9 and then 11!!!! ELEVEN FREAKING BREAKOUTS on my face!!! oh yeah. i counted. because it was so amazing and never in life that i had such many brekouts at one time!! T___T thankfully they were not the big types. but to see so many of little bumps on ur face is just unacceptable. even The Boyfriend freaked out when he saw me on Skype T___T he said…. “eee… why so many jerawat now?!” waaaa!!!

after realising what’s the culprit after like a week plus i still use the facial foam. no choice. until towards the third week i finally called my cousin to buy me the products that i desparately needed. Herbaline!! from Kimmy Beauty Salon in Boulevard Shopping Mall. and to pass it to Estella my new housemate who will be coming then. i waited in agony for her to arrive with my skin care products to save my face…. screw my travelling expenses la….. T___T

and few days after that they arrived!!! these are the new supplies. might as well!!

pimple treatment foundation, nano amino facial wash, aloe vera moisterizer and strelizing toner

the whole range that i use are these…

nano amino facial wash, sterilizing toner, aloe vera moisterizer, deep moisterizing cream, sunscreen lightening cream, anti-wrinkle cream, basic treatment cream, freckles cream and the pimple treatment foundation.

i know u looks too many. if you are as dense as The Boyfriend you might wonder how can i apply so many things on one face?! and how can a face absorb so many things applied to it?!!

so i’m gonna show u now.

i wash my face with this.

Nano Amino Facial Wash RM40 for a tiny 50g

spray the sterilizing toner aound my face and let it dry. then i apply the aloe vera moisterizer.

the sterilizing toner comes in spray bottle so as the aloe vera moisterizer

i love love love the aloe vera moisterizer. even better if stored in the fridge. and when u apply it on ur face i can feel the cooling effect just like the real deal. i like applying it on my breakouts. it heals the acne scars on my face too.

i use aloe vera moisterizer and the sunscreen lightening cream during day time. and i substitute them with deep moisterizing cream for night time. that’s how i maintain their volume and that explain i dont use them all at once. guys!

the deep moisterizing cream is a bit oily tough but it is quick to be absorbed into ur skin so you wont feel the stickiness that long. and ur skin will feel really smooth after that.

as for the sunscreen lightening cream i actually dont really use it that much (lazy). i just bought it because that’s the thing they recommended me to buy together with the freckles cream when i complained that i have freckles now T__T i treated it as normal sunblock.

then come the creams. i have two. the basic treatment cream which i’ve been using all along and the new addition, freckles cream.

the contain look almost the same but different texture

i love the basic treatment cream. the texture is smooth. on the other hand the freckels cream is a abit dry. that makes me not a really good fan to it. but for the sake of my visible freckels *shrug*

if i dun use the above creams (unlikely) i’ll substitute with this…

yeah... i should start using anti wrinkles cream already T___T

this one i bought just for the sake of buying. talking about compulsive shopper T___T

lastly i’ll apply this pimple treatment foundation. it is made of pearl powder.

it can be a two-way-cake too.

it might not be the perfect match for my skintone (well, there isnt any other choice) but it gives the translucent feel to my skin. and furthermore treat /prevent my skin from pimples. best of all unlike other foundation that i’ve tried it doesnt clog my pores.

and if u must ask me which are my must-haves among all the above. here they are. the five that i will pack whenever i travel even to offshore :p


the cream is the basic treatment cream

i was first introduced to this product by my ex-col Ms. Lim when i first started working. i had almost similar breakouts problem as above just after few months working and i was worried bad cos i need to attend my convocation soon. i didnt want to look ugly in my robes!! T___T so i followed her to do facial. and i was in awe at the super smooth skin of my facial therapist. wah lao!!!! i didnt want to blink my eyes just looking at her face and i imagine even an ant would slip to the ground if it tries to climb up her face. i want!! i want!!! and after just a month using the products i could already see the difference. my brekouts gone and my complexion smooth. happy!!!!! my convocation face was saved!! :p my aunt, cousin and friends started asking what i was using. and of course i happily recommended it to them too. but course not all skintypes suits the same products la.

this brand never pay me for this post. just my mere opinion as a user of five years. wah!! has it been that long?!!! i feel so old!! T___T you are free to try and you are free to critics. as i said no different ppl different skintype and has different toleration towards different products. afterall it’s a free country!! (out of topic)

k lah, typed so long it has passed my supposed jogging time.

should i go or not now?! iskh!!!! T___T go lah. so fat now!!

be blessed, ppl!!

