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October 19, 2011

October. I don’t like you.

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the passed weeks have been evil and gonna be treating me the same in the weeks to come. arrrghhh!!!! every weekends filled with activities and event eg: Regatta, church, rehearsals, concert, weddings and outreach visit (still considering but name has been unofficially submitted without my knowing. wth!!). work requires traveling and heaps of preparations. data compilation for upcoming year end summary presentation to client. never ending meetings both work and church related. there was one time a gf asked on whatsapp ‘what’s ur plan this week end?’ i replied ‘conduct training in the morning, meeting then rehearsal in the afternoon, concert at night’ her reply ‘CRAZY!’ oh yeah… totally!! T___T i hated the client who chose saturday for their in-house training.

by the end of the day, i just wanna land flat on my big bed and be dead to the world.

and i’ve been trying to be all tech-whiz by upgrading my ipad2. but after 3 failed tries i gave up. i rather be a noob.

that’s all i can update this time. my back pain T___T and i seriously need a breather. like now. but the thought of 2-3 rounds in the park pumps me!!! 😀

be blessed, peeps!!



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