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November 30, 2011

Bath Buddies. You Got?!

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i’m feeling a little under the weather today. i really wanted to blog about taipei but i guess that will have to wait (AGAIN!) so to not feel like i totally neglect my little blog space i decided to blog about my shower companion. *cough* *COUGH* *cough*

let me tell you a little secret. of all the rooms / part / space of a house, bathroom is my favorite space for only i know why. every time if i go to someone’s house or a hotel or even a shopping mall, i’ll rate it by just looking at their bathroom or toilet. huhuhu…. by now i regretted for revealing this. please, just let me in to your toilet if i ever go to your house ok. i promise i wont judge. *serious face* cos my own bathroom at home isnt as sparkly as you think it is although i scrub it with toothbrush all the time and i made sure i can see my reflection on the water tap after that. i know, OCD much!!!

i am glad that my rented room came with an attached bathroom. so, i have a freedom to beautify it as i like. if Balqiz uses plastic plant in her guest toilet, (actually this post is inspired by hers) i am hereby proudly present you my own lifeless ‘toilet plant’ made of wait for it—– WAX!!! and two dead Bath Buddies who stare at you whenever you shower! (but with eyes like that i doubt they can even see)


whole lot of bath companion :p

back row: shampoos/conditioners/lotion from various hotels during my travels, two cute but ‘dead’/ ‘fainted’ (if a doll with this (x.x) expression, means they are dead / fainted lah right?) they called it Bath Buddy. Got ’em from Bali at RM2.50 ONLY each. and i saw these in one of the beauty salon in Miri selling at RM25!!!! CRAZY!!! apparently you use it to scrub your body while shower with a soap hidden inside it. so it will produce foam while scrubbing. the soap if refillable.


front row: four different kind of scents of soaps to be refilled inside Bath Buddy. but since i never use them so do the soaps. a scented candles from my girl friend and my lovely scented candles in different cactus shapes!!!! 😀


scented candles in cactus shapes as 'toilet plant' :p nice or not?

that’s a little peek into my bathroom. i quote Balqiz, ‘at least give me some credits for trying’

Happy Tuesday, peeps!



November 19, 2011

Testing… Testing…. Iskh!!

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just wanna test this post weather it will be posted up or not after i click this ‘datang bulan’ publish button.

was about to post a blog earlier on which i’ve prepared whole day but wordpress just ‘refused’ to publish it T______T sia-sia usaha sepanjang hari.

so i thought maybe i try a

Ice Crem Fondue @ Hagen Daz Bali

November 15, 2011

One Day At A Time

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The best thing about future is it comes one day at a time. ~ Abraham Lincoln.

i just closed my work organizer. i have checked and crossed all my to-do-lists for today. the weather is beautiful outside. yummy for my daily run. there might be a slight bump that stressed me up today but heck i’ve managed to scratched all the important tasks and faced it all like a champion. i guess i’ll just take it one day at a time. tomorrow will worry for itself.


be blessed, peeps!


October 25, 2011

Tuesday Selective Photograph(y)c Thought

just came back from my weekend back home yesterday where my sole purpose was to attend two weddings in a row. saturday was a fren’s (Jess) wedding where he requested my help to document some little scenes of the event. and sunday was a cousin’s (Jessica) where i was a guest but couldnt resist to capture some photos when possible. and i just noticed how their names are almost the same. haha!!

while i was unpacking my petty and humble gears last night i remembered how it all started. from a hobby of taking random pictures with my point and shoot, to stalking photography blogs, lusting at all the beautiful pictures as i browse, teared at photos that touched and moved me, until i finally got my hands on my own first dslr. that was the end of October 2008.

my very first task came less than two months after that, THIS wedding which i did FOC of course. duh!! then some events (mostly church activities) came along. then i received ‘ang pow’ for taking ppl’s weddings. OMG! i got paid!! and one day a more seasoned photog friend suggested me to charge for my service. i went ‘HUH?! how can i charge people when i am not a pro?! i’m just a girl with a big ass camera who know nuts about photography jargon! i dont even know what is White Balance for goodness sake! and what the heck is f-stop and brackets??!!’ my friend shook his head. o.O but i am so glad that i have such wonderful friends who are willing to teach and coach me till today. sometimes we do tutorials via YM or MSN!!! i heart my photog friends la…. seriously. why are they so good?!! *proud* so by the end of 2009 i started to charge *shy* because after few weddings and events i realized how it is not easy to stand (on heels) and carry heavy big ass dslr for long hours. it is a pain!!! not to mention the editing/processing hours after that. but i never really complain because it is what i love to do 🙂 in fact i always eager and look forward to take and edit the photos. at one point i feel that i do my photography stuff more diligently than i do my day job :p sorry boss! seeing beautiful photos make my day!! #truestory

