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October 31, 2011

Fun Taiwan: Taichung + Museum of Natural Science

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tadaa!!! i finally found time to blog this this. had been in the draft for 3 days.

eh, hold on. i just remember i need to make a call to a very important client.

ok. done.

so we actually didnt do anything much in Taichung cos we didnt have that much time. so we only went to the nearby places where one of it was a park!! @.@ a very normal looking park suggested by the receptionist! T__T

so we started our day with our breakfast which was pre-ordered upon our arrival the night before.


our breakfast were sent to our room.



starting our sightseeing activity around Taichung.

#4 Saw this uncle in the middle of the road. haha!! he definitely could blend well with the mannequins at the back!

#5 an old coffee shop.

#6 our lunch.

then we went to a park. a boring little park suggested by the receptionist. sigh~~ we totally didnt go for the ones we had in the itinerary.



we saw the above giant goats in the middle of the field. apparently this was the main lantern of the 2003 Taichung Lantern Festival where it was also a goat year in chinese calendar. the city government of Taichung decided to keep this lantern as a monument.


an old tree


weird looking tree


chasing the pigeons like as if in Paris. hehehe!!


ahhh!! i like this tree.

then we got bored and stopped a taxi to go to the museum of natural science to be all cultured. when we got into the taxi he too suggested us to go to that museum. i think it’s a popular one in Taichung. but on our way, he alerted us to take note for something by the road side on the right-hand side. he said we’ll see something interesting…. when it’s near he yelled ‘there it is!! get your camera ready!’ @.@ and this is what we saw….


a big fat pig by the roadside!! in a town!!! @.@

how can such a big pig be let outside by the roadside like that?!


The Science Museum of Taichung


some artsy stuff :p


some rocks. the purple one is amethyst. the white thing on the bottom left is asbestos.


native golds, and native copper.


some mummies :/


some herbs at the traditional medicine corner

there’s this book at a corner with a laser effect. when you make a flip pages gesture, the virtual page will turn too.


Scarlet playing with the book. hehe....


some video introduction about the many tribes in Taiwan. They kinda look somewhat the same as us in Malaysia la. Especially Borneo.



their old tribal costume

ahhh… these these are amazing display of replicas. they look real, live. even more real when in photos.


like a real safari, right?!


like in the Nat Geo tv right?!



a desert cactus replica looks so real!!! and so pretty in picture!!


no, i dunno that girl *lookleftlookright*


funny looking tree. looks like a giant carrot.

overall, we didnt explore Taichung much. boo!!

expenses of the day:
lunch (ru rou fan) each NT 50
Taxi frm Taichung botanical garden to natural museum NT125
museum ticket with youth card each NT70
Taxi from Museum – Hotel – HSR station NT 335

be blessed, peeps!



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