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February 19, 2011

Melbourne: The Yarra Valley Wineries

before you continue please return to my previous melbourne post HERE. because i had some time in between my hectic work yesterday and feel obliged to share some informative info to all of you so that at least you learn something from this humble blog of mine. so go read about the fun facts about The Little Penguins there (which i actually got from Wikipedia but whatevs just read ok.

now, i know you are getting sick with this. i promise this is the last (but i think there’s one more. pls dont abandon my blog. please… )

it was our last day. but our flight was a midnight flight so we had a full day for another tour around the country. we chose to go for the wineries at the yarra valley because we were thirsty :p and the weather decided to act gloomy. it drizzled, it rained, and it was freaking cold!!! so what’s better than to warm up with some errr….. booze?! and some cheese. owh…. and some lurrrrve with other friendly visitors?!

but before that we stopped at menzie’s creek to pick up some of the coach passengers who went on the old steam train called puffing billy. although we didn’t go for the ride but we had time to take some photos with it. and i know i’ve posted this picture before but it deserves double appearance. so here it is!!


meet the legendary Puffing Billy!!


the eskimo and Puffing Billy!! =.=

our first winery was a place called Fergusson Winery and it was our lunch stop. being a sakai i thought we’ll see those beautiful romantic wineries like those photos we usually see with fresh grapes all ready to be plucked and pop into the mouth. until we saw this…..


errr..... this is all you can see during the winter T____T



at The Fergusson


starters.... it was so yummy i almost ask for more T__T


qeueing for our grilled pork. that's the daughter of the owner. very friendly πŸ˜‰


tadaa.... my greedy portion! :p u cant see the meat it was underneath.... hehe...


the porks were placed at the fireplace and ready to be served.....

and here are some of their wines.


mmmm..... mmmmm.....

our second winery was at Dominique Portet.


it rained earlier and it was freezing cold we cant wait to get inside but i managed to pull a smie.


this is how it looks like inside


the wines that we tasted here.... πŸ™‚

yay! to our third and last winery of the day. Domaine Chandon. for me it was the best one. i miss……


ya... beautiful, no?!

while waiting for our tour guide i wandered around the place. it was a beautiful place indeed.


cute looking building at one corner of the place


the front part of he place 'star'ning πŸ™‚


ahhhh.... cannot wait to taste!! :p


muka tidak sabar =o=


type of oaks used to make the barrels also influence the taste of the wines.... (as far as i remember)


tour around and listened attentively (sometimes) to the tourguide.... and u know what i was doing :p


with new friends from brazil and korea πŸ™‚

we were served with their expensive sparkling wine along with local cheese and fresh bread while soaking up the beautiful view of the winery from their greenpoint room….


this photo doesnt do the justice for the real deal. i tell u it was divine...... *salivating all over again* i miss..... T.T


remember the name. it's one of the best!!


breathtaking.... view overlooking the winery....


the winery.....

so last but not least….


CHEERS!!!!! πŸ™‚

finally!!! phew!! it took me a freaking 4 hours to finish this post i cannot wait to click the ‘publish’ button. WTH!!! (while watching a three-hour hindi movie Hum Tum and now Junior Master Chef Australia at the same time) so i’d really appreciate some blog loving from you by dropping some comments here *shameless* kidding :p (ok, serious!)

be blessed, peeps!!!


February 6, 2011

Melbourne: Meet The Koala!!

::EDIT TO ADD:: -read down on fun facts about Little Penguins.

and the kangaroos!!!!

and the wombats!!!

and the wallabies!!!!!

and the sheep!!!!

and the little penguins!!!!!!!

day 3 was when i actually see, touched (only kangaroos and sheep) australia’s indigenous animals. was so excited!!!!! :DDDDDD

but before that we had a half day in the morning for ourselves so we decided to go to the Queen Victoria Market which was recommended by every person that we asked. well, not actually everyone just the coach and taxi drivers and the hotel receptionists and our previous tour guide and the tourists information centre personnel. QVM was only walking distance from our hotel. plus, it’s a tuesday! fyi, QVM opens everyday except monday and wednesday. wait. let me google victoria market for you…..

