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April 21, 2012

Chateau St. Julien, rural France


Yup!! You guessed it! I am now in France. In rural France to be exact. I forgot what is the exact name of this village but we are staying in this gigantic, cozy, antiques but renovated ancient castle called Chateau St. Julien. It’s our accommodation for the whole weekends as well as the reception venue of the wedding of my lovely friend Wellena and her French husband Nico. In fact this is actually Nico’s village where his parents live.

We’ve been staying in this chateau since 2 days ago. I’m loving every little corner of it. It looked spooky on the first sight but once inside, I’m amazed at everything that it offers. There are a total of seven rooms in this chateau that accommodates 15 occupancy but honestly it could fit 50 people. And I am now in a big room for the single travelers with 4 beds but I myself is not sleeping here. I am here just to suck some wifi cos it’s stronger here. Hehehe….. I sleep in a double room with my other girl friend, Cell.

We landed Paris after a rough 12 hours flight from KL on 19th early morning Paris time. There wer four of us from Malaysia. Me, Cell (the bridesmaid), Nick (the imported wedding photographer) and Azra ( the only one from KL). I believe everyone in the flight were not expecting the weather can be so cold when the Captain announce the temperature outside. It was 6 degree!!! Oh my gucci!! I thought I is Spring already?! In fact even the couple weren’t expecting the weather can be this so freaking cold that’s why they chose Spring Wedding at the first place.

So, we took a train to the main train station to this village. We still had plenty of time before our scheduled train to depart. Darn! The weather was so freakingly cold that all we wanted to do is to seat in a cafe and eat to keep us warm (from the heater). Gosh! This isn’t Spring. This is still Winter!! Maybe even colder than winter in Melbourne and Taipei the last time I went there. Now I am so glad that I brought my thick sweater apart from my trusted leather jacket. And my thermal sleeping long johns. Thank goodness!!

We took another 4 hours ride of train to reach the village and another 30 minutes to reach this majestic chateau. Apparently this chateau is up for rental for events such as weddings, workshops etc. The weather is very unpredictable, it can rain or drizzle for 15 mins and then stop and sun comes out and then half an hour later it rains again and repeat pattern for 100 times. So u tell me la, how to go out further? When every time after few shots of photos, we have to run back into the chateau whenever it started to rain 😦 and the fireplace never stop burning. It has been the favorite spot for everyone to get warm. Khaleena just arrived from Scotland yesterday and we did tried to walk a little further and the same thing happened. We had to run back again. grrrr!!

There are so much I wanted to write down. But the time is limited now. The wedding is today!! Yay!! And will start in another 6 hours at a church an hour drive from here. Yeah…. Everything is far here. But the bus is coming to pick us up at 12.30pm. So I need to get ready now. the reception will be at 8.30pm tonight. But over here, the sun sets at 8.30-9pm. They have longer day time here 🙂

I dont know how we all can stand the cold and chill with our dress later but for vanity we’ll brave ourselves.

I cannot wait for the wedding. The theme is ‘vintage’. So I’m going to shower now.

To Wel and Nico, enjoy your special day! And just have fun and don’t stop falling in love to each other over and over again. And million thanks for keeping me in this beautiful place and feed me so well that I think I’ve gain weigh just within these two days.

Be blessed always!


November 19, 2011

Just Cause: Astry & Astry :p

before i lose my mojo and excitement on this batch of portrait i better blog and post them now. procrastinate another day, they probably will end up in the ‘to blog’ folder for another 10 years.

these sisters shared a very unique name, Astry. but they both are of totally different character. each with her own personality. Astry A. (Ana) is bubbly, out-going and fun. While Astry Z. (Azie) is the opposite. she’s the quiet, helpful, soft-spoken and that goes with the flow type. but they share two things in common apart of their first name. they have the kindest soul and giving heart! ❤

Ana and her little princess, Kiera are now residing in China (follow the husband who has been transferred there few months ago). they came back to Labuan just for a short break. Azie on the other hand, will pursue her course to the land down under very soon T____T i'll be losing my helpful assistant. pretty or not? i will surely miss her as a colleague as well as a dear friend.

so, jangan banyak merepek kerana kerepek dah habis.

let's see pretty ladies 😀

ever sweet Ana 🙂

Astry A.

young and pretty mama

meanwhile, a random shot. hehehe….

things around the compound.

meet Azie, the younger sister.


i wish i have long slim legs like that too.

yummy day


bring it on, sexy!

simply pretty and fierce.


one last ’emo’ shot of Azie.



sisterhood 🙂

smile and the whole world smile with you both 😀


kindred spirit

how can i resist a shot of their backyard that’s overlooking a lake. it’s where we spent some of our lazy weekends. sure gonna miss those times when leave soon T_____T

the backyard that has served us very very well during weekend chill outs.

and last but not least. a photo that sums up the personality of each of them. my fav!!! 😀

Astry Z. & Astry A. 🙂

i’m so glad to know, work, play, spending the weekends with this amazing sisters whom i now called friends.

