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December 23, 2011

Two More Sleeps

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before Christmas!!! YahooOO!!!

i’ll be driving ALONE >.< back to Lawas this afternoon. Been asking the students or anyone going back to Lawas if they wanna join me. But till this very moment, no respond at all. I guess they all have their own ways already T___T sigh~~ THREE FREAKING HOURS lerrr…..

but anyway, a quick update before i indulge fully to the festive final preparation (which i volunteered to offer the easiest contribution – to sponsor drinks beverages!!! LOL)

done with my assignment to capture my friend's wedding last week. which was my one and only wedding of the year. was on my heels all day. yes i am that vain!! must live up to my status as 'the photog in heels' and 'glamorous photog' (i know i perasan here but that’s what they say lerrr….. they said ‘wah, your photographer so glamor wan? -__-” so i’ll just take it as a compliment la, can?) after the event my feet sore like they were not gonna make it to press on the accelerator when driving home. and the next morning, my right arm also sore and ached due to lugging my heavy gears. but all were good because I LOVE MY FREE LANCE JOB as much as i love my day job!!! 🙂

my excitement grows day by day as the days passed. in four more days, i’ll be on top of Malaysia’s highest peak. i can say that i’m all set and ready physically and mentally. i’ve been lobbying some friends to join me a month ago. many wanna climb but mostly cant make it at this time of the year. i dont blame them. some of them want to celebrate Christmas and some needs extra time to pump up their stamina. as my friend said, ‘only ppl as crazy as you will go for the climb during this festive season!’ tet!! so that left me with 3 other crazies!! 2 guy friends and my sister. haha!! dragged her last minute :p cos my gf Jane couldnt make it although she had tried all ways to get her leaves approve that includes trying to ‘bribe’ her colleague. LOL!! my sis and i will drive to KK right after Christmas service on 25th and meet up with the 2 boys. and the next day we all will venture up the legendary Mount Kinabalu!!! I. CANNOT. WAIT!!!!

so by now you should know that my excitement towards the climb is more than the excitement to celebrate Christmas. LOL!!

i only started packing last night. dang!!! the jacket alone has occupied half of my luggage bag. but thank goodness i’ve mastered the art of packing (both in short time and maximizing space) i managed to squeeze in everything i need. and at the same time, i was also decluttering my room. that’s when i found a lot of random, weird and funny stuff in between everything that’s in the drawers, the wardrobe, on the desk and side table. LOL!! the most random things so far were two wind chimes i bought from Langkawi and a Gangway ID from my job onboard Otto 3 barge a year ago!!! hahaha!!! i will blog about that in another post. promise!

i guess this all for now. The Boyfriend just asked what i want for Christmas and Birthday present. i am still considering….. :p he mentioned a new lens 😀 but…. i’ll think about it kekeke….. *tamak*

so to all my dear readers, in case i wont have the time to blog again during this festive season here


be blessed, always!



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