♥ cilipadi

July 30, 2010

What’s In My Mail?!

these are what coming in my mail this week 🙂

we start with the first parcel on Tuesday. jeng… jeng… jeng…

it’s my order!!!! from LovingMinerals. i placed my order and payment on Sunday and the goods arrived in 2 days. not bad!

was so excited to see how my order actually look like. cos this is my 1st time purchasing cosmetics online.

so thoughtful!!

then here they are…. my 1st ever Loving Sample Kit!!


actually, Loving Sample Kit consists of 3 types of foundation, 1 finishing powder and 1 blusher (all by ur own choice of shade). but i have purchased together the add-on item that’s the baby kabuki brush. and and… i didnt know that they will also send one eye pigment sample… i was surprised!! cool!! all of these plus shipping at RM63 only.

my sample shades. the three sample on top are the foundation. i got one from Everyday Minerals and two from Lumiere. the bottom are the finishing powder and the blush.

and here is the complimentary item they sent together with the kit.

an eye pigment in Sublime. and it's the kind of shade that i like and will use always 🙂

apart from that they also inserted this together. at first i thought it’s just a regular business card but after that i saw the something at the bottom corner. a discount code. haha!! 5% off discount code.

and finally, i must say that my main reason to purchase this sample kit is because of this cutie….. :p

baby kabuki brush... hehehe....

so far i only tried on the finishing powder. dont dare to use the foundations yet cos i suddenly have few breakouts recently and i seldom have breakouts!!!! (another story another day) i can say that it’s a pretty good stuff u wont regret it. the only bummer now is that i realised that the Lumiere Cashmere Foundation in Light Beige is a tad bit too fair / light for my skin 😦 i am not that fair lah….. T___T they receive goods exchange on T&C and only if you are in klang valley area. since i’m in labuan i better forget it. the postal alone will cost more than goods itself.

if u want to try on their sample/ product, go feast your eyes with choices HERE. the ppl there are very loving… 🙂

and then on Wednesday i received another parcel. and in my head i went “wow!! this is fast!!”

it was my other online purchase. also my first time. from LuvClothez.com.

ok. to be honest i am one of those ppl who dont fancy online boutiques or anything that related to online shopping cos i prefer to be able to see, touch, try or even smell on the real item with my own five sensory systems. i am very skeptical like that. can?! kns!! but labuan has made me a shopping deprived person T___T so online shopping is the next best thing to feast my eyes with new arrivals and purchase things i need or errr… want. (nak harapkan the mall here?!! in 100 years to come lah!!)

it’s a jacket. i’ve been hunting for jacket the whole month (but i am stuck in Labuan!!!!!) and i happened to chanced upon this site. i went through other online store but they all were either in the states or they just dont ship to malaysia T____T

and this is how the fabric looks like. the material is a bit wool-ish. good to stay warm cos i am going to somewhere wintery / fall soon. aihhh… that’s why…………

got a faux fur some more. hopefully it really will keep me warm then >.<

nah, this is how the whole jacket looks like (minus the belt. weird. it stated there the belt and bag are model’s own. but look at the belt!! it’s the same material as the jacket!!! *2nd thought of online shopping again*)

and u think i’ll post with me wearing it? sorry la wait till i make-up kaw-kaw like the model 1st :p

and i would also like to praise Pos Laju for their quick delivery too. we sometimes complain about how slow they can be but these two…. they were fast!! both my purchases arrived 2 days upon my order and payment.

that’s it for now. suddenly blacked out now it’s hot. time for a jog!!

be blessed always, ppl!

♥ cilipadi

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