Ana & Azie, i wish nothing but the best to both of you wherever you are. God bless!!

Happy Friday!!


November 13, 2011

Wedding: Beng & Nelly

Beng and Nelly got married December last year. I dint know Nelly but i definitely know the Ling family (Beng’s family). Beng’s sister, S.Lee, is my ex-classmate and their father used to be my Math teacher in secondary school. Beng or Ah Beng as we usually call him, is a robust, funny, loud and out going character. he owned his own little kopitiam business where friends and family gather to catch up or just simply update latest gossip. Nelly is a kind and soft-spoken girl. she teaches special students. with that i take my hat off *salute*. S.Lee contacted me that they needed a photographer to document their special day. after checking with my own schedule, no clash, i immediately agreed! and wah-lah!!! here are some of my fav shots of the day. and their wedding marked my last wedding of 2010. but it was my first time shooting wedding at my small little hometown where people are more skeptical than encouraging. *kancheong*

we started early in the morning. Nelly wore a bright red chinese traditional costume for the day. and she has a very pretty shoes that i so tempted to steal it.




Phoenix. Dragon. A Legend.



quiete little town....


the one i tempted to steal... :p



vintage earrings 🙂


a purse to keep everything...



while Nelly was prepping herself, her sisters were busy plotting the ‘door games’ at the same time. i just hope the guys could survive all these….


wasabi spread bread and 'mix-everything' celery juice


Ben 10 tamborines?!! hahahaha!!!




beautiful fine details

i still have ample time before the groom came for his bride. so i went to the groom’s place to check out on his team.



the nervous but cool groom


that's the spirit guys.... bur errr.... good luck!! :p


a family shot before the groom team arrive


😀 hahahaha!!!


the part where the groom's friends had to carry him. thank goodness no bones were broken during this stunt.


jeng…. jeng…. jeng… here come the killer drinks!!!


the 'detox' drink! LOL!


friends for life


i love the picture below because of the situation that time. Beng was trying his best to read chinese characters, word of love for his bride. he was so nervous and sweaty. his girl friends from his team were there to help. gotta love friends!!




satisfied doorgirl 😀

and after enduring all the stages….




walk with me....



father & son









nothing is more meaningful than sharing the joy with people close to us.... 🙂


oooOOOOooooOO ^.^


last but not least…. an attempt…. lalalala…..


i was lazy to do part 2 of this wedding so i decided to combine both parts into this one post. hehehe…











happy fun faces 😀


a toast of love.



and cheers!!!

fyi, this post has been in my draft for almost a year @.@. yup!! bad blogger. me!

be blessed, peeps!!


October 25, 2011

Tuesday Selective Photograph(y)c Thought

just came back from my weekend back home yesterday where my sole purpose was to attend two weddings in a row. saturday was a fren’s (Jess) wedding where he requested my help to document some little scenes of the event. and sunday was a cousin’s (Jessica) where i was a guest but couldnt resist to capture some photos when possible. and i just noticed how their names are almost the same. haha!!

while i was unpacking my petty and humble gears last night i remembered how it all started. from a hobby of taking random pictures with my point and shoot, to stalking photography blogs, lusting at all the beautiful pictures as i browse, teared at photos that touched and moved me, until i finally got my hands on my own first dslr. that was the end of October 2008.

my very first task came less than two months after that, THIS wedding which i did FOC of course. duh!! then some events (mostly church activities) came along. then i received ‘ang pow’ for taking ppl’s weddings. OMG! i got paid!! and one day a more seasoned photog friend suggested me to charge for my service. i went ‘HUH?! how can i charge people when i am not a pro?! i’m just a girl with a big ass camera who know nuts about photography jargon! i dont even know what is White Balance for goodness sake! and what the heck is f-stop and brackets??!!’ my friend shook his head. o.O but i am so glad that i have such wonderful friends who are willing to teach and coach me till today. sometimes we do tutorials via YM or MSN!!! i heart my photog friends la…. seriously. why are they so good?!! *proud* so by the end of 2009 i started to charge *shy* because after few weddings and events i realized how it is not easy to stand (on heels) and carry heavy big ass dslr for long hours. it is a pain!!! not to mention the editing/processing hours after that. but i never really complain because it is what i love to do 🙂 in fact i always eager and look forward to take and edit the photos. at one point i feel that i do my photography stuff more diligently than i do my day job :p sorry boss! seeing beautiful photos make my day!! #truestory

