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March 22, 2009

the jungle story

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the much anticipated jungle trekking was on!!! yohoOO!! i missed it last year. so i made sure i join this time. and the weather was wonderful today 🙂


but for a 1st timer……


all i can say now is…..


i’m dead famished!!!

since i still have 0.23 ounce of energy left so let me tell u what some things that i still remember throughout the grueling journey.

1. the uncles and aunties moved faster and swifter than me. talking bout superior stamina! T_T
2. witnessed a white man fell almost 3 meters down the steep terrain right in front of my eyes. omg!! thank God for some quick helping hands from the other trekker. too stunned was i that i can only stood helplessly from the top hoping i wouldnt end up like him too. amzingly he survived with only minor cuts (i guess) and off he strode away as quick as he overtook me.

beep…. beep…. beep….

*about to collapse*

no more energy…..




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