ok. found one. you can read some fun facts about QVM HERE. i damn lazy to write an essay about it :p

let’s look at pictures!!

at the queen victoria market.


boomerangs!! i was so tempted to buy but so lazy to carry home T___T


i have no idea what those things are but they look interesting. someone who know can u enlighten me who's still in the dark?!


some are truly funny. again i was very tempted to buy T___T


and u know i'm starting to get lazy if i'm showing photo collages :p

so cute!!! boxing kangaroos!!


for that little feet... aiyoo... *melt*

then before we proceed to our pick up point. we passed by this infamous alley called union la!


cool, right???!!!

here’s some more


more coolness....

then we went to warrook cattle farm.


some of the animals


Wombat!!!! πŸ˜€


finally a kangaroo!! a very sombong one >.<


see... i told u... very sombong >.< kangaroos there dont like me T___T


the sheeps!! baaa... baaaa...


on the way to phillips island.... breathtaking view.... *i miss*

at the koala conservation centre.


lazy koala!


>.< kns!!


the wallaby!! g'day mate!! nice to meet you πŸ™‚

we reached phillips island a little earlier so we had a fast dinner. the weather got colder by the minutes and it started to drizzle. to watch the penguin parade in that kind of weather was pitiful yet exciting and all agony about being too cold were melted away once we saw all the cute little penguins parading their way to their barrows…. cute max!!!!! i can still replay all the scenes in my head now because photography is prohibited during the parade because the flash from the cameras may cause them to become blind. poor thing!

fun facts about little penguins.

The Little Penguin (Eudyptula minor) is the smallest species of penguin. The penguin, which usually grows to between 30 and 33 cm tall (12 to 13 inches), is found on the coastlines of southern Australia and New Zealand, with possible records from Chile.

Apart from Little Penguins, they have several common names. In Australia, they are also referred to as Fairy Penguins because of their tiny size. In New Zealand, they are also called Little Blue Penguins, or just Blue Penguins, owing to their slate-blue plumage, and they are called Kororā in Māori.

– Wikipedia

usually weighs about 1.5 kilogram on average (2.2 pounds). The head and upperparts are blue in colour, with slate-grey ear coverts fading to white underneath, from the chin to the belly. The flippers are blue. The dark grey-black beak is 3–4 cm long, the irises pale silvery- or bluish-grey or hazel, and the feet pink above with black soles and webbing. An immature individual will have a shorter bill and lighter upperparts. Like most seabirds, they have a long lifespan. The average for the species is 6.5 years, but flipper ringing experiments show in very exceptional cases up to 25 years in captivity

– Wikipedia

and this is how the real little penguins look like.

image source : winterbug.com

although they are small in size they can make such a big noise when they fight for their burrows. haha!! so means that which penguins emerge later from the sea will get the furthest burrows. poor thing!


the closest we can get to take a photo with the little penguins T___T fake ones...

more fun facts.


they like to show off, no?! kns!


LOL!!! i can imagine "THIS IS MINE!!"

and last but not least. remember this before you leave.



that’s it for now. i think i left out some photos but let them be. till next time.

be blessed, peeps!

January 14, 2011

Melbourne in Black & White

because it is one of my favourite kind of photography.

and it is the easiest way to steal time. so i’ll just post some colourless photos of melbourne for your viewing pleasure while i get busy with the rest of it ok.

#1 i like the feel of the movement. i was very sakai.

from a moving coach

#2 david jones was just opposite the hotel. shopping was so convenient :p

through my window

#3 pristine sandy beaches along The Great Ocean Road.

one of the lookout along The Great Ocean Road trip.

#4 a little village called anglesea.

#5 the twelve apostles.

the magnificient twelve apostles

#6 melbourne city. the best city road design in the world. i fell totally in love with their…. roads!

melbourne city

#7 and always give way for the trams.

#8 this one is one of my fav. shrine of remembrance.


#9 flinder’s street station.

meet me under the clock!

#10 the forum theatre. impressive building.

#11 happy children on the puffing billy. the legendary steam train.

i love!

#12 couldnt resist this. they were fellow malaysian.

one for the album πŸ™‚

#13 quaint looking chandeliers at the ferguson winery.

creative much!

