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August 24, 2011

Oh Happy Day :)

*can’t stop grinning like an idiot*

because today has confirmed the little secret rumor that the account exec shared with me a few days earlier. THE WHOLE STAFF OF THE COMPANY RECEIVE THE MOST GENEROUS ‘DUIT RAYA’ SINCE THE HISTORY OF THE COMPANY – A ONE MONTH BONUS!!!! *howls* that struck everyone with disbelief. i even heard that some did the poco-poco dance in the office…. apuuuu!!! (not our branch)

with that i am so very THANKFUL. God, THANK YOU for putting me in this place!!! i pray that God will continue to pour His countless blessing towards the company and continue to prosper. and also with that, i wanna say a big THANK YOU to my generous big boss. God bless you, boss!! 😀


have you ever have a feeling where your heart is so OVERWHELMED with GRATITUDE and JOY for knowing a person in your life that tears filled your eyes just thinking about them? yesterday that feeling consumed me out of the blue. i was so filled with gratitude and thankfulness for knowing this person in my life that ALL her sharing and teaching (with her shrieks and ketegasan, but what do u expect she is a teacher) came flashing one by one drilling my head like a driller and i realised how i have hold on to her words for the person i am today. i sent a THANK YOU message on her fb wall today as well as her inbox and she replied with ‘xie-xie’ LOL!!!! dear Lord, may You always shield her under wings and bless her with never-ending blessing from above in her life.

that person is our pastor’s wife and also a school teacher, dora andy.

have you say THANK YOU to a person that has inspired you or mold you or even left an impact to u today?! no day is better than today to say it.

because a post is always yummier with a photo.

"Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be gald in it." Psalm 118:24

be blessed, peeps!


July 3, 2009


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is where i am now. cakerawala has a meaning in bahasa melayu but i forgot what is it now…. anybody can help me to recall?? issit something related to the sky or universe??

sitting alone at this small corner of internet facilities right under the stairway with ppl playing pool and live tennis tournament federer vs haas next door as my background sound. i hope federer wins.

just landed to this platform today for the first time and i was thrilled to hear some of the ppl speaking thai. a language that i once learned but totally forgotten now. haha!! and i then realised that ohya, i am on a platform right in the middle of malaysia-thailand border. in the sea. for what? on a very easy task… to talk! that’s it. to TALK!! for a total of four hours but to stay here for four days. wth!

i cant write much now cos ppl are passing by and keep craning their neck to see wat i am up to and my bladder is crying out loud for me to go to the loo. shut up!! wait a minute ok!!

i really want to write about the thai OIM who i feel resembles bruce lee and my kind and lovely roomie but i decided to keep everything in my head for now.

i m more concern about all my farms and restaurant in fb than my presentation slides for tomorrow’s training. the fb here x come with flash and i dare not download lest they confuse me as a farmer or a trainer. wth!

aihh… watever happen to my farmville?! my barn buddy?! my happy farm?! hopefully my assigned person does his job well in taking care of everything during my absent. (my goodness!! can someone stop me for being obsessof all these applications pls!! this is madness!!)

urinary bladder: oi, are u done?! do u really want me to grow stones?!! enough of that crappy blog!! or i’ll let loose all the liquid here and NOW!! on the count of 10… 9… 8… 7…

i guess i just have to stop now…

bye and have a blessed day!!

edit (10/7): because a blog is so not cool without an image, here’s one to feast the eyes… not a good one though! 😦

taken from inside the helicopter aihh.. if only i brought labo...

taken from inside the helicopter aihh.. if only i brought labo...

overall i enjoyed my stay in cakerawala… 🙂

May 13, 2009

Dead Body Found In Baram Field!!!

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hola all!! it has been a while huh! i wanted to blog / update but i just couldnt get a time for it or was i lazy?? ya the big LazyBug has been bugging me…. aihhh!!!

but… but… today is an exception!!! oh my god!! oh my god!! i’m so excited!!! phehww!! how do i start this?? errrmmm…. ya!! u read it right!! there was a DEAD BODY found in the miri waters today!! a floating CORPSE!! at the Baram Field to be exact!!! oh my god!!! oh my god!!! i’m so excited!! dont believe me? read The Borneo Post / Sin Chew / Lian Ho tommorow. i’m very sure the local newpapers are very busy printing the news bout it at the moment. so if u read this now (at 9.52p.m.) congrates!! u read it first here at Cili Padi’s.

to ease the curiousity of the ppl staying in Baram, no this didnt happen in the real Baram district as in the Sarawak’s map. the Baram Field here means offshore platforms own by the Carigali. Ya, they have weird ‘so called’ local names for all their platforms eg: Tukau (haha! wat a name!! if pronouce in hokkien ‘Tu’=piggies ‘Kau’=doggies pigdog?! haahaa!!), Bakau, Bokor, Siwa, West Lutong, Baronia ect.. ect…. no need to tell all lah.

ehh.. hold on… brb in an hour. CSI just started!!

so this week my job is to cover all the platforms in Baram Field (totall 12 of them) and today was only the 3rd day. 4 days to go T_T 4 more days of waking up at wee hour in the morning like 5a.m and 4 more days of sea sick!!! agony!!! on a lighter note, i made a big achivement yesterday for not taking the sea sick pill or scientificly known as Dimenhydrinate tablets!! whee!! but today i have to take 1 tablet for my trip coming back to shore though. so no ‘whee’ today T_T

aikkss… off too far from tracks!!!

ok where was i again?? owh… the floating corpse!! so as we were applying our Permit To Work at Baram Bravo before heading to Alpha. the boat has to wait for us while doing this so it romped about the platform whitin 500m radius la…. while busying myself with my permits, i heard the OIM was talking on the phone asking like ‘ what’s the colour of the coverall? owh… head down… bla.. bla.. bla…’ and one of the PIC told me that we will face a delay cos there’s a mayat (corpse) …. at 1st i thought he was kiddinng me cos he is like that. a joker!! he called me ‘wanita beradioaktif’ in announcement or when he paged me!!!! haha!! until the alarm was raised and we had to do head count that i finally realised that there was indeed a dead body!!! wow!!! the ppl from the boat found it. Borcos Firdaus 3 to be exact. not me!! :p thank God i had to go up the platform for PTW. so i x have to witness it with my own eyes :p

the local marine police were called. and speculation started to errupt amongst us. wondering who would it be? how did it end up there? was it a Filipino? bla… bla.. bla… and the ke-po-ness went on…

so our job has been delayed. no thanks to the corpse!! T_T while relaxing for our time to start our job we talked about the shocking finding again a witness from Dayang told us it looked like a mannequin / patung / some fluffy toy at first until when the boat got nearer and they smelt the rotten stench…. ewwww!! and he even taken a photo of it…. so here it is… oh my god!!! oh my god!!! i’m so excited!!!

a photo from a photo :p photo was taken from a witness' digicam. the corpse was floating with its back on the surface.

a photo from a photo :p photo was taken from a witness' digicam. the corpse was floating with its back on the surface.

sorry i know this photo cant do much justice but that’s all i can share here to prove i’m not making up story.

alright. sekian berita tempatan. time for a sleep. gotta wake up very early again tomorrow T_T why oh why did i agree to do this job at the first place?? T_T but for the umpteenth time i tell myself, i love my job!! 🙂 i think i’m gonaa chant this to make me sleep tonight.

have a blessed day!!

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