but unlike other more diligent free-lancer, i don’t really ‘market’ myself. as long as i take beautiful photos (to my eyes) i’m good. if there’s a task, i’ll take. as long as it wont clash with my other schedules. sadly this year i had to turn down three potential extra mulah due to such clashing times T___T but i am still happy for them that they found better option. i never pester people to pick me. it is because i know where i stand in this rapidly budding industry. i am no match to other seasoned pro and no better than vastly talented fellow enthusiasts or newbies *low self esteem*. that is why i make sure i never charge as/ higher than those full timer. for me, every person has their own source of income. this industry is their pot of rice. blood and sweat for photography. i honor, respect and appreciate their work and passion. if this is their source of living so be it. i have mine. it’s sufficient. i’m grateful. i’ll remain as i am, a low-keyed free-lance. as long as my ‘client’ is happy with what they see, i’ll be the happiest girl in the world.

on the other hand, i have a personal project that i’m planning to materialize soon. it’s time to take a leap in what i do and to be ready for future plan. stay tune for it 🙂

cheers, peeps!


August 19, 2011

Beribu-ribu Lemon + Hitz.fm TV Commercial

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hmmm…. i finally uploaded my bali trip photos on my fb which deserve much applaud because it took me three freaking months to finally upload it. yeah. my bali trip last march was only posted in august. thank you very much for saying i’m lazy. it is totally acceptable.

upon uploaded, i received the funniest comment from grace the makeupgeeek that goes like this very nice!! did u edit ALL the pictures?? before you say yes, let me pengsan first. *pengsan*. LOL! and then i replied something like – the photo selection took the longest time and ‘2 dslrs, beribu-ribu lemon ah… i pengsan 3 bulan ok’. haha!! ok, *cough* attempt of being funny fail *look down*

so, i have few more ‘beribu-ribu lemon’ photos from various trips to be uploaded. and i am currently working on the most exciting and memorable trip i have ever gone, Vietnam!!! so stay tune. meh!! (like i will post them any sooner) but yeah, please dont abandon this humble blog please. then i remember a friend told me ‘how do u expect people not to abandon ur blog u NEVER update it!!! u are the one who abandon it!!’ oh, why do i have such friend?! T____T but i heart all my friends nonetheless 🙂

i cant blog too long now because i am too excited to go back early today to beautify myself for our co’s ramadhan berbuka puasa in errr 2.5 hour time. i’ve intended to wear my kebaya but horror of all horror!!! i cannot fit in it!!!! huarrrgh!!!!! i almost cannot breath in it when i tried on it last night….. huhuhu…. how can i gained so much in a year?! *wail* since we are the host we have to be there earlier than all the invited clients. haihhh…. what to wear? what to wear? *panic

remember this post?! i thought that was it UNTIL recently my creepy high pitch returned to haunt me on tv screen!! of course with my own consent (now i wonder why i agreed to it)

since it’s a friday. i allow myself to make a fool at myself with this hitz.fm tv commercial u’ll see once in a while on Astro. THANK YOU T____T

P/S: before you click on it. it is advisable to use ear plugs.


Happy Friday, peeps!!

June 30, 2011

Today Is A Happy Day

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just wanna add a random post on this last day of June. Gosh!!! where have time goes?!!!! huhuhu…. in the next 7 hours, we will be entering the 2nd half of 2011. arrgghhh!!! and including this pathetic post, i only posted a grand total of TWO blog entry this month *sob* *blame self for own laziness*


*sound of crickets*


i still dunno what to write. but let me tell you what i’m up to. after this i’ll be goin home, take a quick shower, contemplate if i should take dinner (will decide later. kns), pick up shirley, go to church for our last day of rehearsal for church annivesary which will start tommorow night until Sun, return home after that and then probably continue contemplating on whether i should take dinner (IF i decided not to earlier) and then will continue blogging or process my gazillion of photos. continue my never ending war against the evil zombies!!!!!

and because i’m a good employee that i’ve finished all my task of the day. and because i am a ‘responsible’ blogger (ceh!) i’ve filled my free time by processing some of my gazillion photos. here’s one. yes. ONE. *heroface*

this is one of the location for Eat, Pray, Love movie at Tegalalang, Bali. arggh!!! i miss Bali!!!

eh wait!