#14 barrels and barrels of wines.


#16 domain chandon winery. the best winery that we’ve visited.

spectecular view of the winery.

#17 last but not least. let’s toast for a marvellous year ahead. cheers!!

remember the name.

be blessed, peeps!!

December 9, 2010

my melbourne experience: arrival drama

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i know this is way overdue but i am determine to blog about my melbourne experience before the year end. in fact i am trying to blog all my backlog entries which i’ve fermented way too long in the draft folder. i saw mushrooms all over the folder already. fo’real.

i’ve always wanted to visit a place other than asian countries. and it is one of my errmm… things-to-do-before-getting-married or things-to-do-before-30 kinda list :p and why are you laughing?! T___T and as i was browsing through AA as usual whenever i have free time in between work i chanced upon their AA Go package and it was found to be worth it. a 6D4N (return flight + accomodation + tour) package RM2199 per person. i was thrilled!!!!!! but who’s gonna go with me?! cos i know everyone that’s crossed my mind wont be available. *sigh* BUT…. i remembered there’s one person who used to say ‘if u are going to melbourne, count me in.’ and guess what, of all the people in the world, this time my travel partner was my boss!!! haaa….. beat that!!

we picked the end of august. it was the end of winter ushering in spring. the weather was cold 10-16 degree celcius. we were grateful for the 1st three days the weather was wonderful. the sun was out. but the wind was harsh it chilled to the core of my bones. thank goodness i brought my thermal wear i wore them almost everyday :p

hmm… so here are the things you need to do/bring (just a humble tips);
1. passport! duh!!
2. apply your visa. you do that here in just few minutes.
3. your printed itinerary by AA (important! and fyi, this was the 1st time i went for vacation on a package tour so i was being cautious and organised :p)
4. your winter attires (jackets, socks, gloves, hat, boots, scarf, thermal wear)
5. lip balm (if u have a crappy chappy lips like me which cannot stand extreme weather)
6. cash. please do not do the convertion at the airport. they charge higher. do it at you nearest money changer. i converted mine at kl sentral.
7. bring universal charger. different country different power point.
8. extra bag to store your shopping
9. a book / psp (eight hours yo!)
10. camera with big memory card storage! :p

eh, tell me if you are sick of my checklists ok. sorry. i am long winded and like to reapeat myself sometimes :p

there were some last minute changes on our flight prior to our departure dates. but all went well after that. we reached melbourne around midnight. so we actually lost one day in the flight alone T____T (i did feel i a little bit like being cheated but wth we arrived safe and sound so no harm at all)

this is how it looked like during check in at LCCT…..

such a long queue during check in but only 2 counters open.... *shakes head*

i still managed to catch a glimpse of the sunset πŸ™‚


we arrived around midnight. oh i told you already :p while waiting for our luggages i took out labo and took some photos as that’s what a photographer do (wth) just to be called and warned by a sterned-school-principal-look-alike woman T_____T saying no camera was allowed at that area. ok. i just made a scene. fml. T_____T some of the tourists started to keep their cameras back into their pocket. ok. i just got caught because my camera appeared to be the biggest one T____T and there was indeed a sign of ‘no camera allowed’ there that i must have missed it.

and then the most unexpected event happened after we’ve got our luggages. jeng… jeng… jeng…. believe it or not we were being held for interrogation q&a session by the security personnels which we’ve no idea how and what prompt them to be so suspicious toward us. do i look like a drug pusher?! T____T we were asked for our passports and our itineraries (what for this one?). and then suddenly we were asked to walk on a different lane from the rest of the passengers. a red lines lane. while the rest walked on yellow lines lane. kns!! we felt like VIP and suspects at the same time T___T we were asked to open up our luggages. they rummaged every nook and cranny of anne’s luggage while me on the other hand was bombared with millions of irrelevant questions eg:
where are you from?
can you pls show us our passport?
*flip flip*
what were you doing in Brunei? (KNS!! why only ask about Brunei? why not Sg.? Thailand? Hong Kong? Indonesia? T____T alang2 betul!)
what do you do for a living?! ( i was so tempted to lie i am a student. kns!)
do you bring USD10K cash? (i’m a broke employee…..)
what is your purpose to melbourne? (to bomb your country, can?!)
where do you stay here?! (sheesh…. !! was so tempted to say kaki lima)
who bought your ticket?! (OMG!! is this relevant?! do i look so stupid that i dunno how to purchase flight ticket!? huarrggg!!!!)
how did you come to know about this tour package? (kns la!)
and this last question was epic…. wait. for. it.
why do you carry such a big camera?!! are you reporter or something?! (i almost fainted with this one!)

