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November 30, 2011

Bath Buddies. You Got?!

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i’m feeling a little under the weather today. i really wanted to blog about taipei but i guess that will have to wait (AGAIN!) so to not feel like i totally neglect my little blog space i decided to blog about my shower companion. *cough* *COUGH* *cough*

let me tell you a little secret. of all the rooms / part / space of a house, bathroom is my favorite space for only i know why. every time if i go to someone’s house or a hotel or even a shopping mall, i’ll rate it by just looking at their bathroom or toilet. huhuhu…. by now i regretted for revealing this. please, just let me in to your toilet if i ever go to your house ok. i promise i wont judge. *serious face* cos my own bathroom at home isnt as sparkly as you think it is although i scrub it with toothbrush all the time and i made sure i can see my reflection on the water tap after that. i know, OCD much!!!

i am glad that my rented room came with an attached bathroom. so, i have a freedom to beautify it as i like. if Balqiz uses plastic plant in her guest toilet, (actually this post is inspired by hers) i am hereby proudly present you my own lifeless ‘toilet plant’ made of wait for it—– WAX!!! and two dead Bath Buddies who stare at you whenever you shower! (but with eyes like that i doubt they can even see)


whole lot of bath companion :p

back row: shampoos/conditioners/lotion from various hotels during my travels, two cute but ‘dead’/ ‘fainted’ (if a doll with this (x.x) expression, means they are dead / fainted lah right?) they called it Bath Buddy. Got ’em from Bali at RM2.50 ONLY each. and i saw these in one of the beauty salon in Miri selling at RM25!!!! CRAZY!!! apparently you use it to scrub your body while shower with a soap hidden inside it. so it will produce foam while scrubbing. the soap if refillable.


front row: four different kind of scents of soaps to be refilled inside Bath Buddy. but since i never use them so do the soaps. a scented candles from my girl friend and my lovely scented candles in different cactus shapes!!!! πŸ˜€


scented candles in cactus shapes as 'toilet plant' :p nice or not?

that’s a little peek into my bathroom. i quote Balqiz, ‘at least give me some credits for trying’

Happy Tuesday, peeps!




  1. I dont knw if we’re alike but for me, I like my bathroom to be squeaky CLEAN! Then only I can have peace in mind n take a good shower after that. My story here right, Im sharing a toilet w a korean girl. I tell you, she always leave sisa buih all around n the lantai licin all the time! n worst, never help to clean even the toilet.
    Imagine one day I korek segumpalan rambut from the lubang. Asta. Almost fainted.

    Comment by Grace roum — December 1, 2011 @ 11:31 am | Reply

    • adoiii…. that’s why la susah if to share bathroom with some people like that. the sisa buih and slipery floor is actually hazardous la…. aiyo… as for me, i always appreciate clean and sparkly bathroom πŸ™‚

      Comment by lv — December 8, 2011 @ 11:09 pm | Reply

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