DHL just came!!! and that can only mean one very happy thing!!! *dup dap dup dap*

will cont later.


look at what i’ve received!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




April 18, 2011

Monday Musings

the room is hot. but i am blowing my nose *mystery* i was hit by another round of evil flu and mild fever last week hence the blockage of idea to blog. oh yes. i heard you. full of excuses. i know. i am recovering well (oh it better be) because i am going for another long trip and leaving tomorrow. wow whee!! *slides down rainbow* oh, Ha Long Bay is in the itinerary, babeh!! 😀 stay tune for the beautiful photos. next year. *i kid…. * so the state of Sarawak has just had its most talked about state election. the hype of the 10th Sarawak State Election last Sat (16/4) was never before seen. i didnt go back to vote though so i played my role just by lobbying people to vote wisely. the result, not pretty. but again nothing happened without the consent of our good Lord. He has every reason for everything that has happened and He has His reason for Baru Bian to win although the party has lost severely. one of the many FB status, my fellow sarawakian friend’s (who is abroad) caught my attention and deserved pondering ‘a leader who has a messy life or a leader who mess with you life?’ so, to each his own i think. *shrugs* i am not a fan in fact i loathed politics but in recent days as i grow older wiser i couldnt help but to chirp in my irritation towards the players. damn those media persons also managed to raised my temperature with their one-sided tone whenever they comment or anchor where they are supposed to be neutral. and with that i decided to end my rant about that topic. so i am officially a sampat who carries three phones up and down where i only have two ears. kns! one of the ‘fruit phone’ really keep me engrossed with my games, Fashion Story and Smurf’s Village. haha!! i am currently reading the girl who kicks the hornet’s nest. the final series of the millenium trilogy. ohya, i have a new assistant who is hardworking, self-initiated and clean. *tiba-tiba* plus, being pretty and good sense of fashion is always a bonus. now i can have lunch partner 😀 *irrelevant* i am still (and i dunno when will this end) playing the catch up games on all my photos. i have been to three places and all i did was sneak peek. wth! and starting tomorrow i’ll start to add to the tonnes of ‘pending for process’ photos. *sigh* why am i so lazy?! T___T talking bout laziness i have neglected my running routine for almost a month now that it’s killing me. huhuhu…. blame it on the weather for 1) being so unpredictable every time after work it will start to if not rain, it drizzle. 2) making me sick! what else?! T___T i promise i’ll hit the park again once i return from this trip. the other day i was craving for bubur kacang (what is bubur kacang in english, again?) it’s one of my favourite dessert and my mum makes the best one. but now that i am away from the comfort of everything home-cooked it strucked me that i never watch or even bother to learn how to cook it from her T___T so sms-ed her (in her midst of queuing to cast her vote during the election day… hehehe…) for help. and it was my week end project! yesterday, i successfully cooked my yummiest bubur kacang without burning the whole kitchen *proud* i will blog a separate post for this one some other time.

i like this photo. it was taken from a moving van from clark airport to manila city of the philippines. i dunno. maybe it’s the clouds. or the sun. or the beautiful country side view. or the fact that the truck was carrying a farm of pigs. or maybe the feeling i had then. it was a wonderful feeling. it was happiness.

Happy Monday, peeps!!

April 5, 2011

I’m not dead, I’m just lazy

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Ola! The title says it all. I’m just plain lazy nowadays that I don’t even log in to this pitiful blog *pats blog lovingly* i have tried many times to update but alas once i just about to start words failed me. i had my writer’s block and i rather browse through other blogs and wander aimlessly on my FB. and for your info i have a training materials need to be done a.s.a.p but look at me. blogging instead. it’s just so frustrating that when i am suppose to do one thing, i will do another. sigh! there have been many things going around me since my last update. some very heart breaking and confusing and stressful and eat-all-my-energy things and situation that I wish no one will ever experience. I almost ALMOST experience a regret of a life time if not for some miracle. MIRACLE! I kid you not. and i am forever thankful for that one HUGE chances God has given to the situation. really. if wasnt for it i will live the rest of my life with regret IT. IS. THAT. SCARY. SERIOUSLY. i wished for more time. but who am I to rebel His will. when the time’s up. one must go. nothing in this world could stop His timely time. ~ that day, i learned regret is the worst feeling a human could ever feel.

