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October 25, 2011

Tuesday Selective Photograph(y)c Thought

just came back from my weekend back home yesterday where my sole purpose was to attend two weddings in a row. saturday was a fren’s (Jess) wedding where he requested my help to document some little scenes of the event. and sunday was a cousin’s (Jessica) where i was a guest but couldnt resist to capture some photos when possible. and i just noticed how their names are almost the same. haha!!

while i was unpacking my petty and humble gears last night i remembered how it all started. from a hobby of taking random pictures with my point and shoot, to stalking photography blogs, lusting at all the beautiful pictures as i browse, teared at photos that touched and moved me, until i finally got my hands on my own first dslr. that was the end of October 2008.

my very first task came less than two months after that, THIS wedding which i did FOC of course. duh!! then some events (mostly church activities) came along. then i received ‘ang pow’ for taking ppl’s weddings. OMG! i got paid!! and one day a more seasoned photog friend suggested me to charge for my service. i went ‘HUH?! how can i charge people when i am not a pro?! i’m just a girl with a big ass camera who know nuts about photography jargon! i dont even know what is White Balance for goodness sake! and what the heck is f-stop and brackets??!!’ my friend shook his head. o.O but i am so glad that i have such wonderful friends who are willing to teach and coach me till today. sometimes we do tutorials via YM or MSN!!! i heart my photog friends la…. seriously. why are they so good?!! *proud* so by the end of 2009 i started to charge *shy* because after few weddings and events i realized how it is not easy to stand (on heels) and carry heavy big ass dslr for long hours. it is a pain!!! not to mention the editing/processing hours after that. but i never really complain because it is what i love to do 🙂 in fact i always eager and look forward to take and edit the photos. at one point i feel that i do my photography stuff more diligently than i do my day job :p sorry boss! seeing beautiful photos make my day!! #truestory

but unlike other more diligent free-lancer, i don’t really ‘market’ myself. as long as i take beautiful photos (to my eyes) i’m good. if there’s a task, i’ll take. as long as it wont clash with my other schedules. sadly this year i had to turn down three potential extra mulah due to such clashing times T___T but i am still happy for them that they found better option. i never pester people to pick me. it is because i know where i stand in this rapidly budding industry. i am no match to other seasoned pro and no better than vastly talented fellow enthusiasts or newbies *low self esteem*. that is why i make sure i never charge as/ higher than those full timer. for me, every person has their own source of income. this industry is their pot of rice. blood and sweat for photography. i honor, respect and appreciate their work and passion. if this is their source of living so be it. i have mine. it’s sufficient. i’m grateful. i’ll remain as i am, a low-keyed free-lance. as long as my ‘client’ is happy with what they see, i’ll be the happiest girl in the world.

on the other hand, i have a personal project that i’m planning to materialize soon. it’s time to take a leap in what i do and to be ready for future plan. stay tune for it 🙂

cheers, peeps!



  1. eh? the sunday wedding you attended. Did you mean uncle harrison’s daughter, jessica? if i got the right person, i knew abt coz nick’s family attend it also. And they are blood related. Nick’s mum is first cousin to uncle harrison’s wife. Hahaha does this makes you related to nick as well?? Hihihi…. sorry if I got the wrong person. teehee.

    Comment by Makeupgeeek — October 25, 2011 @ 7:25 pm | Reply

    • exactly. we are related on jess’ mum’s side too. the mum is consider my dad’s cousin too (but not blood related). on long pilah side. hmmm… if go into details it’s quite complicated. hehe…. we are close because we used to stay in marudi last time and i used to stay with them for a year when i was 8 y.o when my parents worked elsewhere. i always see aunt flora at every events by the harrisons and i actually just found out that she’s nick’s mum quite few months ago…. i kinda suspected already but now u confirmed it :p funny right?!

      Comment by lv — October 25, 2011 @ 11:28 pm | Reply

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