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October 27, 2011

Fun Taiwan: Taichung + Yi Zhong Night Market

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we reached Taichung around 7p.m almost 8p.m at night.


after checking in at our hotel called, King Set Hotel, when i wanted to transfer my photos into my handy drive, TO MY HORROR i found out that i left my handy drive in our hotel in Kaohsiung!!!! *CRY* i know exactly where i left it.


my heart pounded so fast i decided to return back to Kaohsiung there and then to get it.

inside the drawer where they place the CPU at the bottom part of the desktop desk.

my heart sank a little and decided to just return to Kaohsiung to get it. but first i have to make a call to the hotel to make sure it is there. so i went down to the lobby and made the call. PHEW!!!!!! THANK GOD IT WAS STILL THERE!!! after i told the receptionist my problem cause i think i made a frantic drama out of it, she gave a brilliant idea!! instead of me return to Kaohsiung, why not just ask the receptionist of the hotel in Kaohsiung to deliver it to our next hotel?! how true?! so i called Happy Hotel again and again THANK GOD she said ‘of course we could deliver it to you, why not?!’ so i give her our next hotel and wah la!!! i’ll just pray that it will reach safely to Taipei.

what a drama, no?! 320G worth of memories and work documents hokay?! pffft!!

ok back to Taichung.

our room this time was spacious *breath normally* although it looked like it came out of the 80s but it was decent and clean annnnnnnd the best part was….. the room was full of mirrors!!!! left, right and up on the ceylings!!! we went a little overboard with our ‘sampat’ness by posing nonstop in front of the mirrors. so bare with me :p


King Set Hotel, Taichung


Mirror-mirror on the wall & ceyling, who's the most 'sampat' of them all?


See I'm not lying when i said i traveled with a preggar. look at the visible baby bump! 🙂


The mirrors on the ceylings. i know what's on your mind. stop it!!

then we went out to the nearby Night Market called Yi Zhong Night Market.


a stall selling carrot cakes.

then along the street, there were also some fancy / cute looking cafes or restaurants. some still with christmas deco. i was lazy to take most of them so these are some that i managed.




since their strawberries were so nice and sweet when we were in Kaohsiung, we wanna try the ones in Taichung too.


just look at the mouth-watering fruit!!! this makes me crave for some now. arrrghh!!!


the night market was buzzing with people even though the weather was cold. it was winter time. they have more stalls selling fancy / fashionable clothes here compare to Liu He Night Market in Kaohsiung. i bought one suede jacket from a roadside vendor which i have no idea when i’m gonna wear it in Malaysia. compulsive shopper. me!

after feasting our eyes on their fashions we felt hungry and cold. so we went to this little ‘kopitiam’ where a little stall selling some hot soupy noodles. people were queuing for her foods and the lady never stop at her work i tell you the her customer came non-stop. i kinda feel tired FOR her.


the hard working lady. our hot noodle soup to warm ourselves in the cold night

that’s it for now.

will update if u remember anything later.

::edit to add::

i forgot about this. nah, our expenses of the day:

Zuo Ying – Tai Chung (THSR) – each NT 790
Tai Chung Station taxi to king set hotel – NT 270
King Set Hotel NT 1322
Taxi from King Set to Yi Zhong night market NT85
Nite Market Yong Tau fu soup noodle each NT 50
Taxi from night market back hotel – NT 100

be blessed, peeps!



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