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December 8, 2009

What’s In My Samsonite?!

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i’m in listing mood. hehe!
just wanna post something while i’m editing photos for my next post (hopefully).
so to keep u entertained here’s something to ease ur curiosity what are the things that i carry whenever i’m outstation/ offshore.
and i am in labuan now.

oh btw, i am on my rest day today that’s why i’m so free to blog.
and tommorow will continue my ‘fight with the raging sea….sick’ to the platform. KNS!

i dont stay on the platform this time but have to daily trip by boat. T___T
the journey is two freaking hours going out and another two freaking hours to return onshore. T__T
and i have to wake up at an ungodly hour 4.30a.m in the morning cos the check in time at the jetty is 5.30a.m.
and when we come back to shore it is already almost 8p.m. EVERYDAY!

but i have three more days to go. so *chant* patience…. patience… patience…. 34521x

ok, listing starts now.

the things i must bring along when i’m going out to the sea.

#1 my back pack

that's my samsonite loh..

aihh… have to use it now. cos my work back pack can’t be used anymore. but it is a free redeemed gift from my credit card last year so no hard core heart ache ^.^

nah… here are the things inside my back pack :p

taken during the 'waiting time' after lunch and got nothing else to do before i proceed showing my public affection with sony :p

#2 Sweater
must bring because the boat can get freaking cold u can go numb and froze. KNS! i curl myself into a ball to fit in the sweater. aihh.. i think next time i might as well bring along a whole blanket.

#3 Snack
must be Twisties with cheese flavour.

#4 Raisins
they said it’s good for the brain so…. well, it’s my fav food so what?

#5 Lemon Peel / anything sour like that eg: plum / somboi
must bring to prevent nausea.

#6 Motion Sickness Pill / Dimenhydrinate 50g
cannot go without this. i will get terrible sea sick and throw up and no energy to work 😦 i take one everytime before the boat move.

#7 Sweets
to refresh ur breath after sleeping the whole journey. KNS!

#8 Tissue Paper
well, ladies so what do u expect? :p

#9 Calculator
to calculate my allowance and OT. KNS!! hehehee….

#10 Pencil Case
pencil case lah….

#11 Lip Balm
to keep the lips moistured.

#12 Previous Report
errr… actually this one was brought by my col. no way i’m gonna bring such a thick report. but if it is thin i’ll bring :p

#13 Sony PSP
to keep me sane during the ‘waiting time’

#14 Spare Clothes & toothbrush
this is from a lesson learned. i used to have bad experience stranded in outstation jacket (small platform) due to bad weather and rough sea that we cannot do boatlanding. so now i bring along some extra clothing and toothbrush just in case. must be prepared all the time!

#15 Small Towel
just in case… just a small hand towel will do. In my case this time it is used to tapo Labo. ehehe… will tell that in another time.

#16 Inflatable Neck Rest
must bring everytime i go travelling. need to feel comfortable when sleeping after taking the sea sick pill which cause drowsiness. my neck rest is ver comfy one 🙂

#17 Ribena
because i am a happy girl!

#18 Water
to keep me hydrated. usually i bring 2 small 600ml bottle but that day the hotel housekeeping thought that i dont need my empty bottles anymore so she threw them away. i had to bring the big one so heavy! T__T

#19(a) Notebook: black
cant miss bringing this small note book. it is so called ‘buku sakti’ (magic book) that all the data and info are being recorded. everything is in there! it serves solely for work purposes. no debt record! :p mine left only few page now so i’ll need a new one next year *proud*

#19(b) Notebook: red
this one is optional. it’s a personal planner too. not that i follow all my plan though. i bring this whenever i travel to jot down anything. who knows i might got inspiration to compose a song. KNS!! i am a forgetful person so sometimes i need to record everything just so i wont forget and might blog about it :p

#20 Camera
how can i show u the photo if without it?! i usually bring just bring my compact digicam but this time round i brought Labo cos my compact lumix is having a good time holiday-ing in china atm with my aunt.

so, have u notice something missing here?! i’ll give a packet of Ligo raisin if u get it right.

haihhh… ya lor…. no book!!!!!!!!! T____T
was so bored this time around cos i’ve no more book in stock to bring along. KNS!!
but who need a book when i got psp, right?! *self console*

and another one is a sun block!!!! T___T
the weather here is so gila hot ok now my skin have two diff tones.
eventhough u only rolled up the sleeves for a while the sun will never miss the advantage to tan u T__T
i am tanned from my neck up now T__T benci!
eeee…. i might as well cover all my face with my towel next time. KNS!!

hmmm…. i really want to read T___T

psp is good but it can dieded on u eventually.
especially if u are playing The Sims Castaway T__T

be blessed, ppl!

i live to learn and learn to live with it


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