then i waited in silence. i knew. you knew what’s gonna happend next. we knew what’s the question next. but we chose to stay silent with a lump in our throath in every conversations. then i realised this is what we have in common. escape. ~ that day, i learned that silence has sound it can be the loudest cry it is deafening.

enough with cryptic emo writing. so i returned from my most recent trip to Bali. it was a great relaxing trip with my gf jane. one of the most random and short decision on impulse trip i ever had. i just wanted to get away and to see Bali again. and to buy my giraffes! ~ that day, i learned that ignorance is bliss!!

a sneak peek.


yes. we returned with a beautiful sun-kissed skin :p

Happy Tuesday!!

February 28, 2011

Monday Musings

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ola! it’s the last day of february. time passes like a *snap* february is a month of love. bittersweet and full of unexpected twist. it has brought good and bad news that have somehow affected me quite deeply emotionally and spiritually. tonight, before the clock struck midnight for the month turn to march, i decided i like february despite some unfortunate events that happened. well, such is life.


jam plastic original. tat’s best describe the people here with regard to their punctuality. oh my, tonight was one of the worst that i returned home with much frustration after waited for more than an hour for nothing. grrrr!!!


i am still dating stieg larsson. a good read indeed. and here’s something cute loyally holding my page.



sorry, apparently this ‘insert media’ thingy using the BB isn’t an easy feat at all. i’ll post it tomorrow.

so here’s my cute book holder!!!


and i decided i dislike march. because there’s no public holiday. kns!

be blessed, peeps!

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February 24, 2011

Post Proposal + Midget Feet

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so i am free. so free but tired max after the whole hectic crazy rush of meeting the deadlines that stole my beauty sleeps away from me since the last three days. for two days in a row i had been working late at night in the office and a day before the submission i went home at 1a.m. @_@ the proposal has to be submitted by hand so i had to fly (return) to kk yesterday just to drop the freaking heavy box and a giant envelope to the counter. i was in the mood of dressing up (for no apparent reason like usual) and for a moment i thought that i must ‘create’ a reason for my effort to doll up. so i turned into a bimbo and this was what i posted on my twitter and fb. “I hope my effort to dress nice2 n did hair nice2 just to submit this bid will give a point for winning it :p *bimbo* this box is heavy n I lack sleep @_@” i think i passed to be one, no? and it only took me 15 minutes to drop the whole thing at the submission counter!!! i could have taken the next flight around noon but i had bought a night flight so i had one whole day in kk all by myself. week days suck!!! nobody can entertain you. but thank goodness i met a long time friend on the flight so we had sushi together before we parted. and for the first time ever i had to kill time by watching movie – the mechanic, alone *cue for akon’s lonely song* but honestly i quite enjoy the lonesome though. the only bummer i sat near a young couple who whispered too loud to each other T.T i am on a mission to hunt for the perfect shoes (if you know what i mean) i saw a perfect heels that i’ve been looking for a long time but wth, horror of all horrors, they didnt have my size!!!!! *glass shattered sound* why??!!! why???!!!!! why must i always always encounter such heartbreaking and hope-wrenching moment when buying shoes?!!! why do they never consider foot for midget like me??!! what make me even disappointed was the fact that the heels were considerably cheap for its class and design. and i cannot have them!! *cry a river* i read somewhere from a fashion magazine once that asked, ‘are you a shoe person or a bag person?’ my answer is definitely the former. that explains the emo-ness ok now shut up i am still mending my broken heart over the pretty heels….. i know, i is emo but still…. *drama queen sobs silently in corner*

huhuhuhuuu….. the shoes….



i have so many photos in the folder waiting to be processed now that just looking at them i feel sorry to all the people who are awaiting for them to be posted up. haihhh…. i might as well start doing that now so that’s a hint that i’m gonna leave now and start slaving myself with the photos. tonnes of them. gambateh to me! and please stay tune for my next photo post. i hope.

so are you a shoe person or a bag person?

tak habis2 lagi.

happy thursday and be blessed, peeps!!

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