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August 9, 2009

of smiley face and sugary donuts

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i know i shouldnt write things too personal here. especially about this person who shared a decade of my over a quarter of century of life. i errm… wasnt prepare to reveal anything about the thing called relationship openly here and i was literally warned not to. but this time i wanna let loose a little. they said, ‘follow all the rules, you’ll miss half the fun?’ ceh… ceh… only applies on this case ok. boys and girls dont hold to that motto please… please…

i dont remember when was the last time we actually had a proper birthday celebration together. i mean, with cake, candles, on the spot gifts et cetera… it was either we were far apart or we just couldnt squeeze a time to be around on the occasion. the peril of being in a LDR!! there might be once or twice that we managed to be in flesh to celebrate together but they were just too few that they went unnumbered by my absent mind! why am i like this?! T_T but i do like the hearty phone calls on every birthdays though and talking bout the type of present we were expecting, especially what I expected 🙂 talking about present, at the same time i dreaded the idea of gift hunting for him. i remember the three quater pants that i gave but he thought that it was given by the Bro all the while. KNS!! i remember the t-shirts that i gave but just to find out he seldom wear them. KNS!! i remember he wanted an aviator shades, bought it as a gift but just to find out that he never once use it. KNS!! KNS!! T_T and since then, i chose to directly ask what he wants lest i waste for things that he dislikes. and it was a common thing that we didnt receive any gift on the actual day. presents were always on hold and delayed T_T

so i hurriedly ordered everything that were on my mind upon arrival from the outstation before commuting another long hour journey to his place. i paused for a couple of minutes to think of what to ‘write’ on the marble cheesecake. all i could think of was a warm smiley face. i wanted a smiley face on his cake!! cos that was what i saw when i thought of him at that very moment. or should i say his chicky smirk?! and that signature laugh!! Heck, someone even wrote this on his fb wall “happy birthday! miss ur laugh… hahahahahahahahahaaa….” ppl missed his laugh!! but how am i supposed to put that on the cake? ask the person to draw a laughing Popeye?! I immediately shoved that thought far far away….. he is not a Popeye and i am definitely not Olive. (apa kaitan?) and that’s how i knew him. that chicky smirk and a rowdy laugh.

then i ordered something that could rise the adrenaline level high high up. Big Apple donuts certainly can do that!! i just hope that none of us will be an addition to the diabetic statistic.

so to The Boyfriend, i may not good at birthday presents but the smiley face certainly represent how much it means to me whenever you flash that assurance smile. and that’s all that matters today. That silly smirk that you gave me today is still the same smirk you gave me many years ago. and about the sugary donuts i just dunno how they fit in here but then again, isnt that sound familiar? It’s just me being me…. random!

the real thing was….

‘sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey’


that was all i wanted to say…

and eventhough 24 hours have passed, let me just say it again…..



(aihhh… the smiley face was too mini and the marble cheesecake had be a hideous one T_T)

-anyway, much love and God bless-


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  1. thank u so muchhh!!

    eh, not for me ka?

    sorry, TERperasan sedikit tadi..

    make a surprise visit to him n drag him to accompany u all day.
    work can wait but bday is celebrated once a year!!

    Comment by haro — August 10, 2009 @ 3:42 pm | Reply

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