but unlike other more diligent free-lancer, i don’t really ‘market’ myself. as long as i take beautiful photos (to my eyes) i’m good. if there’s a task, i’ll take. as long as it wont clash with my other schedules. sadly this year i had to turn down three potential extra mulah due to such clashing times T___T but i am still happy for them that they found better option. i never pester people to pick me. it is because i know where i stand in this rapidly budding industry. i am no match to other seasoned pro and no better than vastly talented fellow enthusiasts or newbies *low self esteem*. that is why i make sure i never charge as/ higher than those full timer. for me, every person has their own source of income. this industry is their pot of rice. blood and sweat for photography. i honor, respect and appreciate their work and passion. if this is their source of living so be it. i have mine. it’s sufficient. i’m grateful. i’ll remain as i am, a low-keyed free-lance. as long as my ‘client’ is happy with what they see, i’ll be the happiest girl in the world.

on the other hand, i have a personal project that i’m planning to materialize soon. it’s time to take a leap in what i do and to be ready for future plan. stay tune for it 🙂

cheers, peeps!


September 29, 2011

Scarlet & Noel : Baby Bump

ahhhh!!! finally…. like after five months!! and Baby Ashlee as i am writing this is now 4 months old!!

this is my darling, my bestie, my girl friend during her first pregnancy. by far the most beautiful pregnant lady i’ve ever known which is agreed by my many other friends too. taken rush-ly before i depart to airport for my Vietnam trip last April.

before you scroll down further, parental guidance is advisable during viewing…. hmmmm….


a little smooches wont hurt to start the sessio 😉




excited parents-to-be





can never go wrong if you stand by a window with soft light streaming in . this is SOOC!! woot!!!!





oooooh!!!! hot sexy mama!!


the room temperature suddenly rised up!! :p




sending me off at KL Sentral..... hehe...

they are now a proud parents to a beautiful baby girl named Mia Ashlee 🙂

be blessed, peeps!


August 26, 2011

Bliss Is.

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Happy Friday!!

p/s: i am so excited now cant wait for tonight. ahhh…. my own bed back home. to all my muslim friends, have a safe journey back during this festive season. Selamat Hari Raya!!

August 24, 2011

Oh Happy Day :)

*can’t stop grinning like an idiot*

because today has confirmed the little secret rumor that the account exec shared with me a few days earlier. THE WHOLE STAFF OF THE COMPANY RECEIVE THE MOST GENEROUS ‘DUIT RAYA’ SINCE THE HISTORY OF THE COMPANY – A ONE MONTH BONUS!!!! *howls* that struck everyone with disbelief. i even heard that some did the poco-poco dance in the office…. apuuuu!!! (not our branch)

with that i am so very THANKFUL. God, THANK YOU for putting me in this place!!! i pray that God will continue to pour His countless blessing towards the company and continue to prosper. and also with that, i wanna say a big THANK YOU to my generous big boss. God bless you, boss!! 😀


have you ever have a feeling where your heart is so OVERWHELMED with GRATITUDE and JOY for knowing a person in your life that tears filled your eyes just thinking about them? yesterday that feeling consumed me out of the blue. i was so filled with gratitude and thankfulness for knowing this person in my life that ALL her sharing and teaching (with her shrieks and ketegasan, but what do u expect she is a teacher) came flashing one by one drilling my head like a driller and i realised how i have hold on to her words for the person i am today. i sent a THANK YOU message on her fb wall today as well as her inbox and she replied with ‘xie-xie’ LOL!!!! dear Lord, may You always shield her under wings and bless her with never-ending blessing from above in her life.

that person is our pastor’s wife and also a school teacher, dora andy.

have you say THANK YOU to a person that has inspired you or mold you or even left an impact to u today?! no day is better than today to say it.

because a post is always yummier with a photo.

"Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be gald in it." Psalm 118:24

be blessed, peeps!

August 1, 2011

Monday Musings

hello from a lazy blogger! T__T i know!!!! dont tell me about it kns. july has been very super mega ultra hectic (with travelling) for me i hardly find free and comfortable time to just sit back and blog. and the photos?!! arrrghh!!! nightmares i tell you. they’ve been piling up each month that i myself can no longer catch up with all of them. ask my friends and family. i’ve yet to post up my photos since errrm… march?! kns. and now i have yet to unpack my luggage since my return from my most recent trip. it has been a week plus now. this is so unusual because i am that kind of weird person who will unpack everything immediately right after arrival NO MATTER HOW TIRED I FEEL LIKE JUST FALL FLAT AND FAINT. because i cannot stand seeing luggage on the floor where they doesnt belong. OCD?!