after 20 minutes of long winded q&a session with hundreds set of eyes curi2 glanced at us whenever they passed us we were finally released. and the stupidiest thing was we didnt even ask why we were being held for such drama of all the people who just arrived T_______T kns!!

just so u know actually we were not the only people who were asked to open up luggage. some of the passangers too. the only thing that set us apart from the rest was that we were in a different lane and we were asked millions of questions T______T

we reached our hotel and was thankful that it was right at the heart of the city. and apparently only the two of us took the package on that date. great!

our room πŸ™‚

hmmm… nothing much to do when u reach a place at midnight in winter time. so the next best thing was to sleep…. zzZZZzz….

i shall blog about my next experience in a diff post. before that. just to show you one more picture. a sneak peek. kns!

our first breakie πŸ™‚

stay tune for my next MME, k. answer la… i need motivation T.T

be blessed, peeps!!

October 22, 2010

I Can Haz Supre

this is a real pathetic attempt to not making this blog looks unloved. i am truly really very busy at the moment that all i can do is to browse through FB and read ppl’s blog and work and cookies in between and my checklist is miles long and finally today the lenght of it finally has reduced to half. not really! T____T i have longed to update but alas this is all i can manage for the time being. i am still processing my photos in between all this manic work and the prep for the cousin’s wedding which is due in omg 9 days!!! NINE freaking days!!!! ceh as if lah i am the one who’s getting hitched :p but still….. u wont understand…

so ppl asked me what have i shopped from my recent trip to melbourne. haha!! they thought i might shop like crazy but they were wrong!!! i have mastered the art of travelling that shopping isnt the main agenda because u can do all the shopping anywhere!!! pls lah. why go all the way to australia to buy as we have so many shopping malls here in malaysia that you spoilt with choices. unless the thing is dirt cheap compare to or you wont find it in your own country then only it is worth buying. so, apart from the normal souveniers like the koala bears or kangaroos and t-shirts and some shirt for the BF, i bought these for myself. something you wont find in malaysia. yet.



it’s a season transition (winter to spring) sale. to usher in the spring season supre has this Big Spring Sale for three days only. and lace is back yo!! and get my hands on this one. must pair with a tube.


it’s gonna be spring time so floral it is.


the lacey details. luv it!


and this made it even worth buying.


a real MADE IN AUSTRALIA!! you know sometimes when we go overseas and we thought buying from that country might make us feel we are buying the originals (from where it was originated) just to find out from the tag that they are made from vietnam, indonesia, china, turkey or funny still malaysia!! LOL!!!

so my motive was just to have one supre top so i got myself one of this considerably cheap one. pls ignore that urge to do the conversion thanyouverymuch.


i have been searching for a ripped jeans for the longest time and finally!! yay!! and yes i wear the smallest size triple xs. at 1st i was sceptical (i took xxs at first) but then the sales girl advised me to take the xxxs cos so that i wont have to cut the lenght T____T and guess what, even with xxxs it still quite long to my short legs T___T but all is fine cos i can fit the smallest size, can u?! hmmnnpphh!!


the ripped details. *heart*


ok lah. i know what you think now. yes. i went all the way down under just to buy a ripped jeans or in BM seluar jeans koyak i am so cool like that.

and this is how it looks like on a real human.


there's a zipper at the side.

one more. this one taken from their website here.


all in all i got 2 items from supre *satisfied* and i left something other than AUD to them. my scarf!! T___T i only realised i left it in the fitting room when i returned to my hotel but i was too lazy to return to the store again although it was only a stone throw away. let it be. bye bye cozy RM10 scarf. kns!

last but not least my fav t-shirt that i bought but too bad it’s not for my myself. it’s kinda tacky if i wear this on myself isnt it?! read the cute wording.


i think The Mother and The Sister got them. so lucky!

be blessed, ppl!!