on a sad note. ceh! (suka betul berduka!) I AM SUPPOSE TO BE LYING ON THE SANDY BEACHES OF PHUKET TODAY AND THEN BANGKOK 2 DAYS AFTER!!!!! but look at where i am now. stuck in the office with NOTHING MUCH TO DO. Grrrrr…. not because i’ve utilised all my annual leaves of this year. not because the boss couldnt release me. but because my travel partner couldnt make it this time. uhuk uhuk uhuk….. i know one of my resolution of this year (konon) is to travel solo. yes. i am so tempted to go by myself but so many loved ones are too worry for me to go there alone *WAILS* sigh!! i guess i am more worry to let them worry about me than i am worry about myself being there. i really dont want my phone to keep ringing during my vacation lor…. not only waste the caller’s bill, waste MY own bills too cos i’ll be paying both ways. but actually that’s not to worry even a bit because Thailand has the cheapest local sim card to call back home. i am not so sad for not be able to be in phuket. i am just VERY SAD for not being able to be in bangkok!!!!!! T______T i want shopping!!!! *hides in corner and sobs*

howkay…. i guess i’ll just have to deal with it already T___T not everything goes as planned. SUCK IT!! ME!! so on a happier note, i’ll still be going to phuket next month. YAY!! and one of my gf is going to tie the knot end of this month. very happy for her and i’ve been very kiasu i’ve booked my ticket to go back because she of all the dates has to pick a date where it would be the most peak season/ date of the month where seats will be very sought after because it will be on the 1st day of school holidays and Hari Raya.

streamyx has been installed at the house. i know what a tortoise, right?! with that all the more reason to blog diligently. please…. give me some moral support if not no post for you to read kns.

i hit the botanical garden yesterday. and i am going to start running daily from now on. because there are evil people who said i’ve gained a tonne! and had too much unnecessary tan *exaggerating* so watch me! by end of this month i will fit back in that skimpy LBD and those skinny jeans that dont show me any love recently T___T

to ease my sadness for not being able to be in thailand today i’m posting this photo below as a reminder of the land of smile 🙂

this is The White Temple of Chiang Rai.

The White Temple (Wat Rong Khun), Chiang Rai Thailand

i’ll see you next month, Thailand.

happy monday and be blessed, peeps!!

April 28, 2011

Ha Long Bay

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It took my breath away.



March 3, 2011

Abisadj + Abigail + Acho Prince: Just Cause

the sun was kind that day. it wasnt too hot yet the light and its ray cast upon the earth with such beautiful and yummy glow. they came all the way from kuching for our cousin’s wedding as the flower girls and one nuisance (the boy). since their arrival, our house has never been so noisy…. they can never stop talking. asked too many questions and played with all my makeups T.T i have promised them that i’ll bring them out for a photoshoot. a photoshoot. not shopping. and the eldest kept reminding me the playground in boulevard mall. i didnt promise for the latter. because as i mentioned i promised a photoshoot. they put on their attires but still not ready to go. one was still fixing the jigsaw puzzles from the night before. one was still excitedly trying to beat my score on my psp. and one kept reminding me to to boulevard. again i didnt want to bind any promises because a promise made with a kid is like a covenant (wth) that you can never ever break. so i chose the easiest answer. ‘we’ll see’ T__T at the same time i clicked on these pretties and i just discovered a potential Guess or GAP kids model. my very own cousins 🙂


you got it yee.... 🙂


dreams can come true....


bring it on girl!!!


polka dots layered skirt is the sexiest

and this is my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!


sexy legs....

then suddely Acho came to interframe after tired with his jigsaw puzzles x.X


"saya ialah kaya" his trademark now... lol!!

the one with the psp was still very busy…. haha!! so no photos of her….

then we proceeded to the nearby lake near the house.




sisters love like a girlfiriend 🙂


the kindest soul you could find in a kid


the ladies....


abisadj with mummy


abigail and mummy


acho prince with mummy


happy family 🙂


love that annoyed / tired / i'm-about-to-hit-you-with-my-stick-face of Acho... haha!!

and then acho really threw a tantrum that pissed us all we just feel like thrawing him into the lake…..


waterwork minta puji but still we heart him as much....


just look at her fringe. lol!!! the result of being a self-hairstylist....

since she missed out the earlier shot at home she has few redemption to make….


slurrp..... slurrrp...


abigail and the smiley bun 🙂


then my aunt wanted to wash her hair. we went to the saloon and it took so long that this was what the two girls did while waiting…..


so you think you can be a hair-stylist like her??!! oh i love my cousins 😀

and at the end we didnt go to boulevard much to their disappointment T____T

be blessed, peeps!

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