September 24, 2010

This Is Why I Still Need A Point-and-Shoot

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exactly two years ago i fell in love with this guy. a hunky, black and tough guy. i just couldnt resist him that i made him mine. and called him Labo. he’s my best partner in taking beautiful photos. and i shall thank him for my extra mulah when we started a joint-venture in taking wedding photos. without him, you all wont see such beautiful *cough* pictures here. so other than admiring my own *cough* perspective *cough* you must also never forget to thank him for his sharp eyes, fast capture and other contributions.

BUT. and there’s always a BUT. the problem is Labo only works best with me. ONLY ME!! (oh so i thought) i seriously think Labo is just being nasty to other people other than me who touch him. he will not cooperate with people that he isnt familiar with. and when i had no choice and insisted, he pulled a big tantrum and I, (ME, SAYA, AKU, AKUI, UIH, WO) am the one who will get the tragic / disastrous consequences. he will try his best to ruin my supposedly beautiful photos T_____T although i have set him to Auto Mode T_____T

these photos below are the evidence of his childish act!! a really bad BLUR case!!!

#1 Great Ocean Road – The Twelve Apostles

let's PRETEND u dont see me... T___T


#2 Great Ocean Road – The Twelve Apostles

let's PRETEND u prefer looking at the rocks

#3 Great Ocean Road – London Bridge

prove that i am not an attention seeker.... but actually i really2 love this picture if only i was in focus there T____T

#4 Melbourne – Swanson Street

let's PRETEND u read the wording on the bus....

#5 Melbourne Skylines

let's PRETEND u are admiring the background skylines

#6 Phillips Island – Koala Reservation Centre

let's PRETEND u are focusing at the thing that i point - a sleeping koala

#7 Menzie’s Creek – Puffing Billy Railway

let's PRETEND u are reading menzie's creek

so that is why, much to The Boyfriend chagrin, i still carry along my loyal point-and-shoot anywhere i go almost 24/7. just in case….

*sigh* ada camera cangging pun susah…

i know i know…. why no Melbourne update, right?! bear with me as i am laptop-less at the moment T___T my adapter has condemned last week and still waiting for the replacement now. and the office pc i am using now doesnt have any software to process all my photos. and the real truth is i am procrastinating what else is new!! :p

till then, be blessed people!!

September 15, 2010

Baa…. Baa…. WhiteΒ Sheep….

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g'day, mate!!

i really2 want to post something new but this is the only one that i can manage so far…..
more to come soon….

be blessed, ppl!!

August 31, 2010

Happy Merdeka from Melbourne City

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helllo there all!!
that’s where i am now.
it’s winter here but there’s no snow (unless u go to the mountain)
but it’s gonna be the first day of spring tomorrow.
just wanna wish everyone a Happy Merdeka Day.
btw, it was Melbourne Day yesterday.
hmmm…. i dunno what else i wanna type.
tomorrow will be my last day here before i fly back midnight 😦
the yarra valley is on the list tomorrow and bad news is the weatherman said that it’s gonna rain tomorrow 😦
but i hope the wine tasting will keep us warm despite the rain.
thank God that the weather was on our side since the first day we reached till today.
but although it was sunny the wind was super chilly especially today when we saw the penguins…. grrrr…
nevertheless i like the weather πŸ™‚
u see ppl training / jog around the park at odd hours of 10am-2pm.
wth, with weather so cool like this i would probably do that too. anytime.
and whoever jog at that hours in malaysia will surely die of dehydration.
anyhoo, it’s about celebrating the bday of our country today so i shall talk about good things about it.
like, errmmm… we have abundant supply of chillies!!!! LOL!!
i hardly find chilli here T___T even sauce for the chips they only have tomato sauce.
k lah that’s all that i can think of right now.
ppl here are polite and kind and friendly which i so wish malaysian would be too. pls…

my time is limited.
so here’s a toast for our Independent Day!!

p/s: i so wanted to post some pics but like i said i have so limited time so stay tune….

with love,

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